Haul: buying out Primark

Collecting everything together that I’ve bought from Primark over the past few months has sent a huge warning sign of ‘shopping obsessed’ out to myself, alerting me of a possible addiction to Primark and their stock. I don’t think I can ever walk into Primark and come out with nothing, whether I just buy the odd accessory or go all out and chuck everything I see into the basket. I love it, purely because the items you can find in there are not only beyond lovely, but are a great dupe for those similar items you can find in shops like Topshop for triple the price (although I have noticed the prices gradually getting steeper in Primark). Even though the quality isn’t as supreme, the majority can look more valuable than they were and are wearable for a long period of time. Bearing in mind, everything that I’ve photographed here is spread out from months back. Some things I’ve bought recently, some things were purchased a good while back, a great amount of stuff was bought with gift cards and/or Christmas money and a few items were in the sale so really, I haven’t committed that much of a crime and I don’t feel that guilty (here I am trying to find an excuse for my excess shopping). 

black bag: £8 | berry bag: £10 | monochrome flats: £6 | nude t-bar shoes: £12

tea towels: £3 | face cloths: £1.50 | candle: £1

purple socks: £1 | floral socks: £1.50 | tartan hairband: £1.50 | daisy sunglasses: £2 | 

polka dot sunglasses: £2 | purse: £4 | daisy glasses case: £2

top knot band: £1.50 | bow bobble: £1 | necklace: £3 | rings: £1.50 | bangles: £2 | bracelet: £3?

tartan scarf: £4 | tartan dress: £12 | coin purse: £2.50

checked top: £6 | floral crop top: £10

daisy boxy top: £6 | white quilted boxy top: £6

black cami: £4 | white cami: £4

floral top: £5 in the sale | monochrome printed top: £4

floral print shirt: £8 | floral cami: £4

pink jumper: £8 | white cable knit crop jumper: £10

striped jumper: £12 | burgundy sweater: £5

blue jumper: £5 in the sale | daisy cardigan: £14

monochrome skirt: £8 | quilted black skater skirt: £5 in the sale

dress: £5 | daisy shorts: £5 in the sale

I don’t think I can pick out an instant favourite from this troupe of treats. The shoes are incredibly comfortable and my day to day shoes at the moment, the tea towels were an extra gift from me to my mum, purely because I had to get them when I spotted the pretty cupcakes, the face cloths were also adorable and you can never have too many, and the candle hasn’t even been used yet but it’s vanilla and that scent has me hooked swiftly. I completely yearn over the accessories and jewellery as soon as I take them back out of my storage to use and/or wear again; especially the sunglasses and the glasses case as I’m completely obsessed with daisy print at the moment. We booked a holiday a few weeks back and as you can most probably see I got too excited and headed straight to Primark for the essentials, 5 months too early. But the sunglasses, the hair accessories, the cami tops and the shorts will come in handy for when I pack my suitcase and get ready to head to Spain (eek!). 

I love the tartan gear they’ve displayed in Primark lately and it’s another one of my favourite trends. I’d been looking for a tartan scarf for so long and was so pleased when I found one in Primark a couple of months ago for such a reasonable price. Same goes with the dress and the overly cute cat coin purse with a tartan bow, they’re two of my most loved treasures. The rest of the clothing is just simply clothing that has caught my eye and I’ve tried to resist, but profoundly failed and ended up going back to buy it. I was so happy with my sale purchases too; the blue jumper in particular, as with a collared top underneath, it’s totally me. I’ve also been lusting over a pink blouse in Primark’s latest stock but every time I’ve gone back to check they had my size, they blooming well haven’t; typical! I’ve also been trying so hard to turn a blind eye as I walk past the dainty, printed skater dresses but no doubt I’ll be heading back nearer spring to pick up a few of the lovely dresses. 

Has anyone else had a Primark haul recently? Hope you all have a brilliant weekend and happy February!