huge haul

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It’s taken me a long time to get everything together to do this post as half of these things were bought for me as a gift for my birthday and the rest I got with my birthday money and vouchers which was nearly a month ago but I’ve finally purchased everything I’ve wanted so here we go…


TOPS – Both H&M









I felt as though I hadn’t shopped for clothes in so long and I craved a good spree to update my wardrobe a little. I always feel like I need to shop for some new items every month or so because I get bored of clothes way too easily. The first top isn’t usually ‘me’ but it caught my eye and for some reason I loved it, so I bought that with my gift card and I’m so glad I did because I can pair it up with a pair of shorts or a skater skirt and it looks fab. When I bought that, I saw the gorgeous cream blouse and got attached to it (like always) so I knew I had to have it the next time I went into H&M as it’d drive me insane which yes, may mean I have a slight addiction to clothes. The detail is so so pretty and I love the light colour and material for summer and to go under other items of clothing such as dungarees.


Apparently red suits me so I felt as though I needed to invest in a red floral dress this summer as I love most floral clothing and I suppose you have to stand out once in a while so I went ahead and ordered it with the second dress from ASOS. At £13, it was a bargain as it looks much more expensive than a Primark dress. I had been after the tribal print dress for months, literally. I first spotted it in River Island but felt as though £35.00 was too expensive to spend on a dress with flimsy material. Later on as the weeks went on, out of curiosity I searched ASOS as I knew they sell River Island clothes but it was still the same price. Being the cheap skate I am, I’d been waiting for it to enter the sale and a couple of weeks ago it finally dropped to £24.50 but there were hardly no sizes left and I was so gutted I hadn’t picked it up sooner. However, I kept checking back and one size 12 appeared so I jumped at the chance and now I finally have the dress which is slowly becoming my favourite and it’s now pretty much out of stock. Lucky, eh?!


As mentioned in my last post, the bodycon dress was bought by my mum as a birthday present as I’d been wanting a ‘posh’ dress for a while now. The polka dot tee was bought a few days ago on my fortnightly trip to Primark, I was debating whether to get it as it is a bit bold but I do like myself in it and I’m one to take fashion risks which usually backfires because I wear them once then go off them (fingers crossed I don’t do it with this).


I seriously love the colour block shirt, I’ve never bought anything like that before but I just couldn’t resist how striking the pastel colours were, they work so well together and I already have in my head what I can pair this up with to create a casual outfit. The floral skater skirt was only bought yesterday when I went to pick mine and my mum’s order up from New Look (yes, that means more things…) the women in the family commented on how gorgeous it was at the same time as me and it looks even better on. It’s that kind of skirt that would go with so many tops too, for example a crop top, a blouse or a regular top you can tuck into it as it is slightly high waisted.


BIRD LOCKET – Accessorize // MIRROR NECKLACE – Claire’s //



The ring was bought as an extra small gift for my birthday from my mum and I just adore the style of it! The boomerang shaped collar necklace was just something I picked up whilst browsing Primark as I could have done with another one of those necklaces. The bird locket which I am so in love with was something I’ve had my eye on for a while and finally bought it when I went shopping with my birthday money and the mirror necklace was completely free as it was 3 for 2 on sale items in Claire’s and my mum and grandma bought a hat each so I picked this cute statement piece as the free item.

I also bought a bracelet in the Claire’s sale as I needed one that would go with most day to day outfits. I wear bracelets everyday and my wardrobe seems to be based around neutral colours so this was ideal and cheap for £2.50!

Now onto the beauty side of things…

Walking past my local Body Shop, staff were handing vouchers out for the offer of getting £10 off when you spend £25 or more. I’ve fancied some new body lotion/butter for my holiday and I had The Body Shop in mind as everything in there is pretty much guaranteed to smell lush so I thought I’d take up the opportunity of this offer which was great because it meant I saved money and got to purchase extra items as a bonus.

 After spending about half and hour browsing the shop, me and mum finally decided on these (plus an eyeshadow for my grandma) and we went halves on the final price as we tend to share products anyway. We smelt these first as we were testing them and they all smell delicious so I can’t wait to try them out! And I’m hoping the cleansing milk will be as good as the one I am using.

The rest of the products I got for my birthday…

I’m really satisfied with the Lumi Magique primer at the moment, I put a small amount on my face before I apply my foundation and can really tell it makes it simpler and smoother when the foundation is settling in. It covers the few blemishes I do have and leaves my skin with a hint of glow, not too dry and not too oily, just smack bang in middle.

Only two items here were bought for me, the black satchel I bought for myself (although I wish I had bought the gorgeous polka dot ones that are in Primark at the moment instead) and the floral headband but I thought I may as well include them all in the same picture as they are of the same kind…


The floral satchel wasn’t originally planned to be bought or wanted from me, my grandma bought me it as an extra birthday present when I was in Scarborough on my birthday. Unfortunately, my trusty brown bag broke on me so this was an emergency buy to place all my gig essentials in but I love it and can definitely see myself matching it with some outfits now and again. The daisy headband is a necessity for summer, especially when you can’t be bothered styling your hair much. I have some daisy earrings, so now I just need a daisy ring to complete it.



How cute is this bird/heart mirror? It’s been in my makeup bag ever since I had it bought and it’ll definitely remain there for a while. It was bought by my cousin’s girlfriend, as well as the vintage hanging heart and the foot cream set. Now if you know me well, you’ll know I adore anything vintage, especially gorgeous decor for my room so I very much appreciated this but I haven’t found a place for it in my room yet as it still isn’t completely finished.


The lock and heart key necklace is so pretty and such a nice keepsake. It was bought for me by my wonderful friend, Ross which was such a pleasant thought. I love it and can see myself wearing it as a going out piece only as it looks so precious.



And finally, the 3 boxes of chocolates which you just can’t resist on your birthday. They’re all gone now but I did do well to save them for a month AND I shared them out with others. After all, I do have to keep my diet up because I don’t want to pile the few pounds I have lost back on!


Sorry about the long post, I knew it wouldn’t be a short one with everything I had to share!


Lots of love…



Bourjois Paris So Laque Glossy

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Last month, I entered a Glamour mag competition through Magic Freebies and without having a clue I’d won, received these two ‘Bourjois Paris So Laque Glossy’ nail polishes through the post. At first I was baffled where they’d come from but then realised I must have been one of the winners of the giveaway which I was dead pleased about because I never win anything!

The shades I received were 08 Peach and Love and 03 BC Beige.

I love experimenting with different nail polishes, some may say I have an addiction and when the summer months are here, I go all out on purchasing the lighter shades. These are exactly that, they’re such a pretty colour, perfect if you want a natural colour on your nails but one that stands out too. These nail polishes are so easy to apply and glide across your nail really softly. I suppose it’s called ‘glossy’ for a reason because you can tell straight away when you are applying the varnish that it is going to be a glossy texture and when you’ve finished painting them, they look so nice and shiny.

 Another thing I like to do is experiment on my nail designs. Now, I’m not that clever; tbh, I’m not that good at all but I’m learning and this is the simple design I chose to paint with my freebies.

I decided to paint them half and half because I thought the colours went well together. As you can see, there’s no streaks and that is definitely one of the benefits. T’hey shine to the point you can see the reflection of light on the nail and it looks gorgeous when on. I have used it a few times now and am happy with the polishes. The only faults I can pick are you have to use a couple of coats to get a brighter colour and it does seem to chip quite quickly. However, that may just be me and my over active hands, I suppose it lasts longer depending on what you do from day to day.

Those are the only negative things and I would definitely recommend somebody to go out and try some.

What are your favourite summer shades?

Lots of love…