The Sunday Natter: seeing life through a blogger’s eyes

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It’s no secret us bloggers, vloggers and all round online sensations love a good photo/video session. As someone who is fully accommodated to the typical stereotype that comes with being a blogger, I never seize an opportunity to capture the moment and when I’m in the company of other bloggers, I can’t help but feel thankful there’s a mutual affinity; no longer am I the strange tourist in the corner, I’m a normal person who just enjoys taking pictures of everything in sight in fear of not having the memories kept close by to record and look back on in the future. The question is, is there a limit? I don’t particularly think so but other ‘ordinary’ members of the public just don’t seem to get it and that’s what I wanted to discuss in today’s chatty Sunday post!


I suppose there’s many pros and cons to being a full time photo-taker, and not just the achy hand from carrying the camera kind of problem. In some ways, the pressure to constantly quick away and get all the small precise details of your expectations of photo right there on the spot can be difficult, and walking away to then remember you forgot to take the main picture to include in your previously planned blog post is a bane BUT actually there’s so much more positivity to venturing into dedicated clicking and shooting.


I take my camera E-V-E-R-Y-W-H-E-R-E with me, I can’t go to an event or a special occasion without it and along with my trusty iPhone camera, it speaks more than words ever can. I’m used to the funny stares as I’m constantly on my feet moving to a certain angle to capture flowers blooming next to a plain old tree and the tutting from my close ones as they get annoyed with the many pit stops. Sometimes I do feel as though I’m obsessive and a burden to a casual outing but actually I don’t think there’s anything better than taking a spontaneous adventure and managing to savour the moment by successfully creating a fine story through what the eyes can uniquely see.


As humans, we are responsive to visual cues. The idea that a single image can convey the essence of the present atmosphere meaning emotions of an individual can bounce off and provide a reaction is a wonderful one indeed. I think in a photo, the characteristics shine through and it can give you a feeling of involvement. In some ways I agree with the statement that you don’t need to document every part of your life to enjoy yourself but I also believe it’s nice to recognise a worthy period of time. Yes, it’s easy to get too caught up in capturing that perfect picture so you miss that split second but I don’t believe technology stops you seeing the world for what it truly is. In fact, it’s the complete opposite. It makes me see what is right in front of me, dig deeper and prove a picture can be exceedingly powerful.


An image you’ve produced is something you can be proud of, it’s a small token of your hard work and desire to strive. It’s a way for us to project our life and appreciate the nature around us. That’s what I love about photography, it’s the little things you notice the most. Someone could brush off a day trip to the park, but as photo lovers, we see the potential. It allows and forces us to stop, take a minute, acknowledge our surroundings, the simpleness of the fresh air and all the pretty colours. Since becoming a blogger and being an avid photo taker/ Instagrammer, I certainly see the beauty in objects and situations I wouldn’t have previously thought twice about and I’m glad I can now look into something further than the standard. We may rearrange tables and disallow any food touching until a photo is taken. We might walk for miles to find a wall or a building that matches the outfit we’re wearing after admiring the architecture on the way there but that’s our way of valuing the simple but effective treasures and that’s what we’ll always choose.


What are your thoughts?


Bridie x


Life: 2 years on – my blog birthday

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Two years ago today I published my first ever ‘proper’ blog post. When I say proper, I mean I was completely clueless on how to start this journey that I felt was right for me to delve into and ended up rambling on about a bag I bought from the five pound store. Not the best initial launch I must admit, in all honestly I had no idea what I was doing but everyone has to start somewhere, right? (and you certainly learn the ins and outs as you go along).


When I look back, I think about where I wanted to be, my aims, my purpose, why I chose this path and actually, I didn’t have an outright answer. All I knew was I’ve loved fashion from a young age and I’ve enjoyed being the typical girl as I grow; makeup, clothes, nails, all what comes along with the stereotype. I guess I intended on spreading that love over to a little page of the internet that can reflect me as a person. It does continue to express those thoughts and past-times but I’ve come to realise blogging includes a whole load more deeper attributes and indeed does require a great deal of effort and hard work. It’s a world of fun, stress, excitement, honour, and now in current society, a strong hold of power.


