From chocolate to caramel – my hair journey

Here I am again with an apology for my absence… with it coming up to Christmas I’ve been super busy and have had no time to prepare my blog posts so I am very sorry for my lack of communication. Putting that aside, I’ve just purchased my first DSLR camera so have been having a fiddle around with both of my cameras, seeing what looks best (if anyone has any tips on what works well for photographing outfits posts indoors on the Nikon D3100, do let me know). Hopefully I’ll get my bum into gear and be back up and running more frequently with posts I’ve been eager to write and hopefully my pictures will be of a better quality as from now. 

That’s not the only change, however. A couple of days ago, I ventured into my hairdressers for my long awaited appointment. I’d previously discussed that I fancied a change of colour and wanted to go a lighter brown but highlights would be the only option as my hair was too dark and it wouldn’t take. I get so easily bored of my hair and always yearn for adventurous styling but my wishes override my authentic reality as there’s not a lot I can do with it. My hairdresser said she’ll put plenty of caramel highlights in and then put a light brown toner throughout my hair to give it that extra boost. A few hours later, a foiled head, stiff legs from sitting down for so long and a well needed cut and indulging pamper of my hair, lead to this end result. I must admit, at first I was apprehensive as I’m 1) A fussy person, 2) That kind of person who only suits certain hair colours and styles, but I love it, it looks so much fresher and brighter and I’ve had so many lovely compliments already (it seems people prefer my hair to be lighter). I’m now hoping my hair doesn’t become dull and faded as quickly as it used to do when I was chocolate brown! 

Hope you’ve all had a fabulous day and enjoy your Friday tomorrow ready for the weekend. Only 26 days till Santa is on his way! That is also something else I’m in the process of, a couple of Christmas related posts, which I hope will be helpful for you all. The tartan dress in these pictures will be another thing featured in my upcoming outfit post which shall hopefully be up next week. I seriously need to stop saying ‘hopefully’ and actually get on with what I want to do haha!

Lots of love…