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Ten Reasons Not To Give Up On Love This Valentine’s Day

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Red alert: this is me not being a cynic for the first time in erm… 23 years? When the 14th February comes around I’m usually turning my nose up at all the commercialised gifts and lovey dovey mush shoved in my face wherever I turn but I guess as you surround yourself with new situations, attitudes can change and you can just about handle the sentiment of overpriced red roses, meal deals for two and the mad rush to please your loved one on what is actually just a normal day. I’m not saying I’m pro Valentine’s just yet but what am I saying is I’m pro love; you don’t have to allow a date on the calendar, bad luck with modern dating apps or a shitty ex who’s dampened your spirit be the reason you’re devaluing yourself and giving up on the world head first in a pack of chocolate not that I object that and a collection of Kleenex to wipe those tears away.


1. There’s no time limit. Whether you’re 20, or 40, or even 70, it’s never too late to find love. As the years go by you may feel like you’re out of your depth but it can crop up at anytime, even when you’re not directly looking. It has no time frame; it’s spontaneous, unpredictable and out of control. In the end, you’ll probably figure out why it took so long.


2. You never know what’s around the corner. Cliche but true. Romance can strike without warning in unimaginable places you probably never considered possible. Love often has the tendency to develop unexpectedly – you’re never going to find the possibilities if you don’t cut cords with heartbreak and disappointment, and get yourself out there.


3. Love is all around. All right so you may not have a date on Valentine’s Day, doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate love from the other sources you are blessed and cherished with. If you decide to focus on the relationships you share with your family and your friends (or even your pet cat), establish your happiness with those close to you, then it’s surely gonna make it easier to grow affection with any future acquaintances.


4. You are made of stone. Don’t ever doubt your capability to survive the breaks ups, the bumps and the bruises. Valentine’s Day is bound to make you feel fragile if the angst is still raw but you can heal by simply loving yourself first. Every day is a new day to take symbolic steps forward to change, grow, and find yourself becoming a better you!


5. There are good ones out there. I promise. Even when you convince yourself the only people you attract are trolls who ignore your messages, forget about that date you organised and waltz off with someone else. You have to believe there are people out there who will surprise you with their genuine gestures, proving that they care. Nobody’s perfect, we all have flaws, but we all deserve to feel special so never rule that kind of love out completely.


6. You are worthy. Even if love’s not a priority, reminding yourself that you are nothing but amazing is priority. Tell yourself that whoever ends up being a part of your future is lucky; they get to share your quirky qualities, your good heart and the love you can give back. Allow yourself some personal space, hold your head up high and create that open door to a love life with greater meaning and satisfaction.


7. There’s someone out there for everyone. Maybe it’ll hit you when it’s least unexpected, maybe it’ll crop up out of nowhere, maybe it will work in your favour as you distance your attention and remain patient, maybe it’ll remind you why it’s never worked out with anyone else. We’re all built to have a true match; some find that straight away, some have to cross a few thorns before they get there and some never realise it’s been there all along until fate happens. You may be yet to meet, you may already know, but only you can decide how you wish to unfold events.


8. When love is over life isn’t over. The clock’s still ticking, hearts are still beating, the world is still evolving. Life doesn’t suddenly stop just because love has, even if those heart-rending songs and negative thoughts think otherwise. Your love life is not defined by your failed relationships, it’s defined by living life to the fullest and finding Mr or Mrs right whilst you’re concentrating on your own choices and decisions and reducing that urgent mission.


9. It’s worth waiting for. It can be a painful, confusing and sometimes scary place but it can also be pretty damn beautiful and introduce some intense emotions to normal simplicity. The body language, the eye contact, the tenderness, the adoration, the harmony in which two people move, speak, behave and fit together, even just the whole experience in general, making those memories. Whether it lasts years or it’s there to teach some lessons; it’s real and it’s there for you when you fall and get back up again.


10. You were meant for love. Humans were built to share that connection, nature is wired for love and that’s why we’re always striving for the best. We are drawn to others, we are made to form those bonds and eventually it will solidify everything you’ve imagined to happen.


Aaand if none of these liberal points resolute to the mind then you always have a Dominoes offer to fall back on. Whether you’re indulging in pizza, treating yo’self or being treated and celebrated in the limelight, I hope you’ve all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day.

