Christmas Gifting For Haircare Lovers with Paul Mitchell

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It’s almost just one week until Christmas Day (how, you ask? I’m still trying to fathom out the answer to that question myself) so hopefully that means you’re all sorted in the gift buying department and they’re all exquisitely wrapped and put under the tree. But if not, I feel you. And I’ve also gotchu. With the help of Paul Mitchell I’m here to take you through their gift of style guidebook for this festive season. An indulgent treat for that special someone who likes to take extra care with their shampooing situation and nourish their locks to the maximum amount of splendour!

I’ve spoke about my love for Paul Mitchell and their super stylish sets in the past and I’m lucky enough to receive a bi-monthly box of goodies as part of their Salon Success scheme so I get a first hand dip into what they have to offer around the festive period. This year is on another scale! The primary duos and trios which instantly caught my eye when opening the giant bow adorned box were these gorgeously greeting-card inspired packages. Crafted with monochromatic designed packaging and fancy, gold, calligraphy fonts catering to those aesthetic poetics.

Not only are they pleasing in appearance, they also come in a varied collection of notable assortments that – if you’ve ever experienced the luxury of Paul Mitchell – have probably come across before.

I have the all is bright and get festive. The bright of course representing the blondies with the Forever Blonde Keractive Repair shampoo, conditioner and dramatic repair spray. Specifically suited to keep bleached and highlighted hair in tact and contributing towards rich hydration for silky soft hair and healthily sealed vibrancy as it washes away the built up impurities. I was going to save this as a gift from me to me but I tried it on a whim a few weeks back and I haven’t looked back since. It is INCREDIBLE! My hair’s been in poor condition for a while now; that being with a mix of iron and vitamin deficiency, and the fact I was very light in colour (part of the reason I chose to switch to a few shades darker) but this has worked complete magic and transformed my hair into a squeaky clean salon-like masterpiece. It’s totally reversed any signs of noticeable damage and flyaway brittleness, and left me with nothing but immaculate moisture. It’s also sulphate free which I’m aiming to stick to in future to reduce the harsh chemicals on my hair – so if you know anyone who’s fussy about what they put on their precious toned barnet, this is the one!

The get festive contains the Super Skinny shampoo, conditioner, and serum which is also a combo I’ve personally used before and seen real time results with. This is targeted for those with thicker, troublesome, rebellious hair that just doesn’t seem to cooperate no matter what you do. Turning dry, coarse, curly hair into a silky sleek, luminous finish that eliminates frizz and fights that winter battle. So, if there’s any wavy wonders on your family and friends list, bear this in mind!

All in all, there’s nine gift sets; every one different to suit a wide variety of hair types. They’re marked as cheer leaders – injecting the cheer and merriment right into your Christmas period and leaving you with showy, ship shape, shiny hair. It’s also worth noting that for every one sold, Paul Mitchell will make a donation to Baby2Baby; a charity that provides low-income children with nappies, clothing, and all the basic necessities every child needs and deserves.  A really lovely touch that defines what Christmas really is about!



Paul Mitchell are home to some of my long term firm favourites. They’re my forever holy grail brand, the one I always feel myself going back to when I pine for the professional, polished, refreshed, brand new, heavenly haircare. So it’s fortunate that the products I’ve always relied on come in gift set form. Two of these include the Marula Oil range for lifeless, dull hair – a deluxe treatment created with natural ingredients that bring your locks to life. This is an old type I’ve photographed and although the pretty, rose gold and white exterior is rather fetching – the newest addition is even better. This year’s gift set is all black and gold glitter and sparkle; it contains a sequined clutch bag you can keep and inside is the shampoo, conditioner, and rare oil treatments. I’ve raved about this gem before if you want to take a peek.

The amazing Tea Tree Lavender range is another exalted fave of mine. Every time I’ve used this I’ve been left with a bouncy, swishing feel and the scent is perfect for allowing you to relax and unwind – something every person on earth wants to do around such a stressful time of the year. So, what better way than to let a loved one unwrap their way to paradise for a concrete happy holiday.

