The Sunday Natter: knowing your worth as a blogger

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If one thing’s for certain, we now live in a world where blogging has changed the way the media reach out. What almost always starts off as a small hobby, a place to share your thoughts, feelings, and experiences now has the possibility of transforming into a lifelong global influence. This ever growing industry crave new and upcoming blogs with individual and creative content bursting to be set free and placed upon your own personal space which is why no matter how big or small, whether you’re a beginner or an expert, we’re all just as important.


Whether we like it or not (I’m half and half about the technology taking over real life subject), we now live in an internet based society. In this day and age, blogs and YouTube channels are appearing faster than you can count which means it’s easy to compare yourself (positively and negatively) to each and every profile you reach. It’s extremely necessary to point out how your unique work, your motivation to keep going, every photo taken and word written is something you should be proud of. I suppose what I’m trying to say is, that today’s Sunday natter is all about realising how your sideline made purely from effort, passion and love is relevant to everyone in the field of the community.


On the outskirts of blogging are the people who tend to judge what you do. Don’t ever let someone’s (mostly wrong) impressions stop you from setting yourself a goal. Yes, there’s the minority who start a blog for any old unrelated freebies and abuse the definition of blogging but for others, it’s about wanting to build an audience, connecting with your readers, getting some bonus benefits out of what you enjoy and even providing some helpful information and awareness for others. Blogging is an amazing platform. PR’s and brands are slowly but surely noticing how much of an authority it can have and are approaching bloggers frequently. Gone are the days we automatically turn to the magazines and papers for inspiration – hello to the relying on bloggers to provide trustworthy opinions and to influence the trade. To now potentially have the access to a successful career in the fashion, beauty, food, film, music (and so on) industry from a website you’ve gradually built up is insane. I don’t think people realise just how much hard work and care it takes to provide quality. It’s not just an ‘attention seeking’ selfie, a quick snap of a new makeup piece or a day spent trying on and switching up clothes. If someone has no experience in the business then I don’t think it’s their place to comment. I’m no way in a professional position but I do know it’s okay to want your accomplishments to be noticed and recognised.


It’s quite easy to get caught up in the competitive side of making a name for yourself too but I think as long as you stick to your niche and the topics you love to express, then you will stay firmly on the ground. Confidence shines through when a true piece of you is submitted. Whether that be a wishlist, a review, an incision into your own life, a newly displayed dress or a recipe. What you compose is making a difference. People are leaving the answer to their questions in your hands. Blogging is the social future. Carry on doing what you’re doing because you’re doing a great job!


Do you feel the same way? This series of posts was made for you lovely lot to give your opinions so I’d love to hear your side!


Bridie x


Life: A 2014 blog round up, what I learnt and future goals

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It’s the 31st of December which can only mean one thing, it’s time for a summary of the year that seems to have vanished without warning. Currently, I’m having a “how the hell is is 2015 tomorrow?!” moment and trying to recap on the best moments 2014 has brought me. On a year filled with ice bucket challenges, the Oscar selfie, Alex from Target, Kim K’s rear end and selfie sticks; for me it’s been another average year, filled with good and bad things, except this time I think the positive outweighs the negative.


This year I’ve managed to tick off a few of last years goals (I prefer to call them goals because I never ever manage to stick to resolutions and I like to think I’m working towards something rather than ordering myself to do it). I’ve made the most of my favourite musicians being on tour and bought tickets for many more concerts, I’ve spent time away with my loved ones and concentrated on the priceless encounters that keep the heart pumping, I got to fulfil my dream of visiting London and seeing a musical for my 21st, I enjoyed a 17 day break in sunny Spain and most of all I achieved much more than I could imagine out of this little piece of the internet I can be proud of.