Bridie x

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Fifteen Reasons To Be Happy Right Now

Posted on 6 min read

I’m not going to lie and pretend I’m a relentlessly positive person because I’m not and I don’t believe anybody can remain all skipping through fields of flowers and humming lullabies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whether we have an optimistic mindset, a cheery outlook on life, or a passion for productivity, we all have down days. There’ll be triggers, a build up of annoyances and bad luck and that’s okay – we can scream and shout and wallow in the cruel world but I think it’s always important to let it all out of your system, hit refresh, and get back on track – sharply. A short term negative state is actually healthy, not because it’s nice to beat yourself up but because it can help you move on to the next stage; to feel the euphoric highs I think it’s necessary to also experience the shitty lows. However, long term unhappiness is not and along with seeking relief, it’s sometimes stimulating to flick your reasoning to the present tense; reminding yourself why you originally felt that beacon of happiness in the first place. Without going all cliche ‘how to beat the January blues’, ‘ways to interpret mindfulness into your daily routine’ and ‘let me force this cyber therapy’ on you, I wanted to put a whole new focus on the word ‘happy’. Not to question your existence as such, but to ensure you never lose sight of how important your contribution is, and how lucky you are to be sharing that, despite the obstacles that may be in the way.


One | You’re reading this. Okay, so you may be feeling under the weather, worthless and incomplete but remember the little steps count just as much as the large. You’ve found the motivation to open up an app on your phone or log on to your laptop, you’ve told yourself you’ll pay attention and develop a stable frame of mind, and hopefully you’ll have benefited your mood in the process. That alone deserves some self praise when you’re struggling.


Two | Summer is only 157 days away. Even if it isn’t your favourite season, the pros outweigh the cons. No freezing cold mornings that plot staying in bed against facing the real world, daylight that lasts until 10pm, ice cream, car journeys with the sun beaming down, smiling faces and trips to the seaside. It’s something to look forward to as the clock turns!


Three | Ed Sheeran exists. Just think. We, as humans, right now, breathe the same air as the ginger genius. We were privileged enough to be born into an era where we share the planet with music that heals the soul and single-handedly sparks 2017 off with fortune. I dare you to tell me that man doesn’t make everything right, I dare you.


Four | Changes are happening right now. With every breath you’re taking, another one is exhaled. There’s a mother gazing down at her newborn baby, there’s another breakthrough in a cure for diseases, there’s money raised for charity, there’s people standing up for what they believe in, working together, protecting the acceptance of mankind, fighting for equal rights, falling in love. Remember, with every disaster there’s always a miracle.


Five | You are loved. There’s people around you who would do anything for you. There’s family and friendships and teachers and strangers and those who cross your path for a reason. You’ve reached adulthood with support, attention, and compassion. You’ve formed close bonds and made precious memories. There’s people on earth who know your every flaw and still care about your well being. Someone believed in you when you needed it most and in the end, that someone will have been the one to shape you, to prove your value and allow you to shine.


Six | You have had an impact. You are important. All the decisions, choices and actions you’ve made along the way have influenced at least one person in your life. Whether it’s something you’ve said, your reassurance, your talent, your effort, your time of day, your hugs, your laugh, even your personal strength. You don’t realise how impelling that can be, even if it’s never been acknowledged. Keep doing you.


Seven | You have accomplished achievements. They come in all shapes and sizes; it doesn’t always have to be the biggest news of the century and galvanise the nation, it just has to matter to you. Think about the past, think about your abilities, think about your performances, think about your efforts, think about your recovery, think about the courage it took to complete a task at any period of time. Hey, you could even think about your last piece of work, that essay or blog post you perfected as a masterpiece and was graded with opportunity. Give yourself the credit you deserve.


Eight | There are good people in the world. It may seem like you’re surrounded by the bigoted immorality that never leaves and only worsens but for every piece of bad news in the world, there is always an equal amount of good news. Rid of the negativity on social media and take a halt to search for the stories that make a difference, that provide hope and faith in humanity. I can guarantee you’ll feel as though a lustre has lifted from within.


Nine | Escapism’s are reachable. It doesn’t just have to be a pastime, there’s plenty of potential in your everyday elements that you can easily take for granted. You have access to anything that brings you bliss; from a book, to a tv show, to a certain food, to a hobby, to a relaxation technique. You are entitled to openness, you have essentials that make you feel better or that you can use to disappear from angst for a while.


Ten | Nature is all around. Even if you don’t feel like leaving the house, you only need to look out of the window to admire the art of creation from beyond. Beauty is everywhere; it’s in the stars, it’s in the ground, it’s in the historic buildings, it’s in the passers by and even a figure of your imagination. Look up at the sky, soak in the ampleness, think about serendipity, how you were made to be here right in this moment. How incredible mother nature is, how the planet is turning, about the past and the present and what possibilities lie for the future.

Eleven | You are unique. There’s only one of you, and that’s amazing in itself. Nobody else will ever match your features, your qualities and your skills, you are an individual contributing to a flourishing society and you have potential – lots of it. Take a stand, learn to fiercely love yourself, and treasure the body you blossom in.


Twelve | You are in control. As an independent exclusive, you are the one making the decisions. You’re investing in yourself, you’re responsible for the inner joy you feel and to seek that you must remind yourself you’re the one who holds the force. You have the freedom to allow your goals and dreams to reach the top, don’t let that leave.


