Spring/Summer 2017 Primark Haul

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It’s that time of year again, folks! We’re now into June, scarily halfway through the year but the official classification of summer begins. With the beautiful weather we’ve had over the past few weeks I’m feeling a little spoiled and I know it’s more than likely to be jinxed and forecast to change drastically to what us Brits do best – dark skies and drizzle, but it’s really upped my excitement to dress lightly, airy and colourfully, and it’s also made me realise I do not own enough fresh, contemporary summer clothes.


So, where do you head when you’re lacking some lustre? Good ol’ Primark, of course. Or should I say, where do you head for some underwear and end up spending £100? Good ol’ Primark, of course. I’m sure I say this with every seasonal haul I do but they really are killing it at the moment, and the A/W press day that’s been gracing social media proves they’re about to stay at that illustrious level as the remaining months fly by and soon we’ll be putting up trimmings again (yikes).


When it comes to Primark I honestly don’t think I have any self control. Every time I go in there there’s something new on the shelves or dressy displays urging me to admire, try on, fall in love and then waste a good fifteen minutes of my life queuing up dying to let the world know about this outfit I’ve just bagged for £20 which looks triple the price it was. Over the past couple of months I’ve visited my local Primark way too much – as you’ll see as I proceed with broadcasting the excessive spending – and I’ve equipped  both my homeware and accessory collection and my wardrobe with a variety of pieces to cater for sunshine and to take away with me on my very first girl’s holiday to Tenerife in just 9 days!!


From those casuals to travel in, to those classier garments, comfy on trend basics, beach essentials, a familiar overload of stripes, the cutest swimwear collection to date, an absolute abundance of shoes and sandals, Oliver Bonas worthy furnishings, and probably the most talked about attire on Instagram – the glamorous touch of pretty, dainty bralets and their accompanied lingerie. I’ve bought it all and I still could have continued until I didn’t have a penny left in my bank (it’s not far off that at the moment if I’m honest, oops).



Before you all shout at me for blowing a colossal amount of money (don’t worry I’ve also had words with myself!) I do have some leeway as this has been a good three/four month process and I’ve just kept gathering up the goodies. I have been back in the shop since which was a definite mistake as I spotted another few new in pieces that I could have swiftly snapped up but I resisted, I found the courage, put them down and walked out of there ready to regret it when they sell out. Proud!


Have you been shopping in Primark lately? Have you picked up anything extraordinary? That famous Chip mug perhaps?


Bridie x


Summer To Autumn: The Transitional Primark Haul

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Hello and happy ‘it’s nearly Friday’ you lovely lot! What better way to kick off October on my blog than with another one of my signature Primark hauls? As we transition into autumn it’s awkward to conjure an outfit that fits both the weather condition and your inner style which means it’s best to always head to the safety net of shopping – the place where you can pick up anything from versatile basics to a couple of printed pieces and wild risque’s out of the box – and of course, that place is good ol’ Primarni.


Most of my wardrobe is made up of Primark garments and I’m not even ashamed to say it. No longer is it known as this cheapo alternative but an open invitation to build up your wardrobe with some quality, simple, sturdy and sometimes adventurous attire along with those bargains which will last you a lifetime. These bits I’ve gathered are from the past couple of months which means there’s a mix of end of summer hues over to some autumn/winter layers that have you geared up for the chillier months. Of course there’s the odd homeware segment and accessory thrown into the mix (because is it even a Primark trip if you don’t visit and swarm that area?!) but overall it’s just a general collection of the clothing I’ve tried hard to stroll past and ignore but have been so drawn in I just can’t say no to my subconscious. And shoes, lots of shoes







My ultimate favourites have to be the amazing contrasted silver and gold boots which scream the dream at an affordable price, along with the denim jacket I’ve never had off, the rusty gold pyjama shirt (which just so happen to be bang on trend right now) and evidently the pinterest-esque notebooks which will make a great addition to a shelf arrangement even if they don’t get written in. Now we’re moving in to the dark nights and the cold mornings, I’m 100% sure there’ll be another trip to Primark towards the end of the year, especially now the coats are slowly but surely soaring in. Although from my visit to Manchester last week, it seems I need to make that 55 minute train journey to stock up on everything I thought my local Leeds one had. A Costa, a nail bar and items that are nowhere to be seen back home? I was in awe-like heaven! Primark; you’re forever outdoing yourself.


