Florida fun Part 2 – Animal Kingdom

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Animal Kingdom was such a beautiful place, the obvious main attractions were the animals varying from small species like birds and meerkats to large, vicious ones like tigers and rhinos. We visited the safari area when we first arrived which took us on a tour of the exotic animals around the tropic habitat and then we went on a walk around a trail expedition which meant we were even closer to the animals (the highlight being the gorillas, as you’ll see in the pictures below.)

After that was over and done with we went to explore the rides which included a 3D Bugs Life experience which was fabulous, the rapids water ride which we got drenched on, the Expedition Everest which I thought was brilliant and the Dinosaur which was a lot less thrilling but still had amazing special effects. Unfortunately my grandma lost her prescription sunglasses on there though and we were waiting around for about an hour before we left to try and get them back which failed!

Other attractions included the tree of life and the carvings in the wood wherever you went which was so impressive. Every inch of the carved animal was perfect and added to the general feel of being in a jungle type location. There was also different sections, you could go to Africa and Asia and even though I’ve never been to those continents, it generally felt as though you were walking around there as the tiniest detail was so noticeable and stood out as you travelled around. It fit into the theme with buildings, performers, and decor.

The top left photo is me and Chloe outside the Animal Kingdom entrance, the top right photo is me and my Brother, Harvey outside the ‘let memories begin’ sign which were current in the Disney parks and so cute. The bottom left photo is me, my Brother and my Mum in one part of the described location, as you can see we were surrounded by bamboo sticks which looked and felt as if you were in a different country. The bottom right photo is just a demonstration of the added extra Disney things that were sweet to look at; this one especially with the Donald Duck family heading off on their travels, aw.

These ice creams were seriously tasty, it was pretty hard to find a ‘normal’ ice cream place as all it seemed to be was frozen ice cream or ‘Dippin’ Dots’ so it was a joy when we found these whipped flavours in a waffle cone. Not only were they nice, they cooled us down a hell of a lot (but not for long).

The photo on the left is all of us outside ‘Minnie and Mickey camp’ it was actually a cleaner picking up the bits and bobs that suggested she take the picture of us all, like I said the American citizens were dead friendly. And of course the photo on the right is me and Chloe with the camping type version of Donald Duck!

I thought I represented this cat outside Pizzafari rather well. Pizzafari was the restaurant we ate in. Great pizza, great salad and there was a hot lad in there. Bonus!

The photo on the left was a woman disguised as a tree, well her job was to camouflage herself into the tree which must have been a anti-tiring occupation despite the fact she kept moving her arms which looked like branches now and again. This was only the reason we noticed otherwise you couldn’t tell there was a person in there at all, we wondered why people were gathered round staring . The photo on the right was just one of the buildings I mentioned when I was talking about it looking and appearing as if it was an active town in Asia/Africa.

The two photos on the top left and right were of course us bringing out our inner child and queuing to meet the characters spread around the parks. This was one of my favourite parts of the experience, you don’t think of someone being in the suits although they must have been boiling hot in there which meant they had to kept taking quick breaks and EVERY SINGLE TIME we got to the front of the line, the characters went away for a few minutes. It happened to us in nearly every park; just our luck!

The bottom left photo was the ice cream van we bought the delicious ice creams from, I thought it was a lovely creation and it looked so cultural. The bottom right photo is the Africa sign; everything was so prim and proper!

This was the Mount Everest ride, isn’t it gorgeous? The setting looked just like you were up a hill looking down on a mountain (forgetting it was ridiculously hot). The ride was well worth the queue too, it was based around a yeti that had escaped and you had to go backwards in the dark to get back to safety and find your way back to the beginning on a speeding rollercoaster.

The first photo is the Tree of Life which as you can see was not only amazing to look at but the animals created an illusion as though they were wrapped round the tree when it was all just wood carving. The second photo is the start of the safari with a giraffe going shy at the sight of us all watching it and hiding behind a tree popping its head round instead. Here’s a few more pictures I picked out of the many I took of the safari…


How pretty were its horns? So unusual.
This was how close we were to the rhinos, thrilling!