Thirteen | You are safe. Inspect your surroundings as you lounge. You have a roof over your head, you have warmth, you have comfort and most importantly, you are not in any significant danger. You are shielded from the storm and you have the latitude to establish your life further. Being safe and secure means you have the prospect to find that satisfaction you desire.


Fourteen | You have time. The best day of your life may be yet to happen. Revelations could be on the horizon which the sheer notion of provides the motivation to carry on. It’s never too late to amend the sorrow or the suffering. It’s easy to be burdened with the weight of your difficulties, I know that myself as I’ve had many of days where it’s felt as though it’s not worth fighting but assure yourself it totally is. The tragedies could all turn around in an instance, the road to contentment in life is unpredictable and you have to be patient to believe.


Fifteen | You’re here right now. I don’t believe in comparing the validity of your problems with someone else’s because we’re all entitled to melancholy but it’s substantial to consistently remember you have the chance to live another day. Your human spirit is resilient, you have the power to improve your own circumstances at any time and to tell your tale. Your life is an adventure with many encounters that continue to thrive at your own pace and that is a privilege.


To put yourself in the zone takes fortitude but it’s possible and it’s rewarding.

Do you have any secrets to happiness on this acquisitive ‘Blue Monday’?

Bridie x



2016: A Round Up Of A Formidable Year

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2016, wow. What a year. I don’t think there’s ever been a year so full of promising highs and catastrophic lows! There’s many questions I’d like to ask: where on earth did the duration of you go? Why did you have to be so cruel yet also so kind? How did you ever manage to become so significantly transformative? but more than anything, I owe it a massive thank you.  A thank you for introducing me to the real mortal dying to get out there, a thank you for teaching me the true value of happiness, a thank you for showing me the importance of life, how fortunate I am, and how sticking together as a supportive, understanding network can help rid of the negative – and damn right terrifying – worldly goings on and political downfalls. A thank you for throwing challenges ahead to allow me to fortify my inbuilt strength and a thank you for ending with hope, despite what may be recurrently happening around my weary head.


I don’t even know where to begin on rounding up these insane twelve months (and quite frankly, I don’t want to get too carried away with a 5000 word essay for you all to give up with reading half way through). In summary; I’ve learnt a lot and on a personal level, it’s been a whirlwind of emotions and moments worth noting for eternity. I’ve experienced euphoria, then days where I’ve lost all faith. I’ve had to deal with some tough realisations, the exposed truth of authenticity and some pretty rubbish burdens. My days have been few and fair between but ultimately, 2016 has changed me in ways I never thought was possible.


For a breakdown of my achievements and the momentous events I’ll hold close to me as I continue to grow and develop as a person not just an adult (yikes!), I’m going to make a mark and review those in two segments: general life and blogging life.



The beginning of the year started off ordinary, drastically the same old average daily musings that didn’t particularly have any meaning and just fastened themselves onto me as I drifted through life neither joyous or gloomy – just slap bang in the middle, beginning to get fed up. It wasn’t until the summer of July that it all just exploded into madness, but the exuberant kind that’s made me the person I am at the end of 2016.


I made friends. Real friends that actually physically want to be around me, the ones who take me for who I am without any interrogating judgement, the kind that stay up all night with you if you’re in a state of crisis, who you can laugh and cry with countless times, miss the presence of upon the very moment you leave their side, and who understand and match your weird and wacky ways. It was the most unexpected occurrence (a soap opera bringing people together, who would’ve thought?!) but the extensive journey of bonding, connecting and making more memories is what spurs me on to keep going, holds my head high and keeps my social life at the best level it’s ever been. Without a doubt, my friends for life. I couldn’t be more grateful to finally have people in my life I can depend on, love wholeheartedly and even go on holiday abroad with. Tenerife 2017 is happening, I probably will come back inhuman but one thing I know for sure is there’s plenty more room for those memories awaiting to be created. Bring it on.


I travelled. Okay so not to the exotic countries where all the most favoured Instagram stories are located, but to here, there, and everywhere for casual outings that ended up being special and worthy. I revisited my second home in Spain with the family where I enjoyed two weeks of sun but also two weeks of familiar faces and well needed relaxation. I contracted a hefty adoration for Manchester and its routes, headed back to the vibrant city of London for the first time since 2014 and even took advantage of my own city gems.


I toured. And not just the gig kind of tours where I can ransack my extravagant mixed taste in music (Jake Quickenden, to Shane Filan, to The 1975 – yeah some may say it’s pretty diverse) but also the kind of touring that is not only congenial (ahem, the Strictly! arena tour) but beneficial and reminiscent too. I managed to meet a whole bunch of my most idolised celebs per-se this year, attended an entirety of party occasions and joined the tour of the Once Upon A Smile event system where I can not only give back to those in need but spend time with a group of people who allow me to blossom.


