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Giving The Gift Of Lush This Christmas

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Hands up who’s purchased a large proportion of their Christmas gifts in good ol’ trusty Lush this year?!

I don’t think I can name one distinct place that is the be all and end all for pleasing the whole family more than the kingdom of extrovert interactions, potent scents, transfixing tinctures, and a giant lifesize bubble waiting to happen (just imagine how much fun it’d be if there was ever an overflow leak, seriously.)

Receiving an email in my inbox for the Leeds Lush events on the run up to the festive season always evokes cheer and warmth in the deep pit of my stomach and I don’t think I can officially release that excitement until I explore the territory of a real life Winter Wonderland with endless choice and a wishlist the size of my entire existence.


This year, it really was representative of an authentic fairytale. We were whisked in to twinkling lights surrounding the darkened room with a glass of fizz on arrival and an introduction to the jolly range of treats they have to offer this celebratory period. Live music, friendly chit chat, an array of colours to flood our senses, and plenty of swirling suds as we test out the products. You really can’t ask for better when those spirits are intentionally lifted high with some joyful pampering.

From decadent bath bombs, to bubble bars, to shower gels, to soaps, to scrubs, to oils, to jellies, to massage bars, to body lotions, to shampoos and conditioners, to festive themed skincare, to lip luxuries, to the sparkliest of highlights – there was everything on hand ready to be swiped up and treasured, whether that was lone or wrapped up in a present box with a bow to finish because if you don’t receive at least one Lush gift set from your gran, is it even the 25th December?!


There were some new favourites and some old relaunches; the traditional ones that never go out of style (Snow Fairy, Lord Of Misrule, Golden Wonder, the puds and the starry wands, I’m looking at you!) and I pretty much came to the conclusion Lush need to stop releasing dreamy ranges for me to inevitably indulge in otherwise I will be soaking in the bath for the rest of my life, opposed to being, you know, an actual functioning adult.

Although it is the whimsical designs that draw me in instantly when I enter a Lush store, there were some seriously freshly captivating stock that appeased my tastes.

The Christmas Sweater was a starter. It was everything Christmas should involve; a spicy, winter warm scent, ingredients to succour to your relaxing needs on those ice cold nights, and an engraved reindeer to go with. Literally just a fluffy hug in the shape of a bath bomb.

The Christmas Cracker Bubble Bar that not only looks the part but foams and fizzles to perfection!

The Golden Pear Soap that smelt absolutely divine, balanced on the right side of fruity and festive.

The bath oils, the miniatures, and the exclusives – in particular, Star Light Star Bright, D-Tree, and Magnificent. The buttery texture is beautifully soft and soothing, and the smell is to die for. Think chocolate orange without the eating part!

And then of course there’s the developments of solids in the form of everyone’s beloved gels, lotions, shampoos, facial oils etc. You can now have two options; regular bottled, or plainly naked, meeting their ethical mantra even further. The Berry Berry and Santa’s Christmas additions to the shower gels are gorgeous, especially when there’s hints of cinnamon in there!

It’s been a few weeks since I attended the introductory event and I’m sure now there’s been some more products released for the final call up to Christmas (check out the site itself if you want to grab the last of your shopping, or if like me, you’ll be waiting till the Boxing Day bonanza begins, then what a good shout!)



We finished off our evening fabricating our own bath bombs (which was strangely a success for me for once in my sorry life!) and cosied up in the spa which I’ve talked about before on ze blog. Only this time, we spent a good half hour learning all about the new Karma treatment whilst witnessing it first hand and being blessed with an unwinding arm massage demonstration.

Let me tell you, in my 24 years of breathing, I have never pined for something in action so bad. The passion and dedication from the therapists is one thing, but a full body massage in synchronisation whilst you’re laid out drifting off into another world with Indian music and spicy scents to bask in, is another. I was harmonious just watching so I can’t imagine how incredible it must feel to be cleansed both physically and spiritually in a full hour of heat, comfort and euphony.

Santa, you know what to bring me on your one horse open sleigh!


