Florida fun Part 5 – Hollywood Studios

Hello again! I’m back to finish off my Florida fun posts after a long weekend of torture. To cut the story short, I’d been swapping and starting some new meds prescribed to me and had a horrible experience of withdrawals but I’m feeling much more like myself again now everything has been sorted. My spirits are back up high and I’m in the mood for blogging my socks off.

The 5th park we went to was Hollywood Studios which was superbly great. Once again, there were so many magnificent sights to admire. I particularly loved the whole atmosphere and Hollywood feel, it was like waltzing into a Hollywood movie (and you even got the opportunity to experience that). Disney never fails to create wondrous, entertainment whilst also capturing small detail that can make it completely different to your average theme park. 

It’s lovely how Disney have ‘Let the Memories Begin’ signs to fit into the theme of the park outside all four entrances because those four simple words really do sum up your adventure.

We had a greeting from Minnie as soon as we arrived!

This was the ‘Great Movie Ride’ in which you take a steady tram ride around the 1930’s film era to see just a few of the greatest (hence the word ‘great’) film scenes. The legendary movie stars are all mechanic but you’d be shocked at how real they look for example cowboys shooting at each other whilst having a spoken brawl. You wouldn’t believe they were fake as it really felt like you were in the movie world. My personal favourite was The Wizard of Oz; not only does it remind me of my school production, I love the soundtrack, I love the message, I love how colourful the scenes are and this ride managed to show that. The carvings in the multi coloured stone were also such a cute idea. 

Toy Story/Pixar Studios was another one of my favourite parts and that’s not even because I’m biased with Toy Story (in my opinion) being one of the most immense Disney films ever made. Despite me looking hideous (and bald for some strange reason), meeting the Woody and Buzz characters was fab. They were comical and fit the film criteria perfectly. Especially the adorable moment when the little girl from the family in front of us was bouncing up and down in excitement and Buzz copied her sending more giggles her way and more jumping, you get the idea…

With the army soldier’s instructions (you know those who constantly got trod on in the movie) we linked arms and had our photo. Pizza Planet (you know the place where Woody and Buzz rolled out of the car into the petrol station) was the main restaurant on the part and I thought it was pretty cool seeing the iconic rocket statue in person.

We didn’t get the chance to explore the American Idol experience and to be honest, I don’t think it’d be something we’d be interested in although I loved the idea and I loved how it was built. The Sorcerer’s Hat certainly wouldn’t fit any normal person’s head that’s for sure, it was the main place to meet Disney characters and as you can see, had a lovely design.

Stich, Chip & Dale, Pluto and Goofy were having a jig as carried on walking round. I couldn’t resist doing the ‘filmstar’ pose next to the Lights, Camera, Action sign but it looks like I’m the only one who was enthusiastic about it… these old school cars could be seen more or less everywhere. If transport was still as precious as this, I think it would encourage me to learn to drive much more than current vehicles do.

These pictures are a replacement for my words on how beautiful the buildings and the scenery were. I know I keep repeating myself but this is what stopped it from feeling like you were in an ordinary theme park. It was in fact, far from ordinary! 

Like the first picture above (but a closer version) this is another piece of proof that buildings that aren’t actually buildings look more like buildings than actual buildings do. By god, that was a tongue twister. I don’t think I’ll ever get over how amazing this looks. The crowd appears to be walking through the streets of Amsterdam up to the hotel and the park when actually, that doesn’t even exist. It’s just an illusion.

The Hollywood Tower ride was original, I’ve never been on or seen anything like it. Not only did it have an eerie yet bright look to it (how that’s possible I don’t know) it appealed to you right on. It was exactly the same inside, dark and dusky but exciting. I was looking forward to seeing how extreme it was and it didn’t disappoint. It balanced kind of in the middle, hilarious and fun, yet tense and thrilling. You were sat in an elevator with strangers which made sense as that’s what you tend to do, and you were taken down to each room in the tower but not taken in the sense it was a nice, subtle journey, you were dropped at an ultimate speed causing me to scream unexpectedly and to nearly fly out of my seat. Good job you were strapped in! 

The Muppet Show is a classic you can’t miss; we could have done with a bottle of Coca-Cola this large to clench our thirst and make it last!

Once is my utter most favourite musical of all time and it’s a shame this was just for show and not legitimate, as I’m sure Once the musical will enhance and highlight the features more than the film does. 

The picture below and second picture above is my presumption of what Italy would be like. Italian restaurants like these are my weakness, the decor was striking and spot on and it was such a cosy place to feel relaxed and dined; it’s just a shame the food wasn’t up to scratch.

Another extravagant view with the collection of palm trees and the long and winding road but you know what’s coming next, don’t you? Yes, that’s right, it wasn’t actually a road but with our bodies looking minute, it became surfaced and as though we were taking a rest on the edge of time. 

The Rock n Roller Coaster was extremely popular and unfortunately we weren’t able to go on it but the oversized guitar brought my attention higher than usual. 

I totally should be an extra if Singin’ In The Rain was ever to be remade; Sorcerer Mickey was the last character of the day.

Monsters University said goodbye to us as we left, I wish I had the talent to shape bushes and trees into figures, it’s fantastic. In conclusion, Hollywood Studios was pleasant and engaging. It wasn’t the best one of the lot but I’d definitely go again if I had the chance. The happiness you feel exploring the parks is so warm and welcoming and there wasn’t a bad one, it was impossible to be bored. 

Hope you enjoyed this round of photos, the next one is a biggy; Magic Kingdom which I’m working on as I speak. Who ever said you can’t multitask? Have a lovely evening!

Lots of love…