Something that originally started as a hobby has now become a part of my everyday life and activities and is something I feel so truly passionate about. I enjoy every aspect of blogging; the photo taking, the writing, the events, the new faces, the inspiring, the kindness (forgetting the unnecessary rudeness), the constant developing, the goal reaching, the bonding, and most of all the connection with the blogging community; full of warmth, friendliness and thoughtfulness. Other bloggers were the sole reason I decided to give it a try and to this day, you all spur me on to thrive and keep pursuing and as cringey as it sounds, are the base of why I carry on exploring and trying to evolve for the better in this competitive yet extremely supportive blogosphere (even the fashion and beauty influencers who cause irreversible damage to my bank account on a daily basis).


I’m not going to lie and say I haven’t found it difficult, I have. In particular, in the area of building up a loyal reading. One thing I have learnt is that numbers aren’t everything, but sometimes, as you see a noticeable decrease instead of a continuous increase amount of followers it can be disheartening. There’s often days where I easily lose motivation, start comparing my place to the higher individuals, and feel like throwing in the towel but that inner blogging spark of mine pipes up almost instantly because it’s what I enjoy doing. It literally only has to be a mention of a new lipstick or a subject I need to vent about, and I’m back in the swing because it’s what us bloggers do best. There’s only certain aspects of life that can only be defined if you are a blogger and that’s why I’m proud to now feel like I belong somewhere, like I fit in with this ball of often unexplainable craziness.


Despite the minor downfalls, it’s mostly been all uphill. I never thought two years ago, when I was completely baffled how to even attach a photo to this strange, unfamiliar and overwhelming environment, that I’d be where I am now. My blog has opened up doors I couldn’t ever have imagined existed. I’ve been given opportunities I could have only dreamed of, I’ve been introduced to the most loveliest group of girls, it’s given me something to focus on and most importantly it’s shown me and made me feel like I’m actually good at something other than procrastinating (well, there’s also been plenty of that over the two years!).


It’s still insane receiving any kind of communication and praise. I wasn’t expecting anyone to be remotely interested in what I had to say and display but you brilliant lot proved me wrong. I hope you know I’m always so grateful for each and every one of you who take the time out to comment with such pleasantness; whether that be once or repetitively. I don’t always reply and I feel I should get better at doing so (I’m seriously considering changing my comment system to Disqus so I can directly respond) but I do read and take in all the positivity and it never fails to make me smile and give me that boost I often need.  I’m always a little startled when I log on to find out humans from all areas of the world are viewing my blog and I do hope, somehow, discovering my unfinished masterpiece has made even the smallest impact.


To quote the Backstreet Boys; no matter who you are, where you’re from, what you do, the blog world accepts everyone for who they are and I love the fact a huge variety of characters with different traits and personalities are brought together to share the same love. I never used to exclaim the knowledge that I blogged but now I don’t see why not. It’s not something to be ashamed of, hell it’s something to scream from the rooftops. Having your own platform where your can escape and express your ramblings without fear of judgement is pretty amazing. Blogging has certainly been my longest standing hobby and I don’t plan on leaving anytime soon. I’m way too invested now. It’s the one topic I haven’t got bored of and hopefully never will which means I’m afraid I’m going to be around for a long time and you’re stuck with me. The uttermost rewarding feeling is seeing the progress you make and the people who appreciate it and I cannot wait to see what the next chapter brings. Thank you for your readership, your friendship, encouragement and commitment.


And don’t forget, I still have a live NARS giveaway especially for you. (A lipstick doesn’t compensate to what I should be giving my readers but it’s my way of saying thank you without access to face to face contact and those deserved hugs).


Lots and lots of love, Bridie x


The Sunday Natter: staying motivated in blogging

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As bloggers, we all know how much of a roller coaster ride this hobby and/or occupation can be. There’s times we we’re full of enthusiasm, tons of ideas are sparked up and put to work, but then there’s the days where you’re feeling completely unmotivated and tired, as though you’re stuck in a never resolving rut and it feels like you’re going nowhere. Feeling like you just want to give it up does happen, it’s normal and most probably healthy in order for you to grasp that balance but it’s finding those pick me ups which proves difficult.