Without trying to sound all inspirational, if there’s one thing I’ve learnt as each year goes by, it’s that life throws challenges at you for a reason. Obstacles are there for you to find the best way out, do what’s right and turn a situation into a lesson gained. This year I think I’ve finally stepped out of seeing every hurdle as a downer and tried to turn that around with a head held smile. The same goes for my blog, there’s been many up and down moments. I’ve lost motivation, I’ve put so much effort into a post and had nothing back, by god I’ve felt  like giving it up completely but there’s nothing more satisfying than seeing where you are now and knowing you followed the right path. Developing is a learning process, in the real world and the blogging world. Taking each step at a time, compromising with the speed of the opportunities, pushing yourself to go with your thoughts, and working towards/building smaller objectives is the way forward.


Compared to last year, I’ve seen a massive difference. Yes, I’m no where near where I’d like to be; no, that doesn’t put me off. I only use that thought as inspiration for me to carry on advancing. With that in mind, I got to work on a list of my favourite blog achievements from this year. As little or big they are, each one provides me with a reason to strive towards succeeding.


1) Evolving my style. I am now at the point I know what I want, both clothes wise and mind wise. Blogging has helped discover the real me which was hiding behind someone dying to get out. I can go out and be comfortable in my own skin, I’m thinking more about being fashion forward when buying and I’m actually forming a style pattern (high neck jumpers, basic black garments and lots of shoes, I’m pointing at you). As cliche as it may be, I am thinking of doing a comparison type fashion post to highlight my key bits and to allow myself (and everyone else) to view the change so if you’re the slightest bit interested in seeing that then do let me know!


2) Feeling the enjoyment. This year has proven how much pleasure I get out of blogging. I don’t do it because of the perks or because I feel like I have to, I do it because I love it. I love reading blogs, I love discovering blogs, I love the excitement I get when I think of a new idea and I love sharing the hobbies in my life with you all. Only now, I need to be more consistent.


3) Being approached. 2014 has been the year of recognition when it comes down to my blog. I have had so many more PR emails and invites in my inbox, hey I’ve even managed to be shared by Primark on their Facebook page a couple of times and despite the stigma of narrow minded individuals accusing bloggers only doing it for the freebies and the easy money, it’s nice to see people thinking you are capable of the activities being questioned. No way did I ever think I’d be at this stage but I take it as a huge compliment when I get asked.


4) Growth of stats. Last year I was thanking everyone for my 81 followers, and reached my 10,000 page views. Fast forward a year and all together I have 582 followers, over 35,000 views and have attracted an increase in comments. I have more than doubled in views and eighthed (I just made that word up) in readers. I’m certainly no Olivia from What Olivia Did or Kate from ghostparties (which take top seats in my favourite bloggers of 2014 amongst many others who I never got the chance to display in a separate blog post may I add) and it’s not a magnificent amount but for me, it’s pretty incredible and pleased is an understatement.


5) Attending events and becoming more involved in the blogger community. This has to be my favourite of the five. This is something I’ve always desired and something I can now tick off the wish list. This year I was invited to seven events and managed to attend four; the Merumaya chat in Sheffield, Paul Mitchell Gift of Style in the swanky Quebecs Hotel, M&CO Christmas themed Fashion Party and my one true love, the Lush VIP Opening Night in the White Rose Centre. With this came many friendly faces, lovely girls and conversations that felt like you’d known them forever. There’s not a better feeling than finding someone  to your loves in life and understanding your beliefs, both online and in person and with that, comes great happiness.


As per, the list of achievements is nothing opposed to my new goals I have set myself. One of my targets is stop being so tough on myself but I always find something (or more like a million things) to improve on. As each year passes I find myself reaching heights I wouldn’t have dreamt of grabbing the year before. Kind of like a never ending ladder, there’s always something at the top I’m urging to get. I find aiming and focusing in stages works better than doing it all at once and although they link together in more ways than reckoned, I think keeping personal and blogging goals separate is also an easier way to record and achieve.



