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A/W Trends With British Vogue

Posted on 6 min read

I’d say sitting front seat with a glittery chocolate strawberry, fruit on sticks, and a fresh smoothie at a Vogue event in collaboration with John Lewis over at the exquisite side of Leeds that makes me feel more affluent and superior than I actually am, is most definitely a peak of my blogging experience.


A few weeks ago now I was invited down to a group conference with the lead fashion experts discussing the newest, upcoming trends, what’s hot and what’s not, the key pieces you need in your capsule wardrobe, and the tips and tricks on how to seasonal style like a pro. Ellie, the fashion feature editor of British Vogue was our talker for the evening and was on hand to showcase her favourite autumn/winter transitional garments she’d picked up whilst racing round the second floor of womenswear like she was on supermarket sweep (the ideal dream, tbh.)


Separated into sections, she guided us through the six lead building blocks into creating an everyday staple assemblage, along with an insight into what she’s personally digging and some sage advice on what buoyancy to opt for regarding your individual tastes and body shape. To my satisfaction, Ellie was all about that autumn dressing, favouring corduroy and cashmere, coats and boots, deliciously thick jumpers layered on top of flowing dresses and body swamping scarves over flimsy dresses and summer sandals. I vigorously nodded in agreement at this statement, happy to hear there’s someone else who feels the same way I do towards the fashion down low in the colder months.

The highlighted trends were all about wearability, comfort and investment but without taking away the simplistic sartorial sophistication. It was all about understated pieces with a twist, those you can experiment and expand with and the variety of essentials that are bound to carry you right through to next year and beyond.



I don’t know about you but as soon as October hits the hunt for the perfect coat is first of priorities on my list. This year is particularly lavish, with patent leather, brocade, those chunky borg and teddy textures you can throw over night or day and the traditional fur being all the rage, but what is high up there with the finesse is checks; from houndstooth to windowpane, Prince of Wales to tartan and your ordinary heritage checks – it’s the must have statement this winter not just according to Vogue but everywhere you turn. An asset you can pull out like an old friend and style up with strong versatility; bringing instant polish to jeans and a sweater at the weekend, or over a black shift dress for work. Those longer lengths work to your advantage with a mini skirt and boots!



Perfect for the upcoming party season and thankfully still bang on trend carried right through from summer to the autumn catwalks. Picking out a silk dress, a skirt, or a blouse you are constantly going to reach for throughout the year is ideal for e.g. a slip dress you can pair with a roll neck through the day and whip off at night. British weather is unpredictable even in the wintertime so to have that minimalistic covering to either wear alone or layer up is handy. Ellie pointed out that the yolky yellow colour is currently in the spotlight (proved right by the audience basing their outfit around the shade) so that’s a super flattering colour that works profusely to look out for whilst shopping.



A classic neutral toned jumper is a must have this autumn/winter; paired with the timeless styling of ribbed fisherman and polo neck structures you’re on to a winner. Stepping away from the black and navy that can often wash you out and the brighter colours such as green and red, the more inventive plain shades are on the horizon and you can afford to delve into the beyond.  It’s named ‘cereal’ for a reason, think on the spectrum of oatmeal, biscuity beige, bran brown and even a lighter cream and you can’t go wrong. Both softer on the skin and the complexion, and tremendously trend-resistant!



Or otherwise known as the coatigan. As Ellie said; Notting Hill style dressing is back in full swing, just a little less 90s. A blanket coat is the secret weapon in many a well dressed woman’s wardrobe no matter what their age. Understandably they may feel a little too lumpy but they’re easily preened to suit you distinctively. Vogue says the key to styling a coatigan is to look for tailored, slim shapes that don’t swamp the body, preferably double faced (without a lining) – and to cinch with a belt if everything is looking a little on the bulky side.



The main focus on the catwalk was the extra hardcore thigh high boots but knee high boots are a step down if reaching those extremes doesn’t take your fancy (I know I definitely wouldn’t be able to pull them off… or pull them up for that matter). Just over the knee or knee high boots are a great alternative to ankle boots and a way of injecting some modern elegance into your daily attire. Leaning towards a slouchier cut rather than skin tight is the best approach as it’s kinder on the ankles and knees and balances the proportions of a chunky knit and a slim silk skirt better. You don’t have to just stick with black, either, there’s plenty of light toned choices out there to vamp up the achromatic.