I’m sure the elephants in Florida were even bigger than usual but you can’t help thinking they’re so cute!

Being this close to the gorillas was without a doubt one of the best experiences ever. We spent most of our time stood on the bridge watching their every move. It was so fascinating how human-like they are. There were three or four of them, one sat down eating, the others moseying around. They were massive, especially the one in the two pictures shown below. She (I presumed it was female as we didn’t see anything whilst it rolled over right onto its back and laid down to go to sleep ha ha) actually came over to the place the tourists were stood and first started munching on food, then sat and posed for people to take pictures. It was incredible.


This was one of my favourite pictures I snapped. It totally reminded me of the ‘simples’ meerkat on TV.
It seemed every animal in this collage decided to take a break and lay in the heat!

Well that’s another day done, hope you enjoyed reading this/looking at the pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them. Look out for the next one which is going to be Universal Studios!

Lots of love…



Florida fun Part 1 – Introduction and Seaworld

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Hello my 8 lovely readers! I’m finally back to the world of blogging after an amazing two weeks in Florida and a whole load of hectic/getting over jet-lag week and 4 days after that. I actually got back on the 31st July so it’s given me plenty of time to prepare for the follow up post but truth be told, there can never be enough time for the thousands of photos I took, picking and choosing the best ones and being indecisive on how I was going to put my adventure onto my blog. With the amount I have to show everyone, it’s been pretty difficult on deciding how I was going to do it but I’ve finally decided I’m going to do a post every day this week (sometimes maybe even two in one day) on each park we went to and an extra one for the general photos of my holiday. I didn’t want to confuse people and I certainly don’t want my posts to look all squashed and messy so I thought showing them separately would be much easier. We went to 7 parks so luckily, that’s worked out just right.

Words can’t describe how much I enjoyed myself despite the exhaustion we faced from day to day. We were up and out of the villa most days at 8am-9am ish which meant a full, fun packed day at each theme park/water park. Whenever I go on holiday with my family (which is all the time actually) there’s always guaranteed to be so many hilarious moments and it definitely lived up to the usual except this time I brought my best friend, Chloe along with me and it was really splendid to share my time and our experience of it together, I loved every minute.

America has its pro’s and con’s and I’m not going to bother listing them all because frankly it would take too long and nobody would probably be interested anyway as my opinion isn’t always going to be the same for everyone else etc etc. The main pro is the scenery and the houses and the shopping malls, wow. Disneyworld is possibly the most magical place on earth and everything is so clean and pretty around Florida. The villa we stayed in (which is pictured above) was just pure luxury, it had everything we could wish for and more. Such a quiet, peaceful location with wildlife around us and a huge lake filled with alligators (eek!). The third pro was the over-friendly, comical Americans. For some that might not be their cup of tea and sometimes even for me they could be a tiny bit OTT (and the staff at the theme parks were a bit in your face, repeatedly shouting their rules when you’re trying to get round in time) but I found the way they did things compared to back in England so fascinating. Their ways, their actions and their lifestyle are completely different from what I’ve seen and I don’t think people will understand what I mean until they go to America themselves. One of the things I was disappointed with was the food, I had this high expectation of it and it really didn’t live up to its name apart from the meals we had on a night out at the restaurants. The second con is the storms, I expected them but every single day we had to face wasting a good half hour on rushing for shelter and waiting for rides/shows to reopen! Plus, that thunder and lightning can be quite scary at times. I’m not a lover.

It was definitely a different type of holiday for me as I usually go to a European country every year packed with plenty of constant sunshine, sunbathing all day and then going out on a night but in no doubt of my mind would I think twice about doing it all over again. I created memories I will never ever forget and for that, my heart belongs to the USA!

