Halloween Makeup Look: The Red Jesterina

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Happy Halloween, folks! I’m well aware for some it’s just the October finale and another day trying to adjust to the clock change, the 5pm moon rise and the drastic drop in temperature but for me it’s my favourite time of the year; a real opportunity to release my inner child, to spend unnecessary money on tacky novelty accessories, to gorge on too many sweets, carve pumpkins (badly), sit in watching classic horrors with candles burning and Thriller playing, take advantage of the dark, eery, breaching cosy atmosphere, and most of all get creative with fancy dress and play about with Halloween makeup – both new and old.

This year I debouched from the ordinary and headed off on a long weekend away with the family which not only turned out to be a relaxing, restorative break but also allowed me to actually transform my everyday face into something spooktacular (okay, not entirely, more glam with a hint of gore which tends to be my go to theme). I’ve not dressed up or commemorated the supernatural season in style for years – instead staying at home with only my mum for company, but a party in the local bar where the entire caravan camp had the opportunity to go all out was the perfect excuse to swap my gladrags for a planned out costume.

With the request from my 13 year old cousin who puts me to shame with her skills, I was a Jesterina Clown – she was the white version and I was the red. I wasn’t about to put up a fight at this request because a red hued makeup look always tends to be the stand out colour for my features and when it’s Halloween there’s always room to be a little more dramatic and not get judged for it. There’s something about a full face that makes me ooze with confidence – the  more glitter and bolder the colour, the better.

My final Halloween makeup masterpiece was formed on a whim, based on me rooting through my makeup drawers and appointing my most useful and appropriate cosmetics. I knew I desired the blood dripping appearance for added effect courtesy of the infamous Poundland stickers so I worked around that idea as a cornerstone. The focus was on my eyes so I went for bright reds with a hint of smokey brown tones. There wasn’t a specific guideline or a tutorial I followed, it was just me exploring and experimenting with what I had and surprisingly designing a final formation I was egotistically proud of. Which leads me on to explaining just how I got there.

First up (after moisturiser and primer) I covered my face in the palest base I could find in my collection which was the Jane Iredale Glow Time BB Cream in shade BB1. This has always been a highly rated product on my list with its silky smooth flawless finish and heavy coverage but I put it to one side when moving on to foundations more natural to my skin tone. I was thankful for the rediscovery as it made the ideal alternative to the bright white ghostly complexion that is typical of Halloween makeup and did the trick in minutes. I finished off my face with my usual Maybelline Colour Correcting Palette for under the eyes and the contour of the cheeks, Rimmel Concealer for any spots and blemishes and a combination of both the Bobbi Brown Sheer Pressed Powder and Nars Light Reflecting Powder brushed lightly for that illuminating appearance.

Before I lead further into the radiance side with my highlighting touches, I moved on to the eyes as I knew this is the part I needed to concentrate on and ultimately nail before anything else could be continued. To say I had no idea what direction I’d take it in… thankfully it was a success on the first try!

I started off by lining the very top off my crease from the corner of my eye all the way to my temple with the Illamasqua Pencil in Lust – reaching a high point with a flick. It is a lip pencil but it worked just as well as a multi purpose on the eyes and didn’t smudge whatsoever! I also traced over this with the New Cosmetics Smokey Eye Pencil to add some smouldering precision to the density. Further on from this, I used the shimmery red shade third from bottom in the Morphe Fall Into Frost Palette to add some extra definition blended outwards to just below the brow bone, meeting with the aligned pencil.

With the top half of my eye now done, it was time to move on to the centre of the lid in which I smothered with ELF’s Shadow Lock Primer to provide an under base and to taper out any unwanted overdrawn patches. Then I followed on with the vivid red shade in the MUA’s Silent Disco Eye Palette covering the middle leaving room for both the outer corner and inner corner to be deepened with a dark solid black (once again from the Morphe palette). Once this was completed it was heading on to the messy part! Layering the already applied red, I dabbed a sweep of the Barry M Dazzle Dust in Nemesis with a fluffy, dampened brush and fused out carefully aiming to stay away from the black. Then with some eyelash adhesive which I find is the only thing that holds glitter, I used the same brush to speckle some Laval until entirely coated, repeated the first steps of eyeshadow for underneath my eye and then finished off with my Maybelline Gel Eyeliner with the wing evening out parallel with the red. Falsies were a must for a showy visage and the Primark dramatics gave me the desired result for just £1!