For me, this week has been one of those weeks. I’m only just starting to feel human again after a viral illness struck me without warning. Not only have the troublesome germs wiped me of all energy, they also seem to have taken all my desire of blogging on the road to sneezing and stomachache along with them. Maintaining my interests and willingness has gone for a burden over the past few days. I haven’t felt like posting or planning at all this week and I don’t know whether that’s because I’ve been under the weather and all I craved was my bed or because it’s becoming more clear how challenging and time consuming blogging can be. I’m not sure what’s wrong nor what’s happened to my optimistic outlook but I suppose you don’t always have to have a specific reason as to why you’re feeling disheartened. I’m aware how common these (usually over dramatised) moods are but it starts becoming a problem when you’re frustrating yourself with the inability to keep up with content. I adore blogging and everything that comes with it but I always feel like I’m letting not only myself, but my readers down. It’s hard to keep pumped without little to no progression but it’s also helpful to remind yourself of the reasons you’re doing what you’re doing which is why, for today’s post I thought I’d list the ways I try and stay motivated. It’s hopefully for the benefit of you but it’s also an ideal post for me to have in hand (or should I say in view) for when I need another boost.


Find inspiration | one thing I find helps more than anything is seeking influence from all kinds of aspects. Whether that be reading your favourite blogs, flicking through the latest magazines, browsing Pinterest or Instagram and collating a little group of  things that deserve a heart eye emoji, or even remembering the real world – stepping away from the internet which can sometimes be overwhelming and exploring the latest trends and attitudes through your very own lens.


Appreciate and build on the little wins | it’s good to pick out and remind yourself of the achievements you’re most proud of and it’s even better to make a comparison of where you are now to where you started. From the writing content, the imagery and the quality – I don’t think you quite realise the immense change until you have it right in front of you. Even looking back on comments or emails which made you smile and were the sole push you needed to carry on providing, helps. Recognising even the smallest of accomplishments is a contributor towards keeping your mind in a positive place. It allows you to move forward in terms of future blog plans and urges you to keep going.


Plan goals | being the forgetful person I am, I always have to jot down any random thoughts or ideas, as well as the captured inspiration I’ve found elsewhere. No matter whether they’re single words or sentences, whether they’re big or small, or don’t make any sense to anyone but you – it all goes towards a list of subjects you can grab and paint a bigger picture with. With brainstorming and getting everything down on paper comes setting yourself goals and with every little new factor, you have an opportunity to work towards something different. Slow and steady wins the race, once you start with small aims, you can reach for the more advanced goals. Praising yourself when you study and learn, when you reach a milestone, are impressed with your photography, or even when a post goes down well will benefit your motivation and determination hugely. Celebrate and rewarding yourself at every hurdle is key for recognising your efforts.


Stick to what you love | there is no point blogging if you don’t enjoy the topics you blog about. It’s important to write about what you feel passionate about, not just jumping the bandwagon and writing about something mediocre because everyone else is. You can totally tell when someone’s heart and soul isn’t into a post which is why it’s important to stick to your morals and interests. Pushing yourself towards a talking point that you’re not sure of won’t benefit you in the long run. Blogging is a way of expressing your personality and you can do this by following your genuineness which in turn will boost your ambition as a writer. Your readers will appreciate your authenticity and you’ll start to appreciate yourself.


Ask advice | it’s easy to hold back in fear of acting cowardly but seeking help and advice can actually do you the world of good. If you need to ask questions regarding blog concerns or just general chatter to someone more expertised, then go ahead. It could be guidance from my favourite blogger, or from someone whom I’ve trusted for a long time like family and friends but whatever I choose, taking on and including their input tends to spur me on in promoting my blog content, It’s also ideal to ask  your audience (no matter whether that’s 50 readers or 5000) what they’d like to see and whether there’s anything specific they’d like you to comprise. After-all, they are the ones listening to what you have to say and could even provide you with ideas you wouldn’t have thought of otherwise.

