20 Problems Bloggers Face On A Daily Basis

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As last week’s Sunday Natter seemed to be embraced with likeness and was the pinnacle to my ego boost in the recognition that I do have the ability to make at least one person laugh (even if it is the ‘silently whilst my face doesn’t move’ kind) I thought to follow on the light-hearted, witty approach to the cliché stereotypes and general characterizing of bloggers, I’d produce yet another post that is hopefully relatable to this community of influencers that just so happen to have being sucked into this world of strenuous yet rewarding activity.


There’s no doubt about it, blogging goes hand in hand with me as a person strolling through everyday life. Meet someone for the first time? Guaranteed my love of pursuing my blog will crop up in conversation. In fact, I find it hard to think back to what I did before blogging, before I entwined this whole new chapter into one that hadn’t even really begun yet. The difference now is, my time isn’t just spent lounging around feeling sorry for myself and reining in too much trashy TV (oh yeah, who am I kidding) – no, now I’m kept busy non stop with a circle of ideas, opportunities, thrived creativity and unavoidably, the attachments that conform with the success and learning process of being an average blogger at best.


One | Becoming a self-diagnosed hoarder because even though you have a product for black hair when yours is blonde, you just never know when you might need it.


Two |  Raiding the high street shops at every passing chance because there is no limit to the amount of blog props you own – did someone say a collection of Paperchase cardboard backgrounds, Ikea plant pots and crafted flowers?


Three | Being unable to see past a certain point in your bedroom because there’s a number of boxes filled with unopened mail you just cannot trial until photographed. So much exciting stuff, so little space.


Four | The disappointment you feel when you enter a restaurant hoping to get some banging insta photos with white tables and marble tops to then discover the lighting resembles that of a dark mining pit.


Five | Spending hours perfecting the correct angle during a photographing session only to look back later on and turn your nose at every single one, whether that be an imbalance of sheer focus to blurry background or your awkward inability to look ‘natural’.


Six | Driving past places close to home and instantly labelling them as new potential outfit locations – or some would say, finding beauty in an ordinary spot you so easily overlooked before attuning to blogger brain (think baby brain but worse).


Seven | Being in a constant cycle of should I buy, should I save, how badly do I need this, will my appearance improve by at least 20%, let’s just go ahead and purchase anyway because it’s perfectly okay to justify with a reasonable excuse like ‘at least I can blog about it’.


Eight | Making a mental (or even a physical) note of the events in day to day life just in case you need the information later on for a future blog post. With every documented moment is an open opportunity to expand experience and reflect on reality.


Nine | On the subject of notes; bombarding your notes section on your phone with your latest wishlist or random wordings that currently represent a jumble but will make sense when written up later on. Along with the many screen shots of images taken from social media to use as inspiration to reach those ultimate goals.


Ten | Having absolute no storage space and being prepared to battle head to head with the ‘storage almost full’ notification on your phone. The absolute bane of life is having to choose which app to delete or what group of photos to get rid of when deep down you’re scared to part with potential back up selfies or that home cooked meal courtesy of Grandma. How can this first world problem be so traumatic?!


Eleven | Going to sleep with a head full of ideas, unable to find the strength to open your eyes and add to the note section mentioned above because the overwhelming tiredness washes over you and soon enough you’re in the land of nod but then absolutely scorning yourself the next day when you wake up and realise you can’t remember a damn thing no matter how hard you try to pinpoint the brainstorm.


Twelve | The technology vs real life scenario decision you have to make whenever you’re around in public, at a family event, on a night out or even at work. Everyone else around you reckons you’re ignorantly playing Candy Crush or texting your new found romance when in fact, it’s more than likely the shower of tweets you need to schedule or the images that need Facetune’ing to Kim K level.


Thirteen | The nightmare of slow internet, or worst case – the unluckiness of a dreaded powercut shutting off all access to your online network. Checking up on your favourite accounts, scrolling through your feed and becoming involved in what could be important Twitter chats (when you remember them that is) are all part of the race and when it’s suddenly conked out you’re left to feel cold turkey with a worry you’re missing out on the latest gossip or huge announcement.


Fourteen | Bloggers’ block; having the proposed plans locked in your memory somewhere but sat there, with a blank page of your hosting site open, hands hovering over the keyboard, your enthusiasm saying yes but your typing fingers rebelling with a no answer. You just don’t know where to start, you have the desire to write but your hands and your brain aren’t cooperating together and before you know it you have to adult again – taking away all motivation.


