Beauty: the garnier micellar water round up

I’m taking it right back to the start today! Garnier Micellar Water was a compelling discovery made by myself a good few years ago now (yes, right back when face wipes were my only form of cleanser, yikes). Despite its cost effective price, it was an absolute life changer and I believe the simple purifying method is an important must in a daily and nightly skincare routine. If you’ve been reading my blog since the start (and if you pay any attention to my frequent complaining) you’ll know I have extremely oily, troublesome skin that’s prone to breakouts most of the time – which takes me on to a realisation of an updated version on the micellar water. Pure Active has been around a while but for slack old me, it took a TV advert to bring it to my attention that there could be an even more beneficial form for my skin type. 

I wouldn’t say there’s much difference between them (apart from the colour of the bottles, and even then I don’t know which one I prefer or whether I can part with that pretty pink). They’re both distinctively gentle, free from harsh chemicals and fragrance, great for sensitivity and work the same way – with a quick but efficient swipe across the face removing the first layer of makeup (although it erases that grimy, build up feeling, I would recommend a second follow up cleanse to ensure full clarification). I did feel the pure active was stiffer, like you need to press harder to see vanishing results but it wasn’t any less effective than the normal kind. With the ordinary solution being such a staple, I wasn’t put off with swapping to the pure active. They both provide that refreshed, squeaky clean after effect and soothe my complexion with the natural, lightweight consistency and without weighing my face down without residue and any vast irritation. Luckily, both are suitable for my reactive skin!

I’ve only been using the pure active mix a week or so but I have noticed I am less greasy waking up on a morning which lasts mattifying throughout the day, opposed to the duration I’ve used the previous type. I’m getting compliments on my glowing cheeks and apparent ‘healthy appearance’ and I haven’t changed up anything else so I’m convinced the extra ingredients do touch on the surface. I’m just hoping it contributes towards curing this awful, angry cluster of spots I’m currently sporting across my forehead by reducing the amount of clogging oil my skin produces. If anybody has any tips to get rid fast please hit me up!

Have you tried anymore versions of the Garnier Micellar Water?

Bridie x