Leeds Lush Spa Event: Tales Of Bath and an introduction to Spring

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It’s no secret Lush blogger events are my ultimate favourite pastime on a hump day night; with the VIP feel, the welcoming warmth of the staff and uncountable opportunities to worship the array of colourful and irresistibly influencing bath, hair, body and skin collections. SO, when another opportunity arose to attend my second Lush Spa therapy insight for their new treatment ‘Tales Of Bath’, as well as awing in the #LushSpring range, how could I possibly turn it down? (truthfully, that ain’t ever gonna happen).


The last time I had the privilege of visiting the Lush Spa – the concealed paradise down the stairs of the Leeds Commercial Street store – I was surprised at how heavenly the entire vibe was and it’s something I’ve craved to experience fully ever since. Unfortunately little old me who tries but fails to save up cash hasn’t ever been able to afford to attend officially so I’m always switching to excited child in a sweet shop mode when I’m ushered down to catch a glimpse of the magic remedies the skilled ladies perform.



Like my previous visit to the Lush spa, we were given a brief introduction and an open vision into what treatments there are to offer – only this time I got to take a peak into two different treatments AND have a trial for myself (but more on that later). Of course, with the event based around the focus of Tales Of Bath, in groups of 5, we were shown the process and informed of all the benefits and practicalities. As you can probably guess by the title, the treatment is very water orientated – allowing you to feel the freedom of the pearly ripples but in preparation, it goes a little like this: have a storybook of effective sounds and poems read out, pre-bathe in solitude with the most homely dimmed candlelight, spacious tub, a more than average sized yoga bomb scented bath bomb and a goblet drink of choice, lay down in a fetal position on a specialised table with a restful cushion beside you (this particular treatment is ideal for pregnant women or those who find it easier to lay on their side), have an in depth shoulder to body massage and most probably fall asleep (seriously I’ve never seen anyone look so reposed, unwound and vacant and it’s pretty inevitable with the darkened, surrounded environment, really). Royal pampering at its best! 



As well as Tales Of Bath, we were once again shown around The Sound Bath (I don’t think I’ll ever get bored of testing out the equipment; the tuning forks and ear candles – it’s such a bizarre but amazing sensation) and an unfamiliar but now another favoured treatment – The Good Hour. With the laid back theme of sea-shanty, a whole ah-oy! pirate aura with music from the envisioned ship, a deep tissue massage, and anchoring hands awaiting, it’s the perfect relief from ached, dull muscles. THEN (wait for it) with a small but mighty squeal and indecisive incision from me, we were told we were able to have a demonstration of a mini treatment of our choice. There was a choice between palm reading (which is part of The Planets treatment), a hand massage with moisturising serum or a head massage with snippets from the sound bath/tuning forks. I eventually decided on palm reading as the room of twinkling lights, my inner sceptical side and tantalizing friendly faces (of what I could see) drew me in. The Lush spa palm reading is meant to be light hearted, not a ‘this is what will happen in the future’ full forced reading, but more of a reflection on your persona, your traits and characteristics. I was eager to know what would be discovered from my palms alone. Apparently my left was much more stubborn than the right, which indicated I vary between being carefree and care too much. I was also told I like to analyse, am an adventurer, a teacher, hold deep love for my family and thrive on writing of which I was nodding along in agreement. I went into it hesitant but came out pleasantly surprised by the accuracy!



The atmosphere within the spa creates such instant peace and tranquillity; it isn’t just the array of pretty flowers, Alice In Wonderland inspired vintage wooden interior, individually labelled bottles of restorative, fruitful cures, relaxing and inviting sit down areas and cosy striped pyjamas waiting for you at a spa party, it’s the calming, chilled out essence, the comforting music, the way your imaginative streak runs wild behold each treatment room. You can really feel the bouncing energy, the revitalized sensitivity within each carefully handled touch. I’m so lucky to have been able to watch first hand the beautiful, luxuriated journey of a stimulated mind, body and soul and I truly think (well no, I know) it’d be the be all end all cure to a miserable day and a pessimistic mind. The passionate staff are there to ensure you have a one of a kind experience!