Last but not least, it’s the final touches you add to boost the vivacity in a well put together outfit to stop it from becoming repetitive. It’s easy to become stuck in a black rut as the light fades (not that there’s anything wrong with that but it’s fun to mix it up sometimes) and often enough an accessory or two can be the ultimate decider and an easy compromise if you’d rather keep the majority of your look understated. Mixing and matching with accessories gives you a chance to add splashes of the season’s key brights to your wardrobe through the power of shoes, bags, jewellery, hats and whatever else fits your individual style.


Ellie picked out a fresh, grass green bag from Kin by John Lewis to pair with the grey checked coat and it was visibly obvious how well the contrast worked – it just enhances the excitement. Another option is in the shoe department, a pair of metallic silver boots with a cone heel (two more popular trends this season) would elevate jeans and a silk blouse for the evening or if flats are more up your street then embellished trainers that still look cool and retro without the typical Nike and Adidas are an effortless substitute.


Jewellery is still an important catwalk story and more specifically the frosted rhinestone kind that follows up till Christmas to implant some sparkle into those festive occasions; specifically the perspex and acetate styles that are back on the agenda. Huge earrings are everywhere at the moment and the bigger and bolder the better. I’m absolutely loving tasselled and drop earrings at the moment and it’s something I wouldn’t ever think , so it just goes to show how it’s worth taking that risk! The motto for this year is: don’t shy away from letting esoteric designs act as sartorial ice-breakers.

I was kindly given a gift voucher for John Lewis in my goody bag to help towards my winter wardrobe construction and I can’t wait to get properly started with these six objectives in mind!


Have you started your A/W shopping yet?



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Guest Post: Jewellery Trends of 2017

Posted on 3 min read


Are you a jewellery lover? Do you find yourself hovering over to the finery section when you’re out shopping or thinking about the latest piece of bling to enhance an outfit opposed to the clothing itself? Then you’ll love today’s post kindly written by the lovely Beth.


Jewellery Trends of 2017:

Keeping up to date with the latest jewellery trends is just as important as keeping up with the latest fashion trends. Jewellery can be the perfect way to complete your outfit, but it can also be the undoing of your whole look. So when selecting your jewellery this year here are a few tips to keep in mind..




Hoops are making a comeback:

Hoop earrings are an accessory that could survive the style apocalypse, they are minimalistic, versatile and can tie any outfit together. This year hoops are making a comeback with a twist! Spring and Summer are going to see a heavy influence on tribal patterns and bold colours, so in honour of the upcoming style, hoop earrings have had a makeover. Our beloved hoops have been jazzed up with intricate, tribal inspired patterns that have a real festival feel to them.




Diamonds are a girl’s best friend:

Diamonds are a timeless classic that will forever be in style. Having a little bit of sparkle on your wrist, fingers or neck really does make you feel extra special. Everybody should have an elegant piece of jewellery that makes their whole look go to a 10/10! Brands like Diamonds of Choice are bringing a touch of elegance to fashion this year. Just remember, when wearing diamonds less is sometimes more and always go for quality over quantity!



Think big and bold:

This year is going to be an ongoing celebration of culture and style, so there is going to be a heavy focus on tribal patterns, chunky XXL beads, and intricate designs that will turn heads wherever you go. Brands like Thomas Sabo are set to make waves with their new jewellery collections that are going to encompass the upcoming style perfectly.


Minimalist design has massively grown in popularity over the passing years, it has infiltrated our homes, our favourite places to go and it’s even infiltrated our wardrobes. Minimalist jewellery is a really cool way of expressing style without drawing too much attention from your outfit. This year expect to see a lot of people sporting simple and beautiful rings and necklaces that express a lot by showing a little. A great jewellery style tip this year is to stack your rings and have a mix of midi rings to really turn your fingers into works of art.


Jewellery is a great way of expressing personal style, and this year there are lots of style options for you to choose from. Whether you want to show a little bit of class and elegance with diamonds, or let your wacky and playful side show with bold statement jewellery, 2017 has got you covered!

What’s your jewellery preference?

Bridie x


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The Rules On Summer Dressing: Cannot Be Found

Posted on 4 min read

I feel us Brits have been spoiled to a great extent with the soaring temperatures and as known to most in relation to house humidity, ‘sticky weather’ over the past few days, so much so that it’s almost guaranteed it won’t last and by next week any sign of approaching summer will be restored to winter like hibernation mode. All it takes is some beaming sunshine to bring people out of their lairs, for the ice cream by the lake/booze and burgers on the barbecue insta photos and happy mirrored sunnie selfies but unfortunately, hand in hand with that comes the body police because apparently, we still live in a day and age where moralizing comments spout from the mouths of condescending individuals about the way we choose to dress.

