Beauty: Glitter Lips by Beauty Boulevard

Whilst in the hairdressers for half a day you have to find some way of occupying yourself. With me, that usually means daydreaming and taking a look around the salon with a blank expression and this time my musing came in handy. I spotted one of the staff with gorgeous sparkling red lips with that perfect inbetween ruby shade that I’ve been searching for. On further inspection I was told this was a product named ‘Glitter Lips’, sold by the beauty assistant within the salon and once I saw how lovely it looked on, I didn’t hesitate on purchasing one of my own for the upcoming Christmas party season.

Glitter Lips, created by Rachel and Paula of Beauty Boulevard is a brand new, innovative product which revolutionizes lip colour. It comes in seven stunning shades but I decided to pick up Ruby Slippers, a vibrant best seller. The application works by placing a lightweight lip gloss with a gluey consistency across the entire lip area, keeping each lip parted as you do so. Once the gloss has turned from white to clear, you can get to work at smoothering the pot of glitter all over your lips. I was a bit apprehensive at first, I thought it was just all in one sort of lipstick – I didn’t know it was a separate process and I wasn’t sure how it was going to work. Let’s just say, I was completely wrong at thinking negative.

Starting off with the colour, it is that glowing, bright, bold red colour that stands out from a distance (and which is hard to photograph come night time, I promise I’ll take a better photo soon). I love how complimenting this highly pigmented tone is on a pale complexion.  I’m not a huge glitter lover, but this changed my conception. As soon as you start to apply the glitter with the small double sided brush that comes with it, you get a feel of how it’s going to appear. I’m not saying it isn’t a messy procedure and that it doesn’t feel strange at first when on the lips (it’s like having the aftermath of a sugar doughnut without the licking) it is, but having some patience really does pay off in the end. For the proper effect of Glitter Lips, it does need some careful time put into it. On my first try, it didn’t go to plan, didn’t seem to cover, left patches and vanished from my lips much quicker than it should have done which is why you need to make sure your lips are clean and dry, that you apply enough gloss and use any other techniques/methods/lip brushes you find helps (I find smearing on in small amounts and using your fingers to fill in the missing parts is a huge benefit). On my second application, which was on Christmas Day,  it took me around 10 minutes to complete thoroughly. This is when the compliments came rolling in. The shine and durability it provides is amazing and it really does direct all attention to that source of communication you can make into a work of art. 

The staying power is incredible. The entire product is waterproof and smudge proof and it is said to last 8 hours. This part is certainly not a lie. Even after eating, drinking and chatting all night, my shimmering sparkle stayed put and refused to budge. It is only with great force that it detaches (it is recommended to use an oily based make up remover for best removal). Glitter Lips is ideal for any occasion or event where you want to raise the roof. In particular, the upcoming New Years Eve night out. It’s bound to make you feel and look glamourous and give you that added WOW without the tackiness. Retailing at £12.50, it’s an inexpensive genius invention that does exactly as it says on the tin. 

Have you tried Glitter Lips?

Bridie x