Back up to the shop floor, it was the return of the live singer guitarist, all dinky cupcakes, prosecco, uplifting scents and experiments galore. There was a make your own comforter station on hand (which was harder than it looked, let me tell you), we were shown the adorable Easter range, the left over Mother’s Day range and I was left to roam alone to admire the displays and the rest of the wondrous cosmetics (pretty dangerous move I must admit).It doesn’t matter how many times I enter a Lush store, I’ll always find something new – especially when it’s in the form of a Humpty Dumpty and Bunch Of Carrots, and a blooming Flowering Tea Bag creation (oh, aren’t they just the best?!).



There were also more subtle experiments on the other side of the room to initiate the Tales Of Bath, dry ice meets hot water in action to gently scent the air, a few chosen products selective to their participation in spa treatments, a medieval feel of wooden boxes, books and cacti, and a hyped up, camera filled and gorgeous blogger atmosphere to go with it. Not only did I have a good catch up and meet some new faces but I also once again, rampaged with my snap happy hands because let’s face it – Lush is possibly the most photogenic store on earth.



I couldn’t leave without picking up a couple of bath bombs as I am getting low on stock now, and I was so very kindly gifted an enormous amount of randomly picked products for myself to indulge in and enjoy, too. I was taken aback by the generosity of the fabulous Lush Leeds Spa team (and of course, the lovely Urika) and I will forever thank them for producing an event I know will never fail to get me happily pumped on fun.


Oh, and just to end a heightened post on erm, a high… I fell over, yep in front of everyone down at the spa as I stepped back attempting to capture a photo at the right angle, forgot about the table behind me and tumbled over, just about managing to balance myself on my knees. Just as I thought I could remember this night without any cringe worthy, despairing moments, I went and ruined it all.


Have you ever visited a Lush spa and/or had any treatments? Hopefully without a small embarrassing incident to go with it! 


Bridie x


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Life: the Lush Leeds Spa event

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Is it normal to squeal when an invite to a Lush event reaches your inbox? Probably. Because let’s face it, when is Lush not exciting? Especially at the start of December to kick the festivities off with a bang. They never ever fail to impress and I was thrilled to be attending my first Lush Leeds Spa event (I’ve visited a Lush store event before but not the central Leeds one which made it even more anticipating). It was the fastest yes I’ve replied and upon joining lots of other ‘VIP’ bloggers (some regulars and some newbies) in a formed queue it was clear to see the feeling was mutual!

The initial purpose of the event was to celebrate the relaunch of the Lush Leeds Spa, a gem hidden away like a secret passage downstairs of the store. It shows how much notice I take when shopping; I can’t count how many times I’ve visited the shop and never realised at a lower level lived a luxury, tranquilizing experience in a darkened yet subdued world. Truthfully, I didn’t even know it existed, nor have I ever attempted to research more into it but one lesson it did teach me was to pay more attention because I was certainly missing out.

It was love at first sight as we were greeted with some appetising snacks (pretty cupcakes are enough to win anyone over, right?). Along with a Christmas tree that definitely outshines my own and an Alice in Wonderland themed fruit bowl, we were all geared up to take a mini tour round the four treatment rooms and the remedies on offer.

Being shown around each one in detail by the lovely ladies, I was in complete awe. Not only do Lush provide all your bath and shower needs but they have this entirely separate place where they deliver nothing but peaceful quality that will stimulate the mind, the inner spirit and even your emotions! I loved hearing about how the treatments can de-stress and release all the tension and badness that could have happened in life. I felt at this stage, this section was certainly for me!

The four spa rooms were all uniquely individual, each specifically designed in offering a beautiful encounter and a sensory journey you can indulge in. First up, with The Beatles in mind, was A Hard’s Day Night which was a 75 minute gentle massage focusing on the body parts that need stretching and elevating. Topped with a pair of pyjamas and some classic Beatles tunes, it was the ideal resting relaxation. Secondly, there was the Sound Bath session; I have briefly touched on what this entails at the last Lush event I went to but to be able to stand in the calming room and get the full picture of what I imagined, it only confirmed how unusually amazing it is as the instruments are placed to the ear to create a whirl of soothing sound and an almost intensifying buzz. With a face and head massage, hot and cold stones, candles and tuning forks, this noise based treatment aims to ripple energy in a meditative state to stimulate and allow your inner self to be more tuned (pardon the pun).