Take a break | to avoid piling yourself with too much pressure, I think it’s always important to take a break when you find it’s getting too much and when you need to analyse what you need to differ in order for you to be happy in moving forward with your blog. I find getting a good night’s rest and waking up feeling refreshed clears my head, gives me a new sense of direction and builds up my readiness to get cracking. Whether it’s for one day, or even taking out a couple of weeks for yourself, if relaxing is what you need then make use of the freedom. I often find myself being afraid of disappointing if I don’t blog for a while but most of the time it improves and contributes towards renewing my creative side. Coming back into it with an reinvigorated mindset could also equally be an advantage of how your blog comes across. Focusing on one element for a week or so would allow you to bring lots of exciting changes to your blog – and all for the better!


Accept failure | unfortunately, you’re not going to go through the blogging journey without making a few mistakes here and there. Things aren’t always going to run smoothly but that’s what makes it so unique. It’s living proof that if you’re failing, you’re doing something and acting wisely. With failure comes learning and with learning comes improving – it’s all one big learning curve. Punishing yourself isn’t the answer which is why you shouldn’t be too hard on yourself and over scrutinize the situation. If something’s not worked out how you wanted it to be, only time will tell until you know that was for the better because your current performance is the one that’s thriving. Remember, the more you fail, the more you succeed.


Go with the flow | don’t be unrealistic and set yourself a crazy schedule – take a laid back approach and go from there. It’s great to plan continuously and consistently but telling yourself this is not a race, it is not a number game nor a competition, and you don’t need specific elements to be deemed victorious is also essential. I often notice that once I get into writing a post, I can’t stop and I find those posts written from scratch are not only which represent me best, but which seem to get the most traffic. It’s the getting started which impacts the most and once you do that, you’re on your way to staying focused!

What keeps you motivated? I’d love to know!

Bridie x


My top ten blogger style crushes

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Even though I’ve blogged for a couple of years now, I realised in a general daydream that I’ve never actually paid any official blogger love and support with a dedicated post and that’s something I wish to do more (plus, what better time than a fresh, new month!). I believe every blogger needs positivity and encouragement headed their way just to keep their spirits up and to let them know they’re doing a great job. After all, it is the power of fashion blogs that have allowed me to invent my style. I spend 99% of my free time browsing the latest blog and Instagram posts to see the outfits all my favourites are rocking and there’s nothing that inspires me more than paying full attention to the uniqueness of individual style. It was difficult to pick just 10 as I love so many but I narrowed it down as best as I could and I hope you enjoy!


1) Sarah from That Pommie Girl | Is there anything this girl doesn’t look amazing in?! I am so envious of her wardrobe, especially her collection of coats and high heels which if even attempted to be worn by me would end drastically. I love how she pulls off just about anything, from feminine to sporty, to minimal, to bold prints. I adore the way she puts outfits together, the shades chosen always compliment each other. I’m currently lusting over the nude inspired trends and Sarah is my go to person for a display on how to work it!


2) Melissa from Media Marmalade | I’m always in awe of Melissa’s simple but chic collection of clothing. There’s so many classic vibes that bounce off her blog. She takes ordinary staples and turns them into something unique to her personal style, and she’s not afraid to experiment with vibrant colours as the main feature. Plus, her photography is completely dreamy.


3) Lindsey from Ropes Of Holland | I feel as though Lindsey is the queen of layering. She always has that oversized, casual, relaxed feel to her outfits that I zest over. I love the way she mixes and matches but always stays true to her style. Not to forget, she totally rocks the denim like nobody else can!


4) Hannah from hannahlouisef | There’s no doubt about it, Hannah was the one who made me fall in love with the grunge type of look. She is so fierce, and I don’t just mean with that epic hair colour. The pieces she picks are always stunning with that combined vintage to cool contemporary design which I covet.


5) Olivia from What Olivia Did | Olivia is the ultimate babe, in fact she was the one who inspired me to start up my own fashion blog and the one who continues to play a huge part in enabling my indulgent purchases. I always see myself wearing the garments she wears but I didn’t think anybody can pull them off as well as her as she makes it her own and incorporates that into her beautiful photography. The way she presents herself so elegantly with a vintage to modern appearance is idolising and she just seems like the sweetest, lovely lady.