Fifteen | Those outfit out-takes that always come back to haunt you during a photographing session. Why is it there’s always that one horrific stance where you resemble that of a old hagged witch – eyes closed, skin a little too white, bent over back, weird expression on your face whilst the wind blows your hair in every direction? Inner cringing is not the word.


Sixteen | Having to succumb to the ideation of the general public and their issues with your picture taking as though they’ve never seen a flashy camera before in their life. Them giving you the evil eye or making sniggering remarks as you take a seat at the setting with the dreamy interior, pull out your DSLR and begin to snap away knowing full well all eyes are on you. It’s a good thing us bloggers learn how to ignore with an imagined wall slit between us and the misjudgement of the local folk.


Seventeen | HTML. Just HTML. Thinking you’ve cracked it when your layout looks even worse than before and the coding transforms into an utter ‘please leave it to the professionals in the future’ mess. Need I say anymore?


Eighteen | The highly anticipated email responding having to be dealt with no matter how long you hold it off for. You know the one, a brand or a PR company going out of their way to be nice but their offering just isn’t to your tastes and little old awkward soul over here doesn’t know how to make turning them down seem gently plausible. Or the ones who feel they can exploit you purely because of your blogger status. How does one politely decline a £5 contribution in exchange for a lengthy instructed blog post with a word limit and affiliated links without sounding utterly bitter?


Nineteen | The common disappointment when comparing your lack of uniqueness to the high class standard of others. The ‘why didn’t I think of that’ attitude you desperately try to rid of but fail rapidly at when kicking yourself because you weren’t the first person to bring forth a valuable piece of content. It almost puts your dull, drafted ideas to shame!


Twenty | Struggling to find a equilibrium between the reviewing of a product; how much is too much? I want to praise every inch of this miracle worker but how much can I say about a lipstick before it gets tirelessly boring? Do I talk too much? Does anyone even care? This over analysing and slating of actions is often way too common for comfort.


I know this has probably been done a million times before but I’m always open to putting my own spin on things and as they’re my favourite way to get a giggle out of a topic that can often get serious, I just couldn’t resist. Let me know your problems in the comments!


Bridie x


Ten Unworldly Blogging Commandments We’ve All Heard

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The curious outsiders really don’t understand the inner complex world of blogging, do they? Admittedly I wasn’t all that knowledgeable when I was a dummie but once I began to reveal my online secret hiding place to those around me and developed in my learning curve I realised just how many misconceptions there are surrounding the industry that’s fast becoming a major passion turned selling point. Of course, people sauntering through average everyday life with absolutely no idea how blogging works, or what the connotations of the word really are, will assume it’s all sunshine and rainbows; especially when it’s the highs rather than the lows that are explained in the answered question making the notion seem nothing but thrilling (“she gets all sorts sent to her” – thanks for that, mum).


As the general public aren’t well informed with blogging it’s easy to just pass by their comments with a smile and a nod of the head. It’s not offending as such, but it does spark a storm inside that makes you want to hit these unconscious beliefs and myths with the honest truth as you grit your teeth. So, what better way to vent my disagreement than with a humour intended chatty Sunday post? After all, we can only take it with a pinch of salt, laugh it off and hope as the future evolves, so does the reality of what blogging really entails. Enjoy…


Thou shall start a blog to receive freebies | oh, if I had a pound for every time I heard that (I certainly would be able to make a living from the words of others if that was the case). You’ll know the familiar remarks of intrigued surprise going along the lines of ‘wow, that sounds great, I wish I could do that, I might start my own’ as you secretly snigger to the naivety of the effort it takes to get to that stage of building up a trusty relationship with brands. If only they knew it wasn’t as simple as laying in a shower of samples and being gifted so much you don’t need to go out and buy for yourself. Hey, if you were to look really closely you may even be able to see the stress lines hovering around a mind that’s constantly in overdrive on how to reflect these ‘freebies’ into creative blog posts!