Third up we had 60 minutes of bliss with The Comforter; fruity, chocolatey goodness that is bound to leave you refreshed and reinvigorated and lastly, Lush saved the best till last and unveiled what was my utter favourite and most tempting treatment; The Planets. This ultimate package of 3 hours and a number of therapeutic practicalities including a full body massage, a hand and arm massage, a facial treatment and a day in the sheets, looked and sounded absolutely incredible. Along with the constellations and deepened lights on the ceiling, you were even able to take a bath afterwards with your Lush staple bath bomb and a dimmed room. Although all rooms were equally cosy, this for sure would have been the one to send me to sleep – and comfortingly we were assured many of people have found themselves dozing off during the endearing spell. At £285, it carries a hefty price compared to the others which were in the £70-£85 range but there’s no doubt in my mind it would be well worth the money. Especially for a group occasion, what a fantastic way to gather together and be pampered!

Aside from the spa side of things, we were of course also left to roam freely around what Lush do best – the bath bomb and bubble bar section (and at Christmas time that can be a pretty dangerous move). Once again Lush have outdone themselves with cleverly named products, from the overly cute Peeping Santa and fabulous glittery take on the star wand The Magic of Christmas to the tiny melts, a blast of colour from the Luxury Lush Pud and some simple shea softness from one of my beloved reformed Christmas bath treasures, the ButterBear. I found it difficult to choose just one favourite with all the new additions but the cinnamon touch of the Yog Nog was a close first. If in need of some season cheer, call in to Lush and all your problems are fixed. Their entire winter range is amazing!

Carrying on with the snooping around, I got snap ready with the rest of the Christmas attire and the pretty, glistening colours from the continuing bath bomb experiments. Lush have so many brilliant products on offer this year, you wouldn’t think so many would fit into one place but they did, and all displayed so immaculately! The gift sets always woo me over, the packaging is so inviting and saves you a job of the wrapping hassle. The oh so popular Snow Fairy and First Snow have made a frequent return this year too, in both shower gel and dusting powder form but there’s also lots of freshly acquired products. The shower smoothies, scrubs and the jellies are something I’ve never tried before and I was eager to give them a go after all the wibbling and wobbling. I was intrigued with the brand spanking new bark’s, especially the Salt and Peppermint scent. Same goes for the soap, with Christmas and winter in mind there’s the likes of Reindeer Rock, Figs and Leaves, Old Father Time, Baked Alaska, Snowcake, and Yog Nog and they’ve always seemed so appealing. What I love about Lush is that it not only provides the fragrance but the presentation too.

Finalising my in depth and borderline obsessive browsing with a glass of prosecco to hand I familiarised myself with the Lush vibe and the every day essentials. I often make the mistake of just labelling Lush as the place to go for an extravagant bath time but there’s an extent amount of beauty and hair care to take you through the day too. Ushered over to the makeup area and the swatches demonstrated allowed me to see the features behind the dreamy makeup (I must make a sneaky purchase as soon as the Christmas expense is over with), as did getting an insight into how much work and passionate thought goes on behind the scenes in the specially set up butter ball making station. With much delight I managed to make my own butter ball, not that I can say I was much good at it. It split in half once I carried it home but at least I tried, right guys?!

As you can see I underestimated the camera opportunities and I must apologise for the lengthy photo heavy post. Everything is just so damn photogenic and I couldn’t walk past without clicking away. Enhancing the situation further was a guitar player supplying the live music – even giving us a rendition of Fresh Prince at the near end (it may or may not have been the highlight of the night). Being gifted an absolutely amazing goody bag packed with treats meant I was leaving with an extra smile on my face. It was super kind of the Lush team to make sure we were satisfied and that I can confirm. Thank you to the lovely Urika for inviting me, I had SUCH a fun night!

Have you indulged in some Lush Christmas this year? Or even better, have you attended a Lush event lately?


Bridie x


The Sunday Natter: let’s talk teeth

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Possibly the most random subject of the many Sunday chats I’ve implemented into my blog but one that I felt deserved a discussion instead of a focused review. I don’t feel I could write an essay on teeth as I quite clearly lack knowledge in dentistry and apart from the fact they support your entire mouth and are the reason you are able to indulge in some amazing food, they aren’t really capable of much more.