Have you been Primark hauling recently?


Bridie x


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Summer Holiday Primark Haul June 2016

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Yes, it’s that time again. My most cherished time of the year. Time for me to gather my collective Primark pieces into one giant seasonal haul and A) work out how to photograph my purchases without awkwardly holding them up to a camera, B) more than likely encourage the entire population to go hunt down the splurging attire and C) feel the mighty force of guilt as I register for the umpteenth time just how spendy I inescapably got.


I always ensure I take a trip to Primark a few weeks in advance of my summer holiday simply because it’s the go to place for all the basics such as underwear (come on, who doesn’t buy all new underwear for a holiday?) travel bags, their trusty cotton pads, tons of jewellery, hair ties and socks. I haven’t included some of these things for obvious reasons – that being a few pair of knickers and a plain white bra not deeming necessary for excitement and inspiration on what to look out for on your next visit. Primark’s also my top choice of store because of the wide variety, the fashion forward trends and the reasonable quality items you can stock up on for a great price. Summer doesn’t last long in Britain (if at all) and unfortunately holidays abroad evaporate faster than I’d like them to so adding to your summer wardrobe with a selection of simple, stylish garments that will be perfect for those casual beach vibes or even a dressier occasion without having to worry about serious investing is a huge bonus.


Before I enter the paradise that is Primark I seem to taunt myself with the familiarised motto ‘just pick up what you need and don’t over do it’ – but then three floors. rails and rails of prettiness screaming out my name, a fear of buyers regret and potential future outfits I’ve seen featured by my prized vloggers happen and of course I’m back to where it eternally terminates; at the tills with an overflowing basket becoming alarmed at how short changed this indulgent binge will leave me. Now, as much as I love my local Primark, this summer it’s been seriously slacking on the shoe department. I didn’t manage to find those gorgeous mules I’ve seen flying round insta but I did go a bit crazy on the accessories, and being overwhelmed with the choice of bags was another story. I managed to grab a few sale bargains, swoon over the swimwear (and wallow in the fact my size wasn’t available in some totally Topshop identical swimsuits), find the cheapest yet comfiest pyjamas known to man and squeal over the badged crops tops, slogan tees and cacti – absolutely everywhere. My stand out favourite has to be the crinkled cami and tie dress in the most gorgeous shade of pink. It will be quintessential for a seamless evening Spanish stroll. Just wait till you see it AND, enjoy!…



It didn’t just stop there, either. I had to restrain myself as I fell head over heels for the most beautiful embroidered jeans you ever did see. Obviously they weren’t gonna be essential (or ideal) in 30+ degree heat but I can’t stop thinking about them and now the flawless A/W release had its press day and I’ve already got my eye on the pieces I believe will storm the blogosphere – my list just keeps on growing. Summer’s only just begun but hey, here’s to another season!


Have you been Primark shopping recently?


Bridie x


It’s Time For A Spring Primark Haul

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It happened. It had to happen eventually. You accumulate a few bits and bobs over a couple of months and then the annual seasonal, splurge worthy trip to Primark is inevitable, even when your subconscious is telling you not to shove everything you see at first sight into the basket whilst blocking out the notably higher prices and lack of cash in your purse.


Before The Body Shop event began last week, I went on a ‘proper’ rampage; most probably underestimated the amount I’d bought and the size of the bag I’d have to struggle to trail behind with me (which ended up splitting on the bus home but that’s another story), and was suitably happy with the fashion forward pieces I’d managed to pick up. As I said, the prices aren’t as low as they used to be but I’ve definitely seen a growth in quality of wear – and it’s still completely possible to congregate a freshened up wardrobe with plenty of variety for just over £50, in time for the changeover from winter to spring.