6) Camilla from Into The Fold | Camilla is another blogger I seek for layering inspiration. The array of shapes and cuts of clothing she creates within her outfits really compliment her smart/casual sense. She just has that spot on, amazing, laid back style that appeals to me on an everyday basis.


7) Victoria from In The Frow | Aside from being stunning and having the prettiest hair, Victoria also has the most eye catching sophisticated style filled with lots of different prints and patterns entwined, from plain to abstract. She is fun and upcoming fresh and would totally make the ideal pin up girl. I find she encourages me to reach out further into the world of vibrancy as I desire her take on pairing minimal with lively.


8) Megan from Pages By Megan | I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of seeing Megan’s creations – outfit wise. She has an effortless sense of style and I admire her quirkiness. A girl who can pull of suede as proficiently as her is a girl after my own heart. Also, she is 100% responsible for all my ASOS swooning and purchasing.


9) Amy from The Little Magpie | There’s no doubt about it, Amy is royally beautiful – in the way she dresses and the way she carries herself. Her signature style is right up my street, with the right amount of exclusive and exquisite key pieces. From 90’s grunge, to all the fur and vintage prints, to the colour popping items; she has it all.


10) Kristina from Kayture | As well as being absolutely flawless, Kristina has the style to die for. I’m sure I don’t need to introduce Kristina to the world as she’s already almost famous everywhere but there’s no harm in once again stating that her street style is one of the best I’ve seen and followed. When I think of her, I think of fresh white, neutral, chic and refreshing and she never disappoints. She’s definitely my most favoured influential, international blogger.


Who’re your favourite bloggers?


Bridie x


The Sunday Natter: why blogging is important to me

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I’ve noticed there’s been a lot of negative talk recently around the value of blogs and vlogs and truthfully, the vacuous and lazy-lack of knowledge attitudes in the non blogging industry have got right on my nerves. Today’s Sunday Natter chat along was not only brought on by the aim to prove the reluctant folk wrong but was also inspired by the #crazybloggers chat from the other day. Part of the topic was based around what we get out of blogging, how it helps us, and what purpose it gives us and I realised, after blogging for nearly 2 years now, that having my own piece of the internet has impacted more than I thought it ever would. Not only has it brought many opportunities, developed my discovery of brands, and allowed me to meet many others who share the same passions as I do but it’s also opened up my mind, allowed me to find myself and taught me some lifelong lessons and skills along the way. Today, I wanted to share some of those with you and see if you agree with my five.


1) It’s allowed me to express myself.

I’m a very reserved person, I tend to keep the personal issues to myself and I don’t like discussing my life face to face. I’ve always struggled with confidence, whether that be making my voice being heard or with my appearance; I’ve just never felt worthy enough. Blogging has changed that completely. I wouldn’t say my self doubt has entirely vanished but it has encouraged me to speak up, share and experiment with the things I’ve always kept to myself. It gives me the freedom to spill my thoughts and feelings and reveal myself as a person. To have a place you can escape to without fear of being judged is pretty fantastic and it’s the small platform I’ve built that urges me to carry on. I still find it crazy how people actually want to listen to what I have to say and show but they do so for that, I’ll always be thankful.


2) It’s brought positive changes.

I’m no longer afraid of being me, that’s the main positive influence and the one that’s most important to me. As I mentioned before, my confidence isn’t great but it’s gradually increasing as I’m starting to trust and believe in life’s process, instead of my own demons. My attitude and my overall thought activity has softened, I’m learning to take risks, to note how stepping out of your comfort zone can be extremely beneficial and to take on my own control. Since I starting blogging I’ve done things I’d never thought I’d do and strangely, I’ve become more independent and accepting of the mishaps. Things aren’t always going to run smoothly and that’s what makes the whole journey more fun. I’ve found myself to be less put off a different kind of subject I’m not familiar with and instead am finding a whole new meaning to the word ‘discover’. I’m continuously blossoming, whilst staying true to myself, being proud of my work and gaining from the outcomes.

3) It’s given me the chance to find and develop my passions.