The five piece moisturising shampoo, conditioner, leave in spray, mask, and eye mask creates so much zen whilst invigorating your senses; calming, quenching, and cleansing. Again, its target audience is those with dry, unruly hair. To fix with rich conditioners and amino acids that improve strength, shine, and manageability whilst replenishing your hair and soothing your scalp in the process. Paul Mitchell are never short of these ethical product gift sets at Christmas time!





Stepping away from specifically Paul Mitchell but still remaining that connection, the last collection I wanted to recommend as the stellar way to say Merry Christmas is the Kenra Platinum. The premium products fall into four categories; Revive, Colour Charge, Thickening and Styling and they all consist of your standard shampoos and conditioners, oils, glosses, mists, treatments, serums, and sprays. Once again tackling any weakness, dehydration, and lack of texture. There’s plenty for every individual in there, especially a champion patron for opulent haircare. That certain someone is bound to be blessed with a smile painted on their face at the mere thought of having this number to revel in as we enter a budding new year.

Not pictured are the rest of the prized Paul Mitchell pick me ups. Their gifts of style not only have the ranges mentioned but a fair few others including the Wild Ginger (which I’ve also spoke about before,) the Neon and the Neuro, little extras such as the Ultra-Shine brush which volumises and controls flat hair, and of course the stocking suffers for any woman, man, or even pet in your life. Yep, that’s right, Paul Mitchell are inclusive to the point dogs and cats are part of the agenda!

The shopping process in general can be really intense when you have no idea what to buy for someone who’s picky and distinguished. There’s not much on the market for distinctive hair-fanatics but if you’re looking for last minute gifts ensured to tick all the boxes – Paul Mitchell has your back.

Are you a Paul Mitchell lover? Do you have any haircare admirers in your close circle? 


Five Paul Mitchell Gift Sets You Need In Your Life This Christmas

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If you’re an avid reader of my blog you’ll know I’m extremely fond of Paul Mitchell and their luxury hair care range and I’m lucky to receive a bi monthly box featuring a variety of their products – so the discovery of new favourites to add to my ‘this will certainly be an indulgent treat to make my locks feel, smell, and look deluxe divine’ continues to increase as I speak. I have many gift sets lying around waiting to be trialled and adored (because one duo seriously does go hell of a long way and they’re all queued up ready to be used when the other is finished) and I don’t think I appreciate the quality of them enough. Not only is the inside contents bound to sensually uplift your hair spirits, but the outer packaging of the Paul Mitchell kits are always so fetching and full of character. Totally supreme for providing the gift of beauty to any loved one as Christmas rolls in, or even ideal for treating yourself once the period of buying for others is over (because let’s face it – purchasing, then watching your neatly wrapped present be ripped open followed by lightened eyes and a ton of gratitude is the most satisfying part). Christmas is a time for joy, peace, love and giving, and there’s nothing like some sparkle in the form of heavenly hair care to make that happen.

Starting with the smallest first – Volume On Deck, a handy duo created to lift your hair to its fullest potential. Flat hair around Christmas party season certainly isn’t desired from my point of view (the bigger, the better in my eyes) so this is the solution for all those woes. In the twin set you get an Extra Body Sculpting Foam 200ml and Extra Body Daily Boost 250ml; one designed to condition, style, and shine, the other to spritz, hold and volumise and both in bottles that will last you until Christmas seems a distant memory. You can’t ask for more!

We’d usually consider Christmas a time for humans united but Paul Mitchell are on board with pleasing your pets as well as your pals, thanks to the foundation of John Paul Pet. Those with a dog that make a home a home naturally maintain its involvement in family gatherings so to have a present waiting for the little (or big) hound on Christmas morning is priceless. The Oatmeal Shampoo and Conditioning Rinse is suitable for deep cleaning sensitive, irritated skin on your furry friend as well as leaving its coat smooth, silky, shiny and huggable. All without the harsh chemicals and odour free meaning your dog can stay healthy on the outside without even blinking an eye!

