Florida fun Part 7 – Old Town and Downtown Disney

When you’re due to fly back home after an irreplaceable two weeks away, usually it is too depressing for words but with Florida it was a different story. Obviously it was still sad to know I’d soon be back in England, jet lagged and hit with the realization of normality but there’s so much to do over there that you can still have a ball on your last day or two. As we had to be out of our villa at 10am and our flight wasn’t till 8.25pm, we got recommended ‘Downtown Disney’ from our taxi driver. He explained that you could drop your cases off if you were flying with Virgin Atlantic and then browse around there to pass time. It was severely hot that day so we struggled to walk around and spent most of our time sat in the shade but there were some brilliant sights and it certainly increased my attachment to Disney. 

However, not forgetting that first of all, the day before we were due to fly home, we had a relaxing day; went for breakfast at Ponderosa and then took a stroll over to Old Town which wasn’t far from where we were staying. Anyone who knows me well will have noticed by now that I love anything ‘old’ or in more preferable term of words, ‘vintage’. The long (and which seemed like never ending) strip of streets and attractions was a breath of fresh air and set the scene for a perfect tour down how things used to look in past times.

The quote on the right opened my eyes the most as it was spot on!

Downtown Disney was just as it stated below, it was nothing like the Disney parks as it was more like taking a trip to your local town with a bowling alley, a cinema, shops and small fun fair; excluding the unbelievably marvelous Disney store (one of the biggest in Orlando may I add). That was definitely my favourite part, we spent a good hour admiring the gifts in there and of course, I spent the last of my dollars. The majority was surrounded by a big lake and it really did just allow you to chill out and soak in the atmosphere.

Live, Love, Eat; that’s definitely a motto that I could live by!

World of Disney was the store I was talking about. These are all the different entrances (and I think there was actually one more) as it was that big you could invade from any direction. It allowed me to unwind, let loose and go on a hunt for some of the best Disney gifts and accessories I’d never find anywhere else. Below is the Lego store next door, still carrying on with the Disney theme it built sections from some of the most loved fairy tales entirely out of Lego.

The Rainforest Cafe was one of the best cafes I have ever seen. I mean look at the inside, who wouldn’t want to feel as though you were under the sea or investing in animals habitats whilst you eat? 
I don’t like sea food and I certainly don’t like crab so we didn’t go in this place but I thought it was so pretty and reminded me of something from the Titanic.
Once again, another Christmas store which means bad luck but I can’t have any more bad luck than I usually have, surely? This store was incredibly cute, I adored every inch of the items stored here; from Disney baubles, to snow globes, to hats, to cooking accessories. You name it and it was there!

So that’s it, I’ve come to the end of my Florida journey with you apart from the one last post which is just going to be pictures in general of my time spent over there. I hope you enjoyed reminiscing over my adventure with me! Thank you for reading and coping with my ramblings.

Lots of love…