I’ve always known what I like and enjoy but since I began blogging, it’s provided the opportunity to expand that and deliver a fresh outlook. Being a fashion and beauty blog, I’ve really got to grasp with these areas and over the past few months or so have found myself settled with the stage I’m at. In the duration of blogging, my personal style has found its path, I know what works for me, my tastes have been evolved and I’m now focusing on developing that further. Delving deeper into photography is another big step for me. I’ve loved taking photos since an early age but only since blogging have I studied the depths, the ins and outs, and paced away from auto mode and that makes me eager to continue to strive. I adore capturing the moment, getting the right angle and giving myself a big pat on the back when I feel I’ve reached my picture goal. Not only that, I’ve picked up some handy technical skills with the many pieces of high class technology and have even learnt a thing or two about html coding. It’s just the overall personality breakthrough that I’m most grateful for. I’m so much more creative now and I’m passionate about those tiny details that make nature. I’m fully aware of and savour my traits that were dying to get out!


4) It’s made me have a better mindset.

I’ve never been able to find something that gives me motivation to move anywhere but my bed but blogging amended that well and truly. I now have a newly improved work ethic, I manage to set goals, be organised and challenge myself to the point my brain is overloaded with ideas and exciting plans. There’s nothing I love more than putting in the effort to get my blog to how I want it to be. This may sound quite ridiculous but with some support and the land of creativity behind me I feel as though I have the power to design anything I want and often say to myself ‘why not?’. I’m much more fixed on my routine as a regular blogger and I do consider it a part of me. My blog pursues to give me courage and determination to take these everyday hobbies and interests and turn them into something big.


5) It’s taught me to be patient.

I don’t think I was ever going to be fully researched before I took the plunge and clicked on that new blog button but I never realised just how much time and hard work needs to be put in to see the growth of a blog. I can now appreciate the blogging world from my own perspective and understand the exertion of a successful blog. I’ve learnt that things aren’t going to progress overnight, it does take a while to build up and to find that point you’re satisfied with. This is when the achievements and accomplishments become more important. In my case, it has been a well balanced and lengthy affair. When comparing the amount of time I’ve been blogging and the follower ratio to people who have blogged for the same time or less I do notice the huge gap but I don’t let that stop me. I believe the saying that slow and steady wins the race and numbers definitely aren’t everything. What I love about blogging is you go in with an open mind and come out the other end with a box full of adventures. There’s nothing more rewarding than finding your purpose and you’ll know then that the struggles were worth the incredible finish.


Do you have anything to add? What have you learnt from blogging? Let me know below!


Bridie x


The Sunday Natter: blogging behind the scenes

Posted on 6 min read

Blogging is a real whirlwind. As enjoyable as it is, there’s a lot of hard work and effort that goes into it and with that grafting comes plenty of out takes, behind the scenes moments and little habits you begin to pick up along the way. When you’re scrolling through someone’s online persona, the great parts are always noticed and taken into perspective but today’s Sunday Natter post is all about those behind closed door, laughable secrets that go into the process of creating your fashion, beauty and lifestyle content. Enjoy!


1) Taking 500+ pictures and only using 5.

(And sometimes not even using any because you realise they’ve all turned out rubbish, whoops!). This is a regular occurrence of mine, particularly during outfit photos but just as much when I don’t think I’ve captured the right angle of a product. I may be classed as a perfectionist but I’d much rather refer it to the fact I like a good choice I can pick the best from. Gotta dig your way through the frogs to find the prince, right?!


2) Looking past the outtakes.

It becomes a problem when you have god knows how many pictures to sort through after a shooting session. Patience is definitely a virtue when it comes to snapping some photos which reach your standard. Along the way there’s the awkward poses, the half sneeze/half cough/half laugh faces, the mid spill of a product, the tumbling of items, and the list goes on. At least you get a giggle out of it!


3) The stares.

Oh my, the stares. Coping with the never ending gawping public is a challenge every time you venture out to take photos. Whether that’s at your local restaurant (cue people around you giving you the ‘why are you arranging the table and taking pictures of the food’ look), or when you’re playing paparazzi with your outfit taking and everyone seems to view you as an alien with this strange unidentified object named a camera. It takes a while to get used to, in fact the paranoia I feel in public still puts me off experimenting with different scenery but trying to ignore people having a good look and even skitting at your actions is something (unfortunately) we all need to accept as part of blogging. The more you do it, the easier it will get. (I hope!)