Thou shall create a blog and be invited to every flash event/location | being a blogger means you have automatic access to the party of the year and an all exclusive trip to the Bahamas, right? Obviously wrong. As much as I’d love to hop on a plane or head off to the latest launch night, that’s not the case. My get up and go has certainly improved since becoming a blogger but that’s about it; it’s a way to get me out of the house, to mingle with others and discover all these fancy schmancy places but I usually don’t benefit any other way. Don’t give me that deceptive glare when I state it’s all done from my own back, I did try and warn you about being awkwardly stood around whilst you find comfort and friends.


Thou shall paint entire house white in order to become successful | it’s the ultimate blogger cliche  isn’t it? An all white house, tons of natural lighting, vintage floorboards, tulips and roses, marble and copper accessories, pretty notebooks and minimal interior. Realistically, for me, it’s a squishy corner next to the nearest suitable window in a darkened home in urban Leeds which features a pile of mess, cardboard, sticky back plastic and a stiffened back trying to perfect that flatlay. I’m sorry if my insta photos give a false vibe, but you gotta keep with the idea of owning the residence of dreams, right?!


Thou shall question why always having a camera to hand is so important | if you want to attempt to understand blogging, you’ve gotta register the fact every movement means an opportunity of potential professional looking shots. What do you mean you don’t carry your hefty DSLR around with you on your visit to the local coffee shop? The fear of missing out on latte art, photogenic cake, the charming interiors and a side pose of you gazing longingly with a mug of tea to hand is way too risky.


Thou shall be pretentious and confident 24/7 | it may appear as though us bloggers are appreciating our own presence and self-induced vanity constantly but just because our faces are plastered all over the internet doesn’t mean we’re oozing with confidence. It’s much easier presenting ourselves for the virtual world to judge us, opposed to how we would be analysed up front. Sharing fragments of your life is just that, so prepare to face the woes of kicking yourself in the shin, hating your reflected view, wallowing in your shy traits and taking a giant huff of despair when that unflattering angle just doesn’t match up to the ones above you.


Thou shall dedicate just half an hour of my time a day | I don’t know what ever gives the impression that blogging is a plain sailing passage to freedom and an unchallenging way of life. I’m not a blogger with a blogging career but I can only imagine how frustrating it must be to have people tell you you have it easy because for me, even having someone suggest blogging is a breeze is a step out of line. As they say, there’s no rest for the wicked; the reality is sat in front of your laptop till 2am with square eyes and a desire to finish off to a standard you’re happy with, replying to a bulk load of emails and repeating the pattern, promoting in chunks of social media, photographing, editing, planning, ordering, crying about computer problems, having a breakdown over the lack of quiet, and the list goes on.


Thou shall write a premature piece and watch the comission roll in | it’s common knowledge that you can earn money from advertising and reviewing products as a blogger or a vlogger but it can’t be that hard to grasp the solidity of status you need to evoke to reach that point. It takes months, even years of writing expressively, familiarising brand expectations, finding natural composure and method in the way you word your own integrity, as well as that nightmare sequence of blogger’s block you can’t seem to snap out of until you start to notice a real change in being recognised.


Thou shall always appear glamorous | how many times have you had people insinuate blogging is all about the glamorous, high class image and that if you dare have a hair out of place you are letting the team down? Well let me tell you, it’s far from it. Behind the scenes it’s a different story, being sat in your pyjamas with un-brushed hair and not a scrap of makeup, reeling in your need to freshen up but urge to get your schedule typed and finished, going straight from a suited and booted outfit photo to a trip to the supermarket in your lounge wear. No matter how much I try and stress to people that the real you isn’t always shown 100% and that we pick and choose the best of the package that will do us justice, it just doesn’t seem to go in.


Thou shall sit back, relax and let the selfie do the talking | wouldn’t it be fine and dandy if all it took to be successful was discovering the best position to snap your facial features? We may lust over Kylie Jenner’s lifestyle, hey we may even love a good selfie or two, or three, or four but it takes time consuming dedication to turn a hobby into an honest living. As much as we’d love to make believe that our demeanour alone reels in the page views and publicity, there’s a million more qualities and skills to consider.


