Horn Button Hysteria: A Spring Wishlist

Posted on 2 min read
It’s been a lil while since I posted a wardrobe update… probably because said wardrobe update has been non existent, and because the spring weather has been more yo-yo than my mood waking up every morning. Saving up for two vacays away and actually having a social life – with friends who leave me skint but are absolutely worth the financial damage – means my budget is on a limit and I’ve not been able to have my seasonal splurge – and let me tell you, it’s been tough.

For someone who’s an on trend fashionista and likes to jump on the new in section faster than I can wear the clothes already in my wardrobe (yes, I am that sort of person), I’ve actually found it excruciatingly tough to just not give in to my urges and refresh my collection with some spruced, new, key pieces, prints, and soft hues. Especially with the buttoned up glad rags hitting the rails, recently.

I know when you’re looking at the basic linen dresses, the relaxed fabrics, and the only details being variable sizes and placements of horn buttons, from the surface they do appear pretty basic; but I’m totally all about that this spring/summer. My style is a lot more toned down than it used to be, and I appreciate the subtle silhouettes more than the flashy patterns. I feel like you can take this sort of attire further, dress it up as small scale or as extra jazzy as you desire and the minimalism is an absolute breath of fresh air.

The casual chic vibes this typeface radiates get glorified kudos from me. I can totally picture myself strolling around Paris in a layered up pinafore jumpsuit with a French slogan tee underneath, or a billowing rose pink maxi dress with a basket bag and a pair of sunnies – and that’s all I’ve been doing lately, imagining.

With the exception of a few sale buys I’ve just had to admire from afar, from the comfort of my Instagram home feed with some well hidden envy, and from my imagination – where I place all my favourite garbs together in my head to create a killer outfit that will never go any further from my brain inventions.

I mean, power dressing from the inner workings of your psyche – I guess that’s where wishlists come in handy. And that reminds me, I must now go update my current shoppable faves!