The first park we went to was Seaworld which was one of my definite favourites. The few rides they did have were top class and the dolphin, whale and sea lion shows they put on were the most well planned out, fantastic shows I’ve seen to date. Every bit of sea life they have there are so clever and clearly well trained but it’s the fact they interact with the workers just like humans do that makes it so enjoyable and watchable. Here’s just a few pictures I picked out of the one hundred and something I took on that day…

The top left photo is me, Chloe, my Mum and my Grandma outside the Seaworld entrance. The top right photo is me and Chloe with some of the Seaworld performers who also played a huge part in putting on a great show. The bottom left photo is the pretty, colourful cave in the Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin although the scenery was much better than the actual ride itself which was pretty pointless. The bottom right is the Manta , which was an upside down rollercoaster whilst laid on your stomach. I have to say I’ve never dared go on rollercoasters, especially like this one but I told myself I was going to make the most of it whilst in Florida and I’m so glad I did as it was one of the best rides I went on during my time there!


The top left photo is the setting in the brand new Antarctica area of Seaworld. Although it was 90 degrees outside, just by looking at this part you’d think you were in an icy cold location and that’s what I loved about it. The top right photo was actually an icy cold location and it hit us so forcefully at 0 degrees when we’d been in the humid heat all day but the cute penguins made up for that. The bottom left photo is a humongous Walrus at the Sea Lion and Otter show, I seriously wouldn’t want to come across that on a dark night. And finally, the bottom right photo is a seal calling for its fish, we were laughing at how eager and in charge it was. Must have been hungry!


It really tickled me how snotty-nosed this Seal looked, must have been the father of the family.


Flamingo’s were parading around the entrance as we walked in, half of them were standing on one leg and it was just this one who decided to show off with the normal way of strutting your stuff.


This was the Sea Lion show; Clyde and Seamore take Pirate Island. As you can see, it provided plenty of giggles for the audience. The seals did exactly as the performers said and were their partners in crime. The seals even had the ability to make the chosen members of the audience feel intimidated. Talent at its best!


The left photo is another snap shot of the attitude the seals have and the right was a picture I took of the stunning whale (Shamu) show whilst he was diving into mid air and splashing the entire crowd.


This has to be my favourite picture I took on the day, it was the most adorable thing I’ve ever witnessed. A young baby whale and its mother sharing a kiss. You can’t put a price on love!

I have to be completely honest here and say my favourite show was the dolphin show, they’re just so elegant and the way they all dive in sync is incredible. They’re cheeky AND cute at the same time and I really wanted to take one home with me.

Hope you enjoyed the first round of photos, be sure to keep a look out for the next lot which will be the second park we went to; Animal Kingdom!

Lots of love…


Grandma’s Surprise 70th

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It was my grandma’s surprise 70th party last weekend. I can’t believe it’s been a week already and I’ve only just gotten the chance to blog about it with my daily schedule now being packed with holiday preparations! We’d had the party planned for 4 months and managed to keep it secret right up until the day which made it even more enjoyable seeing her face when she walked in, even if she did have her suspicions.


It was such a fab night, everything went to plan and it couldn’t have gone any better. I was so happy with how it turned out and had so much fun; all the hard work and effort put into it was well worth it. The one thing I loved the most was decorating the room because I was the one who had arranged the theme for the party and it was brill to put the ideas I’d had in my head into the room to make it look super pretty in pink (and silver) and I just thought I’d share some of my photos of the night with you.


We had a mixture of balloons; some dark pink and light pink happy birthday’s and some white/pink and pink/white 70 balloons and each one went with a light or dark pink heart depending on the matching colour and one silver one with a mixture of pink and silver ribbon. For the ceiling we had pink hanging 70’s, some swirls saying ‘happy birthday’ and some pink fan decorations, all from eBay (aka the best, most handy place ever!)


ON THE TOP LEFT – The lovely ‘Happy 70th’ bunting // ON THE TOP RIGHT – The silver tablecloth //
ON THE BOTTOM LEFT – The pink tablecloth // ON THE BOTTOM RIGHT – The gorgeous
bouquet of flowers we bought my grandma.

