Be right back

The time has finally come for me to jet off on my holidays and the excitement’s currently kicking in. I’m cruising down to the airport as I write this and totally forgot I’d not mentioned my upcoming absence in a blog post. I’m having a break from my blog for the time I’m away as I didn’t want to be saddled with the pressure of preparing posts when relaxation is in full swing (and I fail on the scheduling part). So, it’ll be ghostly on here until the 21st July but I’m pretty sure I’ll be updating my social media accounts with my adventures. In particular, my Instagram which will be cram packed with my holiday outfits. A change of environment with the sun beaming down and swapping the jeans and shirts for shorts, crop tops and kaftans has got me all giddy. If you’re the tiniest bit interested in my ramblings, you can find all the links to my social media in the sidebar of my blog.

Until next time, adios!

Bridie x