Makeup Collection: My New Cruelty Free Makeup Additions

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I don’t think there’s any better feeling than replenishing both your beauty filled soul and your already over crowded makeup bag with – yep you guessed it – more makeup. It’s always my pick me up and quick fixing cure to any downfalls in life; splurging on a few bits and bobs to A) switch your usual routine around and introduce some new brands, new shades, new ethics, and even a complete new, tweaked appearance into your daily ritual, and B) to just make yourself feel better, knowing you can put on a makeup mask packed with glimmering pigment, golden coverage, and a general enhancement to your natural features so you can feel as confident as you do with a Snapchat filter permanently attached to your face (because there’s nothing quite like a pretty panda transformation for some well needed compliance.)

One person who is out to boost a woman’s confidence, to make a significant difference to many lives, and to allow you to thrive in fabulous, is the amazing Jody Knight. She is a permanent makeup artist but has recently released her own mineral makeup range and I’ve been testing (and loving) a couple of her natural products – the Sunkissed Bronzer and Powder Foundation in the shade light. Both have opened my eyes to the benefits of mineral makeup and pretty much converted me to a world free of nasty chemicals and preservatives, clogged up pores and spot aggravation. Instead of worrying about my skin, I’m opening the door to a fresh approach. All powder and a lot less heavy but with natural minerals and elements such as zinc, talc, an iron oxides that are ground down into tiny particles to make a masterpiece that my sensitive skin is welcoming with open arms. Hello gentleness, goodbye harsh liquids!

First up is the foundation; quite pale and featherweight but extremely effective and long lasting once blended. As I was unfamiliar with powder application I did find it quite tricky at first but soon got the hang of it by sifting a little onto my hand and using a specialised stippling brush to press firmly into the highlighted areas where it modifies into a silky, creamy texture. I don’t think it would be my go to foundation for a heavy, glam makeup look and for a bad skin day when my blemishes are really prominent but it’s perfect for the summer when you want that au natural feel – both in appearance and in leverage. You can easily build its layers to create a more defined complexion but for me, I love to use this if I’m just hanging round the house, out in the sun, or if I fancy stripping it back and want to allow my skin to breathe.

The bronzer, on the other-hand, is the complete opposite. It certainly has the wow factor and I don’t think I’d be able to live without it from now on. I’ve used it every day since I got it and I’m seriously impressed. The pigment is insane, so much so that you have to be careful not to overdo it and be a glittering goddess (not that I’m saying that’s a negative thing, of course.) You only need a tiny bit of powder on the brush contoured into your cheekbones and you’re set to go blind everybody with your dark, warm, luminous glow. The shimmering sparkle to the bronzer is my favourite ingredient, it clarifies the ‘sunkissed’ side of its label and really brings your face to life. Both powders have their distinctive qualities and have definitely made me want to check out more of Jody’s products. If you want to join me, there’s a whole load of variety over on her online shop.

Another powdered product I want to talk about that’s made its way to my beloved list is the OCC loose eyeshadow pigment in Twirl. I’ve recently latched onto pigments all thanks to the beauty gurus over on YouTube (never say influencers don’t do their jobs right, ey?!) and I absolutely love using them as a finisher for a dramatic eye look when I want to make a real effort and create a show stopping visage.  This shade is a beautiful peachy-pink sheen that can be toned down or up with the incorporation of other hues. I personally prefer to gently pat a damp brush with a speck of pigment into the centre of my eye and continue until seamlessly mixed with the rest of my eyeshadow picks (usually all nude and pink blends!) and it really does just add that extra stand out radiance whilst intensifying the colour. Simple to apply, micro-refined, light reflecting, completely crease-proof with excellent stay-ability and also versatile; not just limited to the eyes but suitable for the lips, cheeks and rest of the body, too.

Moving on to the final few products. I finally got my hands on the infamous YSL Touche Eclat as I purchased it in on my flight home from Tenerife with my left over euros in the middle of the night whilst pausing my debut La La Land watch (thank you, Thomson, I couldn’t ask for a better experience as the holiday blues kicked in!) I’ve been dying to see what all the fuss was about for years and it’s safe to say I wasn’t let down. It has everything you could ever need in one gold pen: a concealer, a corrector, and a highlight. A complete saviour for my dark circles and eyes bags, ridding of the blue tones and smoothing out any unbalanced shadows, but also doubling up as a multipurpose; the soft bristled and simple, narrow brush allows me to accentuate the middle of my cheekbone, the hollow of my chin, forehead and nose bone as a base for that glowy skin – and without any cakeyness! Its radiance really does help in erasing the fatigue from my eye area and combines well with the deep contour really emphasising the brightness. I can certainly see myself repurchasing!

You can’t ever have enough lipsticks in your possession. I don’t care what anybody says, no two shades are the same and a substantial collection means you won’t ever be stuck for choice. I tend to stick to to the same kind – twist up, matte, and high end – but this time round, after much hype around the blogosphere, I decided to give the L’Oreal Infallible Lip Paints a go and I’m loving them so far. I didn’t drastically change the colours as I went for Gone With The Nude – a subtle, dusky nude and Pink Lady – a vibrant pop of pink, but the texture is noticeably different; in a lipgloss style tube but a lacquer, non-sticky, consistency and a buttery, moisturising liquid formula with a high shine, and a gorgeous, bold, glossy finish. I like to call them my pout paints because it’s a quick way to plump your lips without the dryness and with the efficiency. Of course it can be defined with a lip liner but I think they’re opaque enough and super wearable just as they are. Next on my list are the nudist mattes!

What have you picked up lately? Sending you lots of happy Friday vibes!

Bridie x