1) Take myself out of my comfort zone. That, and trying harder. I’m one of those people who easily gets out of situations by making excuses or sitting back and ignoring the voices in my head telling me to go for it. Although I’ve enhanced a great deal recently in going with my heart and noticed how beneficial it is to my well being and how it really wasn’t that bad, I need to shake off the awkwardness, learn to say yes and don’t let anything stop me.

2) Create a photo diary. This is something I’ve been meaning to do for a while now but never got round to doing so. I already have a memory box which I constantly keep adding to and which brings back all sort of emotions when visited but photographing a number of moments throughout the year to then recollect into one big recap in December would be equally as pleasing.

3) Show my character. Expressing my personality is something I find difficult, especially around strangers or people I feel I need to impress. I find being myself easier in writing but when coming face to face there’s a whole lot more concealed because I think that’s what’s best. I want people to recognise me by a distinctive attribute. I don’t think I have a stand out trait or anything that defines me and I think symbolising my true self will help that in the real and blogging world.


4) Speak up more. I often stay quiet to avoid trouble, despite being strong minded and whilst I deal with the build up of blood boiling ready to pounce. Sometimes I just can’t be bothered with the hassle an opinion brings in today’s society but I find expressing how I feel tends to clear my head and I’m glad for sticking up for what I believe in. This also intertwines with my blog, I feel like it’s time for me to bring more of my personal thoughts away from fashion and beauty. Whether my readers will like that or not I don’t know, it’s all about taking a risk.


5) Stop worrying about what other people think (and despite it being hard with an anxiety disorder, just stop worrying full stop and quit analysing every little thing). Another issue that eats me up, especially when the opportunity of meeting new people arises. I am always in constant fear of being judged, I avoid deep conversation, hold up on responding and  daren’t acknowledge my qualities and oddities. Next year, it’s time for change. It’s time to be honest and true to who I am, and if people don’t like that, then I guess they weren’t worth it in the first place.


6) Concentrate on me. I mean this in all ways; giving myself praise, allowing some precious me time, doing what makes me happy, stop comparing myself to other people and stop wishing I was like that person who has more. It’s time for me to be content with what I already have and with that will bring a boost of energy my way and then I can place that into perspective, including my blog.


7) Make a difference. I have a wish to help and inspire others with the actions I take. This still hasn’t happened and I NEED to get cracking on it. I’m not really sure how, but I do know there’s plenty of people who crave help and advice in the world and if telling my story helps in any way, then that I shall do.


8) Live for the moment. Not for the social networking. It’s so easy to get caught up in the the latest tweet rather than what’s right in front of you these days. I hate how much technology has taken over children and everyday social skills, yet I’m guilty of having my head in my phone and my laptop from morning to night. Taking a picture is an exception, it’s always nice to treasure the moment by capturing it but I must remember having your head stuck in your phone at a gathering means you’re so much more likely to miss out.


9) Be healthy. Just like everybody else’s resolutions, I know, but I’m necessitating a detox as soon as January hits. I had a health kick in the summer but that soon deflated in winter. It’s amazing how much better and confident I felt when I exercised, introduced a balanced diet, drank plenty of water and regained a normal sleeping pattern. I had a glow in my cheeks and now I just feel sluggish 24/7. I don’t just want to change the way my body just flumps into one flabby shape, I want to rid of my bad habits, improve fitness levels and work towards an all round better lifestyle.


10) Explore. I am such a travel admirer, I’d kill to travel the world, in particular Dublin, Paris, Prague, Italy, Berlin, Greece, The Bahamas, the whole of America, and Dubai. Unfortunately for that, you need lots and lots of money which up until now, I’m extremely short of but that doesn’t mean I can’t explore my own country. I want to shake things up in the new year, go places I’ve never been before and pick out the best parts of England that are much more approachable. Who knows, I could discover a masterpiece.


1) Improve photography. The best decision I ever made was to get a DSLR and a versatile lens but it’s the technical usage of the camera that’s the tricky part. Since blogging, photography has become a passion. I’ve most certainly polished up my photography when looking back on what I produced last year but I’m determined to learn more about hitting the right angle and the ins and outs of taking the perfect picture as 2015 hits.


