Beauty: the weird and wonderful products campaign with Holland & Barrett

We hear it every day, that global a-list star’s bizarre hidden secret as to why they have that flawless complexion, the shiniest hair, glossiest lips and bright white teeth and when it’s revealed, we can’t help but turn our noses up. Often it’s something we’ve never considered before but actually, it’s an idea to add to your thought process. As beauty worshipers, we’re so quick to follow the trend and if that means smothering yourself in lemon juice from head to toe, then so be it. It’s more natural, free from harsh chemicals, costs less than your average brand and can prove it’s always the unexpected things that can make the biggest difference to your regime.

Holland & Barrett has taken into account all the crazy theories, suggestions, routines and products used by celebrities and have commissioned an infographic on ‘Celebrity Secret Beauty Weapons‘ over on their website. From the simple; Scarlett Johansson and cider vinegar contributing towards her luminous complexion, Catherine Zeta-Jones using strawberries as a teeth whitener, Sienna Miller correcting her hair disasters with tomato ketchup and Halle Berry adding ground coffee to a body wash creating a natural exfoliator, to the almost vomit-inducing gruesome tips and tricks; Victoria Beckham using bird poo based skincare, Louise Redknapp collecting snail gel to remove dead skin cells, Demi Moore allowing leeches to feast on her blood to optimise her health and detoxify her body, and Gwyneth Paltrow believing cream with snake venom injected in works wonders on the elasticity in her skin.

Reading the individual (and extremely unique) working solutions claimed by these stars got me thinking about the strange tactics I use to achieve a dashing look. Truthfully, I couldn’t compare to most of the abnormal yet cleverly studied above treatments but I can name four small suggestions on what benefits my skin, hair and body in a crisis. Number 1 is applying talcum powder to my greasy hair, it’s such a great alternative to a dry shampoo and in fact I think it lasts longer than a regular put together drugstore product. Number 2 is smearing toothpaste all over my troublesome spots, it really does help to dry them out for them to then eventually vanish. Number 3 is placing two metal spoons and/or cold teabags over my eyes to reduce swelling (on those tearful days and those filled with pollen). It definitely helps to calm and bring down the aggressive irritation. Finally, Number 4, as mentioned before it’s just lemon juice everything! I use it on my skin to lessen and heal spots, fade scarring, soothe itching, and to highlight sections of my hair when it’s become dull.

However, there’s not only my weird and wonderfuls I’ve managed to point out, there’s the beauty tips I’ve learnt and researched along the way in preparation for this post and I’d love to share them with you all!

1) Use beetroot as a lip stain | the pigmentation will provide a bright colouring that looks rosy fresh.
2) Remove makeup using olive oil | it’s less abrasive, filled with vitamins and is a quick fix.
3) Fish pedicures for your feet | I’m sure we’ve all heard of the little swimmers clearing dead skin.
4) Have a piece of sellotape or a credit card for eyeliner | another popular one, used to make a straight line.
5) Pour red wine into the bath | the nutrients from grapes nourishes skin (just try not to drink it).
6) Place garlic in your nail varnish base coat | this strengthens the nails as a sturdy layer.
7) Use a paper bag to curl your hair | it works in the same way as rags do, formed around your hair.
8) Smother mayonaise on to your hair | this works as a good hydrator leaving it super sleek.
9) Sniff grapefruit oil for 15 minutes to reduce sweet cravings | bizarre, but I could do with giving this a go!
10) Sheep placenta can be used as facials | it’s famous for baby soft skin (but sometimes there has to be a limit).
11) Give yourself a caviar makeover | apparently it helps with appearance of stretch marks but I can’t help but think it would A) absolutely stink, B) be a waste of money (but I suppose it’s okay when you’re Angelina Jolie kinda rich).

Can you add to the list? I almost always go down the safe route but now I’m tempted to try something out of the ordinary. If you’re willing to go abstract daring or ever have tried any of these before, let me know below!

Bridie x

*this is a collaborative post