I dabbed in freelance. I feel like I’ve definitely become more independent this year, and doing my own thing in my own time has had a positive outcome on my path in life, where my head is at and what I believe is right for my future. I’ve found it’s fine to be a little bit selfish, putting your need for contentment above anything else can do more good than harm and actually, you can discover your true potential. I’ve loved taking on certain challenges which in turn boosted my skills and upped the interest in the approach I proceed to work on.


I found myself. I don’t think I’ll ever be at peace with myself, I’ll pick on my flaws and make myself feel inferior but this year, since becoming a upbeat, more carefree individual with the flourish of freedom, I’ve mastered the technique of positive thinking and all round that’s allowed me to become a kinder, better person; not only to myself but others around me, too. I’ve established my personality and integrity, I don’t pretend to be someone I’m not and certainly have grown to realise I mustn’t care if this doesn’t please my peers because I’m doing what I like, for me. No longer am I letting people walk all over me or treat me like dirt! In terms of no self belief or self confidence I feel as though a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders in the past few months. There’s still a long way to go but I can now be proud of who I choose to be, what I have become, my beliefs and even my appearance. This is purely because of who I’ve surrounded myself with. The riddance of the toxicity works wonders for a fresh outlook and a clean plate of preconception. My mind is open, I’m careful in taking the views of others and the facts of life into consideration and really getting a grasp of what matters. I’ve embraced cultures, raised my guard for equal rights and supported crucial charities. This new perspective I hold is one I want to keep as I mature.



I’ve been blogging for three years now and it’s been a constant dip. A process that can often leave me either inspired, overwhelmed, flummoxed or despaired (literally, there is no in between) but one which I intend on sticking by because at the end of the day, it’s my passion, it’s what I aim to improve as each minute, hour, day, month, and year passes and what I love to look back and reflect on. This year has been a mixed ordeal; I’ve had strong points and weak points, sometimes become distant, sometimes life’s got in the way and this in term has affected my blogging platform but fundamentally this little part of the internet and all its links never fails to astonish me and provides me with opportunities I could only ever dream of – and this year, despite its temporary suffering and (admittedly) slacking from my end, hasn’t been any different!


I instigated my content. In every department possible. I started to really plan and organize all my thoughts and ideas, spilled them on a page, let my fingers do the talking, and actually received reassuring feedback from my exclusive narrative. I focused on the quality more than quantity and found I felt less forced to blog as a chore opposed to off my own back. Both my writing and my photography is still an ongoing operation that I thrive on and my indecisive nature is slowly but surely starting to move away to a place I can post about whatever interests me in the moment instead of a strict schedule. I’m still not sure on the place I belong in the blogging community but I can only keep doing my own thang.


I opened up. In May this year I took a step that I thought I’d never find the courage to take. I shaped the most personal part of my persona into a public announcement not just for my own sake, but for the grasping of matters close to me. I don’t want my health to define me as a person but telling the world about my life as a stroke survivor just felt like a breath of fresh air that melted away the secrets, like I’d opened the door to another chapter and moved several valiant steps forward from the past that daunts me. I’m the sort of person to bottle things up, only share a tiny fraction of my life on social media, expose nothing imaginable and beat around the bush with my battles but doing this triggered my confidence and empowered my comfortableness in expressing how I really feel. Now I’m composed enough to tackle the issues not only I struggle with, but for the benefit of others, too. Living with chronic pain isn’t easy but now integrating that part of me into my blog is so helpful and encouraging.


I stopped comparing. It’s really difficult, I’m not even going to deny that fact. When there’s great success circling the mere existence of where your manifesto lays then it’s impossible not to watch the detailed lives of the beautiful bloggers and vloggers with their perfect existence, their high follower count, heavenly insta feeds, dandy relationships and handful of victories whilst you stand in the same spot. Only it’s not perfect, it’s far from it. We choose what we share, and they so happen to be the best bits. That’s why mid this year I made the decision to just quit analysing how I don’t match up to the mega triumphant influencers and carry on with my own online presence. That in turn hastened my desire to find my unique point and contributed to the fulfilment I currently feel.


I made a list of goals. I may have stopped being so harsh on myself but that doesn’t mean I’m never thinking about ways I could and need to upgrade and enhance. As the year stems quicker than you find reachable, those lightbulb moments still flicker and I constantly take note of what I want to sharpen. This year I’ve thought about:

– migrating from blogger to wordpress

– managing my social media accountability

– expanding my platform/s

– update my template

– polishing my love for and ability to produce content based around my passion for fashion and makeup

– reconnecting with bloggers

– being a lot more interactive, in term boosting my stats


I’m looking forward to implementing them into the new year and if I don’t manage to, then I’m not going to fret too much, either.


I relished in a world of prospect. From spending a whole year part of the Styling Society, to entering and becoming successful in competitions, to being contacted by brands I could have easily pinched myself at, to collaborating lucratively, to being sent and gifted the most generous amount of products and samples to review, to being involved in exciting events – the casual kind, the scene to eat, drink, and be merry, the informative spectrum, and even the pampering, the professional and the photoshoots. Here’s to another year of unpredictable happenings that give me a reason to dream!