Moving back to mankind, both the Tea Tree Give It All and Wild Ginger Ultimate Indulgence are my absolute firm favourites. With these two you’re not just limited to a couple of items, the sets are a combination of shampoos, conditioners, sprays, oils, treatments, creams, gels, and even skincare investments. Although Tea Tree has an extremely strong minty herbal scent, it works wonders for troublesome hair. I don’t know where I’d be without my usage of this miracle in a bottle! It leaves my hair freshly nourished, squeaky clean and invigorated with that swish feeling and it even helps with the overload of oils in my hair meaning I can usually leave my hair an extra day without washing it! As well as shampoo and conditioner pairing, you are also blessed with an Infused Cleansing Bar for the body, a defining, Shaping Cream to style your hair with a strong hold and matt finish and a lightweight Firm Hold Gel that you can use on both wet and dry hair. This gift set is bound to cater for those sumptuous needs!


The Wild Ginger Ultimate Indulgence is just as gorgeous – if not more where the marbleised packaging and premium black design is concerned. I absolutely adore the scent, it’s almost like a cinnamon and gingerbread themed Christmas summed up and the range of products are exactly as they claim to be – an ultimate indulgence perfect for some pampering whilst hydrating, protecting and helping to build back manageability, amplifying shine, and strength. This one contains a Moisturising Lather Shampoo,  a deep conditioning Keratin Intensive Treatment, a Hydromist Blow Out Spray for flawless and damage preventing blow dry styling, and finally a Styling Treatment Oil to use on the ends of your hair leaving them feeling polished.


Aaand, lastly, we have Paul Mitchell’s collaborative set United In Pink which is a four piece collection campaign presented to support Bright Pink; helping to fight and improve awareness of breast and ovarian cancer in young women – meaning not only are you getting great value enhancing hair products in a pretty zipped up travel bag, but you’re aiding an important charity, too. Fit to transform lack-lustre fine locks into an uplifted, bouncy ensemble, the set contains: Extra Body Daily ShampooExtra Body Daily Rinse conditioner, a Thicken Up plumping spray, and a Sculpting Brush. Making fragile turn powerful in both hair and health and well being.


I love to express my praise for a brand in the exchanging of gifts and the versatility of Paul Mitchell gift sets is the best way to introduce someone. If you’re on the hunt for those last minute presents for someone who takes great care of their hair all year round – then these are just what you need to pick up to ensure they’re sorted right through to 2017!


Are you familiar with Paul Mitchell? Do you have a favourite? Are hair care gift sets on the top of your list this year?


Bridie x



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Salon Success Styling Society Box: Rare Marula Oil

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If you cast your mind back to February where I introduced the first instalment of my Styling Society box, then you’ll remember I’m lucky enough to be sent some deluxe products during a bi-monthly period, revolving around a theme and blessing me with gracious hair to be boastful about whilst doing so. This month was a completely different focus compared to February’s ‘no animal testing’ but one which I’m equally thrilled with and I was privileged enough to preview the range before it became available to the public at the beginning of April so basically, it’s an exclusive to the insiders (or at least I can keep telling myself I’m of great importance, ahem.)

Marula Oil is said to be the new and improved Argan Oil, with the higher concentrate of omegas and 50% more antioxidants benefiting both the performance of skin and hair. This high end collection from the creators of the genius John Paul Mitchell Systems is a five product system that includes a replenishing shampoo and conditioner duo, hydrating mask and two treatment oils. The oil is all natural, wild-harvested in Africa and cold pressed to preserve its superior quality meaning the potent nutrients, minerals and essential fatty acids it provides, protect your hair from the daily stress of the open air.