Thou shall live the life of luxury and happiness | in a nutshell, the quest to undemanding blogging bliss will be a bumpy road and quite frankly, won’t ever exist. You’ll feel the pressure and the struggles of engaging with an audience, you’ll compare your authenticity and adequacy, you’ll have stages of feeling guilty, worrying whether you’ve said the right thing, you’ll always be on alert, you’ll sometimes miss out on the ‘real world’, your online network will overpower and your social life will most probably include at least one link related to blogging. You’ll also be super grateful, gracious and heightened but in no way will you be on the pedestal of royalty. Being completely polished isn’t integral to blogging, there’s so many elements that contribute to the way we’re conceived and seen in the public eye. Blogging has given me a completely new outlook on life, allowed me to be organised, accept self satisfaction, a genuine purpose and a reason to honestly put myself out there. It keeps me on my toes but it definitely ain’t as easy as ABC so maybe just maybe, the interlopers with a superficial attitude will think again in their hypothesis that starting a blogging journey is just an excuse to bag a free pair of shoes.


Have you ever experienced this kind of fantasy delusion? 


Bridie x


Blogging vs numbers: the rollercoaster effect

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Let’s just pretend I didn’t put the idea of sleeping soundly before knuckling down into writing my latest disputable vent that was supposed to be posted yesterday for my signature Sunday Natter, or perhaps let’s because that’s possibly half the reason I’m discussing this subject in the first place *nervous laughter*.


This month marks three years of blogging for me, and that alone is a crazy thought. Some of the opportunities that have come my way in that time period have been unimaginable; looking back as the clueless bungler I was I had no idea about the influential power the blogosphere held, nor that I’d be privileged enough to become just a fractional part of this journey (but I’m sure I’ve elaborated on this many a times, so many that it’s not necessary to become a repetitive parrot, whoops!). What I did underestimate, however, was the not so rapid growth in stats as time went on. I foolishly assumed it would be a piece of cake building up my audience but reality is, with so much advanced competition on the horizon, it’s been the complete opposite. I’ve definitely improved both my content quality, my promotion and my interaction but I’m yet to find that solid ground to stand on, that fixed territory that you can hold to your name, that certainty the well established bloggers naturally stay intact with as I climb and fall down the unbalanced ladder.


As you develop your blog persona, your integrity and niche, readers are bound to come rushing to the surface, right? For some, maybe but for me, it hasn’t been that simple. I shouldn’t do but I’m constantly comparing myself to others and their flourishing progression I can only dream of. Whether that’s growing their following by hundreds over night, expanding an inner circle that can support and build their status, reaching goals I’m so far away from, I can’t help but put my analytics side by side and feel completely inadequate with my two to three digit figures. I’m continually questioning my worth, wondering whether I even have a place here, worrying I’m going about it the wrong way – do I have to buy the latest swish gadget, learn how to contour properly, splash out in Topshop or throw my last penny into a designer handbag just to ensure I can grip the community, engross people in my implemented work, to become one of the ‘popular’ types. I want to remain individual and distinctive but more than anything I hope to engage with people through my material so in raw, truthful honesty, it IS disheartening to notice the negative backtracking, losing more than obtaining and staying right where I am with no future extension in sight.


If I was blogging just for the number on my bloglovin’ page, I would have stopped a long time ago. That’s certainly not what my point is for this expressive post. Despite my lack of growth, my passion only ignites with every passing moment, every event, every email, every collaboration, every friend made. I blog because I enjoy the sense of achievement and belonging it gives me but I’m not denying it takes up a hell of a lot of my time and effort and it’s frustrating to see a fluctuation in attainment no matter how hard I try as much as it is motivating to track your traffic and figure out the key to success. If I’m not dedicating hours in my schedule to work on my relative (and hopefully interesting) creations, I’m photographing, planning and my mind is on constant overtime thinking about what I can do to enhance attention heading my way. That’s my choice, of course. This hobby of mine has developed into a genuine love and a decrease in interaction isn’t going to put too much of a downer on my desire to keep striving but with that comes the harsh reality. The bigger the number, the bigger the blogger, the bigger the adventure – there’s no denying once you hit that spot you’re on to a winner with stepping up into a serious game.

There’s strategies to networking that requisite, it’s common knowledge to grasp the understanding that the more involved and active you are, the better your chances are at being discovered so that’s what I’ll do, pursue persistence until I’m satisfied with my flowing evolvement. I guess I don’t know what the future holds for me and my little blog but I won’t fester over it, I’ll just keep doing what I believe is best and what remains true to myself. Maybe I’ll get there eventually, maybe I’ll stay as I am. All I know is blogging to a heightened degree is no walk in the park and that in itself is a purpose to aspire towards.


What are your views? Do you struggle with the stats side of blogging?