The MUA palette came in handy for adapting to the cheekbones in place of my usual golden bronze contour. I used a beauty blender and the red shade to sculpt my under structure and highlighted above, on the nose, around my jawline and on my brow bone with my holy grail Topshop Glow and Illamasqua Highlight. For brows I used the NYX Eyebrow Gel in Blonde and for lips I stuck to a lipstick I never get bored of – the Kate 107, producing that real vampy, gothic image.

I know the whole idea of Halloween is to represent scary but as society progresses it’s also a justification to embrace your inner diva. That’s exactly how I perceived myself and I definitely made the most of feeling pretty damn hot!

Have you been occupied and dolled up for the Halloween festival or is ‘once 31st October is over it’s acceptable to play Christmas songs on repeat’ more your approach?


Makeup Collection: My New Cruelty Free Makeup Additions

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I don’t think there’s any better feeling than replenishing both your beauty filled soul and your already over crowded makeup bag with – yep you guessed it – more makeup. It’s always my pick me up and quick fixing cure to any downfalls in life; splurging on a few bits and bobs to A) switch your usual routine around and introduce some new brands, new shades, new ethics, and even a complete new, tweaked appearance into your daily ritual, and B) to just make yourself feel better, knowing you can put on a makeup mask packed with glimmering pigment, golden coverage, and a general enhancement to your natural features so you can feel as confident as you do with a Snapchat filter permanently attached to your face (because there’s nothing quite like a pretty panda transformation for some well needed compliance.)

One person who is out to boost a woman’s confidence, to make a significant difference to many lives, and to allow you to thrive in fabulous, is the amazing Jody Knight. She is a permanent makeup artist but has recently released her own mineral makeup range and I’ve been testing (and loving) a couple of her natural products – the Sunkissed Bronzer and Powder Foundation in the shade light. Both have opened my eyes to the benefits of mineral makeup and pretty much converted me to a world free of nasty chemicals and preservatives, clogged up pores and spot aggravation. Instead of worrying about my skin, I’m opening the door to a fresh approach. All powder and a lot less heavy but with natural minerals and elements such as zinc, talc, an iron oxides that are ground down into tiny particles to make a masterpiece that my sensitive skin is welcoming with open arms. Hello gentleness, goodbye harsh liquids!

First up is the foundation; quite pale and featherweight but extremely effective and long lasting once blended. As I was unfamiliar with powder application I did find it quite tricky at first but soon got the hang of it by sifting a little onto my hand and using a specialised stippling brush to press firmly into the highlighted areas where it modifies into a silky, creamy texture. I don’t think it would be my go to foundation for a heavy, glam makeup look and for a bad skin day when my blemishes are really prominent but it’s perfect for the summer when you want that au natural feel – both in appearance and in leverage. You can easily build its layers to create a more defined complexion but for me, I love to use this if I’m just hanging round the house, out in the sun, or if I fancy stripping it back and want to allow my skin to breathe.

The bronzer, on the other-hand, is the complete opposite. It certainly has the wow factor and I don’t think I’d be able to live without it from now on. I’ve used it every day since I got it and I’m seriously impressed. The pigment is insane, so much so that you have to be careful not to overdo it and be a glittering goddess (not that I’m saying that’s a negative thing, of course.) You only need a tiny bit of powder on the brush contoured into your cheekbones and you’re set to go blind everybody with your dark, warm, luminous glow. The shimmering sparkle to the bronzer is my favourite ingredient, it clarifies the ‘sunkissed’ side of its label and really brings your face to life. Both powders have their distinctive qualities and have definitely made me want to check out more of Jody’s products. If you want to join me, there’s a whole load of variety over on her online shop.

