Pinstripe pinafore

Posted on 2 min read

Dress – OASAP | Shoes – Primark | Bag – Primark


That one dress in your wardrobe that you feel fate welcomed you to and once in your hands, you can’t imagine being without. Everyone has one of those, right? Well this is mine as the ‘summer’ months commence. I say ‘summer’ because the weather up North has taken a turn for the worse over the past week or so and I’ve had to make the most of the slighter warmer weekend and dash out in the garden for a quick photo session (which is why they’re not all that good and I look derpy on most of them so you’ll have to excuse me there). I think I’ve expressed my love for OASAP on various other posts of mine but one more time won’t hurt! The items of clothing they have on there are not only cheap and cheerful but totally on trend too and to say the items are sent from China, they arrive so quickly. I’m yet to be disappointed by their simplistic yet chic choices and this pinstriped pinafore style dress certainly doesn’t disappoint. It’s been the dress I seem to reach for more than anything else as it’s so versatile, it can be dressed up or down, paired with layers or left alone, and be completed with any type of footwear. I went for these chunky heels I picked up in Primark only recently. I just had to snap them up before anyone else did. Once again, it was like fate had struck. I was on the hunt for some black shoes and these appear. To be honest, I couldn’t believe they were Primark shoes; Primark have really upped their game this Spring/Summer and these shoes are just one out of about 20 items I’ve picked up in there recently (oops!) be sure to keep an eye out for another huge Primark haul on my blog very soon!

I’ve had quite a busy week this week, my grandma got herself a brand new car so I’ve been enjoying the luxury of that over the past few days. I’ve finally booked everything for my 21st birthday trip in London (only 2 weeks to go now we’re into June, argh I feel old!) and now I’m counting down the days till my holiday abroad as well as making sure I have all my essentials ready to pack away. June will hopefully be a better month (it will definitely be a more hectic month) and I have plenty to look forward to starting from now. I hope you all have just as many exciting plans, and if you don’t, just enjoy the tranquility!