& Other Stories Spring Sale Wishlist

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It’s been a long while since I’ve put together a wishlist post – since Christmas in fact, which makes this one all the more fitting to publish as I accumulate spring inspired pieces from the annual sales and at least try and convince myself we’re over the worst of the unseasonable weather (the single digits and weekend threats of snow say different but i’ma just pretend there’s hope of being warm for a second, okay.)

& Other Stories isn’t a place I usually head to, not because it’s not my thing but because it’s totally my thing and that’s the problem. For your average gal, it’s a little pricey, which means the Swedish inspired attire is typically admired from afar as a tear rolls down my cheek flipping from my bank balance to the latest raved about garb in the blogosphere. BUT, of course, this is where the sales work their magic – giving lil old me an opportunity to bag a couple of staple items to add to my now pretty limited wardrobe at a bargain discount price to my advantage.

I can get a bit spendy happy when the sales are on so I have to curb my habits as best as I can manage. I’ve gotten better at sticking to a recurring theme (so much better in fact I’m planning on writing a post about how I cut down on buying clothes, do let me know if this is something you’d be interested in reading!) so I have a clear idea what I’m reaching for, now.

In this case it’s an eclectic mix of basics and statements that aren’t only perfect for the winter to spring transition, but which stay a la mode for a good proportion of time. The presentable formal items are a firm favourite of mine, and I absolutely adore the colour of the wrap over dress! The out there, vivacious prints and bold, jazzy colours are something I’m interpreting more into my everyday style – and as for cosy knits, you can never go wrong no matter what time of year. At the top of my list are the fluffy bright pink block heels; just imagine how amazing they’d look on top of a tan strutting down some sunny Spanish streets.





Dressing For The Party Season All Year Round

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If you were to search for the definition of my exterior in the dictionary then you’d find something like this:

“Average sorta girl with a more than average dress sense.”

Yes, I’m that person.

The one that everyone asks the infamous question of ‘why are you so dressed up?!’ to no matter what the occasion.

The one that has to clarify it’s just who I am.

The one that plans their outfit although all they’ve got on the agenda is a trip to their grandma’s house.

The known formal one amongst a friendship group.

The one that endorses suiting and booting to the extreme!

I am totally pro elegance and pro ample styling. I have the kick it up a notch kind of attitude when it comes to clothing choices because I feel two things; 1) that the way you present yourself really can speak for your personality in ways you don’t have to express with your mouth, and 2) it’s empowering, how a singular ensemble can harmonise the powerful feeling within; like you have your very own Audrey Hepburn sat on your shoulder whispering praise into your ear, lighting up your confidence like an ignited flame to the point you really can start to warm to both your external mirror image and internal guise.


That’s definitely how I felt when creating a killer combo with both these killer dresses kindly sent over to me from Tobi. The first was a glitzy sequin number*  that’s made purely to amplify your best assets, and the second a simple velvet floral print dress* that can be worn as it is or with layers underneath and above giving off those low key “I just threw this together and still look cool af” vibes.

I went for the latter, I eschewed the typical skin on show nightlife look and threw in a basic high neck, a black coat, and some fringed earrings to make it a more tailored day-to-night look. Complete juxtapose to the black sparkly attire, paired with my favourite coat, and also de-crossed to add definition to a bare neckline, but a direct complement towards the sort of person I am.

Dressing up your glam level is insatiable for me. I realise this every time I swap being a wallflower for being a sociable patron who’s delighted to leave their house (it’s becoming a more regular thing as I advance into my twenties and I’m both surprised and proud) especially in the past couple of days as I spent some time in London for the National Television Awards ceremony – parading around in my foil flared trousers with a low neck statement piece truly made me feel like ~the part~.

As the familiar feeling returns, so does my urge to shout from the rooftops about how you can rock whatever you feel your best in whether it fits in with your inferior schedule or not. Party or no party, if you excel in being daring and out there, if you want to test and trial, if you feel like putting on a pair of heels to head to your local newsagents, then go for it.


I mean, it’s not as though it’s a 24/7 thing (and even if it was, there’s still no rules or barriers there).

I can appreciate the fact there’s nothing more pleasing than sat at home in your comfy pyjamas with your feet up, veiled from the appearance you reveal daily, but I can also appreciate the fact when you dress to impress it really can create a bubble of bliss that you don’t get from anywhere else.

I love to just chill out, but I also love to think out of the box in my style tastes, and I really do believe I can fit the best of both worlds.

Personally, the motto “dress like you’re gonna blog about it” is a aphorism to live by.


*Items marked with a * were sent to me for review purposes. Please read my disclaimer for more information.


A/W Trends With British Vogue

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I’d say sitting front seat with a glittery chocolate strawberry, fruit on sticks, and a fresh smoothie at a Vogue event in collaboration with John Lewis over at the exquisite side of Leeds that makes me feel more affluent and superior than I actually am, is most definitely a peak of my blogging experience.