2) Be more innovative. As blogging is becoming more and more popular as we speak, it’s tough to fabricate content that’s original and one of a kind. One thing I aim to do is to jot down and compose of any ideas I have for my blog posts, whether it’s simple or bizarre. A lot of projects have been done before but I believe it’s the way you make them your own that counts. Copying isn’t cool, creating integrity and a unique twist in a topic, one that relates to and fits you to a tee is a better option.


3) Get planning and organising. I need to start scheduling my blog posts in an organiser or a spreadsheet (just to go all executive on you), writing down the days and having a rhythmic routine for my shambles of a daily ploy. I’ve been meaning to do this for so long yet I still leave everything to the last minute. I don’t want to be sat up till 1am writing a blog post because I feel like I’ve let my readers down. Having something ready just in case and doing blog stuff in chunks (like photographing lots of things for different posts all at once for example) is my aim for next year, as well as leaving some spare time to de-stress and relax, knowing things are done and dusted. Balancing the two will most likely enable me to do so.


4) Include personal and controversial topics. As I said before, my own personal views manifested into my blog is something I hope to grasp. Often these sort of issues are pushed aside but I enjoy having a rant now and again and it would be interesting to see what other people think. Obviously there’s no right or wrong answer and I’d keep it clean and simple as causing offence is not what I’m wanting. I just think it’s a great way to get people talking and I won’t feel so down on myself if people do agree with something I feel passionate about.


5) Post more regularly. Like the planning and organising, I need to keep repeating that over and over so it registers in my ever so forgetful brain. I’m gradually getting there; there’s days where I can write up half a dozen posts and then days where I stare blankly at a screen. I think with the preparation of posts will come more drafts and I’ll find myself getting into a proper routine. Let’s hope anyway.

6) Have a dedicated day post. I really love reading these sort of posts. Like Amy’s Sunday Posts and Charlotte’s Motivational Mondays. It’s not only invigorating, it’s something different from the rest, it gives you something fresh to congregate and you are guaranteed at least one post sorted every week.

7) A new blog design. A professional one this time. This is the first thing I’ll be on board with in 2015. I’ll gather up all the best recommendations, do some research and take it from there. I never really thought spending money on a layout is necessary but I do believe an ordered template which is easy to follow and eye catching at the same time makes a hell of a difference to who reads your blog and who scrolls straight past it.


8) Having a domain. This is another big step for me. I think a new year is the perfect time to give your blog a revamp and in my case, it’s the perfect time to revolutionise to a .com or a For one, it will make me feel all professional (but trust me, I’m definitely not), secondly I will have my own individual url and thirdly, it’s much easier to type. It’s a win win situation here, guys.


9) Interpret more style based posts. Not just outfits (although I am planning on basing a whole lot more of my content around how I choose to style my wardrobe), but a summary of everything that links in with style. Ever since I was little, I’ve been a fashion crazy sorta lady and I’m always following up the latest trends and advice so why not include that in some posts?! Also, I’m hoping to mix my outfit locations up a little. This probably won’t work as I don’t have anyone available for travelling the city looking for scenic backgrounds but still, there’s no harm in trying and wishing to achieve.


10) Remember to give myself a break. Things get on top of me so easily, I’m wound up instantly and I panic stress at the thought of a super busy day ahead of me, constantly telling myself I won’t be able to manage. Although I do see my self-criticising improving, I’m such a pessimistic mare and I’m the first one to shrug off anything optimistic said about me. I’m repeatedly paranoid and think i’ve never done enough of a good job. This has to stop, I need to learn to give myself a pat on the back and stay cheery for more than 5 minutes.