Aside from the vitality they do, however, make or break a smile and the whiter the teeth, the more noticeable! Unfortunately, I wasn’t blessed with great teeth. I had a removable brace at the end of primary school and I absolutely hated it. Thinking about it now, it wasn’t much use, was a pain to take out and clean, gave me a lisp, made my teeth feel uncomfortable and I don’t tend to notice the difference it made in later life (probably because long lasting changes never actually happened). I’ve never been confident with my teeth, I don’t smile with my teeth, I despise the wonky gap between my two front teeth and they’re far from sparkly white but to say I don’t have a great set, I seem to have an obsession with the perfect set of gnashers.

It’s becoming all the rage to have a dazzling smile, there are dozens of products on the market to give you that gleam and I’m one of those gullible people who is eager to try out every possible option. The loveliness of teeth are the first thing I notice on a person and it does warm me into finding them attractive. They radiate your face and allow you to show your smiley personality (which means actually, they are more important than first thought in the above statement).

I’m on the mission to turn mine into a set I can show off and it’s becoming an extremely needy desire, so when I won a tube of Naturawhite Toothpaste* over on Twitter a few months ago, I couldn’t wait to give it a go. Recommended by dentists, this formula contains micro crystals that works to eliminate plaque, dissolve difficult to remove stains deep inside teeth, and leave teeth bright and shiny. Although I don’t have visible stains on my teeth, they definitely continue to discolour as I get older and wear down the natural enamel. It did take a couple of weeks of using the toothpaste for me to notice a difference and I didn’t always see it due to the change in lighting but it was there, by the end of the single course, there was a small difference. The toothpaste is a light, clear liquid with a minty taste and gentle froth, it left my mouth feeling fresh but I had to use the toothpaste as a second round after my ordinary toothpaste as I don’t feel it was enough to provide an all round fulfilled cleanliness. It was certainly an extra boost and gave me that polished feel. Running my tongue over my teeth, they felt smoother and seemed to stand out more than usual. The length of time it lasted me was the only problem; I used up the tube quite quickly so wasn’t really given the chance to compare a before and after.

After trailing this, it’s given me the starter pack to reach more into teeth whitening and I’d love to hear your recommendations. Using toothpaste is the simple way to build up a new grin, but of course there’s the famous whitening strips or even a professional consultation at a specialised clinic. I’m hoping to reach out into the deeper world of whitening so watch out for any progress. If you see me representing Chip Skylark, then you know it’s been successful.

Are you as weirdly intrigued with teeth as I am? Do you face any problems or dislikes about your teeth? What’re your go to products/routines?

Bridie x


Beauty: The Body Shop goody bag

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As I mentioned in my previous The Body Shop post, we were leaving the luxurious event with a heightened sense of smell, experimented hands, a wishlist as big as the knowledge gained and most importantly, a kind gesture of a small goody bag for us to take home and try out some of the newbies (and the oldies). That I have done, and I’m now well and truly blessed with refreshing goodness. In the silver striped sealed packet I was given a sample pot of the Honey & Oat 3 in 1 Scrub Mask, Fuji Green Tea Body Scrub and Body Butter, Virgin Mojito Body Butter, a smaller sample of the Drops Of Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask and Vitamin C Glow Boosting Moisturiser, Coconut Body Milk, Shower Cream, and even a Twinings tea bag thrown in to fit the theme of the night. Aside from my beloved Coconut Body Milk and Shower Cream (thank you TBS for ultimately feeding, reminding me and encouraging my love for coconut and providing me with two of my favourites!), luckily everything handed over was completely new to me. I hadn’t tried either sample product which made me eager to give the teeny snippets a go and truthfully, there wasn’t anything I was unimpressed by.