Another powdered product I want to talk about that’s made its way to my beloved list is the OCC loose eyeshadow pigment in Twirl. I’ve recently latched onto pigments all thanks to the beauty gurus over on YouTube (never say influencers don’t do their jobs right, ey?!) and I absolutely love using them as a finisher for a dramatic eye look when I want to make a real effort and create a show stopping visage.  This shade is a beautiful peachy-pink sheen that can be toned down or up with the incorporation of other hues. I personally prefer to gently pat a damp brush with a speck of pigment into the centre of my eye and continue until seamlessly mixed with the rest of my eyeshadow picks (usually all nude and pink blends!) and it really does just add that extra stand out radiance whilst intensifying the colour. Simple to apply, micro-refined, light reflecting, completely crease-proof with excellent stay-ability and also versatile; not just limited to the eyes but suitable for the lips, cheeks and rest of the body, too.

Moving on to the final few products. I finally got my hands on the infamous YSL Touche Eclat as I purchased it in on my flight home from Tenerife with my left over euros in the middle of the night whilst pausing my debut La La Land watch (thank you, Thomson, I couldn’t ask for a better experience as the holiday blues kicked in!) I’ve been dying to see what all the fuss was about for years and it’s safe to say I wasn’t let down. It has everything you could ever need in one gold pen: a concealer, a corrector, and a highlight. A complete saviour for my dark circles and eyes bags, ridding of the blue tones and smoothing out any unbalanced shadows, but also doubling up as a multipurpose; the soft bristled and simple, narrow brush allows me to accentuate the middle of my cheekbone, the hollow of my chin, forehead and nose bone as a base for that glowy skin – and without any cakeyness! Its radiance really does help in erasing the fatigue from my eye area and combines well with the deep contour really emphasising the brightness. I can certainly see myself repurchasing!

You can’t ever have enough lipsticks in your possession. I don’t care what anybody says, no two shades are the same and a substantial collection means you won’t ever be stuck for choice. I tend to stick to to the same kind – twist up, matte, and high end – but this time round, after much hype around the blogosphere, I decided to give the L’Oreal Infallible Lip Paints a go and I’m loving them so far. I didn’t drastically change the colours as I went for Gone With The Nude – a subtle, dusky nude and Pink Lady – a vibrant pop of pink, but the texture is noticeably different; in a lipgloss style tube but a lacquer, non-sticky, consistency and a buttery, moisturising liquid formula with a high shine, and a gorgeous, bold, glossy finish. I like to call them my pout paints because it’s a quick way to plump your lips without the dryness and with the efficiency. Of course it can be defined with a lip liner but I think they’re opaque enough and super wearable just as they are. Next on my list are the nudist mattes!

What have you picked up lately? Sending you lots of happy Friday vibes!

Bridie x



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Highlighters To Achieve That Radiant Winter Glow

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There’s nothing, and I mean nothing, I love more than a sun kissed, healthy glow amid a season where gloom is focal and natural lustre is all but a sidelined peripheral. During the winter days the lack of lighting can feel like a misfortune but it doesn’t mean your face has to suffer. For what is missing from the outdoors, you can compensate for in illuminating makeup products because let’s be real, when does makeup ever not solve a problem? (Apart from the dreaded ‘sorry, we’re sold out, sign up to receive an email when it’s back in stock’ notice that only adds to the mess, of course.)


My collection consists of many different products (because apparently I like to achieve the highest standard of rosy and golden as possible) but I managed to haul through my stash to pick out my favourites – in the range of powders, liquids and even a mix of both to brighten up any grey day.


Starting with the velvety creams and the rich roll on sticks, the Smashbox LA Lights Blendable Lip & Cheek Colour in Hollywood is nothing but a pale, pearly shade of gorgeous that is the ultimate for any beginner. Not only is it easy to use and apply in the line of your bone structure, but the lightweight, creamy formula is ideal as a quick veil of pure reflected colour that you can exert on a whim.


I’m yet to talk about my deep love for the New CID i-illuminise on my blog but I feel I need to make you all aware of what is most certainly an undervalued product in the world of magic touches. This illumuniser in the form of a fluid pen applicator and a built in brush fluid wonders both as a base under your foundation and as an additional bonus. This is more of a pinky sheen but translucent when transformed into a dewy dazzle that bounces the light and accentuates your features to perfection.