I feel like I have rambled way too much for one post, which sounds about right for me. Maybe this is another goal for me to take into consideration; know how to stop once you start! Anyhow, I must dash as today is a busy day. It’s always double the fun when it’s your mum’s birthday on New Year’s Eve. Not like we’re doing anything fancy, the poor birthday girl has to work till 7,  and everyone has deserted her, so it’s just me, my brother, grandma, cousin and partner heading off to Frankie and Benny’s (I may as well add to the appalling diet I’ve encountered over the Christmas festivity period. One more slap up meal before the detox won’t hurt, right?!) and then a quiet one at home afterwards, celebrating the new year with a toast to good will and a happy, healthy start because after all, snuggling in a warm, cosy house with ideal company and going to sleep as soon as it turns midnight is more appealing. Granny life all the way.


I hope whatever you have planned for tonight, you have the loveliest time. Whether that be a glitzy, sparkly event, a trip down your local boozer, with your whole family, or just with the main people in life who you can always rely on, like I am. Celebrating your way is important because there’s no one like you and that’s what makes the world go round (another failed inspirational motto for you to soak in there).


With that in mind, I want to thank you for coping with my whining ways, your interest in my blog is what stimulates me to carry on and I hope you make my day by continuing to read in 2015. Happy New Year, and I’ll speak to you next year! (I always get a kick out of saying that!)

Bridie x

P.S. if you have any blog/general life aims for next year, feel free to tell me them as I love a good insight into other people’s lives!


A new beginning

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Hello my dearest followers! If you’re wondering who the hell this new kid is on your reading list, don’t panic! You may or may not have realised that I’ve had a small change on my blog and have decided to revamp my space and transform it into something fresh. I think currently, Oh So Bridie didn’t feel right anymore. I just wasn’t digging the name anymore and fancied creating something a little more catchy. After two full days (I’m not joking!) of pondering over slogans, quotes and anything else I could mash my brain with, I finally came up with ‘Upon My Sleeve’. I settled for this purely because it had a ring to it and it fits in with the theme of my blog. A “sleeve” being a clever way to relate to fashion, and the entire saying ‘Upon My Sleeve’ meaning it’s coming straight from the horse’s mouth. My words are always my own and they roll off the tongue when making a note of my most loved things. Of course, with a new name, comes a reborn design. I’ve not rejuvenated it too much and have kept to the same layout but I feel as though it’s now more simplistic and readable. After a few days of making sure everything now links to my new URL, it’s finally up and ready. I just have to figure out how to transfer my Bloglovin’ followers to my new blog name without losing any traffic, which if I’m correct, I think means contacting Bloglovin’ directly. I hope everything is working fine and I hope you’re still able to see this on your feed. It sucks being a non-tech savvy individual at times!




2014 is near, have a happy new year!

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To be quite honest, I’m still bewildered at the fact 2013 will all end tonight when the clock strikes midnight. I can’t quite get my head round where this year has gone, and  I only hope 2014 doesn’t go as fast otherwise I’ll be married with kids before I know it (utter scary thought there). In summary, this year has been pretty average, I’ve struggled through the bad times but picked myself up with the good, just like previous years but the major change being, 2013 was the year I began blogging and expressing my (not so) invigorating life on to the internet. Without sounding like I’m attending some sort of press conference, I’d like to start off by thanking every single one of you for taking an interest in my blog. I never thought 1 person would read my ramblings, let alone 41 (and 30 bloglovin’ followers) and today I reached my 10,000 page view milestone which I couldn’t be more pleased about! Every single comment means the world to me and in opposition, reading through the blogs that inspired me to create my own (and still do), plus discovering brand new blogs also adds to my enjoyment of blogging.

