Beauty – Lush Christmas Knot Wrap

As you may have seen previously in my ever so extensive post, last month I attended the Lush White Rose opening event. As I waved goodbye to what was a brilliant night, I was kindly presented with an unexpected surprise – this It’s Christmas Deer gifted knot wrap which may or may not be the loveliest thing I’ve received in a long time. Once I’d got home and my giddiness over the novelty reindeer packaging wore off, I reluctantly untied the fabric to see just what Lush goodies were hiding inside but only now, due to the terrible winter weather lighting I’ve only just got round to (or should I say attempted to) photograph these array of luxuries.

The products that oozed with delightful smells (like the rest of Lush let’s be honest here) when I opened the bag were the Brazilliant Shampoo Bar, Percup Massage Bar, So White Shower Gel, The Christmas Hedgehog Bubble Bar, and Northern Lights Bath Bomb. I am yet to try the shampoo bar and the cutesy hedgehog bubble bar but from what I’ve heard and seen for myself, I won’t fail to be impressed. The shampoo bar is supposedly for curly and mane like locks which my hair is far from but it will be interesting to see whether it does work on other hair types and the sweet orange oils are a tingle to my senses. I’m trying to save the hedgehog bubble bar until around or after Christmas time purely because I like to save the Christmas themed products for the day itself and I don’t want to break the poor creature in half. That’s the thing with Lush, everything looks too good to touch! On the other hand, it is a lovely, creamy texture and I can imagine it produces not only bubbles but a softer feel to the skin too.

I’ve been anchoring after trying another Lush massage bar as they always leave me feeling so refreshed and alive so when I saw that Percup was included in the gift bag I couldn’t wait to give it a go. Admittedly, I’m not a fan of coffee but there’s something about the smell that is so infectious. The massage bar has a strong scent but what comes with it explains why it’s full with complex. The massage bar includes actual caffeine powder along with other ingredients. Percup reminds me of a winters day with the warming smoky scent and the shea and cocoa kicks that leave a nourishing feeling as they melt complete the picture. It’s that extra boost you need to see you through the day and if you can stand the aroma I believe it’s the perfect bar. It absorbs so nicely into the skin and transforms dull skin into skin with a light, natural sheen which lasts all day.

I was so pleased to see the So White Shower Gel peeping out at the tip of Rudolph and his red nose. I’ve not tried a Lush shower gel as of yet so I was quite excited to get on board with this. It has such a distinctive crisp apple scent but it’s not too overwhelming and instead is extremely pleasant as you’re washing away the troubles. Although the consistency is a little more watery to the usual body wash/shower gels I’m used to, it does clean the skin thoroughly and invigoratingly. The glimpse of shimmer along with the colour makes it the perfect Christmas treat and I’m eager to try out more of the shower collection.

The one item that gave me the most elation was the impressive representation of a swirling starry night sky, the brilliance that is the Northern Lights Bath Bomb. I don’t think it’s normal for a 21 year old to get so much joy out of a number of displayed colours in the bath but hey, who cares? It’s not only the prettiest show but the smell is divine; combined with my two favourite scents, jasmine and ylang ylang, it’s succulent all round. I often get angry with myself for being so clumsy and nothing changed this time round either as the first time I opened this I blooming well dropped it on the floor and it split in half. Although I may have missed out on seeing a furthering galaxy in the middle, having two sections means I get to use this twice so in the end it turned out to be a win, win situation.

There’s no denying I have a shopping addiction so leaving Lush with a purse still full is not a familiar action in my eyes. I obviously had to purchase a few treats for myself whilst I was at the Lush counter and they were the Snow Fairy Sparkle, the Butterbear Bath Bomb and the Christmas Eve Bubble Bar. I waffled on about how much I adored the Snow Fairy Massage Bar after my trial at the opening in my main post so you don’t need to know about that but I am looking forward to combining the three at Christmas to cover myself in a whole lot of sweetness. The Butterbear continues to be my favourite as I adore the cocoa/vanilla scent and the softening freshness it brims. I am yet to give the Christmas Eve Bubble Bar a go but I have it ready to crumble under the tap before the big day itself. The seductive, elegant jasmine aroma it gives is bound to give me tons of enjoyment.

Finally, as The Comforter I personally made at the event set into place (which strangely stayed like a pyramid instead of being flat) I was able to experiment to see if my handy work really was handy. Turns out I didn’t do a bad job! The Comforter truly does never disappoint, I never get bored of the original blackcurrant fragrance and the uplifting load of bubbles it leaves behind.

Big thanks once again to the Lush team and their thoughtfulness. I didn’t think it was possible but after receiving so many products, I have fallen further in love with Lush!

Have you tried any of these before? Do let me know what you think!

Bridie x