4) Photos first, life after.

I feel like this is part of the blogger package. It just seems necessary to photograph every adventure and event so you can not only remember it but so you can display it and pretend you live the city life of dreams (it can’t be just me?!). Whenever something new appears on the horizon, I instantly think of the photo opportunities that will arise. Only recently my Auntie announced she’s getting married and straight away my brain switched to crazy amateur photographer mode! Same goes for when you’re on your travels. Every place I pass, I consider whether it would be Instagram worthy or not. Usually it is and that’s often when I’m in the car or on the bus which in that case means I make a mental note for next time. It’s nice to cherish the memory and appreciate the nature I suppose. I just shove off the complaints from my family and friends regarding too many lenses being pointed in their direction.


5) The struggle of a nice day and no chance of a photo opportunity.

If I’ve learnt one thing about blogging, it’s that you need to make the most of the natural sunshine and daylight. Sometimes, this just isn’t possible. When there’s nobody available to take your outfit photos and you really don’t fancy trying to position yourself appropriately for the tripod making the process twice as long, and when you arrive back home just as the windows seem to be rebelling against the limited light you see in front of you. As darkness suddenly falls when I haven’t finished snapping away, a part of me slowly dies as I try and squeeze as many photos in as possible. This is why summer is better, guys!


6) The decision making.

Relaxing vs blogging, staying in bed vs getting up and spending your weekend blog planning. I’ve often had in mind what I was going to do with my day, then woke up the next morning desiring a slouchy, pyjama, no makeup day. Sometimes I just have to force myself to get up and ready because otherwise, there’ll be nothing for my beloved readers to read! This is where scheduling comes in handy, I still need to pick up the pace of plotting in advance! I admire anyone who manages to get 2 weeks worth of content up and ready to be published.


7) Ideas popping into your mind at the most inappropriate times.

There aren’t enough fingers on my hands to count how many times I’ve been laid in bed and a sudden genius idea sparks when I should be sleeping. I can’t risk shutting my eyes without noting it down so I bring my phone and its ‘notes’ section to good use. As convenient as it is, it’s a pain when you’re a neat freak. Bloggers block happens when you’re sat at your laptop or with pen to paper but as soon as you’re away from your usual environment, these propositions come piling in, in herds. WHYYY?!


8) The using a product vs keeping it unused until you photograph battle.

I think we all know a newly packaged, fresh, without a trace of a smudge beauty product is the ideal starter for a photograph setting but this means it’s often necessary to keep the product to one side until you find the time to capture it in its best light. I (and probably so many others) have this one particular rule that I have to wait until I’ve photographed an item before I can use it because I don’t want to mess it up. By the end, I’m often terrorising myself resisting hesitation because I can’t wait any longer to trial it. The stuff we put ourselves through for things to look nice is actually quite insane!


9) The mess.

We’re all familiar with the situation. A tidy bedroom, everything’s in place, then it’s time for blog related affairs. Out comes the white card, the movement of furniture to catch the best section, the handful of products dumped on the floor, the extras flung around, the kitchen blown up with food, the purchased clothes and accessories shoved to one side and then it appears as though a bomb has hit your home. It’s a good job there’s time left over to put it right but it’s the finding the motivation to declutter, remember and arrange things back to how they were which becomes a problem!


10) Finally writing the blog post up.

It’s all well and good treading through the hurdles to reach the final step but it’s the sit down job which proves to be difficult (especially when you’re aiming to publish these type of posts and want to express your personality as genuinely as possible). Not knowing how to word a statement without sounding like an egotistical loser is a common issue of mine. As is rereading and checking grammar and spelling a billion times until I drive myself mad. I also find myself not wanting to use the same word twice which means Google is recurrently used as back up saviour. I’m telling you now, typing away as though there’s no tomorrow takes some skills!


Blogging is a constant learning curve which is why I love it so much. The story is never closed In the blog world and sometimes it’s healthy to find the comical side to it. Do you have any of your own to add?

Bridie x