Co-ord Monday



You may have realised I’ve been absent on my blog lately. I’ve had a few personal issues to deal with and my mind’s been elsewhere for the past couple of weeks. I have to admit I haven’t really had time to think about blogging and it’s been at the back of my mind. However, my love for style hasn’t been sacrificed and is still stronger than ever. I’ve been catching up on my favourite retailers (I think I have a serious problem with constantly checking for new stock, guys!) and have found myself swooning over two piece coordinates. 

As the clocks went forward on Sunday AM, it’s officially ‘summer’. This pretty much has no meaning for us UK’ers as the weather has a mind of its own and chooses to act like a hormonal teenager, more than likely resulting in it teeming down with rain on the day you have plans. Always. However, dreaming about the glorious sunshine, the sandy beaches, long walks and freshness in the air is the perfect excuse to start searching for your summer wardrobe. The brighter colours and gaudy patterns are striking me this season like the Motel print cami and skirt set, as well as the lighter, simpler more pastel coloured patterns like the Missguided retro print two piece and the subtle Primark palm tree set. I’ve never owned a two piece before and I’ve never thought of it being my thing but I’ve seen so many celebrities and bloggers looking fabulous in them and soon became attached to experimentation. Once I have the spare cash and make a decision of which one I’m most likely to wear; I’ll certainly make a purchase or two for my holiday in June. I love the fact they’re very versatile and can be dressed up or down, layered or left plain and paired with minimal or eccentric accessories which means it won’t just be a once worn wonder, I can wear it all year round.

Hopefully over the next few days I will have got back into the swing of things on my blog. I ‘have many ideas of what I want to post about including a mixture of my beauty necessities and my outfits I’ve put together so all I need to do now is find my motivation (time’s up, it needs to stop hiding away!)

What have you been loving in the fashion department lately?