Bridie x


My favourite Instagram accounts: the ones to follow

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If you haven’t noticed already, I’m completely and utterly in love with Instagram. Aside from blogs themselves, it’s the place I gather and gain most of my inspiration from and is a valuable source for a good percentage of my traffic. The idea that tiny pieces of your whole life can be squeezed into an idyllic square (or with the new, commendable feature – a horizontal and vertical shape) is insanely fabulous, and the fact a particular perception can attract users from all over the world is just as rewarding. There’s nothing that brings more joy to my vision than a recurrent theme of beautiful photography, witty captions and quintessential flatlays – even if it does bring serious envy of all kinds of structure.


There’s never too much support within the social-media community. I think it’s important to share the love, spread some positivity and let someone know just how admirable you believe they are. Everyone needs to be reminded what a great job they’re doing now and again! I follow over a thousand accounts on Instagram so unsurprisingly, choosing between the numerous engaging pages was pretty difficult but I did it – I managed to narrow it down to just 20 – all a mixture of fashion, beauty, interiors, travel, and general lifestyle of which they manage to capture the essence perfectly.


One: Megan from asos_megan/meganellaby


Megan’s style is absolutely faultless, her outfit of the days are my go to when I’m lost for inventiveness. Her Insta posts alone are enough to dare me to think out of the box! Not to mention when she’s not gracing me with her delightful inner fashionista on both accounts, her local trips, cups of coffee and travelling antics are enough to keep me drawn in.


Two: Kate from kate.lavie


Name me someone who DOESN’T think that Kate is the goddess of dreamy imagery? Her house is stunning from top to bottom and her interior photos make me want to buy a property of my own just to design my space just like hers. Also, Mouse the cat is possibly the cutest animal addition ever.


Three: Carrie from wishwishwish


Another one of my long term and firm favourites. Carrie’s account is the one I check on a daily basis just to get my fix of ravishing, fixated photographs blessed with a touch of authenticity. Whether she’s caught off guard or the images are well thought through, her life seems a marvel period of wanderlust and I’d love to be her for the day.


Four: Arabella from arabellagolby


Just how does she do it? Arabella is the classiest of ladies with the name and the heavenly bright white theme to go with it. Whether you want pancakes, flowers, designer brands, London architecture or sophisticated style, she has it all. AND her door appreciations give me serious satisfaction.


Five: Emilie from clubofexplorers


Following Emilie on her worldly adventures often almost feels like I’m right there with her. My list of places to visit lengthens when I’m viewing her picture process as she manages to show all the simplistic beauty in its awe.


Six: Kristina from kristinawilde


I’m a sucker for an array of makeup pieces, garments and homeware that just scream out luxury and that’s just what Kristina provides. The almost analogue meets airy feel her Instagram gives is beautiful, just like her. She rocks berets and sunnies like no other.


Seven: Jessie from wethepeoplestyle


Based in Paris, Jessie sends me on a journey of lust and desire for the city I wish to reside with her gorgeous, clean cut snapshots. Her minimalistic style and her selection of opulent coats also make me want to reinvent my wardrobe immediately.


Eight: Kirsty from labelsforlunch


As much as I love my all white, one dimensional feeds, there’s nothing like a colourful sequence to brighten up your day and labelsforlunch does just that. Filled with pretty seaside photos and carefully matched decorations, it gives off such a warm, happy vibe and is different from the ordinary.


Nine: Jess from porthjess


The one aspect I love about Jess’s feed is how she’s found charm in her home city and continued to discover those hidden gems the average public could take for granted everyday. Specialising in richly colourful scenes along the harbour, she never fails to impress and with each upload, I’m seriously pining to visit the cultural hub.


Ten: Sarah from srhmikaela


Sarah’s stated saturated lifestyle is fulfilling to the soul. She gives off such a cool, chilled aura and makes me analyse my dullness. If you want a needful amount of captivating buildings, food and drink pit stops, and effortless fashion – then her insta is the place to be.


Eleven: Angela from thesundaychapter


In my eyes, Angela’s insta feed is one of the most underrated. Not only am I completely smitten by her strive for life, but the way she captures not only her home town of sunny Australia, but various other exquisite destinations sparks the summer blues and need for travelling.