I’ve collected everything from gym wear (because I’m totally trying my best to get back into a health kick), to bedroom bric-a-brac (because their homeware section is an ultimate guilty pleasure of mine). Clothes wise I’ve gone a little stripe crazy once again because lately it’s all I seem to be wearing in my boring morning decisions, and then there’s the looks luxury-but-is-actually-Primark garments that you seem to use as an appropriate comeback to a compliment you don’t know how to react to (“ooh I love your dress”, “thanks it’s only Primark”, you know the one) and finally, a couple of sale bargains I’m completely thrilled with. So without further ado, let’s crack on with showing you what I bought – because what better way to kick the weekend off than a divergent Primark haul.



There was a whole lot more to cater for but I either A) did my best to resist and succeeded (until next time), or B) walked out of the changing rooms repulsed because they either didn’t do my justice or the awful lighting and let’s-show-every-part-of-my-flawed-body mirrors were punishing me. It took some courage for me to head straight past the dedicated summer section downstairs, filled with bikinis, sandals and beach bags but something’s telling me, now I’ve eventually booked a holiday, I’ll need to make yet another impulsive visit very soon.


Have you had a Primark binge lately and managed to pick up anything special?


Bridie x


What I bought in the January sales

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January’s nearly over, and I’m both confused as to where that month since Christmas has gone, and curious as to how it seems as though January is never ending. I’m ready for a new month, now – not just because it gives me a reason to stop spending, save up for a summer holiday and gives the postman a rest, but because February is where the real stuff starts. I don’t know why I set goals for January because they’re totally going to be shoved to the side; including the idea that I will resist the sales. After-all, January is just a trial month, right?!


Starting with the beauty related parcels (and aside from the usual Lush overhaul, it was cinders this year!) – I went a little cray with Illamasqua’s huge 50%, 60% and 70% discount. I just couldn’t ignore my persuasive emails any more (despite how much I tried and failed). Aside from the contouring duo kit that is my absolute holy grail, I don’t actually own much of the brand’s makeup – which gave me the perfect excuse to explore, expand and erm, elevate my position of the poor girl who at least looks good. Palette wise, I went for the Multi-Facet Aura Palette which I got for a massive bargain of £13.50, all the way down from £45. It’s a beautiful palette, containing everything I’ll ever need for a face spruce up. From eyes to cheeks, the infamous Hollow cream pigment and eyebrow cake, to a multitude of variety of shadow shades. I haven’t used it yet as I didn’t want to ruin the appearance of it before I photographed it (y’know the usual blogger behaviour) but I can’t wait to get stuck in. The same goes for the Powder Blusher Duo in Lover & Hussy; the combination of the apricot peach and candy pink will be ideal in creating that natural-rosy-going-in-to-spring look. Reduced from £26 to £7.80, I’d recommend getting your hands on it before it sells out completely!

I always have my eye open for some new nail colours that I’d usually stay away from so with the glossy and sublime quality Illamasqua polishes on offer from £14.50 to £4.35, I picked up a gorgeous teal blue shade (Muse) and a bright coral pink (Lament) for when the warm sun starts to make an appearance. I also purchased a lip pencil to add to my collection; Lust is a seductive red that may seem like the rest of the reds I’ve gathered in my makeup organizer but is in fact, the ultimate in-between light and dark that is creamy enough to apply to the full lip. For £4.80 instead of £16, I really can’t complain. Moving on to the skincare stuff – this is where I stayed within my limits. Last year I went mad purchasing all these hyped high end products but now I’ve developed a steady routine, I opted for a marque I love. I don’t own enough Balance Me and radiant skin is something I aim for on a daily basis, so the half price Radiant Skin Collection was screaming my name. The set includes all those talked about favourites in mini form; Cleanse and Smooth Face Balm, Radiance Face Oil, Moisture Rich Face Face Cream, Wonder Eye Cream and Stellar Face Balm.

