Dungaree Doll

SHIRT – Boohoo // DUNGAREE DRESS – Boohoo // SHOES – ASOS // BRACELETS – Primark // NECKLACE – Forever 21 // BAG – Old (mum’s)

This is another one of those posts I’ve had saved in drafts for a while now, mainly because I wasn’t struck on how the pictures turned out. However, I do love this outfit and it was definitely one of my favourites over the summer. I’m very fond of the dungaree trend at the moment and as it leads into Autumn I’ll indubitably consider swapping the light colours for the darker dungarees and dungaree dresses. Florals once again make a regular appearance here with these pretty bracelets and one of my favored necklaces. I’m a big fan of pairing lockets with buttoned up collars as it seems to complete the look, don’t you think? The bag was given to me when my mum cleared out her wardrobe, I’m always open to grab anything which was just going to be chucked out as I don’t believe in wasting something that is still in usable condition and I’ll always find a place for it.

Hope you’ve all enjoyed your first Monday back to reality (that’s if your time has come to awake ready for action at school, college, uni etc). I often wish I could go back to how I used to be and have a set routine for the day but I bet most of you will disagree with that once the stress kicks in and if the situations were different, I’m sure I eventually would too as I know how things change and gradually get tougher as the year progresses ha ha.

Lots of love…