Beauty: Makeup Forever HD Foundation

It’s not often I write an individual product review. I used to in the blogging beginner days but now I just think they’re a little dated and dull. However, there comes a time where you discover one holy grail that is worth shouting about!

This time it’s in the form of foundation, the controversial cult favourite Makeup Forever HD Foundation. I originally purchased this because I was on the hunt for a wedding-suitable foundation that was going to remain invisible both on and off camera and with absolutely no signs of horror-flash face. From the moment I pre-tested last month, successfully got through a shine free wedding event, up until now, it’s been my ultimate relied upon base and I haven’t looked back!

As I was still spouting my holiday tan, I opted for a darker shade than I’d usually go for. I have the shade 130 which is Warm Ivory, a subtle mid neutral shade. Despite the difference in colour, it matched perfectly to my skin tone and still does despite losing the bronzing of my face. I do think it’s a prime summer shade and can see myself having to swap to a different, alternative product once the paleness of the winter hits back fully but for now and due to its decent sized bottle and simple pump, it will last me a lifetime (well, not quite because sell by dates and all that but you do only need a smidgen to fully coat the face).

I apply the foundation with my fingers but have found using a brush or a blender gives a complete perfected appearance. I’d also say it works best with a water based primer, paired with my Smashbox Photo Finish means I get the subsequent soft touch effect. The foundation formula has a lovely consistency, it’s not too thick nor watery and the application is super smooth without sticking to dryness or leaving any patches. It’s a medium coverage and certainly build-able, just a few pumps is enough for me to hide blemishes and even out imperfections. Topped with some under eye concealer and my face is done within a few minutes! As it’s a HD foundation I was concerned it would feel too heavy on the skin but surprisingly, it was the complete opposite. It’s gentle, lightweight and actually leaves a softened feeling as well as a gorgeous glow and healthier looking skin. 

I’m in love with the flawless, satin finish of the foundation. It leaves my complexion radiating luxury and most importantly, remains natural looking whilst doing so. The fact it’s oil free is a major perk as tackling my troublesome over-oily skin can often be a problem. I do find it difficult maintaining long lasting power but this definitely does the job; at the end of the day my makeup is still firmly in place. Another bonus is it maintaining any signs of breakouts, redness or overly clogged pores. I can often react badly to certain products and I’m always weary when trying out something new so I was pleasantly pleased it not only ensures high quality coverage but is calming on the skin. It’s a shame it’s now harder to get hold of with it being discontinued and replaced with Ultra HD in some places. I think I may have to give this one a go next!

Have you tried either foundation? What are your views?

Bridie x