Halloween: The Three Way Glam Way

Halloween. AKA, the most wonderful time of the year.

Forget tinsel and twinkling lights when pumpkins and eerie nights exist. I don’t think there’s anything more fulfilling than that spooky, cosy feel; a few candles lit tucking into the sweet bowl with some mediocre horror movie playing in the background. Or, the alternate option –  going all out, metaphorically and literally.

Last year I talked you through a glitzy makeup tutorial – the look I opted for as I headed off to an actual Halloween celebratory occasion – and this year I’m about to do the same but in the form of a trio of possible events adulthood fetches on that last October day.

The versatility of Halloween is what I love the most. It’s just one day on the calendar yet there’s so much to get involved in and no matter what the heathens say, you’re never too old to have as much fun as your haunted heart desires. Whether you’re choosing to have a night in, heading out trick or treating with your younger sibs, attending a party, or creating your own get together and using it as a perfect excuse to get drunk – there’s high spirits all round (pun definitely intended).

The artistic and imaginative side of Halloween is also one of the best elements, in my eyes. Shopping for Halloween gear even if I’m not actually doing anything is one of my favourite pastimes because there’s just so much possibility and potential. Spend a tenner on a couple of cosmetics, some jewels, and stickers, and you have a whole guise to work with. Spend even less on some supermarket bought items and your gory, ghastly look is ready to go.

Ugly or glam, diva or deadly, it’s all there to choose. And for a gal who appreciates any reason to dress up, of course I’m going to make the most of dramatising and vamping up to full effect (pun certainly intended, again).

Doing Halloween the glam way is actually pretty easy to achieve and my crafted costumes have been made even easier with PLT‘s epic collection. From killer dresses, to staple basics and fright night accessories, what PrettyLittleThing have to offer fits my idea of bewitched style Halloween shindigs.



You May Go To The Ball

First up, there’s the event that was at the top of my list. A ceremony, a gala, a ball. I was a guest at a charity Halloween ball a couple of years back and it was honestly one of the best nights of my life.

The formal grooming is so enjoyable you can’t help but embrace the elation. Picking out your dream dress, fancifying your makeup to the extreme, thinking glitter, sparkle, diamonds, vivid colours, and jewellery; piecing it all together to create a masterpiece you feel a million dollars in.

This gorgeous gothic dress did just that. It was the classiest I ever felt, yet I still pass as Halloween appropriate. Arriving to the red carpet in a gown adorned with lace and ruffle and a silhouette that turns heads is bound to be the ultimate Halloween winner. Belle of the ball personified.


Til Death Do Us Party

Secondly, it’s time to up the exposure if a posh party is on the agenda. What a better way to show off your best assets than a skimpy but sexy dress. Think Mean Girls level of outfit competition, except there’s no qualms you’re the one slaying the rest.

Not that you have to be head to head with your friends, of course. This statement LBD is the quintessential get-up to pull from your wardrobe in time for social gatherings on the fallen Halloween weekend. One that you can feel like a queen in and one that you can make more haunted than hot by throwing in some creepy embellishments. Strutting along with your girl gang who have deliberately paired with your attire is guaranteed to grant you the popular honour.

And if you can’t release the puppies on Halloween, then when can you?!





No Tricks Just Treats

Last but not least, there’s the generically glam outfit, the one that can be worn with versatility whatever you have planned. A sassy novelty slogan bodysuit teamed with some plain black cycling shorts always does the trick. It widens the Halloween horizons because if you stick to plain and simple, you can rock it however you want to and wherever your imagination takes you.

A devil is pretty common but a devil with heavy hues of red on the eyes and streaks of blood running down the face?? Now you’re talking. Add in some matching tall court shoes to elongate the leg and you’re championing the uptown girl vibe.

So, whether you’re just venturing around the corner in your local area, rolling up to a house party, or spending time with your family – character glam is where it’s at!

*This post is in collaboration with PLT. Items were gifted but all words and images my own. Please read my disclaimer for more information.





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