The Topshop Glow Highlighter is a little gem I could rave about (and probably have done) more than my life’s worth but it really is a must have to pop in your bag. Both Polished and Gleam are practical silky, glossy shades that emphasise and flatter those areas of the face you desire to pop. Nothing too overpowering, but enough for you to notice that lovely radiance. I’m lost without mine!



Moving on to powders, the New CID Cosmetics i-dazzle Shimmering Loose Powder is a new introduction to my selection and albeit a little messy at first, it is my number one choice for a striking sparkle with its heavy pigment. The combined gold tones allow your cheeks to remain luminously subtle but to step up the glam a notch AND it doesn’t even have to be limited to the face – dusting over the body will give you that extra shimmer.


I purchased the Illamasqua Beyond Powder at the end of last year and have never looked back; it’s been my holy grail ever since and works like a dream. You only need a swift sweep of the top buttery layer of the powder to achieve that natural appearance. With its golden champagne tones it creates a delicate warm hue that is perfect to add to your everyday contour!


The Sleek Solstice Highlighting Palette may be that cliche blogger makeup staple that everyone raves about but it holds that name for a reason (and not just because it makes a pretty rose gold backdrop for Instagram). The beautifully formulated combination of four cool formulas of cream and powder ranging from nude to peachy bronze is a genius movement as they can all be used individually and together to produce a soft metallic sheen suitable for most skin tones and very wearable for all complexions.


Saving the best till last, The Balm Mary Lou Manizer is my must have recommendation for anyone who loves the kind of radiance that brings definition and dimension to your face. With this, less is more, as it is insanely pigmented and gives you moonshine cheekbones that would have the power to blind. When my face is feeling particularly dull, this is the highlight I reach for to bring my complexion back to life – and whether I fancy an intense strobe or just a simple sheer, its build-able qualities make that # goal all the more reachable.


What do you use to give your skin that boost?


Bridie x


A New Years Eve Party Glam Makeup Look

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In my eyes, even as I grow to become a bit of a scrooge – Christmas isn’t over until it transcends into New Year. The tree and the trimmings aren’t taken down until you’ve ended the festive celebrations with that final piece of sparkle and glam, and once the clock strikes midnight it’s a chance to show off the potential of your passed year as a whole. Whether you’re out partying, with the company of prized friends, following on with family bonding, embracing the fireworks, or you’re sat at home in your pyjamas with zero plans telling yourself you’ll start your diet in January (like me most years), the option is still open for you to make the most of the last day of the year. If your decision is to go wild, or enjoy it from your home comforts, you can still use the 31st as an excuse to make yourself look and feel amazing to ensure you go out with a bang!


Dressing up in my gladrags is an orthodox situation for me. I’m very rarely dressed down, even if I’m only heading out to the supermarket, I’ll put on a full face of makeup and my best gear. That’s just me, I like to make an effort, I like to feel confident and appear well formed even if I’m feeling rubbish on the inside. But when it comes to New Year’s Eve, I prefer to go that extra mile. Up the glitter, up the heel size, and up the enhancement of the makeup selection. The more out there and the more risque, the better. So, to reflect that, I created a heavy appearance that showcases party season with the help of some of my favourite products I’ve discovered and been drawn to throughout the year. If you want a go to look that is a level up from simple but still manageable on one of the busiest nights of the year then stay with me…

To start, on top of my NYX Angel Veil primer that keeps my oily skin at bay and my Chanel Base Lumiere (to subtly smooth out and illuminate my face so there’s more of a glow in this crisp, cold weather), I used a base that has fast become my trusty one and only. I’m up and down with finding a foundation suitable for my skin but the Too Faced Born This Way in the shade nude is the perfect match to my skin tone which is also buildable for a durable coverage that is going to last all night long. After my face was fully covered and applied with a beauty blender, I went in with my NYX colour correcting palette to work on my visible dark circles, any blemishes – combining all six shades to both conceal any flaws and accentuate my features. On top of that, I also used my holy grail Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer in my ordinary shade True Ivory and a lighter shade to highlight my bone structure ready to contour once I completed my eyes and brows.