It’s become a pattern for me to set targets but this year, with my modified mindset I’ve decided I’m gonna stay nonchalant. I don’t want to be particularly obliged to definitely get things done but just go with the flow instead. Work hard, keep pushing myself, strive, go with my heart, and enjoy the wild ride of the adventure that’s just began. I can honestly say I’m excited for a new year with many possibilities. I’m strangely optimistic and relentlessly positive about 2017 which is a rare moment I’m gonna indulge in. I have a feeling it’s gonna be my hear and I hope it’s yours, too.


If you reached the end of this incessant post, then congratulations and THANK YOU (just so you know, I can never stop passing my gratitude for the support). However you’re celebrating at midnight tonight, let’s hope for a happy, healthy, prosperous and wonderful new year. The world is in your hands!

See you on the other side.

Bridie x

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Personal: What Made Me Happy In November

Posted on 6 min read

I know it’s a little late in the month to recast back to November but I didn’t want to end the year not falling with the pattern of giving rigorous detail into what turned my frown upside down. The past couple of months have been quite tough for various reasons but no matter what happens, there’s always that light at the end of forbidding darkness, the escapism, the reason I can enjoy my surroundings despite the negative feelings, and that’s what really made me appreciate the finer facets in life. So, without further ado, let’s get to the nitty gritty.

New Music

November saw the release of albums from my favourite artists that I felt as though I’d been waiting for forever (seriously, that’s not even an exaggeration). I’m usually a patient person but when it comes to requiring music that freshens up my playlist then that goes entirely out of the window. I’m one of those people who’s always on the lookout for new recommendations as I get bored of listening to the same thing and luckily, those albums satisfied my melodic needs but it didn’t stop me craving more and during my countless repeated session, I discovered a whole load more variety. Having unlimited access to Spotify means I can plug in my headphones, drown out the world and go from S Club 7 to Kodaline without even questioning my tastes.


Giving and Receiving

Sounds odd, I promise it isn’t. I’ve just never known what it’s like to put all your care, your loyalty, and your well thought out ideas into a creation, to be handed back the recognition and the gratefulness. I don’t need to keep expressing my love for my friends but it really does mean a lot to have people appreciative of me, people willingly wanting to spend time with me, and be interested and understanding to what I have to say. That happened copiously in November. The occasions spent together had the ability to bring out the best in me, presents were bought knowing my efforts were valued and afterwards the friendship continued to grow into what it is now – something I can’t wait to develop even further into 2017.


Following on from the above, most of my notable memories in the past couple of months have taken place in Manchester. My now second home. The place I’ve endured a whirlwind of never ending emotions and being held accounted for dramatic situations in, way too much. From laughing, to crying, to being angry, to eating my body weight in food. I’ve never spent so much of my freedom in Leeds to Piccadilly station, dashing through to platform 16, moaning about spending all my money on trains, collecting a hoard of tickets and doing it all over again and I love how it’s now become my little ritual. I’m so familiarised with the city now and it holds a huge place in my heart. My Yorkshire roots are forever but the further North I venture, the more interesting my social life becomes.


Following on again, one of the highlights of November was celebrating birthdays that lead on to be one of the most random but most evoked nights of the 5 months I’ve known my crazy bunch of besties (recently renamed mc smally fanclub and I have no clue why which kinda sums up every point made). It started out as a chilled meal and cocktails, and ended cooped up in a trashy karaoke bar where a crowd of Irish/Canadian men became our acquaintances for the night and we blasted out our signature songs in a tone bad enough to shut down Leeds City Centre for the week. The spontaneous decisions always end up being the wisest that’s for sure!


Friend Dates

Yep, more mentions of my friends because they truly have become my source of happiness for the last half of the year. If you know me well you’ll know my love life has always been non existent so to have friends to fall back on is a boost I don’t take for granted. We don’t need no guy to savour several Nando’s and coffee dates and gossip until dawn as we arrange to meet up because we shamelessly miss each other lots and as the new year rolls in no matter what happens I know that won’t change. (Also, kudos to Costa for the mega creation that is the Toasted Marshmallow Hot Chocolate – you’ve been a mega influence in our date decisions).


Getting Into The Festive Spirit

I tried this at the beginning of November, didn’t quite succeed, waited a while, noticed the mood change from Halloween and Bonfire Night to the soppy joyous adverts and the ho ho ho’s and then that’s when I could relish in the build up to Christmas. I don’t know where on earth time went as we’ve suddenly gone from getting excited at the thought of Christmas to hiding beneath our hands and acting as though it definitely isn’t arriving as soon as Sunday but even so, the 25th saying goodbye faster than it says hello means I prospered in the early festivities. It’s funny because I actually think I enjoy the hype and preparation towards Christmas more than I do the actual day.