Since being introduced to Paul Mitchell, no other haircare brand has compared to the long lasting impression (and transformation) it’s made on me, and this one has doubled my ovation. Not only is the luxe black, white and gold packaging striking to my minimal loving eye but the contents inside has allowed me to tame, manage and keep the locked in hydration my thick, coarse and frizz prone hair so badly desires. I’ve been using the Marula Oil products both as a sequence and separately and have felt the rewarding results from both methods. The shampoo and conditioner have become a staple in my hair washing routine; as my hair is so long it’s hard to keep every strand at bay and free from dryness but this does a faultless job at nourishing my hair whilst still allowing me to let it dry naturally without that aftermath of heaviness and a built up residue. Both the shampoo and conditioner lather well, smell alluringly delightful, and the combination of the two sufficiently softens, gives a boost of strength and brightened lustre. When teamed with the treatment oils, my hair feels incredible and the revitalized healthy texture and shine is visible. Although my hair can be stiffened, it’s also very oily so I’m always dubious about adding extra oils. However, I don’t think there’s anything negative about this gentle, featherweight and thankfully, non greasy formula. It comes in two versions; ordinary Rare Oil Treatment and Rare Oil Treatment Light, the lighter design said to be for finer hair. Although both work on de-tangling, maintaining the smoothness, settling the flyaway annoyance and pampering to a relaxing extent, I do prefer the lighter version purely because of how subtle it breaks way into my hair. The multitasking magic of the oils means they can be applied pre-shampooing as an enriching treatment or to clean, damp hair before blow-drying. I chose the latter and found once blow dried with my Babyliss Big Hair, I had the experience of a salon swish barnet and a fuller, more lucid colour without having to move from my home comfort!

Another treatment I do tend to stay away from is any kind of hair mask but knowing how amazing Paul Mitchell products react to my hair, I was obviously gonna give the final stage of the Marula Oil a trial test and boy was I right to trust my instincts. Its intensifying compound renews the condition of my hair within just 5-10 minutes of soaking in. It’s the perfect solution for modifying limp, dull hair into voluminous, alive and powerful locks without weighing it down. If you want to make an entrance with a shed load of compliments on how luxurious your hair is appearing, the introduction to Marula Oil is all you need. Not only does it repair split ends and deliver long lasting magnetising moisture due to the fresh bursts of Marula clinging to the shafts every time you touch, style or brush your hair, I’ve also noticed how fast my hair has grown in the space of a month or so. Whether that’s my improved diet and water intake I don’t know but I definitely think the Marula Oil is a contribution!

What’s even more fabulous about Paul Mitchell’s Marula Oil is the complex and versatile ways to use. The helpful guideline booklet I was given with my box highlights the wonders of each product and supplies clear instructions on how many droplets to use depending on your hair type. It’s set in stone to make my hair flawless but I’m totally ready to switch over to the skin with the marvel treatment oils. Stay tuned and I may just report back to this post!

Have you discovered Marula Oil yet?

Bridie x


My Yorkshire Blow Dry Experience

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I get to visit some pretty awesome places courtesy of this little online empire of mine but an hour and half of my time spent on leather seating staring back at my illuminated reflection is without a doubt the most elated I’ve been to get home and write up all the positives that made last Wednesday a cheery day indeed. I was lucky enough to be booked into Yorkshire Blow Dry – a brand new blow dry bar exclusive to Leeds, located slap bang in the heart of the city – readily available to treat you to the ultimate pampering experience for any occasion. As I was already in town for a later food tasting event (which was another exquisite encounter may I add) I decided it’d be the perfect opportunity to have my mane tamed, refreshed and transformed before I head off to eat my own body weight in Mexican food. Pure bliss!



Greeted by two lovely ladies (Leah and Megan), plenty of smiles and a real VIP ‘let me take your coat’ moment – I instantly felt at ease with a warm, friendly welcome; which for me and my rather reserved soul makes life ten times easier… because is there anything worse than an awkward hairdressing ordeal? Thankfully, my afternoon at Yorkshire Blow Dry was the complete opposite. With no fuss involved I was lead straight over to the centre of the room on the feature chairs to choose my desired style but I eventually let Leah – my stylist for the day – decide what she wanted to do with it because A) I’m not the expert here and the experts know best and B) it takes a strong person to tackle and maintain control of my unruly locks so she rightly deserved to hold charge. There’s six blow dry options; the signature Yorkshire Blow Dry creating bouncy and effortless curls, Straight Laced for straight up and down sleekness, Beachy Waves for the messy beach hair that is playful and carefree, The Uptini for mixing things up with a no nonsense up-do of your fancy, The A Lister for that glamorous and voluminous hair and finally Be-You-Tiful, allowing you to lead the way with your ideas put into action. Both Leah and I agreed on some beachy waves which actually was an instant favourite look of mine BUT what I loved about the menu was how receptive it was; you name it, they’ll perform wonders!



