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A good few weeks back now I had the loveliest lunch meeting with the loveliest lady to talk directly about Caudalie’s newest skincare innovation and the four products that have ultimately changed the way I think about the victorious combination of holding both hectic routine and glowing skin. There were lots of informal chatter that day; from food, to the sightseeing gems of Leeds, to blogging, and overall daily life but most importantly, the effectiveness of this beautiful range that is created carefully and specifically to those ladies on the go – hence the name!


The VineActiv collection is designed for those who consume a fast paced lifestyle but still wish to maintain a healthy glow and a smooth, youthful complexion. I, for one, know the pressure my skin can feel after a few recurrent days of constant stress, lack of sleep and aggression from the outdoor air – I breakout, start to develop a dullness to the tones in my skin and my appearance starts to be noticeably tired but this collection is aimed to fight back against any external environmental factors and strengthen the skin’s capacity; proving your well being, your age and busy lifestyle can be positively tied together.


I wasn’t all that familiar with Caudalie before I was introduced properly. I’d heard plenty of promising reviews but have never had the chance to experience the full pamper from a brand that works for everyone! What I did learn in the process of falling in love is that Caudalie are strategically very science orientated which is extremely admirable. 2+ years of care and research has gone into making their famous Anti-Cell Burnout Complex in this brand new patented formula which not only globally protects and defends the skin cells but also acts as a natural advocate to the auto-regeneration of your own levels of antioxidants bringing immediate and long-lasting efficacy.


Without sounding too complicated, this innovation is basically made up of four ingredients; their star grape seed polyphenol, stabilised vitamin C & E, and spruce extract that is the super powerful finisher. Caudalie provides fact that our natural defense system is weakened as we grow, that we gradually (and often drastically) lose elasticity, and also lose our cells to a burn out as they die before they even reach the surface of our skin. This multiplex is there to help prevent this from happening so rapidly; to maintain radiance and suppleness, boost and preserve collagen, balance melanin production and increase protection against all antioxidant stress meaning our skin can look and feel brighter and firmer for longer.



As a self confessed indecisive nightmare when it comes to keeping a steady skincare routine, I never thought I’d be able to stick to one group of products without eventually getting fed up but all four of VineActiv’s treatments – the Glow Activating Anti-Wrinkle Serum, 3-in-1 Moisturiser, Energising and Smoothing Eye Cream, and Overnight Detox Oil – have changed my perspective well and truly. This two minute application as I settle down on a nighttime and awake refreshed in the morning has been a life changer and has demonstrated how a skincare ritual doesn’t have to be tedious. It’s simple, calming and injects some energy into that precious, welcoming me time.


The one stand out result from using these as a moderate foursome is how clear and velvety my skin has been since the first pump. Although it isn’t targeted for spot-prone, oily skin like mine it’s been an all round rescue for controlling those pesky blemishes and breakouts, from the face down to the neck, and I believe that’s purely because of the way the antioxidants get to work in all areas for all skin types. I’m incredibly impressed both by the formulations and the uplifting scent of cucumber meets vanilla meets lavender. A uniquely distinctive smell that sure won’t be forgotten!


The serum and the moisturiser are my main marvel duo – the serum applied first with the moisturiser on top both morning and night. Both have a lightweight and easily absorbed consistency that instantly perks up the softness of your skin and the radiance. They’re slowly soothing to give you that restored fresh feel but also swiftly on the ball with providing that luminous complexion. What’s great about the moisturiser is that it not only acts as a prevention for skin damage and lacklustre but it also limits the amount of pollutant particles deposited on the skin. It’s not pleasant to think about those tiny particles of dirt being able to access entrance to your skin without you knowing so with the extra veil in this moisturiser, you can confidently go about your day with the grime washed away.


I honestly hold my hand up and shamefully admit I’ve never been a constant user of eye creams but once again, this one has changed the game for me! It’s not heavy, nor greasy, and you don’t really realise it’s even there. My eyes, do, however because I’ve noticed a vast difference in my troublesome dark circles in the continuous month of consumption and it helps combat those dry patches that can randomly ruin your skin texture and layer of eyeshadow without warning.


The surprise favourite of the bunch is the detox oil which does sound pretty crazy considering my skin already is excessively oily most of the time. I did discuss with Cia whether this would be a problem but, like me, she didn’t succumb to the ‘don’t apply oil to oil’ myth. It really has awakened my skin with a high quality purification that hasn’t made a difference to how the oil oozes and has in fact kept it at bay combined with the rest. This is perfect for those time periods where you just feel a bit bleurgh and under the weather as it reconditions that shielded suppleness. It’s like something you’d be blessed with at a relaxing spa day, where the world around you just shuts down and your focus is on how luxuriated your face is emanating. A bi-weekly treatment that makes me feel like a new woman!


Thanks so much to Cia for introducing me to this range that I won’t ever look back on, only to repurchase when I’m in desperate need for more! Individually the products are priced from £27.50-£36 but you could get away with just investing in one of the skincare based products to feel the effects. I promise you, it’s ground breaking!


Are you familiar with the VineActiv range?


Bridie x

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