Florida fun Part 6 – Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom, well, where do I start? Anyone who has been to Disneyworld will know this is where the majority of the action happens. From carnivals, to parades, to Disney characters bombarding you, to fun packed rides; you can catch it all here in one day (although even a full day wasn’t enough time for us to see everything). We set off around 8.30am and arrived back to the villa at midnight as we stayed for the electrical parade and the fireworks at the castle at nighttime. Magic Kingdom beats all other Orlando attractions to the top of the list, every little detail is accounted for to ensure you have a truly magical experience whether that be as an adult or a child. It really was like a real life fairytale. 

This was the most vibrant ‘Let the Memories Begin!’, the Mickey shaped plants were so dainty.

As soon as you entered the park (via ferry or monorail as it was that big) the happy go lucky atmosphere splashed out at you. It’s an escape from the real life as you enter the fantasy life. You can’t miss the castle and it definitely was the one thing I was dying to see before anything else. As you can see it was accompanied by Walt Disney himself, the statue being straight in front of the castle to remind you just how special his plans were. I could have stood and stared at the castle all day and if that was the case, it’d never be the same feature I pointed out, every part was so perfect.

There was even a horse and cart as a mode of transport, but not the normal kind, a typical Disney-themed glamoured kind.

Just a little after we’d arrived, the first parade of the day began, it made me feel all warm and content inside when I politely pushed my way to the front to see it in full motion. You can completely forget your age and enjoy the smiles and waves as though you are 5 years old again. The highlight was the security woman dancing and grinding to the music performed (oh how I wish I took a picture of that!)

Big hugs from Pluto!

There were many statues around the park and the surroundings around Main Street were flawless, the structure of the buildings were so pretty and well made and reminded me of a vintage palace of some sort. The main element that stood out for me was the overused word of ‘princess’; whether you were a little girl or an older woman, the Disney staff would refer to you as a princess. However, if you were a little girl it was a bonus (and I secretly wish it was acceptable for me to join in with this). Through intervals in the day the children would get the chance to be made into a princess; dress, hair, jewellery, wand, all you can name and show off their princess progress in a mini parade where you could see just how much the small things like this in life mean to a child. I hope the employees realise they have the best job in the world, it was adorable to watch!

This butterfly came to say hello as we were queuing to meet Pluto, it’s amazing how even an insect adds to the effect! As some may say, the butterfly effect.

The gift/clothes shop were out of this world, I could have spent most of my time in them and bought enough to last a lifetime. I especially loved the Mickey and Minnie chocolate goodies.

Next we’re onto Fantasyland and would you believe the picture below is just the toilets, that’s how striking it was. This part was based on the different fairytales and story books; Beauty and The Beast, Sleeping Beauty, Pinocchio, Peter Pan etc. It also included a few attractions which included ‘It’s a Small World’, it was a relaxing tour around an overly cute, jazzed up cultural world.

The decoration around It’s a Small World; just one of the ravishing stands of Disney gifts.

 Beauty and the Beast stained glass window illustrating a ray of light and colours; Cinderella fountain outside the back of the castle.
What’s a day out to a park without trying out the carousel!
It’s a shame I never got the chance to take a picture with the sword as I wouldn’t have minded pretending to be Arthur for the day.

Now you’re probably wondering why on earth I have a picture of a captain/prince/hero and a Snow White look alike. Well, it was a humorous situation to an extent. We were just minding our own business and taking pictures of everything in sight when these two came strolling over; both of them posed silly for mine and Chloe’s photos and then they targeted my brother whilst he was sat resting on the wall. The man in charge asked him if he was married or if he was up to no good, my brother didn’t look too enthusiastic or honoured when he told him he was looking for a husband for his princess ha ha ha.

The places to eat matched the area which you were in which in this case was Alice in Wonderland.

There were 5 parts; Main Street U.S.A, Tomorrowland, Frontierland, Adventureland, Fantasyland and Liberty Square. The top two pictures are from Tomorrowland, the elite scenery and the Astro Orbiter ride. The bottom two are from Main Street with the Goofy statue and a picture of a bench which is just my kind of furniture; classy and chic.

The picture below was after a mini storm beside the castle, the cheerful rainbow spread across the sky right over to the castle, it once again appeared even more magical. 

Winnie the Pooh and Tigger were the cutest!

We’re into Liberty Square now with The Haunted Mansion and the Riverboat. I have to admit The Haunted Mansion was one of my favourite rides. You were in the pitch black visiting the ghostly estate seeing for yourself how the dead lived and taking a tour around the chambers. Spirits and ghouls attempted to help you find your way out by using their charm of singing and dancing. It was a fresh, funny experience. 

We were in the stocks in Frontierland, oops!

The next few pictures are from Adventureland which we didn’t actually get the chance to investigate but with the views I’m sure it’s worth checking out if I ever get the chance to go again (let’s hope!)

Another part of the Beauty and the Beast territory; The Space Mountain which was a 12 minute water ride and WELL worth the wait. 

All the girls had a picture with Minnie Mouse who was the prettiest Minnie I ever did see, but not forgetting me and Chloe met Daisy the fortune-telling duck first!

Okay so we’re nearly at the end now, I praise you if you’ve got this far with how much I’ve been rambling on and how much there is to display but this IS something that can’t be missed. Even though there’s a large crowd everywhere you step and it’s hard to see without standing on your tiptoes, I’d recommend people to stay till close when you visit Magic Kingdom as you wouldn’t be able to get the full picture of the unique, distinctive Disney electrical parade and the stunning fireworks extravaganza. The Cinderella castle displayed different designs from various famous stories and buildings before Tinkerbell came flying over and the sparkling began. The celebration topped off the evening and utterly completed my whole experience.  

These two are two of my most prized photos I’ve ever snapped. The way there’s a couple leaning against each other watching the enchanted castle and the magic within and beyond is so heart warming. You can’t even see these people’s faces but the darkened shadows themselves paint the perfect picture and sets the aura.

I’m so happy with how the castle pictures turned out during the fireworks and the presentation as my camera was on it’s last legs (battery wise) and I just managed to capture some. It’s enough to see how beautiful it was to witness but in no way does it compare to seeing it up and close and personal. 

Lots of love..