Holiday Lookbook

Night 1: Jumpsuit – AX Paris | Shoes – Primark | Bag – eBay

 Night 2: Playsuit – Primark | Shoes – same as above | Bag – same as above

Night 3: Dress – Select | Shoes – Primark | Necklace – Primark

Night 4: Dress – Boohoo | Shoes – ASOS | Bag – Primark

Night 5: Co-ord – Missguided via Depop | Shoes – ASOS | Bag – Primark

Night 6: Co-ord –  Boohoo | Shoes – same as above | Bag – same as above

Night 7: Dress – Missguided | Shoes – Primark | Bag – Primark

Night 8: Co-ord – New Look | Shoes – same as above | Bag – eBay

Night 9: Co-ord – somedaybylaura (Instagram) | Bag – eBay | Shoes – Primark

Night 10: Bralet – River Island | Skirt – Missguided | Shoes – ASOS | Bag – Primark

Night 11: Dress – Missguided | Shoes – Public Desire | Clutch – Primark

Night 12: Dress – Missguided | Shoes – ASOS | Bag – Primark

Slouching around all day and then glamming up on a night is something I’ve always done when on holiday. I much prefer to wear something different every night and like to go all out with the heels, the clutch bags and the fancy outfits, compared to the casual clothing I’d normally wear in my own company. The only issue is, there’s a huge barrier when it comes to packing and planning, and that barrier is a woman’s worst nightmare; the luggage allowance. Luckily (and surprisingly), I’ve never gone over the authorised 22kg but it limits your choices when it comes down to the accessories,which is why I have to carefully think how many times I can pair a staple piece with my selected outfit. At this time, you never realise how far one pair of shoes and neutral coloured bag can go. It’s almost like if the outfit you’re wearing has a smudge of white in the print or the colouring, then the white bag and white shoes it will be; and that’s just the way it has to be, even if you do pine for the lonely collection you’ve left behind back home. With me, every day I wore the same shoes/carried the same bag out of the four I brought with me, but just styled them in a different way.

Formalising my sense of style when going out on holiday is a routine I’ve continued to stick with. I love the feeling after a refreshing shower, putting on the items you’ve carefully chosen and erasing the gross, stickiness you’ve had to cope with when lazy sunbathing throughout the day. I think dressing up does a whole lot of good for your confidence too, you can actually take advantage of embracing the fact you’ve made the effort to look nice, therefore are allowed to feel nice; and with me not being a night out kind of girl, I’ll grab that opportunity straight away. 

There was never really any real decision making going into what I wore, I just went with however I felt that night. As long as it was comfortable, light enough for me not to overheat in the soaring temperatures (yes, even at night!) and allowed me to walk freely to the shops and restaurants without stumbling and allowing painful blisters to form, I was ready to go. I also did the sensible thing of saving the brighter clothing till the last few nights when my tan had properly formed and the summer colours weren’t highlighting my ‘representing a lobster’ burnt bits. You’ve probably noticed a variation in the flushing of my skin from the top picture to the bottom. It’s as though I instantly transformed to my ghostly pale self, to some golden goddess (which I have to thank Mr Sun for). You’ve also probably noticed a repetition in where I’ve purchased my things from, I seem to always head straight for Missguided, Boohoo, and good old Primark for my holiday clothes; not only is everything fairly priced, the clothes have that ‘holiday’ vibe to them and you can enjoy wearing pretty gear without being uncomfortable. The final thing you may have picked out (or maybe this one is down to my self criticism) is the same awkward smile facial expression and statuette pose I seem to be pulling off rather well in almost every photo. I can blame this on the quick captures and the lack of preparation but frankly, I think I just need to improve my stance and grasp that stereotypical ‘blogger pose’ but don’t count on it, I can only try my best…