Eyeshadow application on a statement, glitzy design is the longest part of the process. It’s the section I start to get precise, paying closer attention to the finer detail but an extra five minutes or so is worth it for the final result. For this entire look I worked with the Sleek All Night Long Palette which holds a variety of wearable nudes, metallics, golds and shimmery browns to take you from dusk till dawn. I was aiming for the trademark smokey eye, which is always my preferred look as it’s so current yet so versatile. I began by applying a sample of the Urban Decay Primer Potion (I definitely need to purchase the full tube as I adore the sealed effect and pale under layer it gives) and proceeded with a mix up of the palette. The first, and darkest shade I used was Negroni to cover my entire lid right up to the socket. It emerges messy at first but when blended outwards and the harsh lines are fused with a fluffy brush right into the crease it begins to execute neatly. I then moved in with a copper glitter in the shade Manhattan into a small segment of the inner corner and formed the two colours to highlight the eyelid. I then followed with the main lustre shade, Prosecco, to dust the outer corner right into the centre. This was the core, then enhanced with an NYX Glitter Pot in a vibrant gold pigment which I slightly dampened first to make it more tacky. I applied this to the entire middle of my eye and set with the original brush used to pat the colour into place and make it pop.

For this specific look, I like to experiment with my eyeliner, framing a winged edge but going in thicker. I used the Maybelline Gel Liner and a pencil liner brush to intensify the black hue to my desire. Typically, I’d stick to just my loyal Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara and my natural curled lashes but with an all glam look I think false lashes add to the effect and radiate a certain strike as they merge together. I was kindly sent the *Ardell Double Lashes from a site made to please those lash lovers – – for me to trial and I have to say, for an amateur, they’re some of the easiest I’ve used. Not fiddly and straight on there; beautifully bold, amplifying the drama but keeping that natural state. I then propelled to the lower lash line where I took a dust of each colour and a pencil brush to apply the combination and focused on the centre and the corner with the gold glitter. Once the eyes were done I filled in my brows with my current favourite Illamasqua Brow Gel in Awe and a winged liner brush that does the job efficiently and creates defined brows even with my sparse hairs. Afterwards, I set everything with my Miracle Matte Powder before the final step.

Contouring and highlighting was next on the agenda and along with the liquid based concealer I used for the initial part, I polished off a chiselled look with my brand new Too Faced Cocoa Contour Highlighting Kit. Too Faced is slowly but surely becoming a well loved brand for me, the quality is amazing, long lasting and really compliments the face and this is no different (especially to disguise the double chin formed over Christmas). I used a flat brush and an angled brush to sweep the darkest sculpting shade and blend in all the pinpointed areas; beneath the cheekbone up into an L shape, round under my jawline and chin, on top of the forehead and on the forefront of my nose and then followed on with the lighter cocoa. I then fan brushed my actual cheekbones with the Illamasqua Beyond Powder highlight in OMG which is an absolutely beautiful, delicate shimmer and once again lead the way with the curving of my line structure and topped up with a small amount of the Topshop Glow where the outer corner of my eye and my heightened cheek meet and along the brow bone to make it shine. Last but not least on the contouring, I coated my nose with the LA Girl Concealer in Bronze and the highlighter within the Sleek Solstice (my ultimate palette) and blended with both my finger and a sponge.


Then finally, my cheeks were coated in the New CID Cosmetics i-glow Compact Shimmer Powder which acts as a powerful bronzer and secured with the Nars Light Reflecting Pressed Powder to emphasise that fresh, healthy glow. My lips were then traced with the NYX Slide On Lip Pencil in Nude Suede Shoes and filled with Rimmel Only 1 Matte lipstick in High Flyer which is a gorgeous brown nude with a slight tint of red.



Aaaand there you have it, glammed up and ready to go. You’ll find during the duration of this, having falling glitter amongst your makeup can’t always be helped but it becomes acceptable because your face can twinkle as it catches those disco lights!

What’s your ideal party look? How will you be seeing 2017 in?

