Recreating fashion’s iconic movie moments with Farfetch

Film and fashion come hand in hand. We may not notice when we’re so enthralled in a storyline but it’s there, and often more noticeable when pointed out the second time round.

You only have to watch the infinitely magnificent Holly Golightly open the show with her LBD arrival in Breakfast At Tiffany’s, Cher Horrowitz choosing her mismatch retro, preppy outfits with the help of her computer in the fabulous and never ageing Clueless, Miranda Priestly being in charge of all areas including her flawless wardrobe in the Devil Wears Prada… and that’s just to name a few. Looking back on the classic movies is my favourite pastime and not only just to rejoice at the idolising top ranked star moments but to discover the nitty gritty of fashion and the designers behind the award-winning wardrobes and to look deeper into how clothes and costumes can create a living, breathing and often well remembered character.

That’s why when Farfetch got in touch to ask if I’d like to take part in their ‘Fashion’s Iconic Movie Moments‘ competition I didn’t hesitate in accepting the challenge of creating a reinvented fashion set based on the best moment of my choice to celebrate film festival season being well on its way and to be in with a chance of winning a £250 Farfetch voucher! As I didn’t get the time to delve into my own wardrobe, I took my well loved approach of producing an informative wish-list style of display featuring all items from the oh so luxurious Farfetch website.

I decided to put my level headed yet ambitious self to the test by going with a film that covers just about every ounce of style as well as the triumphant and tragic topics. The Great Gatsby is without a doubt a fantastic novel turned film and is the only one I feel manages to portray the importance of a politically and socially chaotic period whilst still painting a glamorous, exquisite and upper class lifestyle; the whole crystallised image being included in the garments they wear. Set in the roaring twenties, fashion was as its prime and there’s nothing I love more than the evolving of modern silhouettes, elegant dresses and fine accessories. With the pieces in The Great Gatsby evoked by the giddy side of twenties wealth and glamour, I had so much to work with but focused on one of the most notable scenes; the ongoing, epic ballroom turned wild party. With the extravagant, bold and flashy outfits with the most stunning detail and design (which a majority were courtesy of Prada and Miu Miu), along with the fiery and enchanting production of so much going on, it forms a masterpiece of art. 

Daisy Buchanan is a dreamboat (but without the petticoat and more superior sophisticated style). Although her character is deemed as a enigmatic, devilish debutante, there’s something about that rich, beautiful aura that is captivating and inspiring. Her party outfit is certainly one of the most talked about and I for one can gain so much admiration and innovation from it. My fascination continues with the man himself Leonardo DiCaprio playing the perfect Mr Gatsby. It’s almost like his immoderate charm wallops you intentionally. His popular status is there to grab your attention, especially during the enormous, bacchanalian functions. The party is filled with swanning movie girls and showgirls, feathers, swinging pearls, ecstatic bodies and swishy objects but we can never resist a man in a tux suit. 

Taking inspiration from this picture alone, this is what I came up with:

Badgley Mischka draped back sequinned gown | Henri Gruber Paris oversize shawl | Jimmy Choo alarm clutch | Jimmy Choo fyonn sandals | Rosantica tiana headband | Joanna Laura Constantine leaf earrings | Lara Bohinc lunar eclipse necklace | Lara Bohnic solar eclipse small bracelet

Burberry Prorsum tuxedo jacket | Giamba tuxedo trousers | MCQ Alexander McQueen stripe tux shirt | Saint Laurent textured oxford shoes | Paul Smith playing card cufflinks | Neil Barrett leather effect bow | Carl Rotter champagne flute

Hope you liked! Hey, you could even take note for those Christmas and New Year parties on the horizon (just imagine having one of those shindigs). 

Bridie x