After the initial surprise of the length and the thickness of my hair, combined with some apparent hair envy and some reassurance from me that often enough long hair can be a bane in life – Leah got to work her magic in the shampooing and conditioning process. Obviously, this took longer than your average do so I did suffer with the ol’ stiff neck over the sink effect but it was made entirely better by the most amazing head massage I’ve ever received – much less rough than some of my previous stints. Her hands sunk right into my scalp back and forth in a super gentle movement, repeated a couple of times and I swear my relaxation levels increased by a high almighty amount. If falling asleep was acceptable, I totally would have done without a doubt. She obviously knew just how to balance the positioning to create such euphoria.



I was taken back to my seat with a freshened feeling once the washing of my hair was done and whilst being made comfortable, hair brushed through and pinned in sections to make it easier, on went the hairdryer along with the barrel brush swiftly gliding. It’s been a long time since I’ve blow dried my hair as I can gladly leave it to dry on its own at home but I was reminded just how therapeutic it can be. In the duration it took to get through every part, we chatted about everything from blogging, to family, food and of course hair itself – that is along with more gushing compliments. Both girls made sure to remind me to always appreciate my blessing of naturally long hair and essentially, I did start to remind myself my hair is an attribute I can savour – especially after I’d seen for myself how beautifully advantageous it can be at the hands of a talented stylist.


I knew from the moment I walked in that I was in for a treat but the end result definitely exceeded expectations. Leah was so driven, determined and passionate enough to keep texturing my hair with both the tools and the products until she shaped a satisfied masterpiece with a luxury, classy appearance. With a few more sprays, subtle back-combing and some delicately handled oomph, my mini makeover was complete and I was thrilled – the hues in my hair entwined and the ends of my hair to the point it looked like quality extensions. I don’t think I’ve ever been in awe of my own hair since my wedding themed up-do last year. I just couldn’t stop gazing at the perfectly tousled spirals falling both over my shoulder and down my back and it seemed others felt the same as I walked the streets and posted my mirrored selfie over on social media. It was bouncy curls meets loose waves with a vibrant colouring and beautifully smelling products which also worked wonders on my hair. Not only was my hair indulged, it lasted me a good three days afterwards until I needed to wash again and it stayed softer than ever which for me is a complete breakthrough. Now I need to discover the secret! I can only wish I was as intelligibly qualified.


It wasn’t just my hair I was admiring, however, it was the whole atmosphere of the setting. A simplistic scene with minimal interior, oak accents, and a gorgeous chic grey/white colour scheme with a backdrop of their label. As you’re sat having your hair tended to, you can see everything that’s going on around you with the open plan of the salon and it just makes everything feel that more homely. Not only that, but they also offer other cut, colour and extension services ranging in prices, along with packages, group bookings and even HD beauty related add ons. I couldn’t recommend Yorkshire Blow Dry’s express and superior service enough, I’ll definitely be back there for when my hair’s suffering in the need of professionals. As their slogan states: bad hair day, ain’t nobody got time for that. Thank you so much to the team for allowing me to feel a million dollars!


Have you ever visited an independent blow dry bar before?


Bridie x


Salon Success Styling Society Box: No Animal Testing

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Back in January, I was sent my first ever Styling Society box joining with my most trusted haircare brand, the prestigious Paul Mitchell. This blogger based programme means I am one of the members lucky enough to receive a bi-monthly box of products designed and specially picked to my specific requirements ready for me to test and share my thoughts with you all. Sounds exciting, right? When I opened my carefully wrapped package to be greeted with various welcoming messages and a novelty biscuit (which I’m yet to devour), I knew I was in for a treat. I’ve had an absolute ball pampering my hair with some luxury and have really noticed a vast difference in the past month!


