Life: my birthday afternoon tea at Creams

Whilst I sit figuring out just how fast the weeks go by, I’m also still swooning over my second afternoon tea experience last Saturday. You may have seen me mention on my previous Sky Lounge post that I was heading off for another belly full (literally) as a birthday treat and that I would follow up with my comparison. Well – as lovely as the bloggers’ day out was, the beautiful Creams complex beat it by a mile.

Hidden away in The Core shopping centre (the one place that nobody really goes) stands a stunning tearoom that certainly brightens up the entire presence and makes a place with just a Burger King and a Subway less dull, more glamourised and certainly shows up the ordinary. Creams’ ethos of sophistication offers a high class experience of ‘British luxury’ and the touch of elegance shone through instantly as soon as we walked into the stunning setting. Guided to our reserved table in front of big windows, I couldn’t help admire the crystal chandeliers, piano playing soothing music, classy decor and my beloved marble tables. But the only thing on my mind was the appetising food I caught a glimpse of at the continuously filled tables as I strolled past. I was hungry – and ready to order!

Reading the menu at our own leisure, my mum, grandma and I opted for the traditional British afternoon tea, whilst my (complicated and photo hating) brother took a step into the different side of things and chose the Eastern Afternoon Tea to tuck into gracefully without making a mess in this exquisite (the clumsiness of myself in partciular would be quick to ruin the tidy layout). 

Our delightful British Afternoon Tea presented on a three tier platter consisted of a selection of sandwiches, scones served with clotted cream and a small jar of jam, and an incredibly generous and mouth watering choice of cakes (perfect for those with a sweet tooth). The sandwiches – salmon, tuna, chicken, egg mayo, and cheese were all dished out on cute little circles of malted bread. The scones – still warm and freshly baked, embedded with sultanas, were without a doubt the best I’ve ever tasted. They were the perfect consistency and melted in the mouth within one bite. The desserts – vanilla and chocolate cupcakes, a caramel/fudge cheescake tart, and several flavours of the ever so famous Instagram-worthy macarons were ah-mazing. Once again, I was full to the point I couldn’t move but my expectations were highly matched and met indeed. As you can see, I enjoyed every bit!

The Eastern Afternoon Tea was made up of a ‘naanwich’ comprising of a choice of chicken, tandoori, kebabs or falafel & halloumi, a samosa with salad and garnish, and another whole load of cakes to finish off the meal. My brother ventured for a lamb kebab with help from the ever so wonderful staff and seemed to devour it all – even turning red (you could almost see the steam) as he took a bite into the spicy samosa. Allowing a range of afternoon tea options was something I particularly loved – offering a diverse and unique selection fit to meet the needs of everyone and to indulge in with ease.

As we polished off every last bit of our divine three course, the tune of the piano suddenly changed to the familiar happy birthday melody. Although my birthday wasn’t until the next day, this was a strange coincidence and I slowly started to realise two smiling waiters were heading my way with a complimentary cupcake and candle with a drizzle of chocolate spelled greeting. Trying to avoid all awkwardness of all eyes on me (and failing badly) I went along and thanked the gift brought to me. Only this time, I was the person with the red face. 

The service we received in Creams came arm in arm with the entire lavishing vibe and immaculate surroundings; stylish, relaxed dining with superior staff whom pampered me as though I was royalty. Every individual member of staff was friendly, attentive and efficient. Everything we requested, they followed. They made us feel so welcomed, kindly gave us birthday discount, parceled up our left over cupcakes in beautiful pink boxes and even pleasantly and talkatively said goodbye with a formal handshake. It’s obvious just how much hard work is put in to make it the best, specialised visit for every customer and you can see just how passionate they were to ensure this happens.

Eventually (and unfortunately) our time came to head off and complete our family day out with some shopping. Of course, I couldn’t leave without being in awe of (and eventually purchasing courtesy of my darling mum and her birthday buying) a box of colourful macarons wrapped up in a personalised light green Creams bag with ribbon to secure. This meant on the way out I didn’t only feel like a queen, but I was also in cake and patisserie heaven. The entrance and the enthralling pudding counter was a dream for someone who enjoys taking pretty pictures and I definitely got snap happy with the macaron towers.

I honestly can’t fault Creams and their distinctive identity and branding. They have every inch of detail carefully planned down to a tee to provide nothing but a memorable and savouring service. It’s a definite 5 stars and I highly recommend for those who love the home of luxury. I had such a lovely afternoon and I can’t wait to head back there sometime soon. I think it’d be the ideal place for another blogger meet up! 

Thank you to everyone at Creams for making my birthday weekend a fabulous one!

Bridie x