I don’t think you realise just how much an entire situation, person or place can change in a year until you look back on the events that have occurred throughout those 12 months and I think it’s so easy to to forget everything that has happened which is why it’s nice to look back and take a retrospective look of the memories shared. Mixed emotions arose as I gathered together pictures from all kinds of social networking and created a little cycle of proceedings. On one hand, my appreciation of the opportunities I’ve had and the people around me increases, but on the other hand, I can’t help but think what I’d do differently if I had the chance to go back there again. Now, here’s a little insight…


The year started with almost all towns and cities in Britain being embellished with snow, and lots of it. Although pretty to look at and take pictures of, I wasn’t a fan of the cold and the trudging delicately to avoid a broken neck but if the snow decides to make a reappearance in 2014 when I have nothing to do or nowhere to go, it’s more than welcome. Like most years, 2013 has been a year of concerts. and with 2 more already booked for February and March next year, I’m super excited to step foot in the venues and have that same wave of happiness that I feel every time, spread within me. In my eyes, there’s nothing better than seeing my favourite band or music artist live, meeting up with those people who you’ve met through said artist and absorbing the joyful, fulfilled atmosphere, even if the endless queuing and waiting in the cold for hours doesn’t seem worth it, it always is. Although I’ve been lucky enough to meet some of my favourite celebrities and musicians this year, it hasn’t happened as much as I’d hoped (and the pictures are pretty hideous, which can only mean new ones are needed) so I think as that’s what makes me smile the most, I’ll continue taking up every chance that spirals in 2014. As I’m the sort of person who thinks being with family cures all concerns and boredom, I’ve encountered countless trips to the shops with family and friends this year, spent the majority of time either planning events for my family or being around them when those events are happening. My grandma’s surprise 70th birthday party was a definite favourite moment of mine, we’d had it planned for months and no matter how many times she insisted she wanted a party, we had to cover up our ‘guilty as charged’ faces and wait for the night itself. It was a brilliant turn out and my Grandma’s face as she walked in the door was priceless. It was a milestone for my brother this year as he left school, attended his end of year prom and started a new beginning in college. On the night of prom, him and his friends dolled up to the max and succeeded in becoming grown ups for the night. Everybody looked stunning and admittedly, I felt like a proud mum watching him mature into a young man. A fancy dress party we attended was another treasured night, full of laughs and silliness. I transformed into Marilyn Monroe and felt just like a glamour star (ok, maybe not as elegant as the lady herself). However, at my Boudoir Superstar photoshoot, I did feel like a million dollars. I’ve also been fortunate enough to take a few local trips away including a lovely trip to the seaside for the bank holiday, which ended the summer holidays on a high.

Something miraculous happened this year, and that was England actually having a hot summer (yes, you did hear right!). It made such a difference to how I spent my summer and how I could alter my outfits to actually look pretty, light and flowered. This time round I was able to meet the requirements of what the season should be about and participated in the things I love the most. My birthday was in mid June in which at the time it was typically raining but that didn’t stop me having a whale of a time in Scarborough seeing my favourite boys The Wanted at one of their summer gigs, who coincidentally, I also saw a few days before at the very intimate and pleasant setting of An Audience With The Wanted. Aside from that, I mainly relaxed, found myself becoming more attached to fictional characters in both books and films and then being left an emotional mess. I also continued to gobble down mass amounts of my favourite food, explore the beautiful nature and surroundings (which doesn’t look as appealing in the winter) and look forward to the main event of the year; going to FLORIDA! It was necessary to recite and reminisce Florida with caps lock because if it was socially acceptable, I’d still shout from the roof tops just how much I loved it there. Disney is my weakness, so are theme parks, so are sunsets, and unwinding by the pool with palm trees and funny looking creatures coming to say hello, and America had all of this gift wrapped. The memories of that place will no doubt stay with me forever and it is now my life goal to travel the rest of America and other places I desire to visit across the world (maybe I could incorporate that into my New Year Resolutions if I won the lottery). Another thing I found myself doing this year is picking out appropriate, meaningful life quotes and introducing them to my lifestyle and my mindset (and bedroom). I’ve been working on my bedroom all year, continuing to browse for inspiration and put in every inch of detail and purpose in the decor to make it more me.