Each Styling Society box will have a theme, and this month it’s based around Paul Mitchell’s commitment to providing a revolutionary hair care system free from animal testing. Paul Mitchell has been cruelty-free ever since it was founded 36 years ago and they have affirmed a strong and passionate ethic ever since. This year, the sales of all their retail bags will go to Cruelty Free International to help end unnecessary animal suffering which means they’re not just expert hair professionals but their charitable efforts are also recognisable. Just as I couldn’t praise them enough. I firmly believe we can look good without experimenting on and harming animals but I also fully admit, I’m certainly not aware of which brands do or don’t which is why I was open to learning about, and seeing for myself, just how important it is to change your attitude towards the environment.


The box contained three lots of product ranges, Forever Blonde Duo RRP £26.00, The Conditioner RRP £13.95, and the Super Skinny Daily Treatment/Super Skinny Daily Shampoo combo. Although the array of products each have a different purpose, I loved how all five worked on my hair individually and in time, when paired together, helped to renew the balance and nourishment.


I’m a huge fan of Paul Mitchell because of the quality they give, but also because the various scents airing from their products is never far from utterly divine. Both the Forever Blonde Shampoo and Dramatic Repair smell heavenly – if I was to describe a summer’s day beside the pool, this would be it! This pair of products were the first to be tried out and they’ve remained a staple favourite since. The shampoo is super gentle and generously lathering – you only need the smallest amount to feel the soothing effects. Not only does it bring out the highlighted colouring in the hair to a sleek, bright shine, it richly cleanses to a fresh, squeaky clean feel with that soft, swishy desired look and the wash did last me a day or two more than it usually would!


The dramatic repair is a leave in spray product that I use directly after the shampoo (or with any other shampoo I decide to use) once I’ve slightly towel dried my hair. It has the exact same motive as the shampoo, to restore health and vitality to hair that may have been damaged due to bleaching. I first thought it’d be one of those occasional products but it’s so lovely, I’ve been using it regularly! It doesn’t weigh my hair down, leaves it tantalisingly silky and best of all, makes my hair easier to handle and naturally style whilst contributing towards de-tangling. Even though my hair is in relatively good condition, switching hair colours across the years has brought on lost moisture and minor fragile damage. The safflower oleosomes, macadamia nut oil and exclusive KerActive protein in the Forever Blonde duo restores and replenishes the strength and health by holding onto every strand to prevent breakage. These two products alone are enough to solve the problem of dry split end and weakened hair-mares without any added defeaters!



The leave in conditioner was a stand out product for me. I usually struggle with leave in products because of how heavy they leave my hair feeling (along with the almost instant greasiness) but this one shone through immediately. It is a dense consistency but is lightweight, spreads evenly and penetrates efficiently. Despite not rinsing the product – although I feel it would work just as well using it as a regular conditioner – it didn’t cause any stiffness to my hair, in fact it was the complete opposite! It is highly hydrating and holds the moisture in place whilst preventing and protecting against harsh dryness, especially during the brittle winter months (and in my case, that time duration where you haven’t had a haircut in a while). The day after I’d applied this to my hair, I noticed how less fly away and frizzy my hair was. It had a soft, lifted volume and a subtle bounce to it, instead of my typical flat, lifelessness. It definitely improved the texture of my hair meaning I’ve now had a few stress free mornings when it comes to achieving the effortless style I aim for. Having long, thick hair can be problematic and be unmanageable at times but this leaves me with happy hair!


Coincidentally, the smoothing skinny line from Paul Mitchell is something I’ve had my eye on for a while so you can imagine my delight when I realised I’d been gifted both the shampoo and the daily treatment! Once again, it didn’t disappointment – the only slight problem being when my hormones were raging it didn’t do justice for my oily hair and I did have to wash my hair again the night after the day before (although this was just the one time, the next time was absolutely fine and no different from my usual experience). I use both products when I need to add some oomph to my hair, when it’s lacking zest and is relatively dull and it does the job of taming to well behaved hair that doesn’t budge. It purifies without stripping and minimises any severe breakage, leaving my hair in wonderful condition. It’s often overly soft but nothing I’d complain about – it’s so pleasant to touch and to say I can’t stop running my fingers through it is an understatement.