ASOS Open Cuff Bracelet – £4.50 reduced from £8

ASOS Fitted Check Shirt – £14 reduced from £28 | ASOS Tall V Neck Rib Tunic – £16 reduced from £30

Topshop Floral Dress – £25 reduced from £40 | Topshop Wrap Over Playsuit – £28 reduced from £50

ASOS Navy Crepe Ankle Grazer Trousers – £14 reduced from £28 | Zara Ripped Jeans – £9.99 reduced from £29.99


You’ll have already seen from my last outfit post that I managed to pick up the pair of River Island boots that I’d be dying to get hold of and I’m still so happy to see them every time I open my wardrobe door. Topshop is another high street shop that represents heaven during the sale time, it’s definitely my place of worship once the prices drop as they don’t just put all the garments that nobody really wants on the rails, there’s some seriously beautiful pieces in there. I’m so pleased I got hold of the woodland floral dress, it’s one of those prints that rid of the heaviness and brings in a flattering silhouette. The floral print top is another bold print but very 60s and right up my street. The nude wrap playsuit is one saved for an occasion, it’s a little short but paired with some tights and pointed boots it’s an outfit complete. I can’t wait to get my wear out of it on Thursday (a meal out followed by the Strictly tour, I’m coming for you!).


From ASOS, I’ve been swapping and ordering faster than you can say bob’s your uncle. I always find the sizing realllly off and end up having to size down around two sizes. It’s great for my self-esteem after the continued over-indulging of chocolates and pastries but not so great for my frequent post office antics. I picked up a random selection; a simple but fetching stone bracelet which is another impulse hoping for a holiday buy, a checked flannel shirt because I felt I was missing one of those in my day to day wear, a super cosy v neck ribbed jumper in a light grey colour (similar to the Topshop one I unfortunately wasn’t lucky enough to grab hold of), and a pair of navy blue trousers which are those soft, comfortable fitting style – I can see them fast becoming a staple pair. Then to finish off we have another basic top with a twist from Boohoo which is perfect for the casual get up with skinnies, and some Zara ripped, frayed ankle jeans. All my other jeans are dark or light blue, so the distressed grey colour is a change. I’ve never had them off my bum since purchasing them on my trip into town. Thank god for their left over stock (which, incidentally, was mostly scattered all over the floor in a ball).


Did you pick up anything fancy in the sales this month? 


Bridie x


2015’s Autumn/Winter Primark haul

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Yes, it’s that time of year again; the season change means it’s a perfectly reasonable excuse to go on a mass raid in Primark. Primark is my one true love all year round but there’s something about the autumn/winter stock that draws me in more than the spring/summer.


On my annual trip (or should I say trips over the past few months, definitely trying to justify my obsessive spending) I’ve noticed Primark is starting to appear a lot less Primark-y. I don’t know how on earth I’m meant to explain that, but with the obvious risen prices comes much better quality and more expensive looking pieces which I’d willingly pay opposed to walking into Topshop or Zara and finding a near identical garment for treble the price!

You’ll probably notice a familiar colour palette within this haul, the typical ‘Autumn’ shades should I say. I’m falling (proud pun intended) for my ultimate rust, tan, and neutral colours along with the odd pretty blouse that will forever be a part of my instant fashion attraction. I’m also sticking to my trusty styles such as roll necks, a-line skirts and block heeled boots. Spending loads (in both time and money) isn’t always my intention but it’s guaranteed it will always happen. As the saying goes, pop into Primark for a pair of socks, walk out with a bag full and no socks you especially entered the store for, and on that note I will crack on with showing you what I picked up…


Despite purchasing way too much and overcrowding my closet even further, I feel like I’m not done with the Primark splurging just yet. As the winter stock continues to stream in, my eyes are continuously open for any other additions I can include in my winter wardrobe. As the cold weather moves in I often go through a stage of hating all my clothes and I think Primark is such a great starting place for mixing things up a little. As the temperatures are dropping this week I’m in need of a cuddly, fluffy and warm scarf so once again, Primark is where I’ll be heading. I love their knitwear, from accessories to their £5 jumpers. They’ve also got a pretty wonderful homeware collection out at the moment, along with some fur coats moving in (can you tell I’m such a Primark tracker?!). If I do manage to grab a fab find or two, I may even update this blog post with the new extras so be prepared to keep your eyes peeled (as much as I do when I’m wandering round the Trinity store with my wheely basket). In all honesty, I’m surprised the security guard on the doors doesn’t know my name by memory.


Have you been Primark shopping lately?


Bridie x


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