Bridie x


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My New CID Cosmetics Collection

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Hello you fine folk, remember me? It actually feels like I haven’t blogged in years (okay, it’s only been 13 days but still) I seem to have slipped off the wagon for a while and I’m not putting the blame on anyone but myself. October has been a manic month; I’ve been caught up in real life, I’ve sat down at my laptop numerous times with a page open in front of me only to stare back at a loss of motivation and a blank mind, and truthfully, my innovative ideas were second to none. BUT I’m back, and it feels so good to get back into the swing of things.


I’ve had these photos saved in my drafts since July and now it’s October with a certain change in the weather conditions it feels odd to publish bright whites and pretty flowers. However, makeup is an all rounder and you don’t need to rid of the glow and the pop of colour just because it’s darker and duller outside (the clocks go back this weekend – how about that for a daunting thought!)

You’ve probably heard me talking about New CID Cosmetics before as the first time I discovered them were through the Paul Mitchell team as they link closely to their brand. I’ve been completely hooked ever since and have implanted many of their burgeoning, widely available and high quality collection of products into my daily necessities in my beauty routine. When I attended a press dinner all those months back I was lucky enough to receive a generous bag full of treats that have had their fair usage now and I wanted to share just how much praise I have for them and their eminently appealing chrome packaging.


Starting off with the famous i-pout Lipsticks which are not only rich in intensity and hydrating on the lips but totally practical to whip in and out of your handbag on these grim days due to the light up mechanism and the handy side mirror. I have the shade Dusk which is a very light hue suitable for those neutral, bare faced, effortless days but which still allow your face to come alive. I also have Ruby Red which is exactly what it says on the tin, a gorgeous classic shade that is made to suit every kind of skin tone – ideal for when you’re glamming it up or as a statement, bold lip contrary to your fresh face. I adore the smooth, moisturising application of these lipsticks and I love how long lasting they are – I can apply in the morning and there’s still a touch of colour there by the late afternoon. The i-gloss Lipgloss products are on the same level, they also contain a light and a mirror and they’re not your typical gloss (you know ones that feel heavy, tacky and way too sticky – especially for us long haired gals who step out into the wild wind). I have a few pinky nude/rose textures (the one on show is Blondie) and I can’t fault them at all. If I fancy something a little more lightweight but still warm, I’ll always go for this formulation as it’s so absorbing you almost feel as though you’re wearing nothing but the shiny, stand out lips say otherwise.


My ultimate favourite holy grail is the i-glow Compact Shimmer Powder that not only appears perfect with its marbleised appearance but which makes all the difference with a sweep of a brush when the swirls of golden and bronze are combined. It’s such a versatile product that can be used alone for that focus of highlight that bounces off the skin or as a finishing touch of bronzer (which is mainly the tactic I take with the shade Sirocco). Its hand baked formula allows the skin to ooze a subtle radiance and a natural tan colour without looking too cakey and brash!


The final three products that in my opinion are worth the hype are the i-prime Foundation Primer which comes in a full size or mini form (I did have the mini – it’s all gone now), the i-smoulder Smoky Eye Pencil and Shadow and the Limited Edition i-groom Eyebrow Grooming Pencil and Brush. The primer is ah-mazing and I love the pump application that is rationally beneficial as you won’t waste too much; the gel like formula soaks into the skin instantly and provides a gentle base which doesn’t tend to irritate – always a bonus for someone with sensitive, spot prone skin. The blurring features evens out the complexion ready for a silky smooth foundation layer and a brightening effect. My skin always looks at its best when I wear this primer, it’s not crying out for quench and my makeup glides on without any patches interrupting that flawless look I aim for.


The eyebrow pencil contains everything you’ll ever need, a thick brush on one side and a triangle shaped creamy pencil on the other to the balance the two as you’re enhancing the perfect brow. I’m not gonna lie, my brows are terrible, I’m not blessed with an arch, the hairs are extremely sparse and I can never fix them to how I’d like but this certainly helps me to achieve that natural fine look in a short space of time as it captures the angle as I align. The only thing I would prefer is a larger colour choice as it only holds a three way light, medium and dark but it’s easily buildable and controllable. Lastly, the other two way product which New CID Cosmetics are brilliant for is the Eye Pencil and Shadow in the shade Ember which is a smoky dark brown ideal for creating that stand out cat eye. I love the context of these pencils – the cushioning sponge with a buttery consistency on one side and a standard pencil on the other. You can direct each one to the bottom and the top of the lash line and blend them until you’re happy. It’s a simple technique that stops all that faffing about with a full palette (and it’s more neat and spacious).