I’m so pleased with my first styling box and can’t wait for the rest! Watch this space.


Have you tried any of these products? Do you have any Paul Mitchell favourites? 


Bridie x


Beauty: my hair care secrets

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There’s some secrets that just have to be shared, especially when in the name of beauty (fellow woman to woman companionship and all that). If you’re anything like me, you’ll try anything to ensure you feel the benefits of beauty secrets and in turn wish to look like a million dollars. Everyone deserves to feel confident and what better way than to latch on to individual and personal formulas that seem to work in their favour, then being incorporated into your routine!



When it comes to hair, I’m always striving for the best and most suitable solution to ensure I end up looking like a celebrity on a L’Oreal advert (reality: it’s never gonna happen but where’s the harm in trying?!). You may have noticed I have a bumpy relationship with this overgrown mane of mine. Truth is, I moan a lot because often enough I look in the mirror after washing my hair and think “why was I ever cursed with this unruly mop?” BUT not all hope is lost, there are certain products that tame and build it into shop shaped condition.


The issues I seem to suffer with the most are dryness, frizz and serious lack of volume. All my life I’ve tried to find a product that maintains all three. Sea salt spray does give body but then results in straw like strands, all in one shampoos weigh my hair down and products aimed at detangling do the complete opposite. Until I found the John Frieda Strength and Restore range, I didn’t know what it felt like to actually enjoy my hair care. Both the shampoo and conditioner are a complete saviour for putting some fullness back into the hair, along with a sleek, lightweight appearance and a silky texture (the serious ‘run my fingers through my hair at every moment’ kind). Not to mention, it smells absolutely divine! As an everyday shampoo, it makes my hair much more manageable, along with providing the desired fluffiness and does the job of freshening without leaving behind that greasy, heavy feeling. Unfortunately, keeping on track going to the hairdressers isn’t always an affordable option, so as a temporary fix, this definitely keeps the split ends and brittleness at bay.


Aside from the importance of finding a shampoo and conditioner combo that does the job in general, my secret to great hair is using a clarifying shampoo once a week to rid of the excess oils and build up. There are so many on the market but my favourite has to be Lush I Love Juicy. It’s like heaven in a bottle! Although not officially classed as a clarifying shampoo, it always makes my hair feel so alive, super squeaky clean and luxurious. It makes such a difference to the aspect of my hair too, the shine is long-lasting, the colour is brighter and it has that reformed bounce. Clarifying shampoo is the answer to my greasy hair woes, I can actually go a good few days without washing my hair again and can really feel the effects it leaves me with!


In terms of advanced repair and enhancing moisture, strength and shine without overloading, hair masks and spray in products are my go to pointer. Lee Stafford never lets me down and his Coco Loco range meets all expectations. The Coco Loco Hair Mask not only is a coconut-lover’s dream but is fantastic at nourishing the hair when it needs some extra ‘oomph’. Applying a hair mask doesn’t have to be a recurrent procedure but once in a while when your hair requires life, they’re the solution to creating glossy locks once again. For a long term product that ticks all boxes, it’s all about discovering a simple spray that can be used flexibly on both wet and dry hair. The Argan Miracle 10 is named that for a reason, with 10 significant benefits for the hair all round. Argan oil is the only oil that doesn’t just sit on the hair without actually doing any justice. It absorbs so easily and instantly hydrates and softens. My hairdresser recommended the Miracle 10 and I’ve never looked back since. As a leave in treatment, you can notice the vast change. Forget frizz and sections that stick out uncontrollably, this allows me to produce brand new smooth, conditioned locks and really highlights the natural thickness of my hair! Protecting your hair from damage is also key, which is why using a fitting spray before any heat styling is necessary. The Paul Mitchell Ultimate Color Repair Triple Rescue spray leaves my hair feeling and looking healthy, vibrant and replenished.


What are your hair care secrets?


Bridie x