A few weeks ago now I was invited down to a group conference with the lead fashion experts discussing the newest, upcoming trends, what’s hot and what’s not, the key pieces you need in your capsule wardrobe, and the tips and tricks on how to seasonal style like a pro. Ellie, the fashion feature editor of British Vogue was our talker for the evening and was on hand to showcase her favourite autumn/winter transitional garments she’d picked up whilst racing round the second floor of womenswear like she was on supermarket sweep (the ideal dream, tbh.)


Separated into sections, she guided us through the six lead building blocks into creating an everyday staple assemblage, along with an insight into what she’s personally digging and some sage advice on what buoyancy to opt for regarding your individual tastes and body shape. To my satisfaction, Ellie was all about that autumn dressing, favouring corduroy and cashmere, coats and boots, deliciously thick jumpers layered on top of flowing dresses and body swamping scarves over flimsy dresses and summer sandals. I vigorously nodded in agreement at this statement, happy to hear there’s someone else who feels the same way I do towards the fashion down low in the colder months.

The highlighted trends were all about wearability, comfort and investment but without taking away the simplistic sartorial sophistication. It was all about understated pieces with a twist, those you can experiment and expand with and the variety of essentials that are bound to carry you right through to next year and beyond.



I don’t know about you but as soon as October hits the hunt for the perfect coat is first of priorities on my list. This year is particularly lavish, with patent leather, brocade, those chunky borg and teddy textures you can throw over night or day and the traditional fur being all the rage, but what is high up there with the finesse is checks; from houndstooth to windowpane, Prince of Wales to tartan and your ordinary heritage checks – it’s the must have statement this winter not just according to Vogue but everywhere you turn. An asset you can pull out like an old friend and style up with strong versatility; bringing instant polish to jeans and a sweater at the weekend, or over a black shift dress for work. Those longer lengths work to your advantage with a mini skirt and boots!



Perfect for the upcoming party season and thankfully still bang on trend carried right through from summer to the autumn catwalks. Picking out a silk dress, a skirt, or a blouse you are constantly going to reach for throughout the year is ideal for e.g. a slip dress you can pair with a roll neck through the day and whip off at night. British weather is unpredictable even in the wintertime so to have that minimalistic covering to either wear alone or layer up is handy. Ellie pointed out that the yolky yellow colour is currently in the spotlight (proved right by the audience basing their outfit around the shade) so that’s a super flattering colour that works profusely to look out for whilst shopping.



A classic neutral toned jumper is a must have this autumn/winter; paired with the timeless styling of ribbed fisherman and polo neck structures you’re on to a winner. Stepping away from the black and navy that can often wash you out and the brighter colours such as green and red, the more inventive plain shades are on the horizon and you can afford to delve into the beyond.  It’s named ‘cereal’ for a reason, think on the spectrum of oatmeal, biscuity beige, bran brown and even a lighter cream and you can’t go wrong. Both softer on the skin and the complexion, and tremendously trend-resistant!



Or otherwise known as the coatigan. As Ellie said; Notting Hill style dressing is back in full swing, just a little less 90s. A blanket coat is the secret weapon in many a well dressed woman’s wardrobe no matter what their age. Understandably they may feel a little too lumpy but they’re easily preened to suit you distinctively. Vogue says the key to styling a coatigan is to look for tailored, slim shapes that don’t swamp the body, preferably double faced (without a lining) – and to cinch with a belt if everything is looking a little on the bulky side.



The main focus on the catwalk was the extra hardcore thigh high boots but knee high boots are a step down if reaching those extremes doesn’t take your fancy (I know I definitely wouldn’t be able to pull them off… or pull them up for that matter). Just over the knee or knee high boots are a great alternative to ankle boots and a way of injecting some modern elegance into your daily attire. Leaning towards a slouchier cut rather than skin tight is the best approach as it’s kinder on the ankles and knees and balances the proportions of a chunky knit and a slim silk skirt better. You don’t have to just stick with black, either, there’s plenty of light toned choices out there to vamp up the achromatic.



Last but not least, it’s the final touches you add to boost the vivacity in a well put together outfit to stop it from becoming repetitive. It’s easy to become stuck in a black rut as the light fades (not that there’s anything wrong with that but it’s fun to mix it up sometimes) and often enough an accessory or two can be the ultimate decider and an easy compromise if you’d rather keep the majority of your look understated. Mixing and matching with accessories gives you a chance to add splashes of the season’s key brights to your wardrobe through the power of shoes, bags, jewellery, hats and whatever else fits your individual style.


Ellie picked out a fresh, grass green bag from Kin by John Lewis to pair with the grey checked coat and it was visibly obvious how well the contrast worked – it just enhances the excitement. Another option is in the shoe department, a pair of metallic silver boots with a cone heel (two more popular trends this season) would elevate jeans and a silk blouse for the evening or if flats are more up your street then embellished trainers that still look cool and retro without the typical Nike and Adidas are an effortless substitute.


Jewellery is still an important catwalk story and more specifically the frosted rhinestone kind that follows up till Christmas to implant some sparkle into those festive occasions; specifically the perspex and acetate styles that are back on the agenda. Huge earrings are everywhere at the moment and the bigger and bolder the better. I’m absolutely loving tasselled and drop earrings at the moment and it’s something I wouldn’t ever think , so it just goes to show how it’s worth taking that risk! The motto for this year is: don’t shy away from letting esoteric designs act as sartorial ice-breakers.

