Heal Spa Harrogate: The New Place To Be

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Healing. It takes time, it takes patience, it takes strength and it takes caring for yourself tentatively. With the newest spot in the tasteful town of Harrogate that process can be made easier to manage as it mixes beauty and relaxation with health, medical and wellness treatments. Heal Spa not only looks as though you’ve stepped foot into an interior dream but it provides the enriching therapy designed to rejuvenate your body into a dreamlike state!


I took a truly traditional Yorkshire scenic train ride from my hometown of Leeds and visited the hidden paradise beneath the cobbled streets of Montpellier Gardens a couple of month back now and it still remains to be one of the most pleasant experiences I’ve ever had in this fortunate blogging world. From stepping foot into what represented a luxurious botanical retreat filled with delicately displayed greenery at every circled space, to a contrast of brick and planked walls, gaudy floor tiles and a wooden staircase that lead to the second section of beauty stations ready to fulfil your every need. It had it all.


Heal tick off your standard beauty treatments – nails, hair, lashes, brows, waxing, podiatry and chiropody, facials, massage – but deliver it with their own unique concept. Upon arrival of smiles and warmth, I was taken straight over to the nail bar beside the fetching (and extremely insta-worthy) exposed window for my complimentary manicure and whilst chatting away in general with the lovely Christy as she worked her magic with a neutral nude shellac, I also learnt about the ethics the founders are widely passionate about. Firstly, it’s their clinical cleanliness and practical guidelines. Heal adhere to strict hygiene and medical requirements whilst pampering their clients, sterilising every piece of equipment and carefully choosing to ensure you’re in the safest and most caring hands which definitely puts your mind at rest. Secondly, it’s the way they commit themselves to independent businesses, give back kindly, and contribute to the local community. To hear of their support not just for self-reliant companies but to the ordinary people of Harrogate really warmed my heart. I was told they often hold nights to cater for the homeless, to treat them to something special, and it really was a testament to how friendly, inviting and spirited the entire team are.

Throughout my short stay at the spa this point just kept being proven right. I was introduced to Oliver, top podiatrist and creator of Heal who toured me round and offered to take a look at my feet to get rid of the dry skin I so desperately need to be more on board with moisturising and then I was lead back down to have a detailed talk with Heal’s cosmetic partners, Comfort Zone and Kevin Murphy haircare. I stood testing, wittering, and photographing, all the while being educated on the important philosophy they bring – that being environmentally friendly, cruelty free and rational in their strategies does not mean you have to sacrifice quality.

Comfort Zone, a certified vegan brand, offer a wide range of enhanced treatments using the most efficacious ingredients to further develop the already existing services at Heal. They work simultaneously together to provide a high quality remedy that both cares for your skin, diagnoses skin problems with the latest snazzy technology, gives an in depth skin review and helps ease your mind of life’s burdens with their famous de-stress therapy techniques. As I was given some tailored advice and guided through the products presented so attentively and fabricated so incredibly, I soon realised this is undoubtedly the sort of natural, earthy, innovative stuff that’s worth exploring. I’m definitely considering booking an appointment with them when I fancy a proper regime to kickstart my cells!

Australian haircare brand Kevin Murphy aren’t a brand I’d initially heard of but are certainly a brand that left an impression on me! To begin with I sat down with an expert and was proposed to their online scheme that allows you to find the most appropriate products for your hair type. It didn’t match that well for me, but straight from the horse’s mouth tends to always be the best solution! We came to the conclusion getting rid of brassy tones whilst keeping my hair sleek and adding some volume whilst keeping it its usual shape, was for me so in my delightful goody bag I was given a sample of the Blonde Angel shampoo and conditioner duo to try and it really has been a life saving rescue for someone who can’t always afford to have their roots touched up. It keeps my hair fresh, vibrant, super soft and shiny, leaving it in tip top condition. Designed to deliver nothing but performance, strength and longevity – they really are the definition of hair colour with a heart.

In all honesty, I could talk about Heal positively until I have no words left. I walked out of there feeling inspired, happy, and of course with pretty nails to flaunt which was a bonus. It’s one of those places you’d recommend to anyone of any age; as it gives off such uplifting, classy vibes with a cosy, liberating essence and comfortable, relaxing surroundings. The staff were always on hand to inform, to demonstrate and to accommodate to whatever I would’ve liked – even those little extras they really didn’t have to offer but did so out of generosity and enthusiasm. But it was nice, as it allowed you to have a personal touch you don’t really get anywhere else. They were busy getting prepared for their opening night yet still they couldn’t do enough for me so thank you, Heal, for inviting me down and for giving me a reason to travel to one of my favourite parts of Yorkshire on a more regular basis!

If you’re local, get yourself down there. Splash out and indulge in your deepest desires, because whoever needs an excuse for that?

Bridie x