As I’d focused on both the Fuji Green Tea and Virgin Mojito range in store, I was desperate to pamper myself after a long, stressful week and all three body samples did the job of unwinding perfectly. Despite the size of the containers and the fact there weren’t a ton of product in there, I still managed to identify the positives and the distinctive qualities from just a small portion and the fact you didn’t need a huge amount is what I loved the most. The Fuji Green Tea is amazing, it has such a unique, subtle scent which has that cooling, zesty effect on both your skin and your whole relaxation mode. I found the body butter to be much creamier than other body butters I’ve owned in the past which was one thing that stood out for me. It doesn’t have that heavy feeling, it feels much lighter, less greasy and nicer to rub in and it absorbs quickly leaving skin feeling super soft. It also works hard at hydrating that pesky dryness the harsh weather and lack of moisturising can bring (which I’m certainly guilty of, whoops!). The body scrub also has the same effect and when combined together, produce nothing but silky results, making your whole body feel invigorated and as though you’ve had a healthy detox. It’s such a gentle scrub in a gel like formula so isn’t harsh on the skin and still feels lovely and mellow when exfoliated in. Used before the body butter and followed up by a thorough moisturise gives you the full skin recovery and I’ve found them both to be long lasting both smooth and fragrance wise.


I’ve already raved about the Virgin Mojito range but I seriously can’t get over how gorgeous it is. I used a smidgen of the Body Butter sample and smelt so dreamy. I could have sniffed at myself like a curious animal all day. I didn’t, but I could have done without fear of looking strange. Like the Green Tea, it has a lighter, fluffier feel and keeps your skin nourished and moisturised. Although in terms of aroma, I definitely prefer this; It’s a winner all round in my eyes. I was already persuaded to buy the full sized collection when it becomes available but now I’m pining for the release date so I can go on a mad spree.


With the lathering coconut bath products and the choice of body butters and scrubs, my skin thinks it’s in heaven so I had to let my face join in and have its fair share of indulgence. The first product I used was the Honey & Oat 3 In 1 Scrub Mask, a three in one face mask which cleanses, polishes and moisturises. It’s said to be directed for normal to dry skin which is why I was a little conscious of piling it onto my über troublesome oily skin but after trialing it I can confirm it works just as well, if not better and more helpful than other aimed oil balancing cosmetics. I used the mask on the night of a bad skin day, my face was in need of a boost and I wanted rid of the gross greasy, cloggy feeling. As I applied the mask I couldn’t help but admire the divine scent, it smelt like fresh baked on the day ingredients and certainly reminded me of an oaty porridge with the thick, fluffy consistency and pieces of oatmeal which gently exfoliate the skin cells. The mask does dry into the pores giving you a deep cleanse but doesn’t leave you with the hard, clay like aftermath texture. After washing off with a warm cloth my skin was noticeably softer, my face felt soothed, smooth and relaxed. It didn’t exacerbate my oils or irritate my skin and it did seem to calm the harshness down. It’s a definite pick me up product for when you lack lustre to leave you with a brighter complexion and a radiant, revitalised face satisfaction.


The Vitamin C Glow Boosting Moisturiser really reminded me of the Origins Ginzing but just with a stronger, more intense and fruitier fragrance. It had the same effects and a similar ambience when applied. It maintains moisture lightly without that over produce of heaviness and tightness and the texture has a cooling, gel like feel which glides easily onto the skin. It left me with the same energised, zingy feeling and gave me that pop of renewal leaving my skin feeling well rested and saved from dullness. It definitely brightens the completion, so much so that it evens out the skin tone and can bring out all the redness for it to relieve (I still don’t know whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing). Obviously, with me only using it a couple of times I’ve only become familiar with the short term influence but it certainly left me with a glow and I can see it becoming a popular product!


Finally, we have the Drops Of Youth Bouncy Sleeing Mask and it works exactly as it says on the tin, giving you a bouncy spring in your step as you’re replenished overnight. I have only used this once but I was so pleased with the results. Now, I’m not ancient, I’m still in my youth but this is the sort of product which enhances the natural flush and keeps the young-looking, beaming glow intact. The scent is gorgeous, such a rich pleasant smell which is also gentle and not too overpowering on the skin. It is a little sticky at first but once it soaks into the skin it makes you feel alive and you really can see the difference; my pores and scarring appeared reduced and my face more healthy and highlighted. It even made makeup application the next morning a smoother job as my skin looked plumper and firmer, like that natural freshness you gain in the summer.