Each table had a mixture of pink and silver tablecloth with a few scattered light and pink rose petals, multicoloured ’70’ confetti and pink and silver ‘Happy Birthday’ confetti.


ON THE TOP LEFT – The Guestbook // ON THE TOP RIGHT – The Photobook //
ON THE BOTTOM LEFT – The doilies // ON THE BOTTOM RIGHT – The food labels.


We also had the guestbook made on eBay and it was blank inside for people to write their comments/messages to my grandma, although we completely forgot about it as we were dancing the night away so only a few people actually wrote in it. The photobook was made by me and it was an extra present for my grandma to take her back on a journey of her 70 years, from being a little girl up until now and all the events that happened in between.


The doilies were bought from Poundland but I thought they were so nice and detailed for a pound and they were silver so it matched in with the theme which was a bonus. The food labels were made on picmonkey and was actually my Auntie’s idea but I got the job of designing them because apparently I’m the one who ‘is extremely creative’.



Now onto the best part, the food…

I’m sure you all know the basic party food must haves so I’m not going to go into detail about that but what I did think stood out was this lovely cupcake stand with chocolate and strawberry flavoured cupcakes. I love anything that looks girly and vintage, so this was certainly one of the highlights. Not to mention the cupcakes were very morish.


My grandma’s cake was absolutely gorgeous both taste wise and appearance. The man who made the cake also made my 18th birthday cake and he puts so much tiny detail into it that we couldn’t not get in touch with him this time round. All we did was send him an example of what we wanted from Google images and voila, here you have it. The shoes and the handbag were just a little extra because they represent my glamorous grandma who’s young at heart.



My outfit for the night was a Missguided dress I was bought for my birthday which I am going to include in a haul post. I’d been looking for a bodycon dress with jewels or studs on for so long to wear for the party and to take away on holiday with me and when I finally saw the dress which matches all my desires, I had to have it and luckily my darling mum offered to buy me it.

My makeup for the night was the usual mascara and foundation, although I never need much mascara on because my eyelashes are huge. The eyeshadow was a mixture of shades on the L’Oreal Color Riche Eyeshadow Palette Timeless Beige and it was my mum’s that I borrowed. I wanted a smoky look and this was such a perfect match to the colour I was going for, I used the brown and the silvery shades. I think I’ll definitely be investing in one of these palette’s or something similar for my holiday.

Me and the birthday girl.
ON THE LEFT – Me with my bunch of flowers my Auntie and Mum bought me for my contribution towards the party//
ON THE RIGHT – Me and my best friend, Chloe who it’s always lovely to spend time with.
Me and my beautiful Mum.
ON THE TOP LEFT AND RIGHT – Me and my Brother, Harvey //
ON THE BOTTOM LEFT – Me, my Brother and my Mum //
ON THE BOTTOM RIGHT – Me, my Auntie, and my Mum.

As you can see we’re such a normal family! But I wouldn’t change them for the world.


Lots of love…



birthday meal

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DRESS – Miss Selfridge // WEDGES – New Look //
BAG – New Look // BRACELETS – All Primark // NECKLACE – Forever 21



So it was my birthday on Friday and I’m no longer a teenager (boooo). Turning 20 has definitely made me feel old but it’s also made me feel very happy because I’ve had a lovely weekend full of my favourite things; gigs, friends, family, laughs and lots of food. I went out for a meal at TGI’s on Saturday evening with the girls and finally got to wear this pretty tiered lace dress from the Miss Selfridge sale that I picked up a few months ago. I’m such a bargain grabber and seeing such a gorgeous, detailed dress for £17 reduced from £45 made my inner clothes obsession grow even more. I bought these wedges for my holiday to America in July but decided to wear them as a one off for the night as I thought they paired nicely and I also love this cute necklace I purchased a few weeks back, it’s that type of accessory I just can’t resist.


