Beauty: Kiko Lip Products

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The first time I heard of Kiko was earlier this year when I was on my holidays. The only piece of makeup I picked up was their highlighter stick (which you can read about here) and I was pleasantly pleased with the results of that. Fast forward a few months and a Kiko store appears in my local town (my excitement tripled) and since then I can’t go into town without bobbing in and being drawn to the beautiful selection. I’m always the one to be behind on discovering brands but boy am I glad I now have access to Kiko!


This Autumn/Winter I’m on the lookout for a bunch of dark (preferably red) toned lip shades. I don’t think I can particularly rock the whole vamp look and I have to be careful balancing the light to the dark otherwise I’ll end up looking like a cross between Miranda Sings and a clown but I really want to move on from the neutrals and make my lips look a little bolder. What I did do a few weeks back were pick up 3 of Kiko’s lip cosmetics, at such a reasonable price and lovely quality it’s hard to turn away.


First up is the Velvet Mat Satin Lipstick in the shade 608 Apple Red. Can we start off by talking about how much of a luxurious appearance the rose gold packaging has to it? It was definitely one of those ‘I cannot touch it until I have photographed it’ moment (that was until clumsy old me dropped it and half the bloody lipstick smudged onto the floor). It is a classy rich red colour, perfect for every day wear and it has excellent pigmentation to build up for a more glam occasion too. To say it’s a matte lipstick, it is a creamy formula so it isn’t too drying on the lips and it does have a strong lasting power (I’d say a good couple of hours). The velvety, smooth sheen finish it leaves on the lips is lovely and natural, it throws out just the right amount of colour and the edged shape the lipstick has to it makes application and precision easy.

Moving on to the lip liners, these allow you to form a base to define the lips before you apply the lipstick. I picked up two of the Smart Lip Pencils in shade 707 Strawberry Red and 703 Rosewood. Although they make the perfect highlight for the line of the lips, they are also creamy and blendable enough to use on the entire lip, They do the job quick and simple and leave behind no smudge so you don’t have to worry about any smearing throughout the day.

They have such a wide range of choice at KIKO MILANO and as time passes on I’m planning on building up my collection. I’m hoping to try out more of their lip products as well as heading towards the eyes and the face. Everything is so neatly organised when you walk into a Kiko store and it’s guaranteed there is something for everyone. Have you ever tried anything from them?

Bridie x