Anything past 20 degrees in England means we WILL get over excited (actually, anything above 16 degrees usually means the crop tops are out and the bare legs to follow). It’s only normal to sweep the dust off and bring out the skimpier clothing because when it gets hotter, you get sweatier, and the less clothes you need to bear the often overpowering heat. Right? Right. Only some seem to think the mythical rules solitary apply to a certain one dimensional appearance, the kind that meet their self-proclaimed shallow standards whilst everyone else has to bow down to their demands. And you know what? If there’s an aspect of oppressing and intimidating I loathe so much that I feel the need to talk about it openly, it’s body shaming.


It makes perfectly logical sense to use the nice weather as a chance to express your inner fashionista. For me, I know digging through my wardrobe and then going out shopping because I’ve realised I own next to no summer appropriate non-black garments is a regular occurrence every year and I’m sure that’s the case for many others. Naturally, we’ll opt for the items that reveal at least one part of our body – flaws and all – and actually we’ll be okay with this because A) it allows you to think out of the box when you fancy a style switch, B) it’s a rare occasion to be able to show off your best assets without freezing to death and C) we literally don’t care what anyone thinks. We’ll start off with slut shaming, shall we? The constant insulting digs at women who like to reveal a little cleavage and men labelled as narcissistic if their shirt is whipped off and their defined abs are unveiled. Reality check – it’s old fashioned and quite frankly, boring. Clothes do not define you as a person, they don’t highlight your qualities and speak about your achievements in life but if you’re comfortable and you feel sexy when the sun is shining and the mood is uplifted then go ahead and rock it.


Then there’s fat shaming, the obvious main issue here because as equally hurtful skinny shaming is, conventional beauty standards just don’t seem to convey derogatory when a skinny girl is in a bikini. The whole ‘dress for the body you have, not the body you want’ statement is horrific. I can see it now, the rolled eyes at unbuttoned shirts and prominent belly flab, the gasp in horror at thick thighs in shorts, the instructive observation, a tutting sound and a shake of the head to follow “no way should they be wearing that when they’re that size, they need a pair of leggings to cover up” as though they’re next level Beyonce with a degree in vogue. I’m nowhere near at ease with my not totally slim but not totally fat body and struggle with feeling conscious so I know just what it takes to pluck up the courage to venture outside dressed differently to the usual without great worry and I can’t stand to read or hear snide remarks regarding the way someone looks without my blood pressure rising. Some are more sensitively reactive than others (quite frankly, I applaud and envy those who stride with their head held high not letting any torment affect them), you don’t know what it took to overcome their insecurities whilst the recurrent surveillance confirms their confidence fears.


How dare you tell another human being (with feelings may I add) to cover up or constraint to hide themselves away just because they don’t measure up to your supposed rights and wrongs? Why are people allowed to make others so distressingly uneasy whilst they push the enforcing societal norms upon them? Do you not understand how patronising this sort of response is? I’m sorry it’s so painful for you to catch a sight of cellulite, I’m sorry the view of scars, marks and even bum cheeks make your eyes burn and a muffin top is so offensive. Is that the worst possible circumstance? That you’re uncomfortable with someone else’s decision making in what they wear, not that said person is content and carefree. It speaks in marginal volumes about objectifying society when unattainable, photo-edited magazine a-listers used to sell sex and the latest diet are classed as ideally fine but the real world displeases us. As the saying goes; if you don’t like it, don’t look.


At the end of the day, fashion choices are just that; fashion choices. They’re not limited to a certain constellation nor are they a solid purpose to criticise. Whether it’s an excuse to show off your cracking body, sections of your perfectly imperfect body you’re damn proud of or purely because you want to stay cool – dress for you and you only. Do what you want, make the most of the glorious weather, go all out and buy a swimming pool if you must, just don’t apologise and let anyone stop you from doing your thang!


Are you enjoying the sneak peak of summer without judgement?


