Guest post: The Summer-style Essential Pieces

It’s July – always the one to state the obvious! Which means we’re more than halfway through the year, summer has arrived (in stages, I don’t think Britain quite gets the memo) and it’s a time for those motivation and inspiration levels to rise. Whilst I plan out the changes I want to implement within my blog *hopefully* over the next few weeks and whilst I work on other bits and bobs, I have a guest post for you to relish in; kindly written by the lovely Amy and which shall guide you along that can-be-awkward seasonal style…


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If you think that summer outfits all look the same year in and year out, you are not the only one. It feels like we keep seeing the same dresses with floral patterns and flip-flops that are not only devoid of thrill but don’t even feel comfortable anymore. We’d have to agree that it’s all been seen before and so we’re experiencing a global fashion deja vu. Boring! Even with the runway updates (that are pretty much unwearable in the streets), things tend to look a bit “been there, done that”, so it’s up to us to find that one spark close to our fashion sense and use it to give our wardrobe a fresh take. Luckily, with just a few creative updates, you’ll be able to achieve plenty and have heads turn once again.

Here’s how:

Shoulder tops are a thing

Although the trend’s been around for some time now, it seems that shoulder tops are here to stay for the summer. They can be paired with almost anything you feel like wearing that day, and the bonus part is that they are incredibly light for when hot summer days kick in. You just have to make sure to wear sunscreen to protect your shoulders from unwanted sunburn.

Change your shorts for denim

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Even though popular fashion states that shorts are so last century, let’s give them another chance, shall we? Denim shorts are all the rage now, and they feel comfortable as heck. Moreover, they go great with everything in your closet. To be in style this summer, look for shorts with a cut-off look as they are the new statement. Pair them up with fancy, interesting heels and you’ve got yourself an amazing summer look.

Statement shirts

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For a simple everyday look, it’s always a good idea to choose a graphic t-shirt, especially if you have an interesting print in mind. This summer will be all about stating your mind and what better way to tell the world what you think than to have it personalized and printed out. On the other hand, keep your message simple; otherwise, it’ll seem like you’re trying too hard.

You need new shoes




Picking out a good pair of shoes is never an easy task, especially when we’re talking summer shoes (we all know how swollen feet can get in the heat!). Luckily, this year’s summer collection revolves aroundlace-up shoes, whether they’re flat or high-heeled, and they’re a perfect combination of cute, stylish, elegant and practical. The shoes should look great on your feet, feel light and allow your feet to breathe. Great for those long summer walks on the beach, right?

Pick out a playsuit for the evening

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Playsuits are a big hit of the season and are definitely a flair for the more adventurous types of gals. With that being said, if you feel like trying out a new style, this is your chance! Swap out your summer dresses with playsuits and be sure your clothing choices will reveal just enough skin but keep you covered when needed.

Never leave without a bag

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It’s a given that you should never leave your home without a bag of some sort. However, this year, you should invest in a cute basket bag. They are much easier to carry around and they seem eco-friendly, which is a bonus. Woven bags are not at all uncommon as they are rather trendy right now.

Renew your summer wardrobe and breathe new life into it. Whether you’re on a budget or if you’re looking to invest in a few new pieces of wardrobe, stick to these tips to spice up your summer.

Do you have any to add?

Bridie x

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