Blogging vs numbers: the rollercoaster effect

Let’s just pretend I didn’t put the idea of sleeping soundly before knuckling down into writing my latest disputable vent that was supposed to be posted yesterday for my signature Sunday Natter, or perhaps let’s because that’s possibly half the reason I’m discussing this subject in the first place *nervous laughter*.

This month marks three years of blogging for me, and that alone is a crazy thought. Some of the opportunities that have come my way in that time period have been unimaginable; looking back as the clueless bungler I was I had no idea about the influential power the blogosphere held, nor that I’d be privileged enough to become just a fractional part of this journey (but I’m sure I’ve elaborated on this many a times, so many that it’s not necessary to become a repetitive parrot, whoops!). What I did underestimate, however, was the not so rapid growth in stats as time went on. I foolishly assumed it would be a piece of cake building up my audience but reality is, with so much advanced competition on the horizon, it’s been the complete opposite. I’ve definitely improved both my content quality, my promotion and my interaction but I’m yet to find that solid ground to stand on, that fixed territory that you can hold to your name, that certainty the well established bloggers naturally stay intact with as I climb and fall down the unbalanced ladder. 

As you develop your blog persona, your integrity and niche, readers are bound to come rushing to the surface, right? For some, maybe but for me, it hasn’t been that simple. I shouldn’t do but I’m constantly comparing myself to others and their flourishing progression I can only dream of. Whether that’s growing their following by hundreds over night, expanding an inner circle that can support and build their status, reaching goals I’m so far away from, I can’t help but put my analytics side by side and feel completely inadequate with my two to three digit figures. I’m continually questioning my worth, wondering whether I even have a place here, worrying I’m going about it the wrong way – do I have to buy the latest swish gadget, learn how to contour properly, splash out in Topshop or throw my last penny into a designer handbag just to ensure I can grip the community, engross people in my implemented work, to become one of the ‘popular’ types. I want to remain individual and distinctive but more than anything I hope to engage with people through my material so in raw, truthful honesty, it IS disheartening to notice the negative backtracking, losing more than obtaining and staying right where I am with no future extension in sight.

If I was blogging just for the number on my bloglovin’ page, I would have stopped a long time ago. That’s certainly not what my point is for this expressive post. Despite my lack of growth, my passion only ignites with every passing moment, every event, every email, every collaboration, every friend made. I blog because I enjoy the sense of achievement and belonging it gives me but I’m not denying it takes up a hell of a lot of my time and effort and it’s frustrating to see a fluctuation in attainment no matter how hard I try as much as it is motivating to track your traffic and figure out the key to success. If I’m not dedicating hours in my schedule to work on my relative (and hopefully interesting) creations, I’m photographing, planning and my mind is on constant overtime thinking about what I can do to enhance attention heading my way. That’s my choice, of course. This hobby of mine has developed into a genuine love and a decrease in interaction isn’t going to put too much of a downer on my desire to keep striving but with that comes the harsh reality. The bigger the number, the bigger the blogger, the bigger the adventure – there’s no denying once you hit that spot you’re on to a winner with stepping up into a serious game.

There’s strategies to networking that requisite, it’s common knowledge to grasp the understanding that the more involved and active you are, the better your chances are at being discovered so that’s what I’ll do, pursue persistence until I’m satisfied with my flowing evolvement. I guess I don’t know what the future holds for me and my little blog but I won’t fester over it, I’ll just keep doing what I believe is best and what remains true to myself. Maybe I’ll get there eventually, maybe I’ll stay as I am. All I know is blogging to a heightened degree is no walk in the park and that in itself is a purpose to aspire towards.

What are your views? Do you struggle with the stats side of blogging?

Bridie x


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