Huge Autumn/Winter Primark Haul

Well, I’ve gone and done it again, I’ve spent my life savings in Primark. Having easy access to at least three Primark’s is not good for my lack of self control when it comes to shopping. Every time I walk in there, there’s always something brand new that catches my eye and I just can’t say no because I know I’ll regret it when I can’t find said item on my next trip (I have such a problem, seriously!). It’s not only the shop themselves that encourage me, however, it’s the Primark website, their Instagram and Twitter pages filled with fresh new stock and style inspiration. Not to mention, the bloggers and the YouTubers who coax me into taking another trip into town to see if I can find the gorgeous pieces they’ve displayed. In my defence, everything I bought has been in moderation from the end of August/beginning of September up until now but to put it straight, I am just purely an openly admitted Primark addict. Yep, that’s me all over.

Their Autumn/Winter range has seriously impressed me this year. The prices do keep rising but the quality is well balanced and I do think as a whole the concept of what Primark has to offer has changed. It’s not seen as tacky anymore and Primark’s become a more enjoyable experience (apart from maybe on a weekend or in the school holidays when it’s a children running riot and clothes shoved on the floor kinda day). Anyway, on to what I bought…

Tile Print Shirt – £10 | V Neck Top – £5

Nude Collared Lace Trim Top – £8 | Pink Tartan Scarf – £5

Check Trousers – £12 | Pink Fluffy Skirt – £8

Rose Print Dress (sale) – £5 | Black Fluffy Skirt – £8

Tartan Night Shirt – £7 | Burgundy Jumper Dress – £8

Taupe Jumper Dress – £8 | Dogtooth Dress – £13

White Quilted Dress – £5 (sale)

Monochrome Skirt – £10

Camel Skirt – £10

Pink Cardigan – £9 | White Duster Coat – £17

Monochrome Scuba Jacket – £20 | Pastel Blue Boyfriend Coat – £23

Tote Bag – £10 | Dog-tooth Satchel – £6

Brown Fedora Hat – £7

Grey Fedora Hat – £7

Black Mule Boots – £16

Boots – £15 | Brown Shoes – £12

Statement Necklace – £6 | Set of Three Necklaces – £3 | Earrings – £1 each

Coconut & Vanilla Candle – £1.00 | Silver Glass Candle – £1.50 | Gingerbread Headphones – £3

Long Necklaces – £2 each | Pink Purse Bag – £1.50

My favourite of the bunch has to be the shoes, hats and bags. The accessory and footwear section in Primark at the moment is so on point and I could have picked up so much more (but the stop sign inside me did make an appearance eventually). Also, the sale items I picked up were such a bargain and I think they’d be great staple items which can be dressed up or down. In particular, I have an image of the rose print dress being a dress I wear for the Christmas party/get together season. Topped with some jewellery, high heels or blocked ankle boots and a monochrome clutch, it would be my ideal festive outfit. Speaking of Chritmas, Primark have just about released their Christmas collections and oh my god, everything is so so cute. I already have a Christmas/homeware haul in mind where I purchase way too many Christmas decorations and candles but for now, I need to put a limit on my spending habit!

Have you picked up anything in Primark recently?