Happy Halloween – Halloween Nail Art

First of all, Happy Halloween! I hope whatever you get up to tonight/at the weekend or what you did last weekend was/is great fun. I’m your typical bore and aren’t doing anything except dragging myself to the door with the chocolate and lollies, greeting the excitable children and wishing I was that age again (although we don’t usually get that many trick or treaters, so we end up eating the goodies to ourselves instead…). I carved a pumpkin yesterday and was pretty proud of the outcome to say I don’t have the steadiest of hands. Compared to last year, it’s a definite improvement and I managed to carve it properly this time despite handling the mushy insides which I hate. I do love the eerie feeling of Halloween night, I think it’s cosy and anything with a candle/tealight really gives out the relaxing vibe of winter. 

Back on to the subject of wanting to reverse back to your carefree childhood, I had a whale of a time editing this photo of my pumpkin masterpiece on PicMonkey just like I used to do on paint (with PicMonkey being an upgraded, superior version of paint). It’s one of my favourite photo editing websites and it improves even further at this time of the year with the funky effects. It just added that extra spooky tweak to start this post off with…

Lately, I’ve been really into nail art and tackling with my lack of patience, I’ve managed to spend the past few weeks without proper access to the internet wisely, practicing different techniques, designs and even learning how to make home made nail tools. Once again with my left hand being unsteady and without full grip, it can be tricky at times and it does take a long time but I persevere to the end and the result leaves me feeling pleased. As a beginner, I always get ideas from Google images and then make them my own. With this, I’ve gone with the typical Halloween characters – the pumpkin, the vampire, the blood that comes with that, the ghost and the spider. I used a home made dotting tool and a home made striper to create this look which I will most likely include in any future nail art posts I decide to do. 

Nail polishes I used (from left to right): Angelica Emerald Isle // Barry M Nail Paint in Shade 47 – Black // Wet n Wild Shine in Shade 449C – French White Creme (bought in America) // Bourjois So Laque Glossy in Shade BC Beige 3 // Barry M Nail Paint in Shade 262 – Bright Red // Barry M Gelly Nail Paint in Papaya // Angelica The Midas Touch

The range of colours I chose seemed to not only go well together but fit the theme of all things sinister. I had a little chuckle to myself whilst showing them off to people as I thought each nail had an individual attribute to it. It’s amazing what you can construct with just a brush and nail paint and I do really enjoy experimenting with contrasting nail varnishes and formations. 

Feel free to let me know what you think of this design and as it’s my first post of this kind, tell me if you’d like to see more of what my mind chooses to randomly devise at the time of having the motivation to paint my nails! I’d also love to see if any of you enjoy designing nail art as a hobby and if so, what kind of ideas have you come up with in the past?

Lots of love…