Twelve: Kate from witanddelight_


Kate totally lives in the moment – whether that’s photographing all her business locations, her wake up calls, brunch or her divinely organised home; I’m hooked! Her Instagram gives me the impression she’s a lot more put together than I ever will be.


Thirteen: Polina from polabur


Most of my best rated Instagram accounts are international based, and Polabur is no exception. Situated in Amsterdam with a Russian background, Polina provides tons of diversity and makes me want to jump on a plane right away (as well as making me super hungry with her exceptional meal set ups).


Fourteen: Elena from elenabazu


I’m a sucker for some latte art and Elena distributes plenty of that. Living in NYC and vacating around the US she takes my bucket list to another level. Yellow cabs, busy cities, monumental buildings, landmarks, Californian blue skies and breathtaking views – someone whisk me off to America, please.


Fifteen: Isabella from isabellath


Isabella is another ASOS idol of mine. Her old-school, effortlessly chic personal style leaves so much room for creativity and compacted with the win win objects; flowers, cars, coffee and distinctive houses, her insta feed is elevating. Also, she has the nicest hair and loveliest of faces.


Sixteen: Various designers from homepolish


If there’s one account that sends me off into an interior daydream and a mindful state of hoping I win the lottery to purchase a huge house with huge windows to match, homepolish is the one. The designers contributing to the page make me wish I had half their talent and innovation.



Seventeen: Sophie from sophiesvob


Sophie’s photography skills are enchanting to say the least; throughout every season inanimate objects come alive through her ability to freeze frame nature in all its beauty. I mean just look at all that magical outdoor lighting and that use of blur.


Eighteen: Emma from emmakateco


Emma’s feed is the definition of cute – I just LOVE photos that have that light, bouncy, natural feel to them. It’s almost like she tells a story without even having to try.


Nineteen: Elsie and Emma from abeautifulmess


Elsie and Emma’s partnership to bring nothing but prestige quality is so uplifting. abeautifulmess is another colour bursting, tropical delight delivering feed I always turn to when I require some vibrancy. From crafts, to baking, to settling sites – you’re never let down.


Twenty: prettylittlelondon

Finally, we have an only newly discovered feed that has risen straight to the top. Prettylittlelondon gathers tagged photos of the mesmerising capital city into one scene but they’re not just your average photo – these pictures capture London in all its glory and remind us all just why the hype for tourism exists.

Do you have any particular favourite Instagram accounts? Go ahead and link me over as I’m always open to discovering some newness! 

Bridie x


The Sunday Natter: exposing your blog to the real world

Posted on 6 min read


It’s a taboo subject; a do I, don’t I question. I don’t know why we fear informing our nearest and dearest of our most loved hobby or why we cringe and want to hide away in a dark cupboard somewhere at the mention of our blog in the ‘real life’ (definition: everyone away from the safe and expressive internet place we hold deeply) but we do (or at least I hope we do and I’m not alone) and I’d love to know your personal thoughts on this matter!


For me, telling my family and friends has kind of been a slow and steady race. As we grow as a blogger, it becomes more and more difficult to avoid the topic of passionate blogging and the opportunities that come with it. People start to question why the postman now classes you as part of the family, why you’re receiving all these free goods, why you’re always at these exclusive events, always taking posy photos (i.e: using the resting bitch face pose way too often) and being featured by these flashy companies. When you’re first starting out, I suppose, if you do want to, it’s easier to be civilised as opposed to being open and honest. Finding your ground can be hard, and even harder if you’re enlightened of a familiar watching.


I’m a pretty open person, I don’t think there’s anything I can keep to myself around my extremely close circle. My mum has always known about my blog, it was her I turned to when questioning whether I should create one for myself. Thankfully she agreed, and now she’s fully supportive of this amazing (and sometimes surreal) journey and is right there along with me. My brother is obviously fully aware of my blog because he’s the one who takes my outfit photos but with relief, he’s a super laid back person, just gets on with it and probably never delves into the content I produce. My grandma thinks it’s fabulous that I partake in all these blog related activities; she’s an extremely loud person anyway (put it this way, if there was an award for a person who’d reveal your secrets, she would win without a doubt) but when it comes to boastfully educating anyone in general whilst chatting, she’d be the one to do it. Usually in a mixed up, I have no idea what blogging is but I love it anyway kind of way but that’s what makes it quite hilariously cute. Logically, they’re not knowledgeable on the ins and outs of blogging but the great thing is, the three most important people in my life have also grown and learnt with me and can now even enjoy the advantages themselves.


