Sunglasses Season: Finding The Right Pair For You

As the sunshine finally decided to show its face last week and it gave premature hope of the ultimate shift into the glorious spring/summer season (premature being the main word here because as excited as I was about the moderately warm mornings and progressive blossomed trees – it’s back to gloomy rain this week) it was the perfect opportunity to venture out into my not so superior front garden to christen my brand new Polaroid sunglasses courtesy of the fix of all high end sunnie cravings for half the price – Discounted Sunglasses.

I can’t say I’m a sunglasses kinda gal, I’m awfully funny about the shape of my rounded head and it prevents me from searching for the one style that suits my particular tastes. Alas, when I find that one pair, it’s guaranteed I will wear them throughout the period of an entire year – come rain or snow – and I think I may have finally found my eyewear companion. I’m not completely sure the large butterfly shape frames fit with the proportion of my face but I like the way they look and I love how the versatility of the black and brown contrast allows me to team them with almost anything in my wardrobe (that same wardrobe I’m seriously loathing at the moment). In this case I stuck to the neutral colour palette; a super soft beige basic sweater with my trusty camel jacket, black kick flares, a circle belt, a black marble necklace and a bag with matching hues for finalised accessorising. The ideal everyday picks! 

The premium classic design is beautiful, the brown gradient adding subtle detail to the front and along the edging. Despite being on the bigger size scale, they carry a real lightweight feel with them and are pure comfort behind the ears. Wondering and worrying about whether they’ll be uncomfortable is another fussy aspect of my potential sunglasses choice so thankfully, that won’t be an issue with this reliable pair. I’m also pretty hesitant I’ll be missing out on some serious world viewing when out in public as I find sunglasses tend to wash the natural colouring. I can honestly say the reflectiveness and protection of these feel so much stronger, sturdier and easier to perceive. The inbuilt AR polarized lenses do the job of shadowing from brightness without blocking out some careful ogling. Bingo!

Although I’m admittedly no expert in the sunglasses department I always find the luxurious high end kind are the best sort (and these proved my judgement to be correct of course). If, like me, you’re constantly lusting over the latest designer shades but don’t quite get the pay cheque to match your high maintenance tendencies, then Discounted Sunglasses is your answer. Offering a diverse range of brands and genuine past and present products that are bought from approved suppliers for a fraction of what you’d usually pay means it’s mission blogger status complete… because let’s face it, those fashion icons always seem to own the sunglasses of century and that influential aura they give only empties our purses even more! Whoops.

Have you found your perfect pair of sunnies yet?

Bridie x