Salon Success Press Dinner

This was certainly one of the reasons I could wallow in the festive spirit as I attended another exclusive dinner courtesy of the lovely Amy and Mickaela. Jingle & Mingle was the name so I knew it was going to be first and foremost even if I hadn’t already become aware my trips to the Malmaison hotel blessed with amazing food and the company of local bloggers I desperately desire to catch up with were one of my favourite events to appear at. It oozed festive fun, frolics and a brief discussion of the fabulous new launches amongst the throwaway small talk. It unfortunately fell on the day I received some crappy news but I still decided to hold my head up and go along as I knew my mood would be lifted and it was, instantly. I’m so grateful to be connected to such PR teams, they never let me down with the providing of luxury and smiles all round.


Red Roses

A simple gesture that turned into the sweetest from my usually wayward 12 year old cousin after I took her along to meet Nathan Sykes at his HMV album signing (which also obviously became a favourite rekindled moment of mine) yes, again, don’t judge me. I should quite evidently spend quality time with her more often as I was surprised with the cutest thank you note and a bunch of beautiful red roses that just so happen to be my top pick of flower. Whether it was a rare instance where her kindness took over or something she’ll keep demonstrating, I don’t know, but what I do know is I very nearly cried because it was just what I needed.


Family Support

Last but not least, November really did hit me with a force and made me realise just how important it is for me to have my family around to help and turn to when I find myself in sudden difficulty. I know I’d be an absolute mess right now if it wasn’t for my close ones. They know me inside and out, assist in matters I can’t deal with myself and comfort and reassure me when things spiral out of control. Sometimes I have a real personal think into how lucky I am to have that supportive system and my admiration grows for them all every time this intuitive happens.


What’s made you happy in the run up to Christmas?


Bridie x


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Thoughts Over Coffee

Posted on 4 min read


Okay, I lied. I can’t drink coffee because the caffeine sends me wild but the concept remains the same if you swap one hot beverage for another chocolatey treat. It’s probably no secret that I’ve been totally distant from the blogging scene for the majority of this September month and it seems ironic talking about the lack of inspiration for writing, through my writing but as I met up with some local bloggers at the #LeedsCoffeeAndCakeMeet (organised by the lovely Claire) on Sunday afternoon, the conversations we had spurred me on to give myself a kick up the bum and a huge push forward to just go with the flow. Get my thoughts out there. Tell the world about my current incompetent schedule and feelings towards being a nobody.


How do you stop feeling inadequate in a community that has so much overpowering competition that it’s hard to keep track of? A question that has so much potential for different dimension by every individual blogger I’m sure. It’s totally my own fault for letting my statistics fall and my interaction lack but as of lately I can’t help but think no matter what I do, my time and effort goes unnoticed. I’ve been blogging now for near enough three years, often putting my all into a post (even if that means sitting up till 2am tearing my hair out) and yet I’m still nowhere near on the same wavelength as some of my favourite influence’s – nor do I hold the originality I admire in those composers. The pace my blog moves has never been a problem, followers don’t mean all that much and as of lately prove they’re nothing unless the image you build is truthful, approachable and pleasant but there’s no denying, the bigger the online presence, the more opportunity there is and the further your dream can become your reality. I do it for me, I do it because I enjoy being my own representative and I have a passion for thriving in the domination of words and photography and there’s no doubt I’ve built my little platform into something that can be and still is being recognised by all kinds of people but I’m holding my hands up and admitting I often find it onerous constantly being on a rollercoaster of doubts, comparisons and general negativity. However, although it can be frustrating, I guess that’s normal; it’s okay.


Sometimes I think you need a certain moment to hit you with a motivational indicator and my short time spent with three people who share the same interests and attitude did just that. It was nice to get a refreshing viewpoint and have an open discussion that sometimes isn’t shared with anyone or anything but your overactive mind. In those couple of hours we chatted we touched on the subject of many talking points within the blogging industry. From redesigns, to name changes, to WordPress migrations, the pros and cons, the theme to your branding, events, freelancing, the importance of bloggers, delving into YouTube, and most importantly – taking breaks.


It seems it isn’t just me who can quickly get stuck in a musing mania and that alone instantly made me feel better and less guilty about disowning something I used to be so spirited about. It doesn’t necessarily mean you’re giving up, more seeing it in a new light. When you’re dedicating your entire persona to blogging activity you can get run down and stopped suddenly in your steps as you get hit with the fact there’s so many out there. The significance is that you remain integral to your field. The one thing we all agreed on was that there’s no point putting content out there that feels basic and disloyal to your quality; it shouldn’t feel like an obligation, it shouldn’t feel far away from your unapologetic self  and your blog outlet should always be the place you feel personally attached to.