Bridie x


The Twelve Stages Of Shopping In Primark

Posted on 6 min read


When I was writing up my Primark haul I had a short brainwave that I just knew I had to act on. It occurred to me that shopping in Primark (or Primarni better known to some) isn’t just an ordinary task, it is in fact a wild journey that brings an influx of emotions, thoughts and feelings and although there may have been similar posts that have been done before, I felt it was only necessary to share my take on having an open door to the spellbinding store and the stages we go through when we take a deep breath and head forward – because, let’s face it, no matter what our status or how much we’re in denial, we’re all Primark worshippers at heart.


stage one: the pre preparing | it tends to be a ritual from the minute you leave your house to the moment you’re walking towards the huge blue sign and the security guard who most probably knows your name by now. Your mind is often running with the idea you will NOT over spend, buy silly, pointless things, and fall into the beguiling trap; all of which backfire once you’re in there, of course.


stage two: the excitement upon entering | as soon as you burst into the door all arms open, the overwhelming amount of colours, rails full of goodness and profuse bombarded spaces hit you full force. You’ve already seen at least three items you need to get your hands on, so it’s time to grab that wheelie basket and go raiding.


stage three: the immediate wandering | the moment you arrive at your Primark destination, eyes are deeply infused into every inch of every section to ensure you don’t miss a thing. It even goes as far as the baggage you don’t need. You own an uncountable number of basic £2 t-shirts in each colour but you’ll pop another in your basket anyway because you might as well whilst you’re here. Ohhh and is that cotton pads I spy? Yep, I’ll have four packets, please.


stage four: the browsing | the browsing long continues for a good hour or so and you often get worried the staff will judge you for hovering round, back and forth in the same spot intensely or pacing the shop for miles searching for a suitable full length mirror. Not to mention that display you’re so desperate to rummage in but daren’t because the shop floor staff have only just rearranged and tidied. I guess I’ll just have to wait another ten minutes then, just to be sure.  


stage five: the discoveries | there’s a world full of opportunity in Primark, ranging from tacky to classy, to cheap to a little bit pricier which means it leaves room for you to get too exhilarated about the excellent creations found within. There’s the random bits and bobs like false nails, key chains and phone cases, the Disney t-shirts that aren’t really appropriate for anyone older than six but you love them anyway, there’s the fluffy socks, the pugs, doughnuts and cutesy animations printed on every accessory… EVERYTHING IS JUST FABULOUS. And then when you’re done squeal-obsessing and it dies down to a more serious endeavour, you spot an item that looks super chic and expensive, pray they have your size before you even root through, rejoice when they do, and then go on to explain how it’s such a bargain because you can find an ‘almost identical piece in Topshop that would have been £20 more’!


stage six: the debating |  by the time you’ve reached this point, your basket is guaranteed to be piled up, yet you’ve strolled past another section and seen something else that’s tickled your fancy. Picking up and putting down, contemplating whether you should get rid of those rings that will more than likely make your fingers green, then realising £2.50 won’t really make a difference to the grand total. You just can’t hold off from anything because that voice in your head is telling you do it, do it, or it might be sold out when you come back another day and you can’t be having that post shopping regret hanging over you now, can you? So many first world problems.


stage seven: disappointment | it’s not a trip to Primark without a smidgen of disappointment; not being able to find that shirt you saw on the latest vlogger’s haul or the outfit in the window (do the shop models even wear their own clothes??), the refusal to pay over £10 because that’s damn right outrageous (even if in other stores it’s immensely cheap), the attempt to ignore the mess that really does bother you as you trample across it, and the unfortunate avoidance of the lingerie section to search for the £1.70 priced pair of knickers you desperately need to stock up on purely because it resembles a bomb site. Such a shame.


stage eight: the panic | it’s all well and good dragging your mum along or your equally Primark addicted pals who aren’t the slightest bit bothered you’re wasting your life in there because they’re willing to do exactly the same, but when you lose your accompaniments in the mass as you whiz off like a mad woman it sends nothing but sheer fear and it means you have to dedicate even more of your schedule to searching down every aisle (if you can call it that). Even then it usually sequels in a phone call of answers because you’re just too damn tired to hunt the large store.


stage nine: the rage | by now you’re probably well aware of the irritability you’re starting to feel; you’re fed up but you’re nowhere near done, you are one hundred percent sure the temperature levels have soared as you start to degradingly sweat, the head to head competition between one last item and two determined members of the public ready to fight for it, the intolerable crowd of people (especially those visiting from another country who have never experienced the Primark atmosphere before), and Primark on a weekend? Don’t even bother.


stage ten: the changing room break | your arms are ready to break and you have an unseen view of the situation behind you due to the build up of clothing in your basket BUT it doesn’t stop there. It may be time to go try all said clothing on but you’re still gonna have to roam repeatedly due to the not particularly beneficial 8 items only limit. May as well crack out your evening meal and top up your make-up whilst you’re sat down next to the mirror questioning your existence, though. Spending half your life shopping is a tiring job, you don’t get time for food or sprucing up, no-uh.