The rest of my family have some incline but never really mention it which makes it simpler for me to deal with. In terms of friends, I do tend to lack in that social area so don’t have to worry too much about a large group using the totally innocent but somehow offensive joke worthy cliche blogging status against me. I try and avoid anything blog related being published on Facebook, purely because that network is full of idiotic opinions and I wouldn’t want someone to pass said views on to me. I value all opinions when it comes to my blog, but I just don’t think I can accept any constructiveness from a past high school friend who I haven’t seen or spoke to in approximately 6 years. I’ve certainly evolved and shaped in that time. A real life following on social media is even worse for me. The likes of Twitter and Instagram are more of a fun approach, and I class it as that secret piece of myself I can divert to. Unfortunately people do find your profile, and without wanting to be rude, I just have to accept that. I do network with people on the non-blogging, normal side and have discovered my fears are definitely blown out of proportion as it doesn’t seem to affect me of my blog in any way – and instead brings plenty of interest.


Although all these people are aware my blog exists, I don’t think they actually sit down with a cuppa and read my blog religiously – and honestly, I prefer that. I still find it weird and oddly embarrassing when someone does bring up my blog in conversation. To think they actually crept (and maybe still do creep) their way round my heartfelt writing and I had no idea about it is slightly unnerving and to hear it spoke out loud is both strange and complimenting. I often get so flustered and flattered that I end up getting myself into an utterly awkward mess. I never know quite how to react or handle the situation. That’s just me all over but it worsens when it’s on topic about something so distinguishing to myself. It’s so easy to respond with a witty thank you online but struggling to discover an answer that doesn’t sound dumb and inconsequential in real life proves to be tough. I take a strangers word much more genuinely than someone I could have known for years. It’s quite bizarre but I suppose not being face to face makes it a quick tick off the confidence list. You don’t see that person everyday, so you don’t have to strategise an initial reaction.


I’m really proud of being a blogger but the often wrong and misinformed attachment that comes with the label is what tips me off edge. I have a constant fear of judgement, that this space of mine exposes too much into my thoughts and happenings which leaves an open door for the people I sincerely know well to pull me to bits. My blog is a place I reveal myself and many elements to my character are uncovered. You could say I’m established and have found my inner self but for some, this is another reason to point out your faults and belittle you. I don’t have anything to hide but I feel anxiety towards the fact some may class this as some pointless leisure that turns you into a wannabe. Your very own little corner of the internet allows you to be true to yourself and I guess some people find they can’t do that if they know people from the outside are joining in on the inside. I, for one, like to keep these two worlds separate – to use my blog as a place to express, to vent, and escape.


Blogging has become such a big part of my life that it makes sense to share it. There are lots of positive benefits of blogging – it’s a way of showing your personality and interests and every inch of backed up support means something. I shouldn’t care what people think but I am getting better at moving forward with the approval of others. Nobody should be afraid or ashamed, blogging has such a high influence now and is a widely recognised potential career path but I also know people might be tentative to share such a huge complexity and prefer to keep the entire story private. That may change as you expand, or it may not. It’s whatever works for you! I don’t advertise my blog, it’s not something I spill openly about but if a certain person knows, they know. I just have to hope they appreciate all the hard work that goes into this lifestyle.


How about you? Do your family/friends/colleagues know your blog exists?


Bridie x


Goodbye Upon My Sleeve – hello The Same Old Chic

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HELLO, it’s me – the same me, actually. Don’t worry, I haven’t morphed into Adele heartbreak (the worst kind), I’ve just had a complete blog relaunch and I’m struggling to hide my excitement! I’d been contemplating the change for a while now but as I’ve already changed my blog name twice before I was hesitant it would cause some more disturbance. Then I thought, why the hell not? I have to do this for me.


The more I produced, the more unhappy I’ve been with Upon My Sleeve. Although it’s brought me some fantastic growth and prospects, I’m still not where I want to be and I think the resentful attitude was what was stopping my motivation and desire to create content direct to my intentions. It’s like an ex; at the time you think it’s the best thing for you, but then months down the line you cringe when looking back.