Have you tried any of these products or are you (like me) waiting for the day you can purchase and really make the most of the perks?


Don’t forget, you can enter my 500 follower giveaway to win a NARS Audacious Lipstick of your choice. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m now going to make a cup of green tea!


Bridie x


Life: The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea White Rose Leeds Event

Posted on 7 min read

Last week, on a beautiful (and extremely rare up in Yorkshire) sunny day, I attended my very first The Body Shop event in aid of some of the new and upcoming ranges they have in store for us all. As well as some compatible bonding with fellow friendly Leeds bloggers, some general comical chit chat, and making the most of camera opportunities without feeling as though the whole world is wondering why on earth I’m snapping a bowl of water and a hand swatch, I also had the chance to get a preview of the exciting forthcoming spring/summer assortments and get an insight into their already launched products. There were 4 focused selections; the Fuji Green Tea, Virgin Mojito, Vitamin C and Honey Bronze, with some makeup bits and bobs thrown into the mix and with the super helpful Tom and Shannon aside to inform us as we moved along, I learned a great deal about each one and had nothing but delightful scents graced along my nasal passage all evening (even with a cold!).

We started with the main focus of the event, the Fuji Green Tea ceremony. We all know about how healthy and benefiting green tea is on the digestive system, packed with nutrients and antioxidants it has powerful detoxing effects on the body which for the skin, will make you feel exactly the same; rejuvenated and revived. The range is split between 3 parts; cleanse & detox, replenish, then refresh and is made up of 9 individual products that are bound to energize your senses.

Tom and Shannon were on hand to demonstrate each product which meant we were able to test, smell, and conclude for ourselves how lovely they were (and they definitely were). First there was the ‘typical’ pampering bath goodness, the Fuji Green Tea Body Scrub, Fuji Green Tea Shower Gel, Fuji Green Tea Exfoliating Soap and something ultimately unique and something I was highly intrigued by, The Fuji Green Tea Bath Infuser and Bath Tea. This little gem works by popping the bath tea into the infuser and then dipping it into your bath as the tap is running to surround the water with uplifting and unwinding results. During our exploration of this specific product, one volunteer (which happened to be Rhianna from robowecop) had the chance to experience the feel of the Bath Infuser and Bath Tea, followed by a hand massage later on. Although my hands weren’t dipped in there, I had a feel and couldn’t believe how silky the water felt; I can imagine being soaked in an entire bath would be luxurious.

The following steps contain the moisturising and conditioning treatments for the skin; the Fuji Green Tea Body Lotion, Fuji Green Tea Body Sorbet, and Fuji Green Tea Body Butter. Like every other TBS product, these seemed to apply like an absolute dream and felt amazingly hydrating on the skin, in particular the sorbet. I first tried the sorbets last year and absolutely fell in love with how light and cooling they felt. As you can probably guess, this was another hit and with the Green Tea scent, it made it even more invigorating. Finally, there was another awakening addition to The Body Shop’s list of products, the Fuji Green Tea Eau De Cologne which completed the crisp, herbal scent of the Green Tea range in a very wearable way (and it even had a hint of my beloved jasmine). Topped off with a provided cup of Twinings Green Tea for ourselves, we rounded up this successful taster.

Next, were a couple of newbies from the Vitamin C range, the Instant Glow Enhancer and Glow Boosting Moisturiser. Once again, the staff were ready to show us all the key factors of each product and we were up close and personal to see the effect they had on the skin! The Instant Glow Enhancer is there to give an instant fix for healthy looking skin and can be applied after moisturiser and in between moments in the day to touch up any dull places, in particular those that catch the light such as the forehead and cheekbones. Just from a tester on the back of the hand I could see the way it enhanced the skin and gave it that rosy, natural glow with a soft, velvety finish. The same relates to the moisturiser, it brightens up the entire complexion and leaves you feeling revitalized with the fresh smell of crushed berries and orange which of course, does no wrong in my eyes (or nose).

