Photo Diary: An Afternoon in Harrogate

Posted on 3 min read

As I’m sat writing this post the start of the general election results are rolling in. Now, I don’t know the certainty of our future (or at least the next 5 years) but tensions and anxieties are obviously running high and my stomach’s already done enough somersaults to host the next Olympic games at just a little over 10pm. By the time this post goes out in the morning there will be an official settlement and no matter what is to come, I feel like we’ll all need a calming, captivating pick me up after what has been a frustrating, stressful, and fearful couple of months – and there is no better way than the stylish, sophisticated town of Harrogate.

Not to plug my home county but what better way to bring some joy and jubilation into your system than to take a tour around Yorkshire? In particularly, one of my favourite places to visit with an assemblage of traditional country air and city escape and an official certification of happiest place in the UK which goes by no surprise. I say Harra-gut, you say Harro-gaaate.


The journey into Harrogate isn’t just only a scenic train ride with endless fields and picturesque landscape but its rural charm follows on as you explore! I always think of Harrogate as an independent chain, the more lavish side of Yorkshire; filled with dainty cobbled streets, old townhouses, historic style buildings and traditional British culture but also the high street shops, unique boutiques and restaurant chains. There’s been many days I’ve driven through on the way to the seaside, admiring the delightful district from afar but never actually stepping foot into the sumptuous space. So, after my spa retreat on a typically cloudy Spring day, I decided I’d take a leisurely stroll to put my camera to good use before my sleepy train back to Leeds.

Turns out there were more photo opportunities than I thought as I gave my puny legs a straining trek from one direction to the other, remembering not to pass up any sight of flourishing flowers, any inch of white luxe architecture and anything that oozes northern character. Harrogate is of course up north but it never feels stereotypical (you know, the whole sat on a park bench eating fish and chips indiscreetly whilst dipping southerners in gravy sort of thing). Being home of the famous Betty’s, a tower of macaroons, Montpellier Quarter and a feast of high end shopping to satisfy your splurging needs, it carries an amount of superiority you don’t get anywhere else. A definite way for me to feel much classier than I actually am most days!

It really was a breath of fresh air as the day came to an end, I was worn out from the venturing and discovery of hidden beauty that can be so easily passed by in day to day life but I was revitalised, enlightened and inspired by my own turf. It’s surprising what you can get out of a spontaneous short trip and I think I’m certainly going to make it a regular event just to get a change of surroundings whilst still holding the nation at heart. Call it a city break but closer to home than any other holiday takes you!

Is Harrogate a place you’ve ever visited? Where’s your favourite getaway? 

Talking of getaways, this is me signing off for a week as I jet off to Tenerife with all eight of my best friends on Sunday. If you’ve been a long term follower of mine you’ll know I usually take my readers on a step by step update with my adventures abroad and ensure I put an outfit diary together to display all my new attire but this time I think I’m just going to kick back, relax in the well needed sunshine, consume way too many cocktails and probably post a sequence of insta stories for you all to get fed up with. I’ve not had this sort of holiday before so I really do just want to enjoy every minute instead of worrying about creating fresh content. Not to worry, though – you can follow along on social media and I have lots more posts planned for when I’m back. See you on the other side!

Bridie x