Creating My Own Bespoke Bracelet With Nomination Italy

In today’s materialistic day and age, where everybody has everything, it’s hard to discover a special, sentimental gift that will have an impact; either on a loved one you want to show your love and appreciation to, or as a treat to yourself. But on my visit to Nomination Italy’s stunning Wakefield store, yesterday, and after a wonderful, hearty experience with the lovely Lara I can ultimately say I’ve found The One. The answer. The prizeman.

I was invited down specifically to create my own bespoke bracelet and choose my own composable links that can and will be built up over time. Links that tell a story, links that showcase your individual distinctive character, and links that will last forever as a piece of you.

This is a sponsored campaign post in collaboration with Nomination but all images and words are my own.

The Wakefield store resides beside the food sector of Trinity Walk; a square foot of solid class and just one of over 5,000 independent retailers and 100 monobrand stores around the world. Opposed to the White Rose Shopping Centre kiosk in Leeds, this is a proper inbuilt shop filled with tasteful displays and endless jewellery possibility – and just a short train ride from Leeds, so well worth the visit!

Upon arrival I was welcomed with open arms and instantly felt at home; comfortable, excited, and ready to learn.

And learn I did.

There wasn’t one portion of information that I had to research myself. Lara told me everything I needed to know thoroughly and passionately – from where Nomination began, to what the brand stands for, their message, exactly what kind of products are readily available, how they’re made, the significance of the composable bracelets, a schooling walk and talk through of each and every beautiful charm that holds meaning, an instructional guide on how to fasten and extend your bracelet as you go along, a tour of all the pieces they have to offer, and of course a help in hand to choose links that are personal to me and perfect for me.

She started off by taking me back in time to when Nomination Italy first began. The international company was formed on a foundation of family and friendship and that is still incorporated to this day. The whole team are part of the family; not just for business but for love. Lara told me she’s never felt more at home in a job than she does here and there’s many of times she’s gone on trips with the gang – over to Florence – not just for work but to spend time together.

And this is what they want to reflect on to their valuable jewels; fellowship, quality, originality, and innovation.

Nomination actually began with the Composable Link Bracelet back in 1987. This established their philosophy and made them who they are and it’s continued to thrive 30 years down the line.

Every single ensemble of jewellery is handmade in Italy under the expert gaze or artisan craftsmen and women with traditional jewellery making techniques and with materials of the highest quality – ranging from stainless steel, to 18K gold, 9K rose gold, and sterling silver; Cubic Zirconia, precious and semi-precious stones.

But not only are Nomination the worldwide leader in steel and gold, they’re also designed with you purely in mind. The bracelets are made with a hypoallergenic surgical quality stainless steel meaning they’re wearable for everyday without irritation and with resilience; enamel details are painted by hand, gemstones are set by hand, and sterling silver is rhodium treated to help to prevent tarnishing.

Not only that, the focus is always on the prices and keeping them as inexpensive as possible. As they’ve grown, Nomination have released more costly material but the boss was keen to bring it back to the original silver to make sure there was still enough choice without the extortionate price tag.

I fell in love with the concept of the composable bracelet at first sight, and as the thousands of interchangeable delicate links were shown to me tray after tray, that love only expanded.

Described as the ‘epitome of La Dolce Vita’ the series of inimitable Italian style links are there to treasure and to tell a tale through nothing but gorgeously modern elegance. It’s there for you, and what you want, and that was the key notion as I began to have a wander through the intricate gems.

Nomination allows you to personalise your bracelet link by link to your tastes and this element really draws you in. Instead of traditional charm picking, it becomes unique. Mixing and matching with over 3000 charms means no two bracelets are the same and that’s the beauty of it!

I adore the way you can really capture your personality and imagination with the links. Browsing got me thinking back to the past, present, and future – making the path I’ve been on and the memories I’ve made a core part of my final decision, as well as the many facets that mould me into the woman I am.

There’s no way I could list each and every one of the links. You do need to see for yourself just how amazing the variety is and how there’s something suitable for every earthling. Words don’t do it justice because it’s what you see in front of you that sparks that expression.

However, I can tell you what sorts of categorised links there are. From letters, to numbers, to symbols, to all your favourite gemstones. There’s links to celebrate the important people (and animals) in your life – family, friends, pets. There’s links to evoke, remember and commemorate the monumental moments in your life. There’s angels to be beside you spiritually and there’s even double links you can have especially engraved. In particular, I found the cheeky lil extra fact Lara gave me even more endearing. She informed me for certain cities they also offer exclusive charms, for e.g. when she vacated to Berlin there was one there that you wouldn’t be able to pick up anywhere else. I now regret never hunting down the Paris store!

The simple stretchy structure of the bracelet is great for people who struggle with clasps and people who may suffer with medical conditions. For me, this is also a pro point! When my pain‘s bad I don’t have to worry about using too much effort to take the bracelet on and off. The hook and bar links are also taken out to fit your wrist shape as you go along so there’s zero sign of discomfort.




I opted for the standard silver stainless steel with a mix of rose gold and yellow gold links and left a space between each link as with some more advice and demonstration I did think this had the most stand out appearance. Rose gold is my jam so there was no avoiding my go to cliche blogger shade! I was absolutely spoilt for choice and kept umming and ahing on which five gems to stick to – but in the end, with some great guidance I chose and arranged each emblem in order of preference and significance.

So, what did I pick?

First up, there was dad. I lost him almost ten years ago but it doesn’t mean he’s completely gone and I always like to keep his presence alive – in my mind and in my heart. Unfortunately it can’t be done physically, but it can be done through cherished things like this. That was placed on the end anti-clockwise.

Secondly, there was an encrusted star. Not just super pretty, but utterly moi! If you know me, you’ll know I’m star mad. On clothing, bags, shoes, jewellery, prints, the list goes on. I couldn’t walk out of there without a star!

Thirdly, there’s a purple heart. It was actually one of the last charms I saw and I ended up swapping another heart for this one purely because it was purple. Purple is the trademark colour for stroke survivors, and for the Stroke Association itself. My entire teen youth to adulthood was spent as a stroke survivor, and the rest of my life will be. Nothing made more sense than this one!

The fourth one was also related to what I’ve been through. It was an angel of health and well-being and that’s definitely something needed on a daily basis. Angels assure destiny so that’s a destiny I wanted to secure.

Lastly, there was my birth month – June. Effortless but effective. And with the tiniest, loveliest little pearl to accompany the writing. That was placed on the other end, contrasting with symmetry to the dad inscription so it made a nice finisher.
























































I had such an amazing time at Nomination. It was undoubtedly the best, most enjoyable hour I’ve had in a long time! I didn’t want to leave but I was more than happy with my bracelet and the beautiful gift box and wrapping that came with it – delighted, in fact. And I can’t wait to head back there soon!

Currently there’s a brilliant October offer in store up until the 28th – so you have two more days to make the most of it. Spend £35 on composable links and get the rest of the bracelet free!! How on earth can you resist?!



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