I think I’ve finally made up my mind with this decision – one that I now consider long term for my indecisive self. It’s something I’m now looking forward to defining myself by in my blog adventures. I have evolved greatly since the beginning (remember Oh So Bridie any of you avid readers?) and I’m grateful for everything that’s come my way but I just felt I needed to make my persona relevant. I’ve now reached a comfortable stage. I’m still trying to find my way into the blogosphere but I’m ready to reinvent myself in this new chapter. As the saying goes, hopefully it’s third time lucky.


So, what’s new? 


The name: I’ve been driving myself insane trying to contemplate a trivial name for my blog. My name is very difficult to work with and nothing sounded sleek enough to represent what I’m aiming for. I wanted something fresh, airy and clean, something that suits me as a whole and fits in with the content of my blog but nothing came to mind. After some serious power thinking, mind boggling, over analysing and disagreeing with my many picks, The Same Old Chic was built. I’d love to claim there’s some powerful meaning behind the name but really, I just have a strange fetish for the word ‘chic’ and wanted to incorporate it into my blog somehow. I’ve seen the quote printed on various items and loved the quirky, comical edge to it. I guess it does summarise me and my not-so-but-sometimes extravagant daily outgoings, and allows me to shape my blog content down the line. It reflects generically and doesn’t pinpoint to one subject which allows me to express various topics and interests.


The design: I couldn’t reinvent my blog without rearranging the entire design. With the help of pipdig and his genius, minimalistic templates, an up to date theme was born. My favourite combination of black, white and light grey still remains, and the navigation is still simplistic and *hopefully* eye catching to draw in my lovely readers. There’s now a post slider displaying my array of latest posts, updated imagery, and from now on my posts will be lined as ‘read more’ as I think this makes everything look so much tidier.


The commenting system: the one thing I was worried about was completely ridding of blogger’s commenting system and swapping over to Disqus. Luckily it was an easy change over and I didn’t get too confused. My previous comments are synced and still visible so there’s not going to be much noticeable difference for you, just that you’ll now be using the Disqus tool to sign in and leave your mark which I hope you are okay with. I’ve noticed more and more people using Disqus and I think it’s a great way to interact with your readers. I often want to find the time to respond to your comments and what better way than installing a feature that allows you to reply individually?!


New categories: in my drop down categories box in my navbar there’s two new specifically listed labels that makes it more straight forward for you to find what you may be looking for. My Wednesday Wishlists and Sunday Natters are in there, along with a spanking brand new section; food and drink. As I attend so many food and drink based events and as I love to travel locally to discover some new gems, I thought it was only necessary to compact my related blog posts into one segment. I’m sure there’ll be plenty more cocktail induced write ups coming your way…


Social media handles: with a blog name change, comes social media name changes to match. To ensure my blog is established, both my Twitter and Instagram are now the same and I’m still in the process of informing the Facebook and Bloglovin’ team of the change. I have also used the same photo of me for most of my accounts. Once everything is complete, my identity will be much clearer! (I’m even thinking of starting up Pinterest – although it’s going to enhance my desirable spending habit I think it would benefit my re-brand).


There hasn’t been a mega, drastic change. I’ve stuck to my roots and haven’t sunk too steep. My content won’t be affected, I’ll still be posting about whatever I fancy covering the basis of my blog; fashion, beauty and lifestyle. I am intending on including more personal style established posts as this is something I’m eager to improve but apart from that, I’m carrying on as normal and targeting towards posting every two days; just with a better, more professional approach.


It’s amazing what something as a simple as a re-brand can do for my optimism. The fresh start has brought me some well needed inspiration and I feel like I’m finally moving forward. Not only that, I managed to complete it all by myself and for a non-technical, easily stressed person, I’m pretty proud of myself. Understandably, there’s still a few tweaks that need tuning here and there so you may have to bear with me whilst I’m finalising the issues. SO, if some things don’t look right, that’s why. I hope you can stay with me and join me on a new, focused journey. I apologise for being so damn picky and ambiguous but I’m sure it won’t take too long to get used to The Same Old Chic (tsoc for short, just so you don’t boggle your mind wondering what my social media details stand for).


If you’d like to inform yourself of my new handles, you can find them here:

www //

Bloglovin // thesameoldchic (still needs to be informed of change)

Twitter // bridiextsoc

Instagram // bridiextsoc

Facebook //  The Same Old Chic (still needs to be informed of change)



Lots of love,

Bridie x