Christmas nails

Practicing nail art has become a delectable hobby of mine recently and when it comes to Christmas, there are so many options as to what scene or character you can paint onto your nails. I’m no expert and I often have an issue getting the designs spot on with the shakiness of my hands and without having the proper tools to do it with but as it’s something I enjoy and am doing more of, I will most likely purchase the needed equipment and if it’s something you would like to see more of, I will consider doing tutorials on each of my creations the next time round.

I honestly couldn’t choose between the distinctive patterns and tips I searched for online, which is how I produce my own individual ideas, so I ended up doing a few designs which all summed up my idea of what Christmas is all about. From puddings, to reindeer’s and snowy days to starry nights, the outcome showed just what I love about Christmas – in nail form! (You may just have to excuse the poor lighting and the fact my nails needed tidying up but these were just quick snaps of each hand).

Christmas pudding nails

Santa and his suit nails

Snow themed nails

A sweet, happy, bright and fun Christmas nails

Reindeer nails

Starry night themed nails

Do feel free let me know what you think of these, because I love to hear my readers’ views on what I post and if I don’t manage to gather up another post before Wednesday (I’m hoping I can squeeze an outfit post in from my fabulous night out last night) then have a very merry Christmas and have a wonderful time with your loved ones!

Lots of love…