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Now if there’s one thing I love in life, it’s jewellery and if there’s an element that increases that love, it’s vintage jewellery. However, this isn’t just any vintage jewellery business, this is an authentic, dynamic vocation which doesn’t believe in losing jewellery that would otherwise be forgotten about, but instead plans and puts together a whole new concept. I was recently approached by the lovely Alice from Forage and Find which lead on to my discovery of these beautifully unique, handmade jewellery pieces. Not only did I fall head over heels for the striking items, I loved the creative approach both Alice and her mother take on reproducing precious historical valuables, reworking them to suit individual styles and producing a spanking brand new fragment from the past, bringing it fresh and wrapped into the future. This not only means you’re always guaranteed an interesting, unusual statement piece of jewellery that you will never find elsewhere, but it also benefits the environment, saves a perfectly reusable segment from being wasted, and upcycles those forlorn materials giving them a new and inspiring lease of life; all of which I’m 100% supportive and respectful, which I’m sure everybody else will also be. 

The story and background of the trade is so sweet and their positive attitude towards it is uplifting. To have an essence of history locked into the stunning gems is such a brilliant idea. Alice and her mother ‘believe everyone should have access to interesting handmade vintage jewellery that provides a talking point.’ They state ‘We don’t believe in mass produced, and instead prefer to rework previously unloved fragments of the past and dedicate our time to developing unique pieces of jewellery that will never be repeated again.’

What the virtuous duo do is simply special in each and every way. They are most certainly the most clever and skilled mother and daughter I have ever stumbled across. You can tell straight away the amount of time and effort that is put into designing the assortment of antique pieces and can identify the care, love and protection of these assortments. Each piece has a strong eye-catching feel to it and are so elegant and well thought out, the carefully crafted clarity shines through instantly, showing great tenderness towards every component and bringing them back to life. The majority of the jewellery even manages to tell a story, most of which gears up your imagination to represent a fairytale like the The Fox Jumped Over The Moon Silver Statement Necklace and the 1930’s Watch Mechanism Necklace which reminds me of something I’d see lurking in the setting of Alice In Wonderland. From clock mechanisms, to swallows, to books, there really is something for everyone to choose from, indulge in and lust over (like I am at this moment in time). Below I’ve picked some of my favourites which was exceedingly difficult to narrow down, but I managed it… just.




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There are so many distinctive pieces you can work with and with affordable prices starting from as low as £7 and international shipping, you really couldn’t ask for more. Each and every one of the products from the collection would make the perfect gift, especially now Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. If this is something you like to try out or be inspired by, you have to check out this noteworthy brand. Once you have found that solitary piece, I’m truly certain it will be treasured for a long time. Forage and Find deserve the recognition and deserve to evolve and I have an enthusiastic instinct that this is going to thrive into something huge. 

You can find them here:

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Feel free to let me know if you took out that spare moment to browse through the glorified jewellery, I’d love to know what your favourite pieces are and if you now adore it as much as I do!