I walked out of the cute little cafe ideal for all your cliche Instagram pleasings with a refreshed, level headed outlook and a ton of innovation to keep on going (as well as a rounded belly filled with chocolate and coconut cake. One word: yum). I do want to work on becoming more creative, I do want to expand and reevaluate my blog and I want to switch up my style to a more sophisticated, professional appearance but there’s no reason for me to fail and I solemnly swear I’m going to get back into the swing of things on my own agenda. Autumn’s on its way, I have some great blog related events to look forward to and a change in season will hopefully do wonders in prompting a change in my habits. It’s unpredictable but evolving is on the horizon and I’m ready for it to happen.

Have you got any suggestions on what you’d like to see from The Same Old Chic? I’d love to hear from you and get that communication back on track.

Bridie x


25 Struggles Only People With Long Hair Will Understand

Posted on 9 min read


It seems these humorous kind of posts have fast become a favourite of mine to write. Whether it’s because I like to pretend I’m funny and have the ability to treat everyday problems with contempt or just because I enjoy switching my serious talk up once in a while. I realise it’s probably been done a million times before but I like to put my own twist on things. Albeit I’m not quite buzzfeed or cosmopolitan but I do approach unarmed of insults (or at least I try).


For as long as I can remember, my hair has been uncontrollably long. The first year of my life was spent sporting the bald look but from the age of 3 my locks reached down my back and have failed to formulate a stop sign ever since. I’ve had many hair styles, cuts and colours over the years but my hair always seems to catch up with me in a way I just can’t ignore. It must be something in the genes, but that’s probably just my tangled hair…



The amount of products you use or have used being entirely uncountable. Every room in the house turns into a science experiment as you try to find a balance between the occurring issues in long hair. Too dry, too soft, too flat, too thick, too oily, too much to handle; you name it, we’ve got it. You’ve just gotta accept it’s impossible to maintain a luxurious mane and rejoice when you discover that one miracle.


You think placing your hair into a bun is a two minute job on a Monday morning? Oh no, not for us long haired mammals. It takes two minutes just to find a good enough brush to grasp the bunch of hair and manoeuvre it backwards, and then when you eventually manage to at least place the bundle on top of your head, there’s just too much hair for it to appear attractive. It either represents the habitat of a small reclusive animal or falls floppy as soon as the chore is done.


Your hair gets stuck in everything. And I mean absolutely EVERYTHING. If your choice is to dedicate the time and effort to perfecting your loosened hair, there’s just zero possibility of you going about your daily activities without suffering the pain of trapped strands turned chunks, or of keeping it in tact. Carry your bag on your shoulder? Your hair will become wrapped around it and near enough tear your head off. Open the car door? Your hair is bound to backtrack and get fast. Think you’ll have a day free of tugging your hair out of your scarves and collars and bottle tops? Pfft, who are you kidding. Oh, winter how I can’t wait for you to arrive and cause much more hair misery.


Accessories and beauty products are off limits if you want to at least be approachable. No one likes a passer by in a head to head war with sunglasses that you wrongly decided to rest on your scalp or a  section of hair covered in sticky lip product because your long locks and your gloss just aren’t a match made in heaven.


You can’t enjoy nature without feeling the wrath – especially if you live in Britain where we experience all four seasons in just one hour. As you stroll past the tranquil trees soaking in the views, you are setback by being caught up with the branches; as you indulge in the sunshine you can’t prevent the sweaty birds nest accumulating quickly and if it’s windy, you may as well just audition for the part of the next horror movie girl.



People just always seem to believe they’re one up on the knowledge of your own hair. If I had a pound for every time I heard “you have so much hair” I’d be able to hold a broadcasting show informing everyone that I know damn well I do because it’s on my head and I can feel it slowly draining all my upright energy as I speak.


Your barnet almost becomes a hidden enclosure and a trap for all mankind. If it’s not the hundreds of forgotten bobby pins you discover are making themselves at home, it could be an estranged pen or a piece of jewellery dangling in your hair without you even being remotely aware.



With long hair comes that one trusty sidekick. Almost like a best friend and a partner in crime apart from the fact you can’t rely on them to dig you out of the ground or phone them up for a long chat. The perfect hair tool is an elusive rarity and once you find it you hold on to it with sentimental value. That’s until it lets you down of course, that one certain comb vanishing and leaving you in the lurch, or that worn down hair tie finally giving up on you and snapping with tears to follow.



Your hair is in the way, like constantly in the way at every turn of your head and it can become seriously frustrating, if not amusing. You can wash your hair in the morning and by mid afternoon you’ve had a toothpaste bath as you lean over the sink, a lunch with a gravy dipped hair makeover, oh and if you think you’re able to complete your skincare routine without embedding some crusty face mask segments in the unprotected hair then you thought wrong.



Your head is always 10000 degrees, and that isn’t even an exaggeration. There’s that much hair bombarding your space to head breathe that you wonder how it stays healthy. As much as you appreciate the warmer weather, it’s not that great for a long hair owner because you’re unable to find a suitable position for your entangled mess. Good job there’s an option for a hat, ey?



