I was made to keep your body warm

DRESS – Missguided // CARDIGAN – New Look // BOOTS – eBay // NECKLACE – Forever 21 // RING – Vintage // BRACELETS – Primark

This is what I wore to the second vintage fair at the weekend I spoke about in this post but I’ve only just got round to photographing it (I only ended up buying a £5 shirt so I shall just include that in a future outfit post instead of wasting a post on one item). Now the weather has taken a turn for the worst and has become bitterly cold, this fluffy cardigan is perfect for preventing me from developing hypothermia. Okay, I exaggerated but it is ridiculously snugly and I feel like a polar bear when I wear it. I ordered the shift dress from Missguided a while ago now and when it arrived it was much nicer than I expected – the fit is just right, it’s super comfortable and the colour is nothing like I’ve ever picked before but I adore the shade of blue. There’s actually a whole bunch of colours to choose from but I thought I’d step outside of my typical safe zone of colour schemes in my wardrobe for a change. I also chose boots with a heel on instead of my trusty flats (look at me going all out) and it added that extra dressy feel. It was one of those moments in life where you don’t want to get too dressed up but you don’t want to go too casual because you’ll be in an environment full of fashionistas and you want to dress to impress and I think (for once) I made a modest decision of pairing these items together and finishing off by accessorizing.

Whilst I’m here, I also want to share the disappointment that I’m unable to attend a fashion launch party I was very kindly invited to by a lovely lady named Tiffany-Annabelle. Being a Northerner and a middle class citizen that can’t afford the prices of train fares to London, it’s taken away a chance of an afternoon that sounds like great fun. It is for the launch of U-wantit.com which is a company to help people get the things they love for less (think designer gear you’ve been lusting for, for so long). The event will host bloggers, fashionistas and people with a love for fashion and style and seen as I’m unable to go, I am giving you lovely people the chance to go for yourself if you’re available and interested. Here is the invite:

And if you want to contact Tiffany directly for more information you can on thetiffanyannabelle@hotmail.com.

Lots of love…