As Autumn/Winter drew in, my clothes changed, the weather changed, my makeup changed and even the colour of my hair changed. I’ve learnt an awful lot from blogging, most of which I haven’t even had the chance to assert into the ever so circulating blogosphere.  Fashion became an even bigger part of my life, a skincare routine bloomed, an ever growing makeup collection became more noticeable and I became engrossed in nail art. I’ve had many ideas, tried out different products and worn many outfits but had no time to step back and review, therefore it’s affected the way in which direction I want my blog to go in, something I hope to develop in 2014. Stepping away from that, if there’s one thing I have learnt is that people aren’t always going to stay the same and stick to what they say, the run up to a great life with no mishaps is not going to be a smooth run but maintaining your positivity and having faith in those people who are still around, will help and guide you along the way. I am extremely lucky to have such a supportive, trustworthy, genuine, unique and crazy bunch of people in my life. There’s not many of them, but I’ve realised I’d much rather have a few people there who I know will always be there to lend a hand and succour in me fighting a daily battle, instead of a whole load of people whose words speak louder than their actions. Christmas time was extra special this year, especially when it comes down to remembering and cherishing our greatly missed, lost loved ones and appreciating those precious moments together as a family. One thing that stood out for me, was perceiving the development of my beautiful second cousins, Laila aged 3 and a half, and Bentley, aged 2. Comparing their vocabulary, their abilities, their individual, cheeky, adorable ways to last years Christmas manifests just shows how fast they grow and I’m so very overwhelmed by their evolution of being babies to young children with their own thoughts and views. As a matter of fact, it’s made me look forward to the day I settle down with a partner who understands me and the day we decide to create a family and whoever that may be, I hope there is an incline of your show in the new year (I should have warned everyone of that soppiness spilling over, I’m sorry).


Quite clearly, there have been some remarkable moments and highlights in 2013, but realistically, I’m looking forward to a fresh start in 2014. I’m hoping for a further positive change, and will try my very best to contribute towards that and reach the goals I’ve always dreamed of. As each year passes, it proves you can get through whatever challenges life throws at you and when remembering everything you got up to, you notice that the delightful times always override those days when you feel like nothing will improve. As an end to an insightful post from my ever so uncontrollable brain, I have gathered together some New Years Resolutions that I’m going to have to push myself to stick by this year.


My blog

1) Post more regularly and make those posts much less long-winded and more broadened and appropriate for what my readers are interested in seeing from me (so if there’s any suggestions do let me know).


2) Have a revamp of my design. I do get bored mega easily so it would be great for me to either interpret some minor changes or go all out and completely change my blog and its design around.


3) Improve my photography on my blog. I’m still yet to get the hang of my new Nikon, and my aim for 2014 is to get my photography up to a higher standard and to the look I desire.

4) Become involved with Twitter blog chats. I always seem to miss these subjected chats every week and this year, I’m going to plug it into me that I must remember to join in as I think it’s a great way to meet other bloggers and open up a bigger variety. I may even consider setting up a separate Twitter page dedicated to my blog instead of communicating via my personal account.


Life all round

1) Become much more motivated. This means in all ways, in changing my diet and exercising daily, to following my heart and my head and getting on with what I want to do instead of putting it behind me constantly.


2) Develop a normal, regular sleeping pattern. Now for me, this will be tough as there’s many factors in my life that has messed my sleeping pattern up left, right and centre. But, with every force within me, I am going to try my hardest to go to bed at the same/a similar time every night and get up at the same/similar time every morning to develop a regular routine. I feel this will benefit me in many ways. It will affect my mood, making my down days much easier to deal with, it will make my skin healthier, my eyes less baggy, my brain in a less over-thinking state at 2am and I’ll feel refreshed therefore, feeling healthier and less drained.


