Beauty: five for dry lips

The end of February is near, but the brisk cold air is still in full force. I feel like we’re in that awkward stage between winter and spring where the sun can be shining but your face continues to take all the battering of the harsh wind. One common problem for me is the dry lip issue. There’s absolutely no chance they will be soft, smooth and chap free without the help of some reliable products which is why I’d share my favourite rescues for those who are in need.

Before I begin to even apply any moisture into my lips, my holy grail starter pack is found in a small tub filled with lots of grit like produce. I couldn’t be without Lush’s Lip Scrub collection (admittedly I’ve only ever had Popcorn, I should really expand my choices). The teeniest amount buffs away any pesky crisp flakes so the application of my followed lip product is made easier and more polished. It does a grand job of vanishing the layer of dryness that prevents me from having healthy, rosy pink lips; especially when matte lipstick is thrown into the equation. We all know the pain of crinkled, patchy lips which are supposed to look like the perfected matte. I certainly don’t pull off that look.

I recently delved into the Nuxe Reve De Miel hype and I now understand why it is so well loved. I picked up the limited edition not long ago and have sworn by it ever since. I’m a sucker for an orangey scent so right away this tickled my fancies but on top of that, it leaves my lips unbelievably moisturised and hydrated. It is quite a thick texture so I usually apply on an evening and leave it on overnight BUT it’s just as effective when used through the day. It even makes a great base as it doesn’t leave any stickiness behind, is light on the lips and lacks any drastic shimmer. If you’re in need of a repair action on your cracked lips, I’d definitely go for this one because it does the job of cushioning the lips instantly and cures me of all those horrible white bits of skin you can wake up with on a morning. My second favourite balmy lip treat is the Korres Lip Butter. I purchased the pomegranate but am under the impression all options are just as lovely. I love how it leaves a tint of colour on the lips as well as soothing those pesky, sore lips efficiently. I get why it’s classed as a lip butter as nothing leaves my lips as super soft than this does; that buttery well prepped feeling is so refreshing. 

Moving on to the cheaper alternatives which multiply the rating if you’re on a budget. First up, there’s the luscious The Body Shop Coconut Lip Butter. I honestly think it’s the coconut scent that makes me rank this so high, the oil induced formula is good enough to eat! I also adore the creamy consistency of this and how it completely melts into the lips giving a velvety finish. The only problem is, it does need more reapplying compared to the others but I can never get enough of the taste so I’m not complaining. Lastly, there’s the oh so popular Maybelline Baby Lips. I remember the obsession with this range when they arrived in the UK a year and a half ago and of course, I was one to follow suit. I wasn’t overly overjoyed at first but I did warm to them and now, I always seem to go back to them when the guide to nourished lips is considered. The product being in chapstick form allows it to glide across all areas of the lips, conditioning them thoroughly. The bonuses being you get a hint of colour and it’s long lasting for a few good hours!

What are your favourite, go to lip moisturisers?

Bridie x