Dressed in Zara

TOP & SKIRT – Zara // CUT OUT BOOTS – New Look // SATCHEL – Primark (old) // BRACELETS – Primark

Just recently I’ve developed a huge obsession with Zara and walking into there makes my eyes light up. I could easily buy near enough everything on the shelves but obviously that isn’t possible so browsing around the shop I decided to treat myself to a couple of new items which was ‘the’ Zara skirt and this ditsy floral tee. I think treating yourself from time to time doesn’t do you any harm and it’s nice to pick up some fresh new things. I love the feeling of bringing new clothes home and trying them on! I’ve wanted to change my style just a little for a while now because I do think I dress too young and teenager-like which makes me look way younger than 20 and I often get mistaken for a 12 year old ha ha. Zara is much more of a classy and elegant shop and that fits my desired style well. Some may say I dress up too much for my lifestyle as I never go anywhere further than the local shops but that’s just me and the most casual I ever stoop is jeans and a blouse.

I’ve seen these cut out boots floating around the internet since the New Look Autumn/Winter collection came out and I fell in love straight away. I was debating whether to get black or brown but I went for brown as I have my eye on some more Mary Jane Shoes from Topshop (uh-oh). The satchel is old but with it being brown and floral it matched perfectly so I went with that.

Hope everyone has had a lovely Thursday! Mine’s been a bit meh but as the saying goes ‘life goes on’.

Lots of love…


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