3) Stop thinking too much into things. I have a major, irritating habit that grinds down and prevents me from doing what I want to do. Next year I want to try out a new technique; stop dwelling and worrying about things that can no longer be changed and use them as something you can learn from instead, stop hesitating whether or not to do that thing you’ve been avoiding or holding back from telling someone your feelings and just go ahead and do it, as long as it doesn’t hurt anybody close to me in the process. If you want dreams to happen, I guess you can’t sit and wait for it, you have to get up and make it happen. After all, this year overall has shown you just don’t know what’s around the corner.


4) Spend more time appreciating the people I do have in my life. At times I can be selfish, I can say things I don’t mean/say the wrong thing, and take advantage of not only the people I have in my life, but the luxuries too. Next year I want to focus on the present tense and make the most of every gratifying moment but also spend less time being nice to the people who take advantage and focus more on the people who deserve my attention and truly do care.


5) Continue to get rid of the badness in my life and don’t let things bother me as much. The best decision I could have made towards the end of 2013 is to wave good riddance to the disappointments, the users and the let downs, I now need to follow on from that and try and brush the ignorance and hypocrisy of some people straight past me. I get annoyed way too easily and this year, I’m going to attempt to forget about what I see and read, try and not let it bother me and take my mind elsewhere. I think my attitude to life will improve that way.

6) Help others. Continuing on from focusing on the present tense, that includes focusing on using my own experiences to make a difference to others and attempt to inspire others. I would like to take part in some more voluntary and charity work, maybe even fundraising. I have plans on which direction I want to put myself in.


7) Stop spending so much money on items I do not necessarily need (but this excludes splurging out on high end skincare products as that’s something I’d like to do next year). As a girl, we all know we’re guilty of spending, spending and spending some more on clothes, shoes, accessories, makeup, beauty products and so on. As a blogger, it becomes even tougher to resist going out and buying the latest craze. For me, a clothes obsession is the main problem and I think it’s time I cut back on what I do spend on clothes before my wardrobe explodes. Somehow, i think this will be one of my resolutions that won’t stay put for long, but I can give it a try, right?

8) Catch up with old friends/friends I haven’t seen or spoke to properly for while and arrange to meet up with friends that I’ve never had the chance to meet. Next year, I’d love to start spending more time with my true friends and creating those old moments that I deeply miss.  It’d be even better if I got the chance to meet new friends too, especially if it evolved from my blog or my interests I’m passionate about.


9) Arrange and plan more gigs/music events. Finally, I wish to have a very musically orientated 2014. Music is a big part of my life anyway, but next year I hope to discover some new bands or maybe not as that’s more bankruptcy and spend the remaining cash I hopefully save when refraining buying clothes, on my current favourite music artists and new and upcoming ones. Ultimately, I’m my cheeriest and most uplifting when around music, so it will count towards and undoubtedly play a part in my love for it.

10) Get started on organising my 21st birthday. I have a few ideas in mind, no pointless parties or something that will be no relevance to me whatsoever, but I’d like to spend the day/weekend doing something extra special that I’ll enjoy and treasure. There will be the usual family meal I suppose, and then I’d like to jet off somewhere I’ve never been before. London, Ireland, possibly even France (if I save up that is).

I think it will be greatly interesting to look back on this post in another year and A) See how well I’ve done at sticking by my resolutions and telling the truth and B) Evaluating and analysing how/if my blog developed the way I wanted and hoped it would. I’m excited to see where the adventures of me and my blog will lead in the next year and I’m enthusiastic to see what 2014 brings. I do apologise for my sloppy and almost cringe worthy statements in this post but if there’s ever a time to be like that, it’s at the end of a fulfilled year.

If you’re still reading; first of all, you’re amazing, secondly, please go take a break because I can only imagine how deprived of entertainment you must be with me babbling on and thirdly, thank you, so much and I hope you continue to stay with me and enjoy the next chapter of Oh So Bridie as 2014 approaches. Now as said, I best crack on with resolution number 1 straight away and go start getting ready for tonight. Happy New Year, enjoy those last moments of 2013 to the extreme, and have a drink on me!

Lots of love…