Fifteen Reasons To Be Happy Right Now

I’m not going to lie and pretend I’m a relentlessly positive person because I’m not and I don’t believe anybody can remain all skipping through fields of flowers and humming lullabies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whether we have an optimistic mindset, a cheery outlook on life, or a passion for productivity, we all have down days. There’ll be triggers, a build up of annoyances and bad luck and that’s okay – we can scream and shout and wallow in the cruel world but I think it’s always important to let it all out of your system, hit refresh, and get back on track – sharply. A short term negative state is actually healthy, not because it’s nice to beat yourself up but because it can help you move on to the next stage; to feel the euphoric highs I think it’s necessary to also experience the shitty lows. However, long term unhappiness is not and along with seeking relief, it’s sometimes stimulating to flick your reasoning to the present tense; reminding yourself why you originally felt that beacon of happiness in the first place. Without going all cliche ‘how to beat the January blues’, ‘ways to interpret mindfulness into your daily routine’ and ‘let me force this cyber therapy’ on you, I wanted to put a whole new focus on the word ‘happy’. Not to question your existence as such, but to ensure you never lose sight of how important your contribution is, and how lucky you are to be sharing that, despite the obstacles that may be in the way.


One | You’re reading this. Okay, so you may be feeling under the weather, worthless and incomplete but remember the little steps count just as much as the large. You’ve found the motivation to open up an app on your phone or log on to your laptop, you’ve told yourself you’ll pay attention and develop a stable frame of mind, and hopefully you’ll have benefited your mood in the process. That alone deserves some self praise when you’re struggling.


Two | Summer is only 157 days away. Even if it isn’t your favourite season, the pros outweigh the cons. No freezing cold mornings that plot staying in bed against facing the real world, daylight that lasts until 10pm, ice cream, car journeys with the sun beaming down, smiling faces and trips to the seaside. It’s something to look forward to as the clock turns!


Three | Ed Sheeran exists. Just think. We, as humans, right now, breathe the same air as the ginger genius. We were privileged enough to be born into an era where we share the planet with music that heals the soul and single-handedly sparks 2017 off with fortune. I dare you to tell me that man doesn’t make everything right, I dare you.


Four | Changes are happening right now. With every breath you’re taking, another one is exhaled. There’s a mother gazing down at her newborn baby, there’s another breakthrough in a cure for diseases, there’s money raised for charity, there’s people standing up for what they believe in, working together, protecting the acceptance of mankind, fighting for equal rights, falling in love. Remember, with every disaster there’s always a miracle.


Five | You are loved. There’s people around you who would do anything for you. There’s family and friendships and teachers and strangers and those who cross your path for a reason. You’ve reached adulthood with support, attention, and compassion. You’ve formed close bonds and made precious memories. There’s people on earth who know your every flaw and still care about your well being. Someone believed in you when you needed it most and in the end, that someone will have been the one to shape you, to prove your value and allow you to shine.


Six | You have had an impact. You are important. All the decisions, choices and actions you’ve made along the way have influenced at least one person in your life. Whether it’s something you’ve said, your reassurance, your talent, your effort, your time of day, your hugs, your laugh, even your personal strength. You don’t realise how impelling that can be, even if it’s never been acknowledged. Keep doing you.


Seven | You have accomplished achievements. They come in all shapes and sizes; it doesn’t always have to be the biggest news of the century and galvanise the nation, it just has to matter to you. Think about the past, think about your abilities, think about your performances, think about your efforts, think about your recovery, think about the courage it took to complete a task at any period of time. Hey, you could even think about your last piece of work, that essay or blog post you perfected as a masterpiece and was graded with opportunity. Give yourself the credit you deserve.


Eight | There are good people in the world. It may seem like you’re surrounded by the bigoted immorality that never leaves and only worsens but for every piece of bad news in the world, there is always an equal amount of good news. Rid of the negativity on social media and take a halt to search for the stories that make a difference, that provide hope and faith in humanity. I can guarantee you’ll feel as though a lustre has lifted from within.


Nine | Escapism’s are reachable. It doesn’t just have to be a pastime, there’s plenty of potential in your everyday elements that you can easily take for granted. You have access to anything that brings you bliss; from a book, to a tv show, to a certain food, to a hobby, to a relaxation technique. You are entitled to openness, you have essentials that make you feel better or that you can use to disappear from angst for a while.


Ten | Nature is all around. Even if you don’t feel like leaving the house, you only need to look out of the window to admire the art of creation from beyond. Beauty is everywhere; it’s in the stars, it’s in the ground, it’s in the historic buildings, it’s in the passers by and even a figure of your imagination. Look up at the sky, soak in the ampleness, think about serendipity, how you were made to be here right in this moment. How incredible mother nature is, how the planet is turning, about the past and the present and what possibilities lie for the future.

Eleven | You are unique. There’s only one of you, and that’s amazing in itself. Nobody else will ever match your features, your qualities and your skills, you are an individual contributing to a flourishing society and you have potential – lots of it. Take a stand, learn to fiercely love yourself, and treasure the body you blossom in.


Twelve | You are in control. As an independent exclusive, you are the one making the decisions. You’re investing in yourself, you’re responsible for the inner joy you feel and to seek that you must remind yourself you’re the one who holds the force. You have the freedom to allow your goals and dreams to reach the top, don’t let that leave.


Thirteen | You are safe. Inspect your surroundings as you lounge. You have a roof over your head, you have warmth, you have comfort and most importantly, you are not in any significant danger. You are shielded from the storm and you have the latitude to establish your life further. Being safe and secure means you have the prospect to find that satisfaction you desire.


Fourteen | You have time. The best day of your life may be yet to happen. Revelations could be on the horizon which the sheer notion of provides the motivation to carry on. It’s never too late to amend the sorrow or the suffering. It’s easy to be burdened with the weight of your difficulties, I know that myself as I’ve had many of days where it’s felt as though it’s not worth fighting but assure yourself it totally is. The tragedies could all turn around in an instance, the road to contentment in life is unpredictable and you have to be patient to believe.


Fifteen | You’re here right now. I don’t believe in comparing the validity of your problems with someone else’s because we’re all entitled to melancholy but it’s substantial to consistently remember you have the chance to live another day. Your human spirit is resilient, you have the power to improve your own circumstances at any time and to tell your tale. Your life is an adventure with many encounters that continue to thrive at your own pace and that is a privilege.


To put yourself in the zone takes fortitude but it’s possible and it’s rewarding.

Do you have any secrets to happiness on this acquisitive ‘Blue Monday’?

Bridie x