I’m really eager to try out some more of New CID’s variety, though I am blessed to receive a few products within my bi-monthly Paul Mitchell boxes (reviews coming on those soon) so I don’t think I’ll ever be stuck for choice and am always provided with my essentials. I’m set up for life! Have you ever purchased anything from New CID?


Bridie x

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NYX Cosmetics: A Shameless Splurge

Posted on 3 min read

Ever since NYX Cosmetics arrived in the UK I’ve been sucked into the hype; no longer do I have to yearn from a northern distance or consider jumping on a plane to America, I can just head down to my local Boots’ and there’s an entire stand dedicated to my habit of breaking the bank with nothing but beauty. I’d heard a lot about NYX but was dying to try them out for myself – with the wide range available, all at an affordable price with prime quality I got stuck in well and truly and the entirety of ,my makeup stash has been filled with nothing but. I’m not even gonna apologise.



The first must have on my list was the Angel Veil Primer, word is it’s an Hourglass dupe and although I haven’t tried the Hourglass Veil, I can speak highly of the NYX version. The creamy texture which transforms into an easily absorbed smoothing finish soaks up the oil and general grubbiness on my face and replaces with a fresh coat – balancing both my shine and my dry patches that lasts me for the majority of my day. Secondly, there’s the concealer duo I apply to those horrendous dark circles of mine. The 3c Correcting Palette is utterly wonderful, a holy grail to the area of my face that has been way too in touch with the insomniac side of me. From the eye bags, to the red patches, to the pesky spots and even the contouring of my cheekbones. The different shades mean I can combine and create with the lightweight Concealer Wand in Light adding that HD flawless appearance as a complete routine for those imperfections.


The Wonder Pencil and the Jumbo Eye Pencil are the only eye products I picked up but I’ve been impressed thus far. Whilst I’m on the subject of tired eyes, the Wonder Pencil in the shade light is fabulous for brightening the inner eye with just one application as you would ordinary eye liner along the water line. It doesn’t just stop there though, use it as a base for the outline of your lip and as a method of concealer or highlight for those awkward places too. The Jumbo Eye Pencil in the milk colour is the ideal white to use as a foundation for a heavy eye-shadow, it glides on effortlessly, holds into place and somehow brings out the subtlety of powder.


I kind of went a little crazy overboard with the lip products whilst they had the shades I was craving all in stock at the same time (a miracle, I know). Naturally they’re a lot less photograph worthy after some frequent usage but that can only be a good sign, right? I’d say NYX are most recognised for their lip virtue and they tick all the boxes for the nude shades I desire. Apart from the Lip Lingerie in Exotic which has a pretty red hue, the rest are very similar/almost identical neutral tones. The Intense Butter Gloss in Tre Leches and the Soft Matte Lip Cream in Stockholm are my absolute favourites because although the naturally light colours more or less match I can mix the two so I’m left with a sheen and an added secure muted matte. I found it hard to get on with the Liquid Suede at first but now I couldn’t do without it. They are quite drying so it’s best to hydrate and moisturise the lips beforehand but the powerful. long lasting pigmentation outweighs anything else and Soft Spoken is the perfect cliche vibrant pinky brown-nude.  The collection of lip pencils NYX Cosmetics have are also amazing, both the Slide On Lip Pencil in Nude Suede Shoes and the Mechanical Lip Pencil in Nectar are versatile in providing an arch around the lip and are feathery enough to wholly smother on to form a rich pinky nude colour made to focus. I also find with NYX lip products they seem to plush the volume a smidgen so I can work on that pout.


Have you picked up anything from NYX Cosmetics now they’re easily accessible? 


Bridie x