The shredding. Oh the extreme moulting. The complaints as you block every sink in the house with your fallen hair and the job of unclogging the rancid aftermath gathered in the plug. I sometimes wonder how I even have any hair left with the amount that is ragged out as I forcefully brush through. It seems with just the journey of bed to bath you’d be able to make a wig and send it off to those who aren’t so fortunate (or are, you decide).



The trip to the hairdressers as you compose yourself for the inevitable cooing and questioning to follow. You’ll be familiar with comments like “some salons would charge double for this amount of hair”, “but it’s so beautiful”, “I’m so jealous”, ” I wish I had hair like yours”, “it’s soooo long”, “make sure you drown it in conditioner” as you sit there internally screaming out to escape from this chair and this small talk. But oh no, wait, you still have another four hours to go. May as well grab some more trashy magazines and set yourself a bed for the night.



It takes forever to dry, almost a decade if your waiting hours are anything to go by. Even when you set yourself enough time to shower and get ready, if no heat is used then you’re guaranteed to leave the house with half your head still wet and unshapely. Probably best to whip out that hairdryer whilst you have the opportunity.



The outfit issues. Is there really any point in planning the frontal details of your exposed neckline when your hair is only going to be draped over, anyway? If there’s a patterned dress you want to show off then you best reconsider your tactics because all that hair is gonna cover the main part completely but forget tying your hair up and out of the way because it just doesn’t look right in the hair to garment ratio ARGH.



Exercising is impossible without suffocating. It’s bad enough recognising your unfit skills and contriving a way to hold down your boobs but add long hair into the mix and you’re setting yourself up for failure. You can guarantee half of your routine is spent securing your bobble as it slips down and unravels a knotted nightmare.



Sleeping is also impossible without suffocating. You have to find some way to sweep it out of the way of your face because you may just have a morning wake up call with a face full of hair, a red face, and a fearful unprecedented near death moment.



Styling your hair takes so long and tires your poor arms so much that you may as well consider it your cardio for the day. It’s not a matter of creating a quick schedule, you honestly have to scribble that shit into your diary. My hairstyle decisions are based solely on the amount of time I have to spare. If it’s a night out on a whim then curling or straightening is out of the question. Accomplishing that au natural ‘I just woke up like this’ look kind of loses its edge when it takes a good few hours.



Finding a towel big enough for your hair is impossible. Seriously, you need a bath sheet wrapped around to ensure there’s no unbounded segments left to form into a frizz ball. Staying over anywhere, whether it be at a hotel or your friends’ house, is just not formidable if the correct equipment is not provided.



School life was a terrorising period. If you remember the battle between having your hair down and the plastic chairs with the slight crack in them then you’re a pro. And chewing gum, god forbid if you ever had that to contend with. You can wave goodbye to your hair and hello to the scissors.



It’s damn expensive. Not only do you have to consider getting a bank loan to head to the hairdressers and give them instructions on the celebrity pinterest ideas you’ve seen, the additional extras put you out of pocket on a weekly basis. Stocking up on the shampoo, conditioner, serum and whatever else you need to rely on somehow seem to rob you shamelessly.

Twenty one.

If you class yourself as an insect hater, then that intensity is only going to be tripled if you are blessed with long locks. The hair balls that somehow form together in a twisty loop to fall on to the floor scare the living daylights out of you as you think a spider has invaded. It’s even worse if your eyesight is terrible and you have no glasses on or contacts in *ahem* me *ahem*. Talk about embarrassing.


Twenty two.

The same goes for that phantom bite sending you into a panicking frenzy as you look down to the crawling of the skin that turns out just to be another shed hair. Becoming frightened of your own hair; yep, totally normal.


Twenty three.

Following hair tutorials seems easy enough when you have ten YouTube tabs open and the vlogger makes it seem like a walk in the park but once you start on your hair (which obviously is ten times the length) then you begin to realise it was a bad idea. After you’re unable to hold on to each end, your arms slowly collapse and then you realise you missed a section, you give it up with a huffed response.


Twenty four.

Apologising to someone for the mishaps of your hair also becomes normal procedure. If you hand them something over and your hair is hanging as a supplementary accessory, if they ask for a brush and the only one you have is your dependable one you’ve had for yours with all your matted hair still immersed, or if you’re sending over a parcel and as you sellotape it together your hair gets caught ripping another few strands into the mix causing a lovely brown paper to blonde hair combination. Oh, the list is endless.


Twenty five.

No matter how much you complain about it, how much you debate with yourself and how much you consider taking the brave step to get the chop, you just can’t go ahead and instead continue explaining the reason behind your wise decision. In the end, the fear of regret overtakes your urge of impulse and truthfully, it’s so worth it to feel like a bad ass princess.


Can you relate?


Bridie x