Beauty: Murad Blemish Clearing Solution

Murad Blemish Clearing Solution* C/O The Hut – £39.50

When I got asked if I wanted to work with The Hut, I never expected to be sent over a skincare miracle. The fact I wasn’t aware of what would arrive in the box was a pleasant surprise and I’ve enjoyed getting to work with trying the products out (more to come soon!).

The Murad Blemish Clearing Solution is a new launch by a brand I wasn’t familiar with, but by a brand I’m now intrigued by. It is said to be suitable for any skin type which is affected by blemishes, clogged pores, excessive oil or shine to reduce existing breakouts and help prevent their return. It is described as being powerful on blemishes but gentle on the skin and I have found this to be an extremely true statement. As I mentioned previously, I’ve been suffering with some angry break outs lately so there was no hesitation in cracking on with applying this to my face both morning and night (I’ve found that to give the most effective results). The formula is a white serum which isn’t sparse on the consistency so you only need to use a small amount to make sure no heavy residue is left behind. However, saying that, it does sink into the skin efficiently and leaves it feeling soft and refreshed.

The product declares up to 72 hours for you to see any difference. It certainly isn’t an overnight quick fix and you have to be patient whilst your skin adjusts to it. In the first few days, I struggled to identify any changes but as the days went by, I started to see it activate the troubled, stubborn build ups. The main areas this solution targeted were in my t-zone where I tend to get more oily. It rapidly reduced the redness, the support especially directing to those inflamed, angry, boil like spots that are ridiculously painful. I noticed it decreased the size and zapped the raised view of those spots and bumps, and most importantly, it didn’t cause any irritation on my sensitive skin. I also marked down how much clearer my pores looked, it does seem to be balancing out the appearance of clogged skin. The ingredients back up the all round ideal skincare product. There is salicylic acid and queen of meadow extract which exfoliates and prevents dead surface skin build up and keeps pores clear of blemish-causing bacteria, tea tree oil (a favourite of mine) which purifies skin and prevents future breakouts and lastly, a vitamin blend which soothes and supports healing of inflamed skin. Despite everything included, it has a gentle and pleasant scent. All in all, it’s just an innovative and effective solution that helps you achieve the better skin you aim for and from what I’ve discovered, it’s well worth the hefty price.

Have you managed to get your hands on this yet? What are your favourite blemish busting products?

Thank you to Clare for sending this over for me to review.

Bridie x