I will more than likely be doing another post on my birthday gifts I received but because I mainly got money and vouchers I thought I may as well do it as more of a haul post when I spend the money on more clothes, jewellery, make-up and beauty products I don’t need which WILL happen, no doubt about it.


Thanks for reading!


Lots of love…




An Audience With…

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Yesterday I attended a long awaited event to see my favourite boyband in Sheffield, in a cinema, which was called ‘An Audience With The Wanted’. It was such an amazing night (but I’ll get onto that later), firstly I just wanted to share my outfit of the night. I know the quality is rubbish and I am going to try and fiddle with my camera settings to see if I can make my outfit posts look any better which is hard without being able to put a lens on my camera but I shall try my very best!

DRESS: Forever 21 // SHOES – River Island // BAG – Everything 5 Pounds //
BRACELETS – New Look // NECKLACE – Miss Selfridge


I’ve loved and wanted this dress for so long and finally scraped the money together last week and then today I find out it’s been reduced to £14.99 TYPICAL, but oh well. The lace down the side is so pretty and with it being a plain shift dress, you can dress it up or down as much as you want.



I thought I’d include a close up of the details and the little studs around the neckline, plus my make-up of the day which never changes as all I tend to wear is mascara, foundation, concealer, powder, blusher and lipstick/lipgloss.

Here’s another close up of my cute locket necklace I got from the Miss Selfridge sale around a month ago. It also opens up so you can place a picture inside but I haven’t got round to doing that yet. I’m a bit indecisive when it comes to choosing pictures! But for £2, I thought I picked up a bargain and it’s ideal to go with any type of outfit.

Okay, so now onto the fun part. I know boybands aren’t everyone’s taste but to me, these five boys are very special. They’ve been out of the country a while with how enormous their success is now and to see them so close to home in such a small, intimate setting was amazing because I’d missed them very much. The evening consisted of a Q&A, a short video to watch and 4 acoustic performances which were perfect. It reminded me why I love and support them in the first place, they’re not like famous people, they’re more like friends you’ve known all your life. It was full of laughter, banter and interaction between the boys and the fans and to get that experience of looking back on old footage with the boys from where it all began was not only cute and emotional, but also surreal. It meant we could share our pride together and realise just how far they’ve grown in 3 years.

Speaking of friends, I’ve met so many brilliant people through The Wanted and yesterday I spent the night with my friend, Caitlin.

And we also met a lovely girl and her mum in the queue behind us who stayed with us for the rest of the night.

That’s the thing I love most about these events, catching up with people you haven’t seen for a while, meeting people you’ve spoke to online and meeting complete strangers who you end up getting on with extremely well because you share the same interests.

I didn’t get many decent photos because of the poor lighting but here’s a few…

It was also extremely good to see Nathan back in full spirits and singing stronger than ever after his tough couple of months. He is a trooper!

The day was full of smiles and happiness and now I’m looking forward to seeing them again at a gig in Scarborough on Friday, on my birthday. It’s not too much to ask for a shout out is it? Hehe.

Lots of love…



my first post – the ones that mean the most

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So this is my first blog post and I’m excited, yet apprehensive on how my blog will turn out as the weeks go on. To start with, I thought I’d do a slightly different post to what I have planned to blog about, just to introduce you to who I am. I’m going to start off with a lifestyle post, and I’m going to show the ones who mean the most (hey, that rhymes).

If you’ve read my ‘about me’ page, you’ll briefly know who I am, but you won’t know who these ‘friends and family’ are I’m talking about. Well here I’m going to guide you through the important ones in my life…

My Grandma Mavis (left of me) and my Mum Mandy (right of me),
the two most important and inspiring ladies in my life. I honestly
would be nowhere without them, they are my angels.
My brother, Harvey. We may fight like cat and dog, but we also
laugh like hyenas. He’s like my partner in fun times, and life would
be boring without him.
ON THE LEFT – my dear Dad who we lost on the 26th March 2009,
it’s an understatement to say he’s always in my heart and mind. I
miss him so so much but the memories will stay with me forever. ♥ON THE RIGHT – my Grandad Peter, my loving Grandad who we
lost on the 17th November 2011. There’s not a day goes by where
we don’t think about him, talk about him, pay him a visit and
always remember his comical, gentleman ways.
My beautiful cousin, Olivia, who is only 9 but acts way older
than me in every way. She’s a cheeky little mare but she’s
just like my little sister and we share so much in common.
Love her loads!