stage eleven: the queuing | finally, you’ve decided what you’re definitely buying and you’re slowly making your way to the tills. The horror washes over you as you realise the queue is abnormally long but it doesn’t put you off. You’ve just gotta get on with it, deal with the crying babies, be influenced by the in your face products featured next to the tills, smell the candles, place more in your basket, grab the sweets and breath spray because, er, you’ll never know when you’ll need it, and hold your head up high.


stage twelve: the aftermath | you’re out, you made it, you deserve a pat on the back and a huge cheer – until you realise you forgot to look at a certain section you actually went in for, that is. Aiming to just call in for a pair of tights – walks out without a pair of tights and two whole bags full of stuff you have no room for.  As the initial shock, guilt and remorse about how much you spent (the totalling up at the counter almost made you faint) wears off, you wonder how you ever managed without a sassy slogan top and those super soft feel pyjama bottoms, and you’re absolutely delighted you managed to bag an entire wardrobes full for the same cost of just one or two items elsewhere. THEN, just as you thought you were out of the exhaustion zone, your paper bag (or two) splits. Remind me again why I love Primark so much?


Are these stages familiar to you? Hope you managed to get a lol out of this Monday morning start to a four day week! 


Bridie x


So, you’re a fashion blogger, you must love yourself?

Posted on 4 min read


If I had a pound for every time I heard that, I’d be able to jump on the next plane to the Caribbean and avoid any more misinterpretations of this apparent self vanity I possess. The assumption that every blogger who photographs their personal style for the world to see holds this palpable, narcissistic confidence couldn’t be further from the truth. Or so I certainly think so in my shoes (no pun intended).


I’ve struggled with self-esteem issues most of my life and that often takes an affect in my daily thought process. It doesn’t matter how many times I’m told I look fine and am given warming compliments, I will look in the mirror, be unsatisfied with every inch of what I see and continue to complain about how dull my skin’s looking, how huge my legs appear, how flat my hair falls (and so on, and so on). However, what I will be almost always pleased with, is the choice of clothing I’ve chose to dress in that morning. I’m the first to give myself a one sided hi-five when I create a top notch outfit as I venture into my distinctive sartorial appearance and that probably is shown in the way I present myself as I prepare to face the day ahead.


Fashion for me is an escape route, an essence to hide behind when the rest of me wants to scream. Nothing makes me happier, more energised and refreshed than updating my wardrobe and finding a piece that suits me right down to my soul. Discovering a flattering technique doesn’t mean I’m no longer body and face conscious, it means I’m enjoying evolving my inner passion of fashion and it provides me with this new found urge to work and focus on me and my flaws. I don’t choose to go out and photograph my tailored torso because I’m an egotistic person (my sheer nitty picking and close to crying behaviour when I’m recapping on the photos taken will tell you so), I do it because I’m intrigued in the topic, sharing style, being influenced by the individuality of others and taking pride in what they have to say.


Receiving comments from both my close ones, and the general public on how I’m supposed to view my perception of myself becomes irritating after an encounter of shrugging and biting my tongue. “How can you hate yourself if you pose for pictures like that”, “You can’t think that worse of yourself when you’re always dressed up”, “Stop moaning for attention”. Truth is, my inner style guru is undoubtedly more assertive than I ever will be. I am like a different person when I get into the zone, I can strut my stuff as though I’m a VS model and can even handle the hassling horn beeping but that’s because fashion gives me power and control. I do almost forget about my modesty issues and my body worries when I’m excited to share a designed ensemble. If I feel pretty, I’ll reflect on that rapidly (and probably reuse the photo for every social media profile I behold) but guess what? If I feel rubbish, I will also most likely scrub myself down to the ground. No matter what the circumstance, you can’t jump to conclusions that I’m far up my own a*se and you definitely can’t define me by the edited photos I share online. I’m sure we all struggle with self-acceptance, even those who are in the public eye constantly and have a fashion-based career. It’s like saying just because a chef cooks, he or she has to love every kind of food.


NOT that I have to elaborate or explain myself to those around me, if I want to show some self-love I will do without issue but don’t tell me I’m lying when I feel I need to let all my negativity out, too. Shaming whatever the situation means you can’t win either way. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with admiring and embracing who you are, I find it super empowering and inspiring when someone is 100% comfortable in their own body. What I’m trying to say is, I’m not at that stage – even if it seems otherwise by the fractional fragments I feature on my blog. I rarely take selfies because I can never find the right angle, I like to snuggle up in sweaters with a lack of glamour, I fail at contouring like a pro and pick faults in everything I do but I’m a person who finds a topic they’re dedicated to, who tackles the encounter and develops that passion – and being a fashion blogger does just that. I don’t love myself, I love what showing off my poise allows me to become.