I was kindly given a gift voucher for John Lewis in my goody bag to help towards my winter wardrobe construction and I can’t wait to get properly started with these six objectives in mind!


Have you started your A/W shopping yet?



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Wednesday Wishlist: Topshop LFW Edit

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It’s that time of year again, folks. Where London Fashion Week arrives and departs in a flash and all I get out of it is a sudden need to splash out in Topshop and an inundation of bloggers piecing together outfits that deliver new season inspiration when it wasn’t so long ago I was still hunting the shops for floaty dresses and camisoles.


Admittedly (and shamelessly), I don’t conventionally follow the designer catwalk shows and the extravagant fashion that stems. As much as I do appreciate a premium treat in the eyes of Alexander Wang and Henry Holland, as much as the collections are fascinating to look at and the backstage glam a delight to admire, and as much as I do enjoy people’s perspectives on the latest trends and hearing about how they’ll be incorporating those into their personal tastes; high street style is just way too close to my poor heart – which is why what really has me hooks is the everyday in frow street style and the ensembles you can pick up with a click of a button and next day delivery.


There’s many off-the-rack stores that are killing it as we move into autumn (doesn’t help the fact it’s my favourite season to transition to and my budget is always on the low but hey). New Look did a grand job of displaying their LFW edit through the eyes of influencers, H&M smashed it with their Erdem collection, and River Island remained ever the super chic but Topshop always stands out for me – in particular their unique and boutique display and the appointed message they bring to their runway shows; this being I believe a young woman looking for something to wear on a Friday night.


The current designs and garments are everything my style represents and I adore so much of the fresh content. Metallic leather, blazers, two piece suits, wide leg jeans, checks, faux fur, statement dresses, and pointed boots by the bucketload. Above is an all round summary of my top picks and coincidentally they formed into groups of outfit tailoring without me even realising. That goes to show my brain is already automatically programmed to the multifaceted choices in a Topshop closet!





Tune In, Switch Off, & Relax with Joy

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Joy – a feeling of great pleasure and happiness. That’s what the dictionary defines but it also deemed true in actuality, on a crisp Wednesday evening in Leeds city centre a few weeks back. I remember paying numerous visits to the old Joy store in The Light back when I was a teen; the quirky tea dresses and the tongue-in-cheek gifts being right up my street – and with a timely tour of the modern version I discovered nothing has changed since it moved over to their bigger and better Northern flagship store. The brand has kept its signature niche of glamour and edgy clothing tailored to suit playful personalities (think vintage style Cath Kidson meets Urban Outfitters) and quite frankly, with all its glory, it is just a great big bubble of joy.


I was invited to enjoy a general laid back, informal event at JOY by the lovely Jennie and its aim for the night was to bring bloggers and members of the public together to see the commodities on offer, meet the old and the new, retrieve some great content and contacts, discuss ideas for future events and best of all – have a mingle, grab a drink, browse the collections, get your nails done and even participate in some yoga ran by a professional instructor (which I didn’t take part in due to my extreme clumsiness and lack of physical strength and posture but the music running through the grounds alone was enough to hypnotise the soul).



A delicious fruit smoothie and a glass of prosecco, lots of friendly faces and a warm welcoming saw me through my couple of hours spent roaming and admiring both upstairs and downstairs of the store. Laid out carefully and faultlessly were the array of arrangements that drew you in by their appearance, the fresh autumnal shades, and lots of unique pieces you wouldn’t find on the ordinary high street. For me, it was the dreamy homeware that won me over; from printed photo frames, to my beloved copper, plenty of cacti and influential reads – all carrying that retro theme that made me want to burst out into the house recruiting scene faster than the non-summer that’s mulled into September. But then there wasn’t just that assemblage that caught my eye, there were the floral prints, the wrap dresses, the stripes and best of all – a matching red crab handbag and purse. Very designer-esque with an affordable price tag!



As I ventured I wasn’t just able to admire the shelves and rails packed with clothes, accessories, furnishings and even a selection of novelty birthday cards, I was able to capture the ambience of the place whilst interacting with plenty of babes left, right and centre and that made the experience even more pleasant. I ended the night having a sparkly makeover and a giggle with the skillful Nails Inc team, where the smell and look of coffee was transferred onto my nails (crazy, right?!). There was plenty of positive feedback from the night and I’ve already told myself I must make it more of a norm to head down to Joy for a splurging shopping spree or two. Whether you’re searching for an outfit, looking for the perfect gift, holiday shopping, or set on bringing a room to life for ornamental purposes – this is the place to be and I’m sure the photos alone show why! My Instagram is about to become a whole lot more tasteful.



Huge thank you to Jennie, the Joy team and the lovely ladies at Nails Inc, I’ll 100% be back and can’t wait for more JOY fun to unfold!


Have you joined the Joy propaganda? There’s talks of a similar event happening in London due to the success of the Leeds introduction so keep a close look out for future occasions!


Bridie x