Now onto my favourite of the bunch, the brand new Virgin Mojito range, due to be released at the end of May/into June. There were 5 products presented on show, the Virgin Mojito Body Scrub, Body Butter, Body Sorbet, Shower Gel, and something unfamiliar to those standard sets, a Body Splash, to bring in a twist of frequent fragrance. There was no doubt about it, I loved each and every one. The scent was unreal, I can’t quite put my finger on it but the mix up of mint and lime made a delicious fruity and zest exhilaration. Some were under the impression you’d step out of the shower smelling like you’d been on the lash all night until morning. Now, I’m not a regular cocktail drinker but if alcohol did come across that delicious with absolutely no after effects and instead plenty of freshness, I’m sure I’d be more of a drinker.

When we got told we were the first ones to be let in on the Mojito products I not only felt special but was also quite concerned I wasn’t going to be able to shout from the rooftops just how heavenly it is. Luckily, we were able to spill and now I can’t wait to get my hands on it. I reckon it would make the perfect summer holiday collection!

Lastly, we were enlightened with the makeup stash, beginning with the eyeliners which are already out on the shelves ready to grab. Passed down the line and trialed out on even more hands were the Matte Kajal in black and white, the Bold Oversized Felt Liner, Skinny Felt Liner and Gel Pen Liner. As an eyeliner novice, I only really go for what works for me and I was certainly more biased towards the Matte Kajal and the Skinny Felt Liner. The tips of the pen were fine enough to create a steady stroke and held enough boldness in there for an in depth look.

Then, to finish off, there was the gorgeous Honey Bronze selection plus a few vibrant eyeshadows for us to admire. I feel like I struggle and slack on both experimenting with bright, risky shades for the eyes and instant tanning my utterly pale torso. I don’t particularly mind being pasty all year round. If it was a choice between accepting my inner ghost or walking around looking like David Dickinson, I’d go for the first option in fear of taking a complete wrong step during the tanning process. However, all the Honey Bronze products revealed to us seem to be suitable and easier for the likes of me and may just be a mind changer.

Unveiled to us were a combination of both liquid, powder and cream products. The Honey Bronze Bronzing Gel For Face and the Honey Bronze Tinted Leg Mist were first up; the Leg Mist being another newbie. I love the idea of this because it means legs no longer have to be the odd ones out. Its easy blending immediate natural tan fills in those pesky pale patches with a simple spray application and without that oily residue being left behind. Next, there was the Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder with two brand new shades included in the range. This honey-enriched mattifying powder is said to give skin an even finish with a subtle sun kissed glow and with all this in mind, as well as the cutesy bee hive inspired packaging, I’m now on a mission to find the perfect shade for me (because the irony of this is bronzers can often look cakey on my pale complexion). The last of the Honey Bronze products were a pair of highlighting sticks, shaped very similarly to a certain hyped lip balm which personally, for me, were the stand out of the bunch. I absolutely loved the compact style and the fuss free applicator and the way they appeared on the skin once brushed swiftly along the cheekbone. Both shades illuminated the complexion with a delicate shimmer and a beautiful, natural flush but the lighter shade (of course) won the competition for best results on fairer skin.

Tom’s hands seemed to radiate all products greatly and the same goes for the selected eyeshadows. The Colour Crush Eyeshadow‘s and a tropical Cube Palette weren’t something I’d reach for as everyday shades but somehow I think the warm to dark ratio of the greens, blues, beiges and yellows would work when creating an intense, killer eye. (Top tip: we were advised to slightly wet the brush before applying the eyeshadows to give it that more softened look).


As you have most probably presumed with the picture and text heavy post, I came away from there full of newfangled logic but that wasn’t the only thing I left with. We were kindly given a goodie bag with lots of samples and miniature goodies for us to try out which was enough to stop me from purchasing everything in sight (I’m a trier before a do-er and I wanted to give the products a go first – stay tuned for a separate blog post!). It was such a brilliant, fun filled evening enjoyed by all! A huge thanks to Leah for inviting me along and to Tom and Shannon for all their in depth passion and enthusiasm – it was really lovely and refreshing to see.


What are your favourite The Body Shop products?


Bridie x


Also, just to mention a huge thank you to everyone who entered my Blue Vanilla giveaway, I picked a winner at random yesterday and that so happened to be Chloe from Big congrats to Chloe and I hope she gets some good use out of the perfect summer dress!