Do you feel the same way I do? Do you experience any prejudice towards the trademark ‘fashion blogger’ name?

Bridie x


London Fashion Week: the blogger street style edition

Posted on 3 min read


So, London Fashion Week is officially over for another season and whilst the fashionistas recover from a busy schedule of celebrating global style, experiencing the designer shows, catwalks and presentations, living the glamour life and totally rocking that street style, I’m still sat on my sofa feeling completely inadequate, frantically finding inspiration from updated social media, and admiring and applauding the uniqueness that fashion week brings.


As much as I enjoy viewing the upcoming collections (from the comfort of my own home may I add), street style is my absolute favourite concept and I could spend hours gathering put together outfits for later swooning, reflective usage. The idea of regular people on the street being recognised for their individual, distinguished dress sense is great, and it must feel rewarding getting papped with a whole load of attention – because all that effort has been recognised! Something I undoubtedly support is the way bloggers are now classed as some of the most influential participants, their hard work is frequently interpreted and as a community, we’re getting more and more involved. No matter whether you’re a beginner or a blossomed blogger, fashion week opens up opportunities, gives you a chance to express yourself, and most importantly, allows you to expand your brand and is a way of allowing us to discover new names (which I definitely have done).


I’ve come across tons of outfits that shone out and it was difficult to pick just thirty but I managed and I wanted to share my favourites along with you!


HANNAH from afashionfix shows how an all grey outfit can be stylish, chic and sleek

SAMMI from samanthamariaofficial brings sartorial wonders with a crisp, clean cut white combo

LUCY from shinythoughts compliments her quirky edge with some double denim layered on bright colour

ALIONA from fromalionawithlove brings the plain maxi dress alive with some soft faux fur

LINDSEY from ropesofholland conducted comfort and character with a fabulous box bag

PATRICIA from peexo wore the mustard shade perfectly with some spontaneous colour fusing

ANOUSHKA from anoushkaprobyn had me heart eyed with this favoured pretty oversized bell sleeve lace feature piece

LIZZY from shotfromthestreet experimented successfully with more mustard in this tailored design

LAUREN from nakedfashions brought out her feminine side with this pastel pink dream two-piece suit

DOINA from thegoldendiamonds remained snug and sexy in trusty camel and black

JOSIE from fashionmumblr represented a flourished Parisian in a delicate, soft colour palette

LYDIA from lydiaelisemillen once again appeared stunning in a minimal monochrome masterpiece

HANNAH from hannahlouisef stuck to her urban routes with a staple bomber and a pair of amazing ankle boots

EMMA from ejstyle pulled off the androgynous attitude whilst looking incredibly cosy and polished in her layers

TAMARA from theglamandglitter ensured it was all in the detail with this double colour block

MONIKH from tresmonikh threw some fresh white slingback heels to a casual but cool structure

CAMILLE from camilleovertherainbow kept it real with an oversized but modern twist on outerwear

SCARLETT from scarlettlondon opted for nothing but elegance in this fetching girly ensemble

MEGAN from pagesbymegan proved once again she is the queen of skinny scarves, baker hats and mixed prints

VICTORIA from inthefrow brings nothing but style envy in some fierce, lavish navy and black attire

BIBI from bibigoeschic holds a classy couture in a beautiful silhouetted dress


JOANNE from petitesideofstyle flaunts her lengthened pins with simple flares and some extra denim texture

IMOGEN from fashionimogenation had me utterly obsessed with her right-up-my-street high street style, so much so that I chose two of her looks. Her double denim and that Zara top and pinafore combination is a winner.


GEMMA from whatsinherwardrobe looked super refreshing in her neutrals and youthful dungarees; totally spring like

CAMILA from camilacarril absolutely killed it with her sophisticated styling of the double jacket and unified hues

HAYLEY from frockmeimfamous looked incredibly suave in warm stripes, a wrap cut skirt and matching shaped shoes


ZINA from fashionvibe elevated the well loved scandi style in her pyjama representative co-ord set and sunnies

ELLE from theellenextdoor reinvented her cuteness with a slouchy, wrap ASOS jumpsuit spectacular

and finally, ROSIE from afashionforte remained an ultimate babe in a bold statement jacket and a relaxed luxe white duo

Did you attend fashion week yourself? Are there any particular looks that took your fancy?

Happy weekend!
Bridie x