The most adorable children you could ever meet, my two second cousins; Laila and Bentley.

ON THE LEFT – Bentley John, I just want to eat him up when I look at his overly
cute face and huge blue eyes. He’s such a loveable little boy, always hugging
and kissing you and when he’s not doing that, he’s making you laugh by being
over dramatic, crazy, greedy, and walking around with women’s shoes and handbags.

ON THE RIGHT – Laila Mae, my favourite little girl. For some reason, she’s
obsessed with me and is always asking for me but maybe that’s because
she’s also like my little sister and like a 3 year old version of me.
Loves shopping, doing her makeup (as you can see) and loves
to sit and have a girly chat with you. Her little giggle honestly
makes me melt and she’s just the cutest when she tries to scare you!


ON THE LEFT – my Auntie Linda, the most hilarious and kindest woman you
could wish for. Always thinking of other people instead of herself and always
there to come out with the craziest things to crack me up! She’s like my
second mum 🙂

ON THE RIGHT – an even funnier person, my Uncle Steve. He’s so random and
such a wind  up but he’s a lovely man with a lot of achievements to be proud of.



My cousin, Corbin. I may not see him much anymore but when I do, he has
me in stitches. We were inseparable when we were young, we went through
school together in the same class and form every time and he’s always been
there to just boost the energy levels to a high (when he’s not sleeping!)


The friends that mean the most.

ON THE FIRST LEFT – my best friend, Chloe
(you can find her here We started
chatting online about two and a half years ago and now we’re closer than
ever. She’s the one I trust, the one I can speak to about anything and know
she’s listening and the one who understands me. We share the same loves
and have had some of the best times together. There’s certainly many
more to come!

ON THE FIRST RIGHT – Chelsea, Sophie, me and Chloe. Sophie and
Chelsea are most definitely my best gig friends. Such lovely girls who are
so fun to be around, I always look forward to seeing them next.

ON THE BOTTOM LEFT – crazy Gemma and I. Complete loud mouth but a
brilliant one at that! I mostly see her at gigs and radio tours but I have
spent time with her away from that and she’s just as genuine as she is
when we have a laugh together seeing our fave bands.

ON THE BOTTOM RIGHT – Ellie, Jess and Alienor. I only met Ellie a
while back but I’ve known Jess and Alienor for a couple of years now.
We’ve had some great times and they’re such sweet girls.


This may seem weird to most people, but these boys honestly do mean the
world to me no matter how many ups and downs there is being a The Wanted
fan. I was at breaking point before they came along and they gave me so much
of my happiness that I shall keep for life. I met all the above friends through
them, I’ve had some of the best memories because of them and I know
I can always count on them and their stupid ways to cheer me up and be
there for me, even if they don’t  know it. They’re the most down to earth
people with hearts of gold no matter how much bad press they get, it’s all
false. They’ve made me feel so special when I’ve met them, they care so
much and their gigs are my favourite things on this earth!
They shall always be part of who I am.
Another bunch of boys who have had an impact on my life.
The Lawson boys (from left to right), Andy, Ryan, Adam and Joel.
The loveliest, most genuine people you could meet.
I’ve had some amazing times with them, meeting them and at
their gigs and they’re so bloody talented. They have also brought me
closer to my friends and introduced me to more amazing people.
They deserve every inch of success!

So there you have it, my mini introduction telling my followers to be what you need to know about me and the people around me. I can’t wait to get started on my next post!

Lots of love…