eShores Travel Presents: Party In The USA

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I remember when I received my very first exclusive invite to a big shot blog event. I contracted a euphoric sense of superiority I’d never felt before and I wanted to bottle it up and mount as a memento for the rest of my questionable blogging days. But it turns out I didn’t have to because 5 years down the line and that feeling still resurfaces when a fancy E-vite lands in my inbox. This time round it was courtesy of eShores and their American Holiday Destinations experience. The original invitation (which arrived in the form of a first class boarding pass may I add, bloody cool marketing at its peak!) told me to prepare for an evening to remember with glamour, flair and magic and I can officially affirm that tag line is the complete conformed truth because it’s been a few weeks now and I’m still reflecting on how much fun I had!

The event took place at Lambert’s Yard which has been the stamping ground for many memorable evenings in the Leeds blogosphere. It was a diverting adventure split into three sought after destinations in the USA – San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas – and with each stage of the evening came a nod of representation for each city which was both a lovely and a very smartly mindful touch.

Photography by Elouisa Georgiou
Always capturing my best angles.
Beginning on the first floor with a mingle and a cordial catch up with some of the fellow Yorkshire creator clan, the first theme fast came into form with unlimited warm up San Francisco inspired cocktails consistently crafted and topped up by the well versed Anthony from Mix & Twist (which also consequently lead on to me consuming far too many Wall Banger’s for a hollow, pre-three course stomach), and then it was quickly followed by a brief introduction chat before we were lead on to the crux of the night!

Photography by Elouisa Georgiou

San Fransisco Cocktails

Wall Banger – Vodka, Mango & Pineapple Juice, Mint & Galliano

San Francisco – Vodka, Cherry Brandy, Lime & Sugar

Pornstar Martini – Vanilla Vodka, Lemon, Pineapple Juice & Passionfruit syrup

Californian Ginjito – gin, Mint, Apple Juice, Lime, Sugar & Soda

Photography by Elouisa Georgiou

Small enough to care, big enough to deliver.

So before I continue with the (literal) juicy stuff, let me tell you a little bit about eShores; what they stand for and what I took away from the preliminary talk from one of the valued team members – Gavin.

eShores are an online travel agent and tour operator business based in Rochdale and consisting of just 19 dedicated consultants. Their close-knit, tiny team which functions as a family works in the customer’s favour because it means they can mould you and your wishes into their alliance. eShores take the time to get to personally know a client and the plans and aspirations they desire for a holiday; providing a tailor made vacation of the best quality.

Their central focus and speciality is Multi Centre Holidays which, if you’re indecisive like me, will be greatly pleased to hear to the point you’re bowed on your knees thanking the travel gods that a prospect this accommodating exists. Can’t make your mind up whether you want to explore the panache of a city, study the culture, be captured by the landscapes, or loll on a beach unwinding with the sea beneath your feet and an ice cold Aperol in hand? Well, that’s what eShores are there for. To allow you to see it all in one trip. To combine every piece and complete a puzzle.

But that’s not their only skill. They can offer and provide literally anything and everything that is currently available both digitally and on the high street. Their process is impartial and it’ll always be left in your hands. And although their USA Multi Centre was the deal being promoted on the night, the website has a full list of recommended iteneraries which can easily be adjusted to a more suitable and unique package for you.

Small enough to care big enough to deliver‘ is their motto and on that note, let’s go on a food expedition.

Photography by Elouisa Georgiou
Being lead up to the second floor to an atmospheric room decorated with balloon trimmed tables displaying furled twinkly lights and well presented crockery, that VIP feeling arose once again. The main course of LA outstretched with Hollywood glamour ready for a classic Los Angeles meal inspirited with passion from Bear’s Pantry and certain to tingle those taste-buds – and my swimming head and I couldn’t have been more ready.

For starters there was a tuna crunch for the fish lovers and a taco for the haters (aka me). It was a delicious titbit which supplied spice in all the right places! For main it was a fried chicken sandwich served atypically on a sweet mountain of maple syrup sage biscuits. My IBS was cautioning me with a yell in the ear drum but my belly was too satisfied to care! Then for the finisher, it was a dark cherry, raspberry and chocolate martini because of course I like my martinis in dessert form and not just booze, All of this was thoughtfully paired with Californian wine and Nettie Viognier topped the table as a winner for me!

Photography by Elouisa Georgiou

Los Angeles Three Course


1. Hawaiian Tuna Poke – Tuna Fillet, Macadamia, Sushi Rice

2. Vegan Cochinita Pibil Tacos – Yucatan Jackfruit, Pink Onions, Crispy Shallots, Corn Tacos (Vg)


1. Abigaile Fried Chicken Sandwich, Chicken, Maple Syrup Sage Biscuits, Julienne Potatoes, no Bread

2. Beachwood Cafe Sofia Bowl – Tofu, Kimchi, Brown Rice, Peanut (vg)


1. Vegas Greek Yoghurt Martini, Raspberry, Pomegranate.

2. Californian Vegan Doughnut, Raspberry Glaze, Popping Candy, Sparkle (vg)


(Above photo courtesy of Elouisa Georgiou Photography. I was obviously very amused and impressed.)

We were promised a bright light Vegas surprise on the outset and whilst we were tucking into our grub, he turned up at full steam. I was too engrossed in the chattering gossip with the gorgeous ladies on my table and what I was eating at first to notice but when I heard the laughter erupting from the neighbouring tables, it clicked. Blessed with head to head card tricks, a booming Leeds accent, and cheeky charm – Sebastian kept us entertained until the event came to an end with a group performance.

Photography by Elouisa Georgiou

Sebastian was our Las Vegas themed treat and what I didn’t know was that he’d been on Britain’s Got Talent a few years back as well as previously being on stage in the US and mentored by Las Vegas acts A real skilled lad in the magic department but not only that, a proper funny joker. His charismatic hilarity was a definite highlight of my night! He had us under the thumb with a disappearing wedding ring, some mind reading trickery, fire stunts and to finish off as heady as he arrived – some stripping off to match identical to an image coloured in by the front viewers. What a way to say goodbye!

The American dream was well and truly granted on this fine evening; taking us on a voyage of iconic discovery with a taste of the whole shebang! It was fab to learn all about the eShores ethics and the event certainly replicated their promise of providing a variety of everything.

And it doesn’t even stop there! They’ve kindly given £100 discount when you book a holiday with eShores. Just quote “USA/LeedsEvent”. and it’s all yours. I’m lucky to attend and be in the presence of such conviviality but you lot are even luckier!

Have you holidayed in the US of A? What’s your favourite spot? Let me know below as it’s clear I just can’t get enough inspo!